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Sunday, 20 November 2016


THREE things YOU can do to help STOP the proposed Newcombe House Tower development with its 72m 18 storey tower -50% taller than the existing 47m 12 storey

Number 1:  JOIN the Hillgate Village Residents’ Association/HVRA TODAY and support our work on this and other issues of concern to our community.
Send your name, address, email and phone number, with a cheque made out to the “HVRA” for the annual membership fee of £15 to The Treasurer, HVRA, 8 Peel Street, London, W8 7PD or email your contact details to and we will send you our bank details to make a direct transfer.  Please indicate whether you can attend the AGM and Christmas party on 13th December (see below).
Number 2:  COME  to our first AGM and Christmas Party, 7-9pm, Tuesday 13th December, 2016 at St George’s Church Hall, Aubrey Walk, W8 7JG
AGM from 7pm, seasonal drinks & nibbles from 7.30pm.  ALL ARE WELCOME, members and non-members – £5 pp on the door to help cover costs and raise money for our fighting fund and you can also join the HVRA on the night.  You can turn up on the night but if you can let us know you’ll be coming by emailing us at so we can plan numbers that would be appreciated.

Number 3:  ATTEND as much of the Appeal Hearing as you can, 10am-4pm daily, 14th-17thFebruary, 2017, The Council Chamber, RBKC Town Hall, Hornton Street. 
The proposed Newcombe House Tower planning application was rejected by the RBKC Planning Committee in March but the developers are Appealing.  The Appeal Hearing will be 10am-4pm daily with a break for lunch.  Members of the public are free to attend as little or as much of the Hearing as they can.  
If opposition to the proposed Tower is confirmed by residents attending the Appeal, it could help subconsciously swing a wavering Inspector in our favour – it’s important to show the Inspector that we care especially if he/she is on the fence!


  1. At last residents seem to be forming vigorous action groups to oppose the rape of the Royal Borough by property speculators. First the Affinity Sutton action group and now the Hillgate Vilage residents are on the warpath. The Notting Hill Gate proposals look shocking. Wholesale destruction of Cafe Society land to be replaced by "buy to leave".

    Once again (amazing) Officers and Councillors have said "NO". Once again the developers have appealed the decision. The Inspector knows that Government (his paymaster) is pro development at any cost. Good luck to the residents - they will need it

  2. The Hillgate Village Residents Association are firecrackers. It makes the other local resident groups (Campden Hill Residents and the Kensington Society)look aged, staid and washed up.

    1. The Association needs help from the press. Without this the cause is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

      As a doornail

    2. Why do silly people like Pip Pip (or is this Inspector Clouseau again) make idiotic comments like this to undermine all the excellent work being done by so many across the borough to combat the present administration's outrages?

  3. The whole Notting Hill Gate development proposal (adding floors to all the current buildings) will build a fortress around the pretty houses of Hillgate Village and destroy the area.

  4. I and my sette are joining today... A worthwhile effort, which should be commended and joined by as many as possible to get a loud voice.

  5. Staggering to see a monstrous tower like this proposed for the Gate. Ugly, ugly, ugly. And the wind effects that will be created will blow pedestrians off their feet and junk from Macdonalds will be blown all over the area.

    All in pursuit of the great cause of buy to leave.

    1. Terry Farrell's Chelsea towers opposite Battersea bridge are going up thanks to the council making Chelsea chav city.

      One problem, no buyers or tennants or affordable housing.

  6. Where is our 'glorious' leader Ladee Borwick? Seems as MP for Kensington the only thing she turns up to is a photograph oppotunity much like our other 'glorious' leader Mayor of London Khan.

    Is it time for the Dame to remind Borwick that she has a job to ensure the interests of the residents who voted her in.

    Unfortuantely after a year half we have seen very little of Borwick and action on taxpayers concerns, the residents are restless and may take it out on her in 2020.

    One word, TRUMP!

    1. Vote her out in 2020 she is is an absent MP just like Rifkind.

      Dame, could ask you hornets about boundary changes if we should once gain have an MP overseeing both Kensington & Chelsea.

      At least for those of us in Chelsea we would see the back of Greg gaumless Hands.

  7. The Dame is above party politics and she will not be drawn into squabbles.
    There are three ladies who work hard on behalf of those they represent.
    In no particular order they are:
    1. Cllr Dent Coad: Labour
    2. Victoria Borwick: Conservative
    3. Linda Wade: Liberal Democrat

    The Dame hopes that puts to bed any notion the Dame is politically partisan.
    And, on the matter of Victoria Borwick....The Dame knows that she is 150% more active on behalf of residents than ever Malcolm Rifkind was.


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