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Thursday, 3 November 2016


How many gross errors of judgement do you have to make before the RBKC cabinet decide you are just too incompetent to have important responsibilities?
Take Cllr Silly Lizzie Campbell...

This smug looking woman leaves a trail of disasters in her wake, yet seems unshiftable.
Smug and Dopey
The fact these disasters affect the most vulnerable of K&C makes it even more terrifying.
Were Campbell employed by a privately run company she would have been sacked ages ago.
Even her long-suffering hubby had to cut up her credit cards on the basis her 'extravagance knows no bounds'.

The Dame will be reporting back in more detail on this hapless woman's latest cock up but it seems the Council attempted to outsource children's services to an organisation called 4Children. 
Any commercial organisation, before contemplating taking on a supplier would check out its financial stability. Not, it seems the idiotic Campbell.
On the evening the transfer took place 4Children went belly up in a spectacular way. Yes, as the Dame's old 'mate', disgraced Cllr Phelps would say, " you could not make it up"!
One insider tells the Dame, "It's not as if we didn't warn the Council. We looked at 4Children's accounts and found it glaringly obvious it had serious financial problems".

So, why was this warning ignored until 4Children was put into administration?

The muddle continues. 
4Children was then absorbed into Action4 Children(A4C)

Now you would think having had the debacle over 4Children the Council would have insisted on a tendering process; after all that is the norm.
So why did that not happen?
More will be revealed when the Dame has studied, in more depth, yet another Campbell cock up.

Cllr E Campbell should be immediately dismissed from her job. 
She is a very dangerous woman......


  1. The Dame is has this woman been allowed to preside over a catalogue of disasters. Remove her, Paget-Brown

  2. In fact the Council's whole procurement system is not fit for purpose. Whoever chose BT for managed services should be sacked immediately. The Council has had to throw so much bad money after good that it is probably costing ratepayers far more now than it has actually saved. And still the system does not work properly.

  3. Speaking of wasting our money, why is the Council going to build a rubbish new library with our taxes just so as Cllr Fielding-Mellen's children's prep school can have two floors of it and a purpose built playground on the roof?

  4. Why this mess? Because Cameron got rid of the Audit Commission, which has played rather nicely into RBKC's hand. Indeed, you could not imagined it. Piggy should thank his famous resident (yeah - he is back) for this wonderful gift.
    As for the Library, the posh white kids prep school next door needs an that more ethnic segregation can happen and instilled in these brats at an early age...

    1. Teaching them the dark art of asset stripping at a young age.... reckon there will much trouble ahead for the Notting Hill Prep School if they ignore the will of the local community. can't wait!

  5. The long term aim is to get nice white middle class kids into the Aldridge Academy after the area has had social cleansing inflicted on it {knocking down Silchester]

  6. Lunatic and asylum come to mind !

  7. Another example of commissioning being led by Westminster officers. Campbell trusts them too much to her peril, they are not nice people.

    Councillors still do not understand the fact that these officers are actually Westminster employees, they care not one jot about Kensington or its residents.

    Everything they have touched has ended in disaster, and cost this Borough a fortune to put right, all under the illusion and rhetoric of tripe borough savings. Hammersmith are effectively leaving having screwed a fortune out of Kensington .... watch this space.

    Don't expect piggy to do anything about Campbell....he's too busy listening.

  8. Why is Piggy still around. He is an insult to all those who died - he and RFM should do one.

  9. The whole outsourcing procedure is an injustice to residents. It lets down and betrays us all and cheapens us as humans this council had abandoned quality for money


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