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Thursday, 28 February 2013


Whether Cockell gets away with his ludicrous plan to shift the local homeless to near bust Peterborough is a moot point. However, what this local blog so lucidly highlights is the character of council leader,'The Don' Marco Cereste.
He shares many of the unpleasant traits of our Prime Minister. Perhaps this accounts for their close friendship doubtless forged over expensive dinners and fine wines.One hopes it was not the Fat Duck....a favourite of our Prime Minister.
What a couple of puffed up poltroons!

Any resident, councillor or officer concerned about Cockell's judgment should take the trouble to read this local blog. The writer forensically examines an Open Letter recently written by Cereste trying to justify his extraordinary and secretive discussions with Cockell. 
Cockell needs his head examining doing business with the likes of Cereste.


One has to hand it to our council....when it comes to finding ways of  wasting our money Prime Minister, Pooter Cockell excels.
A few years back Pooter thought it would be fun to institute a lavish annual reception at the Town Hall for the Diplomatic Corps. Now the more prescient of the Dames' readers might wonder what our Prime Minister was doing organising a reception falling within the purlieu of our Foreign Secretary, Mr Hague. Anyway, The Dame hears that the social interaction between Their Excellencies Accredited to the Court of St James's and our councillors was somewhat strained: it seemed that the diplomats were having a hard time making conversation with our councillors; some even wondered about the purpose of the evening...apart from massaging the fragile ego of Cockell.
The Dame spied(yes, she was there as a guest) Cllr Dezzie working the floor. He seemed particularly focused upon diplomats from the more exotic areas of the hopes Dezzie was not trying to wangle an all expenses paid fact finding beach trip.
The Dame also had the honour of chatting with the Azerbajaini ambassador. He was keen to defend his government's attitude to homosexuals saying that they didn't torture them 'too much'! It does not appear that the Hornet would go down a storm there:the our Pooter, does not like criticism.
The rest of the diplomats seemed a motley, rather low grade bunch...

There is no reason for residents' money to be wasted on this sort of nonsense: it is a function of the Foreign Office to entertain diplomats-not the local council.


Why does the Rotten Borough need a budget to fritter away on the bursaries for an artist living in East Sussex? 
Befitting someone in the 'creative sector' our Director of Culture, Donna Pentelow, has come up with some very creative explanations as to why the Rotten Borough should be wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds on 'artistic enterprises'
A Dame aid asked why we should be paying large sums of money to a East Sussex based artist.
Donna Pentelow tells us that we need to spend this money for, amongst other things, "the better health, engagement  and well being of residents"! She also tells us it will help "develop a stronger and more sustainable creative economy" Getting more excited she goes on to suggest it will enhance the Rotten Borough's creative reputation.....and she does not mean PM Pooter's creative explanations for his luxury international trips and fine dining!
But in all seriousness this is so much tripe. We already spend millions on Opera Holland Park and the Middle Eastern NOUR festival.
The other important point is that we are fortunate to live in a city renowned for the depth and diversity of artistic creativity....what is the Council doing sticking an oar in? 
Let's spend money where it is needed...the old, the sick and the helpless....not on the likes of plutocratic East Sussex artists.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013


This bit of news will not please our  preposterous Prime Minister Sir Pooter Cockell.....
'The Don' Marco Cerestes, the leader of near bankrupt Peterborough City Council, has added to Pooter's embarrassment by announcing he will be releasing an 'open letter' later this week detailing the progress of his several months' discussion with the 'Big Man' he now calls his new best friend, Sir Pooter.
Pooter was furious the Dame blew the whistle on his chats with 'The Don'. 
According to a local source Marco has ordered up a case or two of Asti Spumante to mark the publication of his high level talks. 

Asti Spumante....not very Royal Borough. 
But as the Don correctly says, "Unlike Sir Merrick, taxpayers don't pay me £3,000 a week". 
Oh dear...The Dame hopes that The Don will not be asking colleagues for a pay rise!

Monday, 25 February 2013


The Dame was enjoying her Monday morning 'me time' with the Daily Mail and a cup of Blue Mountain from her Jamaican coffee plantation when she came across a complete and thorough demolition of the facade of holiness the 'Very Liberal With Their Hands Party' have managed to erect.

And from  a local angle it should not be forgotten that a great friend of Phelps....and a senior luminary of the National Liberal Club....was a happy recipient of our ex Mayor's disgusting emails of under age boys. 
The Dame is minded to name names.......
The Lib Dems make Conservative and Labour seem positively angelic.

A leader who accepts money from a convicted criminal and then refuses to return it to the victims and goes on to deny knowledge of  the predatory activities of his chief executive is not fit to be Deputy Prime Minister.
Leg it Clegg....
left to right...Monkey Cable, Monkey Clegg, Monkey Alexander
The appalling hypocrisy of  the Lib Dem leadership is chronicled here.Daily Mail

What a corrupt and venal bunch! 

Saturday, 23 February 2013


The Dame is very concerned for the virtue and safety of our lady Lib Dem councillors.
It would appear the Lib Dems are riddled with sexual predators-or so is reported HERE
Please ensure you are escorted by a chaperon if invited to any of Lib Dem 'Away Weekends.'
Cllr Jones could turn out to be useful at a chaperon!

But seriously...and it's very serious, the Lib Dems position themselves as 'holier than thou.' Yet their organisation harbours sexual perverts and takes money from criminals.

The other day Clegg was quoted as saying that it was necessary to tax the elderly out of their £2 million London flats to 'encourage entrepreneurial activity'-or rubbish to that effect. Has anyone ever met an 'entrepreneurial' LibDem? They have never existed and when they do they usually end up in court! Clegg, himself has never done anything outside politics and the idea of Cable, a third rate economist, directing British business is a very sour joke.



As May approaches councillors need to carefully consider the horse to back.
Cockell has been been a nag of leader... purely self interested: in fact, typical of small time politicians we have had to endure over the last couple of decades.

The Dame can go only upon what she hears. 
Tim Coleridge is liked by residents and tends to side with them against the bureaucracy.,...and by officers, because he treats them with respect. 
Tim has one problem he needs to work on.... he is far too self effacing. Come on Tim.... you know you can do the job...throw your hat into the ring. 
If you become leader the Dame will go into pleasurable semi-retirement.
Cllr Mills has certain qualities and would fill the post well. Two very different types.... but both able to do the job.


Every May Conservative councillors decide who will lead them. 
Every May Merrick Cockell finds some spurious reason to persuade colleagues none are capable of replacing him.
Last year he had the gall to tell them that he had wanted to step down, but the 'other Prime Minister' had expressly forbade him, saying he needed Pooter to cement the ill fated Triborough fiasco….. You could not make it up!
The sad part is colleagues actually believed the other beleaguered PM would  have the time or inclination to lobby Pooter!

This time around it seems even Pooter knows he can't go on taking £140,000 a year from the tax payer and not turn up for work.

If the rumour mill is correct in May he will go.

This will be the moment for the Conservative Group to never ever allow one man to stay in post for fourteen years. 
It will also be the moment to substantially reduce the £70,000 a year Leader's Allowance. 
The fact that Cockell managed to strong arm colleagues into allowing him to collect this whilst absent from office is a thing of shame.

Friday, 22 February 2013


Pooter's new best friend, the boss of Peterborough City Council, Don Mario Cereste, had a hilarious local radio interview. 
He was very keen on the cultural exchange aspect of the relationship, but was at a loss when the interviewer asked what 'culture' Peterborough would export to the Rotten Borough. Click here Pooter's Friend to read what the Don had to embarrassing!


You have to hand it to our 'Prime Minister'....his old commercial instincts-honed during his days flogging fags to Africa-have served him well. In partnership with the Dame's old friend, The Mole(thank you Mole for the illustration) he has developed a board game based on his new property development venture in Peterborough. Let's wish him last.... we can see the possibility of getting rid of him!
PS Mole....a  garden corner has been reserved for you....

Thursday, 21 February 2013


The revoltingly rich Dame sought the advice of Cllr  Caruana on how to avoid tax.

Cllr Caruana, 'leader' of a couple of other Lib Dem cllrs, tried to tap ‘Prime Minister’ Cockell for a £30k SRA as a political group leader! 
Even Pooter told her to take a hike!

The Dame,fearful at the prospect of paying tens of thousands of pounds tax on her mansion/s, popped along to Carol’s ‘surgery’ to pick up some tips on tax avoidance.

No! The Dame is not a silly old thing thinking the 'holier than thou' Lib Dems would be able to assist her in her shady tax dodging dealings. Carol could, if she was not so embarrassed,  point out that the Blessed Nick’s wife, Mrs Gonzalez Clegg, was a partner in a slimy City law firm, Dechert. Now Dechert are the 'go to' people for smart tax avoidance advice, so one would assume the Clegg family derive income from the firm's tax advice fees….no wonder the Cleggs' can comfortably pay the Mansion Tax!

So while the Blessed Nick threatens to pursue tax avoiding companies his wife’s firm can advise potential clients: ‘Increased scrutiny and restrictive legislation demand greater self-evaluation and require skillful representation in tax controversies and litigation.’ 

Dechert’s website goes on to say: ‘We are always mindful of our clients’ business objectives, providing transaction structures that maximize tax benefits and minimize tax liability. With lawyers in the United States and Europe, we are positioned to counsel clients on effective international tax planning strategies, providing integrated, global tax advice.’ 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Here is one Labour supporter who is doing his bit to enhance the tax gathering ambitions of his mate, Ed Miliband.....

Deselected as K&C Labour Councillor Keith Cunningham (sacked for being hopeless) has set himself up as a "Planning Consultant" to help multi millionaire basement excavators having difficulty with Council approvals. 

'Our Keith' claims to have the sort of inside track we all dream of. One Conservative multi millionaire  Abingdon Villas owner paid 'Our Keith' £10,000 for his 'expertise'.
As Cunningham has not one relevant professional qualification one has to wonder what he does offer.....

This new market opportunity is a great little earner for all manner of experts and cowboys who have piled into the K&C honey pot. 
2000 basements already applied for and only 10% rejected by Mr Bore and his planners. Officers could help 'Our Keith' to increase his fee if they were kind enough to double the rejection rate.

When Keith was fired from his job in North Kensington he lost the £30k SRA sinecure as Leader of the Opposition, a recipient of Pooter's patronage society. Obviously this particular Councillor is having no problem making up the cash shortfall. Pooter should take heart - he too can find a substitute for the £150k per year he is takes off tax payers as absentee Leader of K&C. If only he would get off his backside and go look for it.
So how is Keith helping to jack up revenues from the putative Mansion Tax? Simple...every time he gets a new basement through it increases the value and thus the tax take from the Mansion Tax...nice one Keith!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The Dame likes to see professionalism in the local press. Camilla Horrox...newly arrived on the Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle....has written a great piece on Pooter's plans to take over Peterboro'.
Could it be that our PM might be considering moving there? Faint hope...they could not afford his huge allowance.
Anyway, read Camilla's excellent article
We need more smart,young investigative journalists like her.

The Dame will be inviting her to take tea at her favourite table at the Connaught. And, if you have good stories she is the 'go to' journo!


Why is local government in such a mess? The answer is crystal clear....Its leaders are generally of such a poor calibre they would not survive outside the cosseted enclaves of their town and city halls.
Let's analyse the cunning plan Prime Minister Pooter Cockell came up with, in cahoots with the leader of Peterborough City Council, the frightening looking, 'Don' Mario Cereste.
Evidently Don Mario has quite a reputation and the Dame is pleased to recommend this excellent local blog...
required reading now that the Don and Pooter are 'bedding down' together. Pooter has even invited the Don down to 'his' posh borough to enjoy some opera at 'his' opera company. Time to check again on Pooter's ex's, methinks....
Pooter told Cereste the taxpayers of K&C would fund a £50 million housing programme in Peterboro' to absorb those on the K&C waiting list.Did the two twits never consider the consequence of their ill thought through plan? It took local Conservative MP, Stewart Jackson, to point out its crass stupidity.

Peterborough has 9,000 to be housed....and worse, over 8,000 unemployed-and rising. 

If these two were trying to concoct a recipe for social and economic disaster this could not be bettered!
The Dame has been asked what she thinks the solution to London's housing problems is. Well, the priority is to have intelligent and expert people thinking through a London wide solution....not a couple of 'no hopers' like Cockell and Cereste plotting a one off solution.
What you don't do is dump thousands of people on an already over-stretched council like Peterboro'.
What you do do is consider(if they exist) areas of the country which could safely absorb smaller numbers of incomers on a gradualist basis.

Monday, 18 February 2013


We now find out that Merrick Cockell's protege, the newly appointed Artist in Residence, Julian Wild, lives neither in the Borough or pays council tax: he actually lives in East Sussex! It's bad enough wasting thousands on this pointless extravagance....even more galling to find Julian Wild is not even a Borough resident! The Borough must be teeming with struggling artists who live and pay tax why have we selected a non resident East Sussex County Council should be supporting.

Each month we ask an art world professional 10 
questions about their practice. This month we speak with the sculptor Julian Wild...

Born: Birmingham
LivesEast Sussex
Profession: I'm a sculptor. I graduated from Kingston University in 1995
Career Ambition: World domination
Life ambition: To be happy
10 Questions with... artist Julian Wild


We've all been guilty...a good dinner....a couple of bottles of Chateau Palmer and some other little local government nonentity you can show off to.......
'Prime Minister' Pooter Cockell has been up to the East Midlands( not in the Bentley one hopes) having expansive discussions with the Leader of a little provincial backwater.
Evidently, without consulting with councillors, Pooter had private one to one chats with the scary looking boss of Peterborough City Council. Puffing a large Montecristo our tycoon leader has offered to spend £50 million of our reserves to develop housing in Peterborough for the poor of our parish. 
According to the local paper Pooter has also promised to use his influence to persuade K&C companies to relocate to Peterboro' 'to create jobs in the city'...what an idiot encouraging job transfers out of K&C!

According to the Dames' sources the Leader of Peterboro', Cllr Marco Cereste, has been dropping Pooter's name to his council colleagues and they are all frightfully impressed. The thing is that Don Marco also has interests in residential development so he will be sure to ensure no conflicts........

All the details and horrid comments are  here

At these dinners Pooter has also been boasting about bringing 'his world famous' opera company to Peterborough. 
Pooter has promised he will not be sending any common hoi polloi to Peterboro'....

News of the negotiations has already attracted criticism from 
Conservative MP, Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson, who 
warns homeless people in Peterborough should get priority 
over their counterparts from the capital.
There are currently about 9,000 people on the city council’s 
housing waiting list.
Mr Jackson said “I think the leader of the city council needs to 
be straightforward and explain what was the basis of his 
unilateral negotiations with the leader of an inner London 
borough and why he felt it appropriate to undertake such 
“I have worked hard to persuade the city council to give local 
residents priority on housing allocations.
“Surely Cllr Cereste wasn’t proposing to dump our own 
working people looking for affordable housing off the housing 
register in favour of those on a waiting list from a London 
borough. Such a policy would make no sense. We need a full