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Monday, 14 November 2016


The Dame's 4th husband, Brigadier, Indian Army(rtd) had a favourite expression, " run up the flag and see who salutes it".
So, why has Mark Brickley left the headship of Kensington and Chelsea College with immediate effect. It sounds ominous, and more so, when we hear the finance director has also departed.
The Dame's 'man with the mortar board and cane' tells her,
"insiders say that he was pushed and did not go voluntarily and that the finance director is leaving as well. There are also rumours that someone's arithmetic was not up to scratch. The College has had such poor inspections in recent years that it should already be in special measures. It is worrying that it is not. The Council is of course represented on the governing body by Tony Redpath and recently bought the freehold of the College premises at Wornington Road in North Kensington at a probable knockdown price."

Here's some wisdom from the fast departed head....

"I believe FE changes lives, I really do, and that’s what I’m always striving to do in this job [at Kensington and Chelsea College],” he said. “I’ve got this thing called the ‘toothbrush test’. It’s just me, as a human being, looking in the mirror twice a day, brushing saying ‘you’ve done a good job, you’ve worked hard today and fundamentally you’re a decent human being.’
Brickley added: “You only get one crack at this life, and if you can say that honestly, every day, you’ve done well.”


  1. Smells fishy. Very fishy. As usual the Dame is opening the lid. When individuals like Redpath, representing the Council, also buys the freehold interest, then there is a HUGE conflict of interest

  2. People who seek reassurance from the mirror every morning are invariably one step away from disaster


  4. Alan Partridge.

  5. This plan to replace education facilities with housing has all the finger prints of Cllr Fielding-Mellen running all over it. The lost child given scope by piggy to dabble with society.

    And in the background the Ivory Tower planners writing their area plans (job creation exercise) which no one reads. And the plans are overturned as soon as the brown envelope brigade see a profit opportunity.

    It is a sick mess that needs to be cleared out.

    1. This is a malaise that is currently sinking Britain. We heard this morning that it will be six MORE months before the Cabinet can decide a Brexit plan and in the meantime armies of Civil Servants are working on 600 study groups.

      What a farce.

      If Donald Trump was in charge there would be a deal in one month.

      Time to clear out the deadwood. And time for piggy and his porkies to connect up and start listening to thir residents. Or we need to get shot of them.

  6. Sad sounding guy, running an outfit firing on two of its six cylinders. Cllr Mellen and Redpath no doubt saw an opportunity to attack the weak and underperforming (probably found some Spanish practices too) by scooping it up for a bit of brown envelope engineering to do some buy to leave. Preferable to adult education for non English speaking residents of North Kensington.

    Piggy, lets have some more transparency from your devious organisation

  7. There are many rumours circulating, and all lacking in substance, but you never know, so here they are: he spent a lot of college money and time in China, supposedly looking for students (!) but none ever came over; he has run off to China; he spent college money on luxury offices; he promoted a staff member he was said to be very close to. It would be good to have some facts!

  8. This is all part of the Deputy Leader’s land grab in North Kensington and the council itself may soon be building homes for Buy-to-Leave investors. Part of the Portobello Square development is already being marketed in the Far East, so by the mid-2020s North Ken will also be a resident-free zone.

  9. Why are the councillors trying to sell off our Borough to foreigners? The Russians claim that they already own Chelsea. Will people from the Far East end up owning North Kensington?

  10. £23m for the building he was VERY close to a staff member who has been promoted despite lying about members of staff.
    From someone who knows.


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