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Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Dear Dame

We need some help.  
We will be taking the Save the Notting Hill police station petition to the full cabinet on the 6th November.  

We know the Mayor is closing the station so we have lost that battle but we have not lost the war.  
There is still the building!  
The council has designated the site as an Asset of Community Value and we are proposing action to be taken to save the site for the community.

The help we need now is for a few of you who have not signed the petition, to please now do so.  The petition has 2389 signatures.  It would be wonderful if we could go over the 2400 number 

Can you, if you have not signed the petition, go on the site and sign now.  If you have signed it, ask a friend, a family member or neighbour to sign it now.


The Dame hates controversy but there is something deeply sinister about Provo admiring, John McDonnell.
A Man of Violence and his friend
The Dame is proud of what Irish blood she has but, unlike fellow Irishman, McDonnell, she does not rally to the cause of violent republicanism. Equally, unlike McDonnell, she doesn't hate this country in the way he does.

McDimwit is proving to be embarrassingly hopeless. His performance at the Budget and in subsequent media interviews left everybody gasping at his sheer ineptitude!
His latest blunder is giving an unqualified thumbs up for a universal Winter Fuel Allowance. 

Well, the Dame has just read Mrs. Siddiqui's heart-rending account of children at her primary school going hungry.
There are tens of thousands of pensioners who have no need of the allowance so why did McDonnell not make the caveat that if you don't need it give it to those who genuinely do?
The man is a clear and present danger to this country.

The Dame has decided to give her allowance to Mrs. Siddiqui and she encourages others as lucky as the Dame to give their unneeded allowance to help children going hungry.

Monday, 27 November 2017


The comment below sums up Julie's survival strategy.
Will it work? Sounds a bit naughty to the old Dame.
Talk about hedging your bets! Will the owner of this comment email the Dame so a confab can ensue?

"It is clear that ‘something is going on’. 
The fragrant Julie has offered her services as a Council Candidate to every currently Conservative Ward. 
With good reason, she believes that she is no longer electable in her own Norland Ward"

Sunday, 26 November 2017


Cllr Mills, the architect of the appalling mismanagement of the last election has gone quite mad.
A Slasher

Frenziedly, she has set out about slashing councillor colleagues she doesn't like. 
But why has she spared the Council's 'village idiot', Palmer?(Palmer, left, share dealing during debate)
Why should the poor residents of Queen's Gate have to endure this gross embarrassment? 

It will be interesting to see what happens to Palmer's fellow ward councillor....Cllr Moylan. 
If Danny wasn't gay the Dame could be mistaken for thinking Mrs. Mills and he were an 'item'......

A reformed character?

Friday, 24 November 2017


My Dear Dame,

As if the people of North Kensington did not have enough to cope with, they are now having to fight to save their much loved Wornington College. There is a fierce and growing protest at the proposal to merge it with Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College.

Sadly, it appears to be one of those - 'let's solve a problem, with just one proposal that seems ok to us -  and that is the box ticked'. According to local residents, there was little attempt to genuinely consult them. 

An open email sent recently to the Governors of the college by Writer and Community Campaigner Annie Redmile, presented many reasons why they should 'think again'. 
'I have personally spoken to quite a number of individuals who have enjoyed and valued their education at Wornington Colleg - and care passionately about it - and would hate a large and impersonal college - or being forced to move to one.
'There are very real question marks hanging over the financial history and stability of Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College' Has sufficient attention been paid to those elements?
'There are questions that are being asked, and should be, about the management of Kensington and Chelsea College (KCC) in recent years, under your watch. There is much information now in the public arena - and sadly it does not reassure.
'How can a larger college, out of Borough, with a history of shedding courses and students who do not have average pass rates, rather than staff development, be the best solution for the people of North Kensington?
'North Kensington, now more than ever, has very special educational needs. Those needs must address a multi-ethnic and traumatised community that has to have the best possible help and support for their general wellbeing and future employment prospects.
'North Kensington is the poorest area in Kensington and one of the poorest in the UK. It has many needs and this is a key one.'
And she concluded: 'It is suggested that there has been no real consultation or proper survey of the educational needs of the local community - or indeed a genuine consultation with the different community groups in North Kensington. It is a very real perception!
'Why are no other options being suggested. Surely it is the very least the people of North Kensington should expect?'
name witheld

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Hill House School has been seriously castigated by Ofsted for poor academic performance.
But it's not just the academic area that it gets into trouble.
Irresponsible Hill House

On countless occasions, the council has tried to persuade the school to use staff to prevent parents double and treble parking. It creates congestion and anti-social behaviour but, more importantly, endangers children and other users. 
Blithely, the HM, Mr. Townend brushes off the concerns and refuses to do anything about it.

Responsible Knightsbridge
On the other hand, the excellent and professionally run Knightsbridge School has a team of staff stationed at dropping off and collecting times to ensure there is no irresponsible parking. They have signs telling parents to exercise care.
Not long ago a South American lady lost a leg because a Garden House School parent double parked and created a driver blind spot.
Garden House School

Come on, schools! Follow the example of Knightsbridge School. Put staff on the street to manage your ill-mannered driving parents
You have a responsibility to the community.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


The Dame is used to insults but really....!!
Nice motor: £45,000

Mr Quirke, who now runs the Rotting Borough called the old thing up with the most impertinent of questions...

The thrust of it was this. 
"Dame, I saw you in your rather pretty Armstrong Siddeley motor car. 
I have decided that the Bentley, so cherished by ex Leader Cockell, is surplus to requirements. 
Would you know anyone in the prestige end of the motor trade who might give us a good price?
Only 10,000 miles and one careful owner"

How dare if the Dame would know anyone who bought and sold motor cars.

Friday, 17 November 2017


Dear Dame,
Earls Court residents are very quick to be ticketed or have their cars towed by wardens for parking close to Paladin bins so why so slothful when commercial vehicles like Leyland SDM using to park in residents spaces all day to promote and advertise their silly 'discounts'.

Is it wise for Leyland SDM to alienate SW5 customers by parking in their spaces.  Why should residents be constantly targeted whilst commercial vehicles get off scot free? 

Maybe Cllrs Spalding, Wade or Aouane should have words with Leyland's CEO Andrew Urban on behalf of Earls Court residents. 
Mr Urban's company  has just been fined £450,000 after four workers at the head office were seriously hurt. 
Not what you might call a public friendly company!
Earls Court resident


Dear Dame
I have known Emma Dent Coad for a decade.
I have total admiration for her commitment to residents even if that commitment doesn't stretch to her politics.

As far as being a good councillor is concerned her record is unblemished.
I have also met Shaun Bailey and had little time for him. He's a loudmouth and an opportunist.
Cool Shades!

Frankly, there has been bad blood between Dent Coad and Bailey for years. Dent Coad saw him as a 'bandwagoner' but there is more to it and this is not the place to dwell upon that.

Why does Shaun Bailey bang on about being a British Afro-Caribbean? What's the point?
Bim Afolami and Kwasi Kwarteng don't talk about themselves as being British-Nigerian or British-Ghanaian. 
So, if these MP's don't why does Bailey feel the need?

I am deeply suspicious of the man and his motivations. I can quite believe he came up with ghetto tag himself thinking it might enhance his chances of cozying up to Cameron.

Politics is a filthy business made filthier by silly insinuations.
One thing I can be sure of is that Emma Dent Coad doesn't have a racist bone in her body.

Kind regards

(name withheld)

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Charlie Boorman filmed this scene in Campden Hill Rd of a gang of moped 'weaponised' muggers blithely waving at Boorman as he filmed.

Why is it we always wait for events to get out of control before we act.
The totally useless, Amber Rudd, needs to do something fast. The solution is so simple that even lawless South American countries have adopted it.

Moped riders, without exception, should be forced to wear hi-viz jackets with their name and registration number on the back. It works in S. America: it will work here.
If you are found not be wearing one the police can stop you and impound your moped.
Come on, Amber, you dimwit....get on with it!


Truly excellent resident associations are hard to find. 
If you live in the Milner Street, Chelsea you are very fortunate. 
Because the Milner Street Resident's Association will be battling to preserve your quality of life.
But organisations like MISARA don't just happen; they need enthused members to maintain their dynamism and effectiveness.
Lord Lexden
Guest Speaker

Sadly, the old Dame lives beyond MISARA's boundaries so she is not able to attend the upcoming AGM. However, she reads with great interest the annual newsletter. 

St Simon Zelotes

It's well written and thoughtfully analyses the various issues the Association has dealt with over the year.
It's also well worth reading for the more general information about the area.
Here is a link to the NEWSLETTER 

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, 23rd November at St Simon Zelotes Church @ 7.00pm with a party after the meeting. 

Please do come along if you live in any of these street:
Clabon Mews, First St,Halsey St,Hasker St, Lennox Gardens and Mews, Milner St, Moore St, Ovington St, Rawlings St, Richards Place and St Catherine's Mews.
Clabon Mews, First Street,
Halsey Street, Hasker Street, Lennox
Gardens, Lennox Gardens Mews, Milner
Street, Moore Street, Ovington Street,
Rawlings Street, Richards Place and St
s Me
You don't need to be a member and can join at the door.


Yesterday, the Dame had to visit the Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall.
She passed the Freeman Suite named after a former leader, the saturnine and corrupt, Nicholas Freeman.
The next leader should remove all trace of this man; a disgrace to the Royal Borough.
Anyway, the Dame was there to renew her resident parking permit.
You can see her below with the Armstrong Siddeley.

What struck the Dame was the helpfulness and commitment of the junior and mid-ranking staff. Councillors and senior officers should remember they are supposed to be setting an example.

What these junior and mid/ranking staff must think of those above them does not bear thinking.
This is why the next leader must be someone of stature and probity.


What a crass idea to invite the sneering George Osborne to address the Courtfield Ward Association next month.
Greedy Pig
The Dame has a good mind to join the Association so she can come and heckle him.
Osborne is a thoroughly nasty piece of work and is no doubt charging Cllr Lindsay tens of thousands of pounds for his spiteful words.
The mark of a good ex CofE is what happens in his afterlife
It seems the sardonic Osborne has to rely on the financial support of a former enemy of this country, the ex KGB agent, Mr Lebedev. The worst thing that ever happened was allowing these shady people into our country.
Weird Russian Lebedev

How humiliating to end up as editor of a freesheet.
The Dame would have paid millions to have been present when Mrs. May gave the little bugger his marching orders.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The Dame is never afraid to publish and rarely moderates comments, Mr. Carter so is happy to accede to your request. 

Dear Dame, 

You often seem unwilling to critique the sitting member for the Constituency or her predecessor so I hope that you might publish my observations.

Will Jeremy Corbyn withdraw the Labour Whip from Emma Dent Coad MP and suspend the Kensington's first Labour MP from the Party for making a racist remark?

Emma Dent Coad MP was interviewed by Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London. She tried to claim that when she described Shaun Bailey, a Black Conservative Politician, as a "token ghetto boy" she was only repeating what people in North Kensington had actually said to her. She stated that the offensive comments that she passed on in a blog was made to her by a Black Afro- Caribbean Grandmother. Surely, a Member of Parliament should know that a racist and offensive remark is a racist and offensive remark regardless of who utters it. I am pleased to say that Vanessa Feltz was having none of Emma's attempt to justify her malfeasance by saying that she was conveying a "narrative" and the offensive comments from her pen were in  "quotation marks."  It was particularly unedifying of Emma to attempt to apologise by saying  that if Shaun Bailey is offended by what she said, she apologises. Vanessa Feltz had to point out to Kensington's first Labour MP that it is not  a question of "IF Shaun Bailey is offended, he has said that he IS offended." Emma should know that apologies should be unconditional with no ifs or buts; no one is impressed by backhanded apologies.  

It strikes me that Emma Dent Coad would do better if she were political, not personal. Hating people just because they are Tories is the childish stuff of Neil Kinnock's 1980's Labour Party where Labour supporters could not just oppose the Tories they had to hate them as well. No wonder Labour was unelectable in those days. It would be better if Emma criticised people's politics by presenting a diametrically opposed point of view in order to win the argument. Denigrating one's political opponents by passing on nasty remarks made to her at street level is not the best strategy. 

Emma repeated in her blog that people described Shaun Bailey to her as a "free-loading scumbag"  "the most hated man in North Kensington" whose "public school buddies would drop him like a hot potato." I hear that Emma Dent Coad sent her children to a fee paying, independent, school -  others have said that it has the status of a public school.      
Kind regards, 

Shane Carter

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


The Dame is a shoulder to cry on. Her dear old friend Lady Bickering-Hoare called her up to say that she had invested all her savings into a company of which Cllr Moylan was a non-executive director of. She said she was reassured because Cllr Moylan was always showing off about being a financial brainbox. Now it seems that none of the investors are going to get a bean back.
Lady B-H wonders how the leadership of the Council can be entrusted to someone so financially inept....she is furious with Cllr Moylan and says one of his other companies is taking on water fast. Odd, that Danny Boys never mentions his failed directorships on his narcissistic website. How about the other one...British Real Estate Fund? 
That went the way of all flesh too. 
A special resolution was passed to place Glanmore Property Fund Limited in Member' Voluntary Liquidation. James Robert Toynton and Ben Alexander Rhodes of Grant Thornton Limited and Sean Croston of Grant Thornton UK LLP were appointed as Joint Liquidators for the purpose of such winding up.
Note that the Joint Liquidators intend to make an interim distribution of the majority of the Fund’s cash in the first quarter of 2017, provided that the Joint Liquidators are satisfied that all creditor balances have been identified and appropriate provisions have been made.
The Joint Liquidators do not intend to report to the shareholders until they are in a position to make a distribution or unless there are matters which need to be considered or agreed by the shareholders.


This extraordinarily insensitive survey is the handiwork of Cllr Mills, K&C Conservative Association chairperson.
Leaving aside the sheer ineptitude of its drafting is this survey really within the province of the Association?

Mrs Mills, you are a silly old thing and need to step down.

Sunday, 12 November 2017


If the ruling group wants to halt the advance of Advance they need to do a few things urgently.
It seems that Mrs. Mill is busily de-selecting sitting councillors who she claims don't sit well with the new 'touchy-feely' party.
A stench around this man

The Dame has no idea whether she is throwing out babies with the bathwater but let the old thing give some advice.

For residents, there is a strong stench around Cllr Moylan.
Everything that makes residents yearn for radical change is manifested in Moylan. 

Cllr. Mills and fellow Conservative councillors...if you don't want to get very badly beaten up in May next year then de-select Cllr Moylan. 
He will get you all into serious electoral trouble....

Saturday, 11 November 2017


The Dame considers this to be one of the more important issues of our time...we are slowly killing ourselves and our children.
Please, readers, use the comment section to give your thoughts and ideas.
For example, our hapless and hopeless Mayor, Mr. Khan, is in control of black cabs, yet day after day, badly maintained taxis chase around our streets belching out diesel particulates. 

And again,traffic wardens walk blithely past parked cars with engines idling.

Dear Dame
Businesses and residents in the area are working at several levels with a few councillors to campaign for meaningful action by City Hall and London Councils against the air pollution scourge. 

RBKC and Westminster are particularly badly impacted. 
In our area, Cromwell Road and streets south (wind direction, traffic, ‘rat runs’, engine idling etc), air quality is low and noxious particulate pollution is severe. 
Residents, those working here, and particularly children (undeveloped lungs), the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system, are hugely vulnerable - and we have several schools, and many who as yet have no idea their immune systems are low. 

There is a ‘Call for Kensington & Chelsea Council to debate the air quality crisis in the Borough at a Full Council Meeting’. 
To make that happen, a public Petition is first required. 
That has just opened - click on the link below. 
At least 100 signatories are needed. We can do much better than that!
Please do two very important things....

1. Sign the petition HERE
2.   And forward to friends and colleagues


On 14 September the Kensington Society applied to the 
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the designation of an Asset of Community Value (ACV) for the Notting Hill police station, 101 Ladbroke Road.  On the 7 November the Society received the wonderful news that the council “agree that the asset should be listed and have now added it to the List of Community Assets”.  

We cannot stress the importance of this decision and both thank and congratulate the council, Councillor Elizabeth Campbell and the Neighbourhood Planning Team for their faith in the community.  We received over 2,372 signatures protesting the closure and the sale of the site.  It is through this support that our voice was heard.
The Metropolitan Police can appeal against this ruling but in the meantime, the property has the protection of an ACV.
Thank you all for your support and now we have some work to do to ensure the future of the building remains a community asset.