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Monday, 21 November 2016


The Dame had a call from old buddy, disgraced ex Mayor, Barry Phelps. 'Old Beardie' wanted to take the Dame through the complexities of being an investor in Eclipse 35, a ploy for getting huge chunks of tax relief via investment in films. 

"Old Beardie"
Yes, it does sound very glamorous: sadly HMRC takes a far from glamorous view and wants to impose gut wrenching penalties on many a high roller.
These could amount to many multiples of the sums invested.
Anyway, let's hope that none of our locals are going to be hit.

It seems that Cllr Marshall's old employer, Messrs Coutts, pushed these film schemes hard and  is now likely to be on the receiving end of big claims from the hapless investors.

One victim, though doubtless unadvised by Quent, is Pippa Rose, the headhunting ex-wife of Cllr Ahern. 

Pippa, the social alpinist daughter of a Yorkshire copper is likely to be hit for many millions. 
Let's hope Tim will be standing by, cheque book in hand.......


  1. No wonder poor old Tim has seemed so down in the mouth recently.

    It's as if chairing Council committee meetings surrounded by pesky local residents no longer entertains him sufficiently to remain till the end of the agenda.

    1. We Too Have A Voice22 November 2016 at 10:01

      It is not acceptable for the Dame to publish photos of the dreadful disgraced ex Cllr Phelps. It is upsetting to see this dreadful human on our pages. An experience bordering on shock. The wretch needs to be banished from our memories.

    2. Indeed... pitch a tee-pee at the Brompton Cemetery.. for example.

    3. i have a super juicy story to share with you about Adult Social Care. all the way to the top. im seeing the headline "Social Services Becomes Wonga" except i think Wonga would object to being associated with them. Its all about management incompetence, failure in duty of care, overcharging, you could not write it. Please get intouch would really like to share it with you

  2. Oh no! Poor Tim

  3. Tim and Pippa remain friends but our Councillor now has a new wife to support and it is unlikely that he will be inclined to pass the ex a bung or two. And if the Dame is correct, the scale of the penalty is anyway beyond the ability of Tim to pay. He is getting old and now is the time to conserve, not to splurge.

    Loyal residents send their best wishes.

  4. Well I hope Cllr Quent wasn't involved in this reckless scheme. Such a nice young man!

    But of course if you f**k up in the City you are simply passed along with a good reference to another bank. Oh. Did that happen?

  5. What sounds good rarely is so.... greed and gullibility are uppermost in these sad minds, to prperly think through all the possible consequences... the good times cometh to their sad end... amen

  6. Another sad story of greed and avarice in the Rotten Borough. Small bit players getting their fingers chopped off

  7. Get off my case, you tossers!!
    I still have my bolthole in Switzerland. Put it in the name of the kids, so there.
    And, my father was not just a copper on the beat; he was station sarge.


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