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Thursday, 31 October 2019


One can just about understand the merits of parachuting in renegade Tory, Sam Gyimah, to fight Kensington but Nicola Horlick in Chelsea & Fulham?
It just makes no sense. 
The Dame submitted a list of questions to Horlick: all bear upon her qualification to be an MP: she refuses to answer them.
Her investment vehicle, Bramdean lost $25 million investing sight unseen in Maddoff and her rationale? "he's good at calling the market"....hilarious but not for investors

Bramdean's significant shareholder was her great friend, Vincent Tchenguiz. Tchenguiz-a Tory Party donor was, more importantly, a major shareholder in scandal-ridden Cambridge Analytica.
If you are judged by the company you keep the less said the better......!!

Tchenguiz and busty friends

Wednesday, 30 October 2019


For anyone around in the late '80's the name Nicola Horlick will engender yawns.
This genius for self-promotion bored us all rigid with her claims to be a 'superwoman'.
This relic of the 'City Past' is back and about to drive us mad.
Horlick has been foisted on the local Lib Dem association to fight the Chelsea and Fulham seat.
The Dame decided to deconstruct the PR myths around Miss Horlick by putting a few questions to far no reply came the stern response. 
Horlick needs to answer these questions for they directly impinge on her competence.

  • What success has she had in the various businesses she has owned from Bramdean to restaurants?
  • What is her relationship to Vincent Tchenguiz 
  • Why did she invest in Maddoff's funds having never met the crook
  • How can she claim Maddoff was 'good at calling the markets'
  • You blamed the collapse of your  Chiswick restaurant on 'mothers who don't go out': is that not a silly explanation for a bad investment? 
  • Money & Co is struggling to find success. Surely she should be focusing her time on its management rather than diverting to a career in politics.
  • To lose one director of Denmark Square is unfortunate: to lose four in one fell swoop smacks of disaster.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


'This is North Kensington' has an excellent and hard hitting piece about Tory traitor, Carpetbagger Sam Gymimah.
Sam replaces another carpetbagger, Rabina Khan, a refugee from Tower Hamlets who has gone to work for 'Lordy' Dick Newby-an old friend of the Dame.....

Don't the Lib Dems have any home grown candidates? 


Left: A Brave man                           Right: a racist Dimwit
Doreen Lawrence claims the London Fire Brigade allowed Grenfell residents to die because they were not white....

It's always been difficult to see the point of this idiotic woman and her slur on the brave firemen who help us in so many ways is unforgivable.....and many are black....

Her racist comment is so blatant that the Labour Party and the House of Lords should be putting her through a disciplinary process. 
This won't happen despite thirty-five thousand Londoners signing a petition demanding she apologise: the likes of the racist Lawrence are a protected species.
Lawrence is the best reason for radically reforming the useless House of Lords.
Think of it....Lawrence gets £300 tax-free for turning up to the Lords....or £40,000 net a year.
Compare that to what we pay a fireman for risking his life to save others.

Sunday, 27 October 2019


For some time the old Dame resisted pressure to pop over the border to Hammersmith & Fulham and 'out' Stephen Cowan and his cowboys.....


H&F residents point out that more or less singlehandedly the Dame forced Sir 'Pooter' Cockell to step down by exposing his greedy and dictatorial ways in the national press.

Soon the Hornet's Nest will have a new banner proclaiming its shift westward...

'Porker' Cowan and cowboys? 
......the Dame and her Hornets are coming for you!

Saturday, 26 October 2019


We long-suffering residents of H&F are delighted you have now turned your beady eye on Cowan and his cowboys showing him to be the hypocrite he is for pretending he's actually interested in the financially stretched residents of the Borough. 
Like your old friend, Pooter Cockell, he seems more interested in toadying up to billionaire property developers as the story below shows. 

You asked what Cowan did before hitting big money in local government? 
He ran a now defunct publishing business which also 'did' 'leadership' courses giving credence to the maxim "if you can't do it: teach it"

Anyway, here's the story...

Shepherds Bush market for over fifty years has provided everything from exotic foods to unusual fabrics.

A few years ago greedy developers moved in. 

Using foul means and rarely fair they tried to get rid of existing tenants and turn the entire area over to more multi-million pound luxury flats 
The developers are U & I Group.

In a fightback residents launched a petition to save the market which attracted thousands of supporters. 
Undeterred, the developers cooked up something in collaboration with Cowan.....
The traders found out about the report and put in an FoI but Cowan and team refused access on the spurious grounds of commercial and financial confidentiality.

All the traders were told that to gain access to the proposed building site half the market would have to close down and become the main access for a stream of lorries and excavation equipment needed for the large scale construction....even though the developers own chunks of adjoining land that could be used for access.

Well done London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham for throwing your residents to the wolves 

Friday, 25 October 2019


Hammersmith and Fulham really have fallen down on the job of maintaining Hammersmith Bridge and it's all down to Stephen Cowan.
The Dame has been asking around to find out what Cowan's career path was prior to becoming a one seems to know. It appears he's just another local government 'entrepreneur' funded by the poor bloody taxpayers!

A Beauty in the hands of a Beast!
Cowan who has had too many ineffectual years as leader. 
It's reminiscent of the dictatorship of Pooter Cockell so loath to give up his £100k plus a year that he hung on for twelve long years.
Time To Step Down

Leaders need to lead and mediocre leaders should step aside.

Hammersmith Bridge is likely to be closed for three years and probably much longer.
Part of this delay is down to "Porker" Cowan and his chum at TfL Sadiq 'Khan't do anything right'.
These couple of dimwits have known for ages the bridge was in a state of collapse but instead of biting the bullet and asking for the Dept of Transport to help muddled along with short term fixes. 
Transport Minister, Michael Ellis back in July said,"Neither the borough nor Transport for London has approached the department to seek funding to repair the bridge.”
He then added: “Transport in London is, of course, devolved to the Mayor of London. I have been astonished and exasperated in just the last couple of weeks in the department to see how badly run Labour London’s transport is, and I am astonished by the indolence of the Labour London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Hammersmith Bridge is being neglected….by the Mayor, who is asleep on the job and by the Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham"

Londoners are now suffering massive traffic disruption but worse, according to RBKC, a surge in pollution to dangerous levels.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019


The Dame has a postbag awash with moans from H&F seems "Piggy" Cowan is not well-liked!

My Dear Dame,
We long suffering H &F residents will hope that you take the lash to H&F as you have successfully done with K&C.
I must put you right on a few things and bring to your attention to some of the shenanigans Cowan & Co get up to... 
Cllr 'Piggy' Cowan

Cowan is a Blairite.  
He and the rest of the H&F Labour front bench see themselves as the heirs to Blair.  

Corbynites aren't allowed anywhere near his Council Group - or indeed the Labour Association in Hammersmith.  
Despite a massive student body and young renting professionals in H&F, the local Momentum movement hasn't had a chance to pick up any, um...., momentum, in large part due to Labour Councillors and activists fighting them tooth and nail.
If you want bad governance in H&F, it isn't just charging (mainly non-Borough resident) motorists through their yellow box traffic cameras.  
Look at the complete failure of transparency on the plans for the Hammersmith Bridge, or the complicated (dare we say dodgy?) finances of the town hall redevelopment.  
Or indeed the £15k a year Piggy gets paid (qua council leader) for sitting in the board of the old oak / hs2 redevelopment scheme, which has failed to make any meaningful progress in the 6 years he's been involved.

The broader problem with Cowan is that he loves to posture  as this great progressive, but its all meaningless gestures. One such was designating one of their councillors (yet to be announced which) as an H&F Brexit czar responsible for stopping Brexit! 
Definitely council time (and money?) well spent.......

Yours most sincerely



"Porker" Cowan, boss of H&F, boasted that he no longer wanted to be part of the tri-borough arrangement so a resident of the Royal Borough was slightly surprised to receive a Hammersmith & Fulham parking penalty in a RBK&C franked envelope.
It seems that Porker is a bit economical with the truth and that when it suits him he is very happy to abuse RBK&C taxpayers by making them pay for his parking service.


No, not for more domestic staff but for residents of Hammersmith and Fulham keen to feed her with titbits from this corrupt Borough headed by Steve(Corbynite) Cowan
H&F has a record of fiscal recklessness dating back to the '90's. 
Then it lost taxpayers tens of millions by investing in Swaps...

Now the simple souls who run this shambolic borough have been caught raising revenue with a quite dishonest piece of road mismanagement.
You can read what these crooks have been up to HERE

K&C should never have got into bed with its crooked and corrupt neighbours....Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster-councils run by shysters,

Sunday, 20 October 2019


Back in May- with no consultation with worried residents-the Council allowed Harrods to continue its transition from a department store to a vehicle for multiple boozing outlets. 
On the advice of Senior Planning consultant, Fiona Rae, the Committee was told to allow the Al Thani tribe to open a wine bar for 365 days a year!

As a sop to residents, Rae attached a few strings.
What she did not do was submit a vital piece of evidence showing a route to a rooftop smoking area setting a precedent allowing the Harrods ‘bazaar’ to stay open until the early hours, 365 days a year.

Harrods have now decided to appeal against the conditions on the odd and spurious grounds that they were heckled! 
How the Al Thani tribe must have wished they were back home so protesting residents could be thrown into the dungeons they keep for dissidents and troublemakers.

Rudely, Rae refuses to return calls from residents.

Planning is not a job for students 

Our Planning Department has for years been a law until itself. 
The chairman of planning needs to be tough, experienced and capable of standing up to developers and their advisers.

It is a failure of leadership to appoint a twenty six-year-old student 'ingenu' at £55,000 a year to do this job.

Step down, Cllr Thalassites and finish your uni studies.
In the meantime, all residents should write to the Planning Inspectorate....


So the hideous Robert Davis, one-time deputy leader of Westminster City Council was put into the proverbial quiet room with a revolver and told to do the right thing. 

Right things and Robert Davis are not synonymous but in the end he caved in and resigned. You can read the shocking indictment of greed HERE
Davis since 2015 received a massive 514 gifts and hospitality from various developers including trips to Switzerland, Spain, France, the US and a stay a 'gorgeous' five star resort.

Hazel Best who investigated the case said that Davis received gifts from developers involved in the planning process or decision. She tempered her fury at the flagrant abuse of the Code of Conduct by saying the 'hospitality was not unlawful'.

Davis's partner was the late Simon Milton, former Council leader and it was Davis who populated Westminster with various memorials to Milton....
Davis also organised fund raising dinners in support of his late partner's foundation.
If you were a developer you were wise to take a table!
A resident asked the Dame whether there were any skeletons in the K&C cupboard: after all, what with the tri borough arrangement there was a 'closeness'

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


Hammersmith and Fulham under Corbynite Cowan is no slouch when it comes to finding devious ways of raising much-needed revenue. When you consider Cowan is Jewish it surprising he has any time for his anti-semite friend
Struggling to look human!

The Council's latest trick is a parking sign of such utter deviousness that it has turned into a real money spinner. 

That's why, at appeal, London Boroughs throw out 30% of the Council's try-on's! What a lousy record.

So complex is the sign that even the CEO remarked to one of his several victims, "that even I do not understand and would report it to his base" 
That didn't stop him hanging around in the pouring rain waiting for prey!

When a victim asked whether the CEO would provide a statement to that effect to facilitate an appeal the Chief Parking Panjandrum, Bram Kainth refused!


Monday, 14 October 2019


How often do we look around Chelsea and wonder how such and such a monstrosity ever got planning consent?
The Chelsea Barracks is one such example of a monster suited to Dubai but not elegant Chelsea.
MISARA has set up an award...the Carbuncle Award and Chelsea residents have just one week to nominate a local building which should never have been allowed to see the light of day. 
Please read below and hurry with your nomination/s: you have just seven days to get them in.

To: All Residents' Associations in Chelsea
Dear Fellow Residents,

Late last year the Milner Street Area Residents' Association (MISARA) announced that it would inaugurate an annual award for the ugliest new building in Chelsea, to be known as the Chelsea Carbuncle. Residents and others are encouraged to submit nominations for the award, for which the winner will be chosen by a panel of three distinguished judges, of whom details are given below. "Chelsea" means that part of RBK&C south of Fulham Road, Walton Street and Pont Street, "new building" means anything built in recent years, and the judges will be at liberty to confer such other awards as they see fit.

Do please circulate this information to all your members, and encourage them to submit nominations by sending an email with photographs of the buildings to our email address (above):


The deadline for nominations is Monday 21 October at 23.59. The judges will be meeting on 28 October for a tour of the nominated buildings. The winners will be announced at MISARA's Annual General Meeting on 5 November.

MISARA has purchased three wooden spoons as prizes, and will invite representatives of the architects, the developer and the planning officers to the AGM to collect them. The chairman of the judges, Dr. John Martin Robinson, will make a short speech to explain the judges' decisions. Photographers will be on hand to record the occasion.


In 2006 Building Design, the specialist weekly magazine widely read by the architectural profession initiated a popular annual competition for the ugliest new building in the UK, with the winner receiving the Carbuncle Cup. Candidates are submitted by readers across the country and the winner is selected by a panel of judges from a shortlist of six ugly buildings publicised with short descriptions and photographs on the magazine's website. We are happy to acknowledge this with gratitude as our original inspiration for the Chelsea Carbuncle.

Pious Aspiration

We hope that the annual award of the Chelsea Carbuncle, of which the award in 2019 will be the first, will lead over time to a visible improvement in new building design in Chelsea.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Richard Grantley
Chairman, MISARA

Details of the judges:

Dr John Martin Robinson is one of Britain's best known architectural historians. 

Will Palin is Director of Conservation at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

Anthony Delarue is a distinguished church architect. 

Sunday, 13 October 2019


The Dame enjoyed a quick bite with a just retired MEP.  
He regaled her with stories of life in Brussels: she became quite envious. 
It seems a few former colleagues worked the system with such deviousness they boosted their tax free income to levels approaching €250,000 a year...
The Dame's chum told her though no longer an MEP he picks up his chunky salary for two years. 
This is to help him settle back into the 'real world' as he calls it!
One of the problems facing certain ex MEP's he said was an emptiness in their lives. 
Though they had never had any real work to do they loved the attention they got.
He mentioned Doc Tannock who loved his job as EU Foreign Affairs panjandrum travelling the world first class and accumulating various orders from countries you don't want your gap year daughter sending postcards from.
Anyway, it seems that Doc misses his huge salary and bossing around EU staff.
The Dame has the answer....prior to getting on the EU gravy train the Doc was a shrink.

Depressed And Jobless
Lost an Empire but not found a Role!

Why does he not persuade the EU to allow him to provide counselling for traumatised ex MEP's like himself? 
Sorted, says the Dame


Click to Enlarge

The local police force has imposed a Section 60 due to the sudden surge in gang violence as a result of gang warfare.
A dimwitted member of the Lords who pretentiously names himself Lord Naseby is backing a bill banning the sale of knives. Does he really think it beyond the wit of these lowlife's not to be able to make one?

Naseby was some backbench MP of no intelligence but got his £300 a day allowance for coming up with stupid ideas like this.

Knife crime would stop overnight if penalties fit the crime.

Saturday, 12 October 2019


Some months ago the Dame was asked to contribute her thoughts on how to reduce the noise of supercars. 

Being an avid reader she picked up on a government trial of acoustic cameras and insisted the Council get in on the trials
When she reported this innovation to the Council Panel she was genuinely shocked that not one officer knew of the trial!

In no time at all Cllr Johnny Thalassites got in on the act. 
If he had been doing his job properly he would not have needed an old lady to tell him of this innovative approach to tackling the problem.

The Dame was surprised to find that young Johnny has never had a proper job so the £55,000 a year he is getting must be like manna from heaven: his mama must be delighted to have him off her hands.....


Here's a picture of the utterly hopeless Cllr Pascal hopping into his £60, 000 set of wheels.
Pascal was offered the Mayorship as compensation for being booted off the leadership team. 
This dented the £75,000 a year the hubby and wife team were pulling in.
Pascall is a rather foolish and inept fellow. One of his 'brainwaves' was a project to recycle Nespresso capsules!

RBKC pays lip service to reducing the dangerous levels of toxic air in the Borough. Major offenders are queueing taxis with their vile idling diesel engines spewing out poison. Has the Council a plan to deal with this menace? No.
Similarly, The Big Bus Tour company runs ancient vehicles more suited to a third world country.
It's time this council showed some initiative and determination. For a start, CEO's who seem to idle their time away should be able to ticket vehicles with stationary idling engines

Friday, 4 October 2019


Looks like Cllr Palmer is having more than his fifteen minutes of fame...two mentions in Private Eye!
Did the Queen's Gate ward vote for an Independent? Well, that's what they have. 
Time for a bye-election so residents can finally get rid of the imposter.

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