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Friday, 28 January 2022


A political princess

The Dame's Labour voting, major-domo, Moylan, has shown the old thing a preview of the nomination papers for Labour candidates including sitting councillors.  
In these papers, candidates scrabble for wards they hope to be selected for.  
One candidate- Miss Constance Blott, hopes to stand for Labour-held Golborne and Colville wards.  
If selected she would end up as a councillor. 

Here is what Miss Blott says in the bit where candidates describe their involvement in Kensington and Chelsea Labour Party in the past two years:  "During the 2017 general election, I helped the campaign as much as possible, though I was away at University for much of the electoral period. I am very active on polling day and was a Count Agent on the night. Since then, undertaking an MA while in London while working full time, I have attended meetings and done my best to be active and involved" 

The Dame did wonder where she had heard of Miss Blott before.... her memory not being quite as it used to be these days. 
She also pondered how Miss Blott would find the time- with her studies and work to be a Labour councillor in North Kensington. 

The Dame did ask her chap about Miss Blott and he said, "she hadn't been selected but she probably soon will be" 

When the Dame asked why that would be, her man replied that Miss Blott just happens to be the daughter of one  Emma Dent Coad!   

Political dynasties are nothing new, but The Dame did query Ms Blott's lack of experience and took a look at her nomination papers again.
In the bit where candidates describe what contribution they feel they would make as a Labour councillor, Miss Blott goes on to say "I was born and bred in the home I currently live in and am very knowledgeable about issues and problems in the area. I have attended many full council meetings and understand the routines and processes of the council" 

Well, she would do, wouldn't she?  
Curiously her papers fail to mention quite how she would be so familiar with the council. Miss Blott also says "In the summer of 2017, I spent my holiday in the office of our new MP"  yet fails to mention that the MP in question is her mum! 
In fact, Miss Blott does not disclose that she is Emma Dent Coad's daughter anywhere....
When The Dame asked why Miss Blott would stand for Golborne when the three sitting councillors for the ward (including her mother) are standing again, she was told that Emma Dent Coad had switched wards to St Helen's and had been officially selected for the ward alongside Cllr Portia Thaxter.
Intrigued by this change of wards, The Dame wondered what happened to  Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Mo Bakhtiar who still currently sits for  St Helen's? 
Well, he was ousted from the ward and put himself down for several other wards, but The Dame understand that "someone" told him nonsense about he "has no support in Notting Dale" (where he is a resident ) so he is not standing for Notting Dale and is still looking for a ward to represent next time.  
The Dame has also heard that Cllr Pat Mason has not only put down for Golborne (his current ward) but Colville as well (where he is a resident).  
Apparently  "Queen Emma" expects long-serving highly experienced Labour councillors to step aside and move wards in order that her daughter "Princess Connie" can be accommodated!  
It's the sort of self-serving, self-entitled behaviour that one would have expected from the likes of Rock Feilding-Mellen. 

The Dame's major-domo threw his Labour membership card in the bin

LOVES LABOUR LOST..... THE PLOT! Eva Jedut fights the Tories!!

Dear Dame, 

Please look at the above. Rather amateur and clueless isn't it?This is taken from a Council candidate nomination paper from a Ms Eva Jedut of Earl's Court. 

Most members here have never heard of Ms Jedut. 

No offence but one would think it best if she got some more experience by standing for an unwinnable Labour ward first. 

It's astonishing when people in charge of our party nowadays appear to think she is able enough to stand in safe North Kensington wards like Dalgarno.  

It is even more astonishing when they deselect Cllr Pat  Healy, a highly respected long serving councillor, who has devoted years to serving her constituents and plenty of others in this borough excellently. She has a background as a highly respected journalist; a Labour Party member for over half a century and a tireless campaigner for the elderly, the sick and the vulnerable. 

These days the party apparachniks in charge with an unreasonable personal dislike of Cllr Healy worked to replace this formidable woman with a complete amateur. 

Ms Jedut will be severely out of her depth to say the least but what a shambolic way to run a party?

What actually happened was that Cllr Healy got through the initial vote and then it was engineered that the shortlist be shortened for the next round which was then was shortened until she got knocked out. Old Stalinist methods die hard!

Now the constituents of Dalgarno will be stuck with  a far from adequate replacement whose campaigning  efforts amounted to "I proudly placed Labour posters in my window and red balloons  on my balcony during the last election I live by the polling station."  and 

"I underline limitations of Tory Party when dealing with issue (sic) of housing, NHS, education, environment and Brexit in any talk I may have with my neighbours and friends "

It's almost laughable, but not quite when you consider the people this clueless person is going to be representing.....their needs and the calibre of the person she has replaced. 

If this sounds fishy, it really is. Some of the people in charge have a lot to answer for. 

One is Ms Claire Simmons. Ms Simmons is now Chair of the NW  Branch of Kensington Labour membership.  The NW  Branch of the Labour Party consists of the membership of the wards of Norland, St Helen's, Notting Dale and Dalgarno .  

Ms Simmons has made unproven allegations of corruption  against Pat Healy and unnecessarily called the Police to her home address. 

Today,  Friday, is the day when members of Notting Dale  Ward pick their  council candidates. This is an even safer Labour ward than Dalgarno and is a guaranteed job for life. The front runner for the ward only just happens to be one Claire Slmmons,  who has been a member for  over 10 years  but her Labour Party campaigning was  unheard of  to most of us -  no meetings,  canvassing, leafleting or doing anything until she was promoted.  She is in charge of the membership of both Dalgarno and Notting Dale wards  What a coincidence. 

These activities need to be reported to Labour Party headquarters and they need to be investigated immediately. 

Yours meaningfully, 

Disaffected North Kensington Labour Party Member

Thursday, 27 January 2022




We urgently need your help and support for our community.  The Notting Hill police station is about to be sold. It can either be sold to a commercial property developer who wants to put unaffordable housing on the site, or it can be sold to the council, who wants to retain it for urgent community use. ACTION IS NEEDED: sign the petition and attend the meeting on 2 February, 6.30pm. 

Campaign for ensuring that Notting Hill police station remains in community use
The long battle to retain the Notting Hill police station for community use is coming to an end. The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) is set to sell the police station.  The sales proposal is for luxury housing on the entire site without any community facilities. RBKC council will submit a bid with their plans which are to maintain the community use.  The uses are not finalised but hopefully will include a GP surgery, a police presence and perhaps a facility for adults with learning disabilities.
URGENT please sign the petition
We need to show the Mayor that there are community needs for this site and a community asset should not be lost to luxury housing. We have just started an urgent public petition, which may help sway MOPAC and the London mayor, Sadiq Khan. Time is of the essence as the decision may be as early as the first of February.
Please sign the petition here, and tell your friends to sign it as well:
Ensure that the Notting Hill police station retains its community use
Public meeting
The Kensington Society is hosting a public meeting in St John’s Church, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill on Wednesday 2 February at 6:30pm.  The plans to save Notting Hill Police Station for community use will be presented and discussed.  Our MP, Felicity Buchan; our GLA representative, Tony Devenish; the council leadership, the representative from the local residents’ associations and IAG who have worked so hard to produce these proposals and the bid will be there. The Metropolitan Police and representatives from the mayor’s office have been invited.
Please come.  If you wish to register RSVP to our MP, Felicity Buchan at
The Notting Hill police station served all of North Kensington for more than a hundred years, but in 2017 it was closed and the plan was to sell it. The reason was that the government had told the Metropolitan Police that it had to save another £400 million, so the solution was to close 41 police stations instead of cutting down the number of officers. A similar thing happened in 2010, when the Met was told to save £600 million, leading to the closure of 76 police stations. One of those was the Chelsea station, which in 2017 was sold to an anonymous tax haven company, which a few months later sold it on to another tax haven company, in order to turn the site into another luxury flat complex which this borough doesn’t need.
However, before MOPAC announced the decision to close the Notting Hill station, the Kensington Society applied for the building to be made an ACV (Asset of Community Value), and the council quickly approved this, thus giving the property the protection of an ACV.
In August 2021, MOPAC notified the council that it intended to sell the station, and after attempts to find someone willing to buy the building and let it for community service activities, the council decided to buy it itself and put in an offer for it.
The council’s plan is to turn part of it into a home for up to 20 adults with learning disabilities. Adults with learning disabilities who need specialist at-home care are currently often placed outside Kensington and Chelsea. Another part would be a much needed GP surgery, and the council also plans to offer the Metropolitan Police some space in it. After the closure, the building has been used as a drop-in base for police officers.
The council’s bid for the station is backed by all the political parties in the council as well as the Kensington MP, Felicity Buchan.

Tuesday, 25 January 2022


 Office of the Chief Executive 

Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX 

Chief Executive 

Barry Quirk

All elected Members, RB Kensington and Chelsea 

Tuesday 25th January 2022 

My resignation as the Council’s chief executive - to take effect later this year 

I have written today to Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, the Leader of the Council, advising her  that I shall step down from my role as chief executive with effect later this summer.   

The Council can now begin to search for a new chief executive; so as to make an  appointment in July. This will be after the 5th anniversary of the Grenfell tragedy, after  the hearing sessions at the Public Inquiry, and after the new Council has been elected  locally. 

It has been a real honour to work for this Council, helping it to meet the enormous  challenges it has faced over the past five years. Elected Members have supported me  immensely in my role, and I sincerely hope to have the chance over the coming months to  be able to thank each councillor personally for your help and support.  

Leading the Council’s overall efforts in the response and recovery to the 2017 Grenfell  Tower fire tragedy has been the most difficult, the most humbling and the most important  professional challenge of my 45-year career in London local government. I remain in awe  of the dignity, humanity and positivity of the bereaved, survivors and residents affected by  this tragedy. There is so much more we need to do to support each of them along their  personal routes to recovery. 

More generally, it has been a real privilege to help the Council reinvent its governance,  values, policy priorities, and management over the past four years. It has been marvellous  to have had an opportunity to have worked with, and learn from, such talented and  dedicated staff here at Kensington and Chelsea.  

I should specifically like to thank Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, the Leader of the Council, for  the clarity of her purposeful leadership, and for her unstinting support to me over this  entire period.  

Although I will step down later this year, I will continue in my role, actively leading our  managers and staff, to ensure that the business of the Council continues to progress. 

Yours sincerely,



'Lordly' Moylan has a curious way of helping his old master, Mr Johnson...

Lordly's long held dream of being 'looked after' by the buffoon seems about to be dashed. 

A glistening prize of some ambassadorial role in a Far Eastern country was something Lordly yearned for.

Lordly? Boris is in a real old jam and your interventions make matters worse.

Zip it up, man!

Tuesday, 18 January 2022



When Thames Water commissioned this Review one wonders what it truly wanted to hear.....

Mike Woolgar, the chairman reported last week and had very little to say mainly because nothing has actually happened. 

His co-member, Roger Falconer, a retired academic living in Yorkshire, had nothing to say apart from alluding to his work on the Somerset Levels flooding.

The lady in the image, Lykke Leonardsen lives in Copenhagen so one doesn't expect to see too much of her.

When Mr Woolgar was asked if a resident could join the Review he said NO: a shame, Cllr Lindsay who has worked hard for all of us would have been ideal.

Most of what Woolgar had to say revolved around the impact of Climate Change....not one word about the duplicate floods of 2007 when Climate Change was not on the tip of tongues.

The Dame holds no great hope for a constructive result but the reaction of others would be helpful.

Monday, 17 January 2022


From the Council.

"Following the flooding event that impacted Kensington and Chelsea on 12 July 2021, the Council, in its role as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), is undertaking a formal flood investigation under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010)." 

We need to remember that the Council also needs to self-examine. 

It has been lax in cleaning gullies which contributed to the floods. Similarly, it has allowed contractors to pour waste into main drains.

"Following the flooding event of 12 July 2021, the Council, in its role as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), is undertaking a formal flood investigation under section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010). This work is being undertaken by consultants but as part of this, we are undertaking a household survey asking owners/tenants of properties that were affected by the flooding to complete a short questionnaire. 

The information supplied will be passed on to the consultants and help the Council to understand how this flooding event has impacted the local community, and to consider potential options to manage the risk of similar flooding occurring in the future."

Please click on the link HERE and fill in.

Thursday, 13 January 2022


 Thames Water made this claim in an email:

"if the levels in the watercourse are higher than the asset, this will automatically close the flap and not allow flows from our network to disperse into the watercourse. We do know that this occurred in the July flooding incidents, as because of rainfall levels, the river levels were extremely high which meant the disperse point was closed. Though as you may appreciate, we cannot control river levels."

This is just not true as the comment on the Hornets Nest explains

High tide on 12th of July (a not particularly high) was at 4:40 pm - it was continuously falling before and during the flooding incident. By 6:30 pm it was 1.63mt below this high.