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Thursday, 10 November 2016


It has long been felt that RBKC “public consultations" are a travesty. 

Residents may remember the years of consultation on the LDF with Penelope Tollitt and her planning team. 
The result was superb; including a Local Plan with detailed statements for each neighbourhood. 
Unfortunately Ms Tollitt subsequently left RBKC; to be replaced by unqualified staff.
RBKC is currently “consulting” residents on a few miserable sentences of text supposedly related to individual areas. 
A few neighbourhoods, like Earl’s Court, are retained in full because Cllr Wade insisted on it. 
Residents should ask their councillors follow suit. 

Amendment is acceptable - wholesale deletion is not.

Take a look at THIS and click on 'tracked' to see the huge number of deletions.

1 comment:

  1. Only a few years ago hundreds of residents spent hours working on a Local Plan. Now, instead of using the original text and plans as the basis for an improved version, the LDF is to be binned. The public will have to spend yet more of their time on a virtual rewrite.

    Planning does not control the future of RBKC. The Property dept. does. No one seems to know who runs Property. They appear answerable to no one. However, it's long been clear that certain people in Horton Street make very serious money from the destruction of formerly beautiful neighbourhoods and mixed communities. RBKC is the only borough in the south of England with a reducing population. Lots of money laundering, but no people!


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