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Sunday, 26 August 2018


It seems that local authorities are still addicted to buying high-end motor cars for the use of their 'dignitaries! LINK

According to the Tax Payers Alliance UK LA's spent £4.5 million on Bentley's, Audi's et al.

When Justin Downes first saw the Council's new Bentley Continental Flying Spur sailing down Sloane St, replete with RBKC something or other on the plate, he emailed Sir Pooter Cockell.

His query to Pooter was simple, "why, when the Council claims poverty, does it spend over £100,000 on a car when it could have bought a Jaguar from Creamers for half the price or much less"

Pooter, an undignified ex-fag salesman, replied, "it is necessary for the dignity of the Royal Borough".

What a plonker is Pooter!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


A corked bottle of Vin de Cahors gave the old Dame a terrible nightmare.

Mr. Moylan
During the night ex Cllr Moylan appeared before her grinning like a 'diable' and boasting he was to be selected to run in next election in the Conservative interest.

Over croissants and devilled kidneys the Dame's host, The Earl of G*********, reassured the old thing that this was well-nigh impossible on the basis he was universally loathed and had(very) bad form.

Anyway, the Dame thought she should do 'fact check' and called Cllr Julie Mills who soon put her straight.
"What a stupid idea, Dame. The man is a leading member of the anti-EU Bruges Group; plus the fact that I intend to put myself forward so he doesn't stand a chance."

Daniel is very jealous of Pooter Cockell's money-making activities especially as he claims to be the planning expert.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


A few years ago two most unattractive characters had a little chat about how they could make loads of dosh.
Bob Neill, an undistinguished, red wine loving, backbench MP from suburban Essex, told his friend, Pooter Cockell, how he had a nice little earner as a consultant and NED to a grubby little lobbying company called Cratus. 
Pooter, always keen to make money, pricked up his ears when his mate told him there was an opening there for him as chairman. 
" You will be a perfect, Pooter: after all, every developer wants someone who knows his way around the Rotten Borough."

So that's the backstory behind the fall and rise of Sir Pooter Cockell. 
Two major developers behind the Holiday Forum Inn and Heythrop College have retained Cratus in the belief that Pooter will get things done for them.
This is very bad news for residents. 

Councillors complain that Cockell puts them under enormous pressure and one hopes that planning officers avoid Cockell and his team.

It is entirely wrong that a recent ex-leader of this council is able to use his inside knowledge and contacts to promote schemes which severely damage the interests of residents.

"Doc" Quirke, the Rotten Borough's CEO, needs to pay serious attention to the lobbying activities of Sir Pooter Cockell and his sidekicks.


Dear Member,

The email sent yesterday caused picture printing difficulties and we have made minor revisions to the text.  Please remove the one from yesterday and refer to this email.

Help the Stop the Towers Campaign: Redevelopment of Kensington Forum Hotel, 97-109 Cromwell Road, London SW7

An application to redevelop the Holiday Inn/Kensington Forum Hotel on Cromwell Road has been received by the RBKC.  We, along with local residents’ associations, are strongly opposed to this proposal.  The existing 29-storey building at 92m/302feet tall has been an “eyesore” on our skyline since 1973.  However, it cannot and should not be used as a “precedent” to justify a much bigger scheme which would  further blight both our communities and our skyline.

Following the completion of the current building, the Council strengthened its planning policies against tall buildings with the result that the Council has not permitted a single tall building in the borough in the last 45 years. We want them to maintain this record.

We need your help to object to:

  • The scale and height of the three new buildings:
    • one for a 30-storey hotel at 102m/335 feet tall, which would make it the tallest building in RBKC – 5 times the prevailing height of surrounding buildings;
    • the second, a 22-storey serviced apartments building, would be 77m/253 feet, the 4th tallest (10m/33 feet taller than Grenfell Tower); and
    • the third would be a 8-storey/35m/115 foot housing block containing 46 flats (26 for the open market; 20 for social/affordable housing).

  • The two tall buildings would be taller than the proposed Newcombe House in Notting Hill Gate - tallest would be 30m/98 feet taller and the second 5m/16.5 feet taller – which has been repeatedly refused by the planning committee and lacks the significance public benefits provided in the Newcombe House proposal.
  • The development would be 50% larger/denser than the present building, with densities only found in places like the City of London and Vauxhall, at least 4 times that of the surrounding area.

  • The buildings would have a significantly harmful impact on the adjoining conservation areas, further dominating and overwhelming the immediate locality either side of Cromwell Road.

  • The buildings would have a significant impact on the living conditions in the immediate area.

  • The buildings would increase the adverse impact on the long views – taller, wider, bulkier profile - and will be further intrude on the skyline as seen from Kensington Gardens,  Battersea Bridge,  as well as from Cromwell Road.

  • It would include a conference facility for 1,500 people at one time, with 500 exiting every hour.

  • The garden would be re-established, but this is required to be retained by law. It is not a gift, but a fundamental planning requirement.

Though the Holiday Inn is a profitable hotel with 906 rooms for the budget market, the owner openly admits, there are operational problems which cannot be addressed through renovation.  The developer is using the profitability of the existing hotel as the baseline for its value to justify the large increase in density.  We disagree.  A clapped-out building which cannot be revamped should have less value and should not be used as a viability reason to allow such an increase in the size of the development.

How to object:

  • It is essential to express your objection in your own words – highlight the key issues and how these are likely to affect you and how strongly you feel about the proposed redevelopment.

  • Make clear what you consider is wrong and what you do not like.

  • Queensgate Ward:

If you are happy to have your name and street recorded, please say so on your comment form.

Yours sincerely
Amanda Frame
The Kensington Society  | Registered Charity No. 267778

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Our mailing address is: 

The Kensington Society
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Friday, 10 August 2018


Click on image to enlarge

The idea that any of these nonentities have the capacity to run London, the world's greatest city, is a joke in the worst of taste.

London needs a leader of brilliance, experience and charisma....qualities none of these have.

As for Bailey....words fail the old Dame!

Monday, 6 August 2018


So, what is there to talk about you might ask the old Dame?

Well, it seems some residents feel the Dame has been far too harsh on young Quentin and that there are several examples of how he has gone overboard to help residents in planning how to structure objections.

Well done, Marshall!

In the next day or so, when the mood takes the old thing, she will elaborate on the occasions when he has gone the extra mile.....

Saturday, 4 August 2018


"So, Pooter, is it true that your expense claims are an utter disgrace?
"Ma'am, you should not listen to that horrid friend of yours, The Dame."

Sir Merrick 'Pooter' Cockell has been making a worrying boast to his Chinese clients. 
It seems he has has been 'tipping them the wink' that his friend and protege, Cllr Quentin Marshall, is going to chair the Major Planning Committee and that Committee will take the decision.
Let's dispense with silly time-wasting FOI requests and put Cockell's 'creature', Marshall, to the question....
Insolent bully

"Cllr Marshall, have you ever discussed the Holiday Inn application with Sir Merrick Cockell and did Sir Merrick intimate to you that the Council would receive £20 million for 'local improvements'?

Friday, 3 August 2018


The warning by Alex Woodleigh-Smith LINK of the inevitable dramatic fall in property values in the area surrounding the Holiday Inn if the Chinese developers are given the go-ahead should be taken very seriously by residents.

If you live up to two miles from development you need to take his warning very seriously.

The RBKC planning officer, Mr. Elliot, responsible for giving pre-planning advice to the Yeung family has now been made case officer.
This demonstrates the favoured way Mr. Stallwood's Planning Dept is treating the applicants.

On Wednesday, 8th August @ 6.30 pm @ St Mary The Boltons residents can hear about the planned fightback.


Please come....the outcome is in your hands....


Alex Woodleigh-Smith, a leading London property specialist and founder of AWS Prime says the Holiday Inn development will have a 'disastrous
impact' on property values in the epicentre of the development and the 'fallout area'.


"Whilst many will be glad to see the Holiday Inn building demolished, the proposed replacement will be even less popular. A much higher tower such as this, plus an entirely new one adjacent, would be a catastrophic blight for local residents and a dire impact on property values for those affected in the area.

Living close to a construction site of this size, with all the associated nuisance of dust, thundering lorries, and constant noise are not great inducements for buyers in an already fragile market. Purchasers will see a great opportunity to chip away at asking prices and this could result in a drop in values by anything from 15% to 30% in the worst affected cases. Whilst this may be a medium-term side effect if this scheme gets the green light the character of the area will change from a quiet and charming enclave into a 'suburb' dominated by a large and out of scale 'mega towers' development.” 
My international client base wants to invest in the best areas in London and the vast majority are attracted to the picturesque streets of RBKC. 
I could not encourage my clients to buy in the shadow of a building of this nature.

Woodleigh-Smith concluded by saying: "residents should be very worried about the impact on the quality of their lives and the value of their major assets"