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Friday, 29 August 2014


The Dame tends to get a little merry when out with some of her 'lady friends' and sometimes, in moments of particular excess, suffers from memory loss.

Could this have happened today?

The old thing hasn't been to the Chelsea Arts Club for a year or two but this gushing email from a young lady called Antonia seems to indicate that either the Dame had a blackout or some insolent individual is masquerading as the Dame.

Any information which might clear up the mysterious email below would put the Dame's mind at rest....

Meeting you at the Chelsea Arts Club today



to damesathome
What a delightful meeting, so very happy that there are people like you in the world. Just wanted to say that. I found a picture of you in the red dress don’t know if its the same one you were talking about but anyway very lovely. Hope to see you on the fifth September Kensington Church street 11 o’clock at the memorial. Yours ANTONIA.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


The old Dame gets many presents dropped off by the powerful of the parish hoping to ingratiate themselves with her in the hope she will leave them to their nefarious devices.

A case of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut mysteriously arrived with her butler so she decided to give a couple of bottles of this fine champagne to anyone able to assist her solve a little mystery.....

Squire and Partners have been retained to ruin the dear and much loved Odeon in High St Ken.
Like the Dame, many residents will have happy memories of their first 'date' at this local institution.
But, the Dame's old mind wonders off into nostalgia....

Anyway, these are questions the Dame wants answering

1. Why is Daniel Moylan still acting as if he was a member of the Planning Committee
2. How many meetings has he ever had with any Squire partner
3. Was Jonathan Bore present at any of these meetings
4. What is the composition of the Architects Advisory Panel( or whatever it was/is called)
5. Has any member of that committee, past or present, won any design contracts within the Borough
6. Has Daniel Moylan used his influence to pressure any resident association into dropping objections to the Squire plans for the Odeon site
7. Are Squire and Partners represented on this Panel 
8.  Squire and Partners an interesting intervention by a Squire partner during a planning committee meeting
9. Is Daniel Moylan's honorary membership of RIBA, given for reasons no one can fathom, sufficient for him to pretend to a degree of knowledge he clearly does not possess.


Feel pity for the residents of Queen's Gate....

They are blessed with a couple of very strange characters....

The first, Cllr Matthew Roundell Palmer was about to lose his seat in St Charles ward so begged then leader, Cllr Sir Pooter Cockell, to let him do a 'chicken run' to the safe seat in Queen's Gate.
Palmer is known for the the creation of a website called Council Skills. Sadly, it closed down being so full of spelling and grammatical errors that users were left mystified.
They were also shocked by Council Skills links to sex sites which seemed to have no relevance to training councillors.....
The picture below shows Matthew holding a petition. Sadly, the petition got the names of Tesco and Sainsburys muddled so all 2,000 hard sought for signatures were declared invalid. You can read all about it HERE!

Matthew, whose idiosyncratic spelling and grammar is a source of much giggling in the Member's Room was described by the ghastly 'Lord' Sugar as a 'twot'!
Matthew likes to check his share portfolio in vital council debates!

Matthew's co-councillor is the celebrated Cllr Daniel Moylan.
Danny is known for his ability to amass a fortune in taxpayer funded allowances.
At one point his income from allowances well exceeded £160,000 a year!
No wonder he is a rare sighting in Queen's Gate....far too busy to waste time on the hoi polloi of the ward.

Daniel has such a cut glass accent that even Prince Charles said, "he makes me feel very common".
However, there is a major difference between the two....Danny has a brain...Matthew does not.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


There are many decent and honourable Conservative councillors. 
They are appalled by the mismanagement of the SEN contract. 
But instead of hiding away they need to start to do their job and hold colleagues to account. 
Andrew Christie and Cllr E.Campbell, the officer and councillor respectively responsible for this monumental 'cock up' should go...and go now.

The story below, in today's Guardian, will doubtless be written off as 'it's only the Guardian'. 
That would be a mistake. 
The parents of the children affected are notable for their fighting spirit....they will not give up easily.
If Cllr E. Campbell had the slightest sense of honour and decency she would resign now. 
A particularly inane comment by this idiot was that because one of the incidents took place in H&F it was that council's fault!
She is a silly and pointless appendage.....

"Fiona Mylchreest with her son, Finn, who suffered a seizure after a particularly traumatic journey home. 
When Fiona Mylchreest stood up at a council meeting and described how she believed a disastrous,and avoidable, mix-up on a new, cut-price specialist school bus service had left her severely autistic teenage son Finn traumatised, bleeding and seriously ill, it crystallised the huge risks taken by local authorities as they juggle with extreme spending cuts.
Mylchreest was one of several people at the meeting, last month, to raise serious concerns about the new home-transport service for children with special educational needs. The service was introduced earlier this year across three London boroughs, Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster, and Kensington and Chelsea, after the contract was re-let at half the original, £1m cost. Mylchreest told how on one occasion Finn's new driver and escort were instructed to take him home from his after-school club. When they reached his street, they realised they had no idea which house Finn lived in: they were new to the route and tried phoning the head office of their private transport company for guidance, but couldn't get through. So they set off on foot down the street, Mylchreest recalls "He [Finn] has no language, he had no way of communicating and they just took him from house to house saying: 'Do you know this kid?'. Finally the driver came to my door holding a piece of paper with Finn's name on it and said: 'Do you know this guy?' I could have been anyone."
Finn was bleeding from one ear where he'd bashed his head (something he does when he is upset), and was sweaty and "a bit dazed", she told the meeting. A minute after he entered the house Finn – who had never previously experienced a fit – had a seizure, and started to turn blue. A paramedic was called, and it took 45 minutes to stabilise him.
What would it take for the council to manage the new contract properly, Mylchreest asked officials. "Is this shocking enough? … Will it take another blue child?"
The 731 children transported by this service have a range of conditions: some are on the autistic spectrum, or have profound and multiple learning disabilities. A number have complex medical needs and require tube-feeding and oxygen-supply equipment. The majority are non-verbal, and some display challenging behaviour.
Since April, hundreds of complaints have been made by parents about the new cut-price service. They say it is often late; children spend long periods on the bus, arriving at school unfit to learn; the drivers don't have emergency phones; some speak such poor English that there are concerns about their ability to deal with emergency situations; buses lack vital equipment such as harnesses; some drivers don't have specialist care training, and there is a high staff turnover.
According to Jude Ragan, the headteacher of Queensmill school, there have been three incidents where autistic, non-verbal children have got off buses unsupervised. "It is going to end up in a tragedy," she warns."I feel that we're just waiting for a disaster to happen."
Cathy Welsh, headteacher at nearby Jack Tizard school, says at least two children have arrived at school "in potentially critical medical conditions because of the time they have been on the bus." She warns of children who have been inappropriately managed in a way that could be perceived as "potentially abusive". It was, she told the meeting, the "kind of culture that ends up with scandals around children with learning disabilities".
"I think … some of my parents must gulp every time they put their child on that bus," she said.
The home-school contract is now operated by seven private contractors. Although some existing staff transferred over to the new arrangements under Tupe (transfer of undertakings) law, parents and unions say some experienced staff have since left because of changes to their shifts and overtime. The councils, which are part of a much-vaunted tri-borough experiment in west London to make huge savings by sharing services, have admitted "a number of things have gone wrong".
Conservative-run Westminster council, which was responsible for negotiating the new transport contracts, issued a statement from Andrew Christie, the executive director of children's services across the three councils, in which he admitted there had been "teething problems". He added: "We will continue to work intensively with providers throughout the summer to ensure that all providers are ready for the start of the new school term in September."
Last month, the borough of Kensington and Chelsea formally apologised to parents at a council meeting called by Labour opposition councillors. The council told parents that it was "driving very hard to bring things up to the expected standard and nothing short of that will be acceptable".
However, there is concern that the contract, which chopped £500,000 (54%) off the cost of the old contract without any decrease in service demand was a cut too far. Official council papers show that the contract bids were "evaluated on the most economically advantageous" basis, with evaluation criteria weighted 70% for price and 30% for quality.
The political stakes were raised with the arrival of a new Labour administration in Hammersmith and Fulham, following May's council elections. Privately, some senior political figures in the council are appalled at the design and management of the home-school transport contract and would like to scrap it and start again. But to do so could open the council to legal action from contractors and even its partners, putting the entire tri-borough deal under pressure.
Hammersmith and Fulham leader Stephen Cowan told the Guardian: "We are horrified and disgusted to have inherited this problem. There is no higher priority than protecting vulnerable children and we will leave no stone unturned in making sure there is a service that parents can have faith in."
But parents contacted by the Guardian said they were not confident that the councils had done enough to stem what they see as a rapid deterioration in the quality of the service. Many await the new school term with trepidation. "The councils have got a huge amount of work to do to rebuild trust," says parent Sue Redmond: "They have been in denial and people have been outraged. You have to hope it is going to work, but I'm absolutely dreading it." "

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


So, finally, Nicholas Holgate has admitted Cllr Warrick has failed to fully declare all his business interests.

Mr Holgate must now force Cllr Warrick to declare any past business interests that "should be on the Council's website".

It is outrageous that a 'lawyer' should have ignored these important rules.
Mr Holgate also needs to ask Cllr Warrick why he has not declared two other business interests...
Gastronomica and Gastronomica Pimlico.

"Cllr Warrick’s interest as a director of Shareholder Travel Ltd and Vincomida Ltd should be on the Council’s website...."

Nicholas Holgate
Joint Chief Executive

Monday, 18 August 2014


Jon Moynihan, the self satisfied ex chairman of PA Consulting has been able to give a helping hand to his mate, Pooter Cockell.
Pooter is one of those local government entrepreneurs who supported the family on massive allowances paid out to councillors who manage to double and triple job.....despite Eric Pickles condemning the practice.

Pooter was at one time taking £130k a year from taxpayers, but times changed and he was left with just his miserable £10,500 a year councillor's allowance.

Fortunately, Jon was able to help out and introduce the useless Pooter to PA and persuading them to take him on as a 'senior local government adviser'. 
Not bad for a lad whose previous career was selling ciggies!


Taxpayers are fully entitled to know every last detail of the business lives of those who represent them; that is the point of declaring all business interests,
It's even more important when that councillor is chairman of an important committee....such as Planning.

The Dame, in her wisdom, has decided that there will be no more blogs on the subject of Cllr Warrick until clarification of all his business interests-current and past, are in the public arena.
This will be achieved through the medium of a Freedom of Information request-unless of course, Cllr Warrick decides to declare them himself.

One of the difficulties of an unmoderated blog is that just a mere handful of readers can make comments which could be construed as defamatory.

Once more in depth information on Cllr Warrick is available the Dame will give it an airing.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


From time to time the Dame will publish comments of excellence....

This is one...

I assume Roop Bhullar is an Indian name by origin. That's not the point. 
I am from Dubai. 
All are welcome in Kensington & Chelsea. 
What is unacceptable is people coming in and using the place purely for the purposes of property development and not giving a damn about the impact of this on their neighbours. That is bad manners. 
Bad enough that they should then bully and harass anyone who stand up to them . 
But what is wrong is that the council do not stand up for residents many of whom have had to suffer these megabasement excavations for more than decade. 
I have lived on top of one and next to two in my part of Earl's Court for the past five years. 
The council spins to the world that it has cracked down on basements. 
It is not true. It is not true at all. 
Kensington and Chelsea is the Wild West. It's Dubai even! You can do what you like if you have mega money, and the council and the councillors will help you. 
After the third basement I went to see my councillor and he basically told me that the Council could bring in these traffic management strategies for a basement digging but the Director of Planning and the chair of the planning committees would not use them because they wanted to keep on the good side of the developers (the council gets lots of money from the digs apparently; into the millions.) 
People like my wife and I in our flat are considered the lowest of the low because we tried to get concessions on noise and times of building works. 
My wife even got trapped in the street in her car (four times) because the lorry from one of the sites used to get stuck because it was too big - and she was pregnant with our first at the time. 
What a shame it all is. Has anyone written to the British Prime Minister to let him know what his party is doing in this beautiful borough?


When Goldman Sach's Blankfein pompously suggested he and his gang were doing ‘God’s Work’ none thought this gave his underlings permission to wreck the lives of close neighbours.

Perhaps, as part of the house buying due diligence process, potential buyers should be told if there a Goldman’s partner nearby. 
The Dame will suggest this to her new 'solicitor', Cllr Warrick.
However, it would be too late for residents of residents of Clareville St, S. Ken.
Having endured several years of basement excavations the residents now find that the owner of 40 Clareville St has decided on a mega show off basement replete with lifts, home cinema room, gym- all the usual ‘toys’ so beloved of over-monied bankers. 
You can see all his plans here God's work

Sadly, the owner, a recently promoted Goldman's MD, Roop Bhullar, has decided to take the JCB to this extraordinarily well designed town house, the early work of the distinguished, award winning architect Niall McLaughlin. 

Tonight the PAC will consider his application.
If it succeeds will show once again the impotence of the planners in the face of owners greedy for unnecessary space and careless of the long term disruption to the neighbourhood.

When one set of neighbours approached Bhullar to ask him to reconsider his plans he was rebuffed with a string of offensive and arrogant dismissals. 
He even accused them of thinking that they had some God given right to interfere with his plans and of having sociopathic tendencies!
And Bhullar,in case you have forgotten,the Dame has your emails......
Here are some of the comments made by Bhullar to his neighbour…
·      you are an unsavoury character
·      did your mother drop you on your head as a child?
·      the value of your time is close to zero.
In a final email to his neighbour Bhullar facetiously ……addresses him thus ‘Hello Richard ole boy’
The attitude of our banker friend was very much ‘who are you to complain.’

Let’s hope that at tonight’s meeting our councillors start listening to the majority of residents.
Two large residents associations have vigorously objected.
Will they once again be ignored? 
Anyway, the Dame will be reporting all this to her good friend and Bhullar's boss, Richard Gnodde.

Monday, 11 August 2014


The Dame has written about Mr Andy Bradley who makes a great deal of money from the Tri-Borough by running Compassion Courses for social workers. 
The Dame thought to her silly self, "I better get some of this compassion from young Mr Bradley."

Has it worked? Possibly.....

Those close to Sir Pooter blame the Dame for screwing up his chances of a peerage and that juicy £42,000 a year-or even more,had Cameron been bonkers enough to give him a job in the Lords.
Pooter's Inner Circle say the horrible stuff in the Hornet was read by members of the Honours Committee......with dire results!

The more snobbish readers know the Dame descends from a line of Bulgar kings and thus can create nobles.....for small sums of money.
The Dame's Forebear

So she thought to herself if David C won't do the right thing she would. 

By special decree she announces that henceforth Sir Pooter will be known as the Duke of Sofia and Stanley....
Sadly, there is no allowance but he is entitled to wear a 'mini crown' at full council meetings.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


In years gone by, when local government was very much less politicised, 'independent' councillors would never have allowed an officer to so mislead councillors.

Cllr Blakeman might be a member of the Labour Party, but her fight on behalf of less advantaged residents is a credit to her.

Without Cllr Blakeman's efforts this whole sordid SEN affair would have been swept under the carpet:so much for the Compassion Training programme.

Mr Holgate is regarded as a man of integrity. 
Let's hope he joins Cllr Blakeman in getting to the truth.

Dear Mr Holgate

The attachment to this e-mail sets out some comments from our previous SEN transport provider questioning some of the information recently provided by Mr. Christie to the Chairman of the Family and Children's Services Scrutiny Committee.

I was very concerned to read these comments, since if they are correct, it does seem that we as councillors received some very misleading and inaccurate information from the Executive Director. For example:

*       The statement that the contract with Crystals had been let for seven years. On the face of, this is correct, but it does not indicate that this was the third consecutive seven year contract, so in fact Crystals Coaches had held the RBKC contract for 21 years.

*       The statement that "when the contract was first let, there were certainly issues and difficulties at the beginning". This means, I assume, that these unidentified issues and difficulties happened 21 years ago - since when the contract has presumably run smoothly.

*       The statement that the maximum number of children on a vehicle being four "is not an industry requirement" - however, this was specified by RBKC in its contract with Crystals. What we were not told, therefore, is that this was another example of RBKC "sovereignty" that was lost in the new contract.

*       The statement that "industry practice is that most travel operators generally have self-employed staff of up to 50%" - however, the requirement for all staff to be fully employed was specified in RBKC's contract with Crystals. So again, councillors were not told that this was another example of RBKC's "sovereignty" disappearing.

*       The statement that "there is no mention of the extremely high Adult Services Costs, charged by Crystals". Crystals state that they have never held the contract for Adult Services. Either they did, or they didn't, but if they didn't, then this is a very seriously misleading piece of information to give to scrutiny councillors.

The significant point I am making is that, as councillors, we have a duty to scrutinise, especially contentious matters such as the new SEN contract. We also have a responsibility to get things right. If officers present us with misleading information, or seriously inaccurate information, then we are prevented from doing our job properly - the job that we were democratically elected to carry out.

IF the inaccuracies highlighted by Crystals are correct, then this is a very serious matter indeed, in which case:

*       I would be grateful to know what steps you will put in place to ensure that councillors are never again presented with such an inaccurate document on such an important subject.
*       I would like an assurance that these and the other inaccuracies highlighted by Crystals in the document were genuine mistakes and not included wilfully.
*       I would like to know how so many inaccuracies came to be in this document.
*       And I would like to know why it was not properly checked and corrected before being sent to the Chairman of the Committee and thence to the scrutiny councillors.

Kind regards.

Cllr. Judith Blakeman


The Dame never rests....even as SS Hornet, her luxury gin palace, cleaves through the crystalline blue waters of Portofino the sophisticated signals room keeps her in touch with Rotten Borough informants.

There is always some blighter driving a wedge between Pooter Cockell and Boys Moylan.

This time it's an officer 'on the blower' with an extraordinary story.

He asks the Dame to hark back to a very nasty piece written by that superb journo, Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail.
The Dame reproduces it here...

But why re-hash the story you might ask......
It seems the Dame's informant wants her to place significance on the fact that Andrew Pierce and Boys Moylan dine together-and very recently at that...
Or so it appears looking at his Declaration.
But let's not let our imaginations run away with idle speculation......

"Now it seems Britain’s highest-paid councillor, the pompous Sir Merrick Cockell, has also had his online biography edited — to remove references to his legendary expenses. 
Cockell, the leader of true-blue Conservative Kensington & Chelsea Council, is also chairman of the Local Government Association, on a combined salary for both jobs of £120,000. My mole at his town hall tells me that on March 25 the list of his expenses was taken off his Wikipedia entry by someone calling themselves ed17.
Conveniently, his many enemies kept a copy of the deleted words. It shows he spent £59.74 on a taxi from Heathrow Airport to the town hall and £129.53 on lunch with two people. His nickname, Pooter, which he hates, also vanished along with an article giving more details about his spending.
He lavished £60,000 on a Head of Office, and £40,000 on his PA; £115,000 on a Bentley with the number plate RBKC, which Cockell used to use to save on taxi fares; and £800,000 on creating four ceremonial roles, including a mace bearer, and decking their holders out in ruffs and silk coats. "

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Look carefully at the text and you will see Pooter, Pascall and Warrick claim to have had, " proper jobs and lives outside politics".

Had the Dame had picked this up before she would have reported them all to the Returning Officer for telling fibs!
Pooter's only 'proper job', before deciding that he could make more money from allowances, was flogging fags in Africa.....and his two man basement company went into liquidation.
The Dame is currently investigation Cllr Warrick's job and is up against a brick wall. 
As for the clown Pascall....well it's doubtful he was ever employable. 
So the trio's description of 'proper jobs' is highly debatable.


This nondescript building in Plough Lane of the fringe of the City is a place Cllr Warrick knows much about.
It is the HQ of a company he is a director of. But why so shy about declaring it on the Council's Registrar of Interests?


It's time some of Cllr Danny 'Boys' Moylan's Conservative councillor colleagues went on a 'Compassion Course' instead of emailing the Dame with jealous comments about the vast scale of Danny 'Boys' feeding frenzy Hospitality Register

One particularly bitchy councillor wondered how our £150k a year in allowances councillor manages to maintain his recently gained svelte figure whilst stuffing his face with such gay abandon.

Another perfect swine of a fellow told the Dame that 'Boys' has been sneering at Pooter's new job with little known lobbyist Creepus and boasting that soon, his opera loving friend, Peter Bingle of Terrapin Communications, will be inviting Danny on board as chairman.
It looks as if there is life after screwing taxpayers in enormous screw them again by becoming a lobbyist.
What a strange world...


Come on Cllr Warrick.....are you a barrister or a solicitor? 
We need to be told. 
Describing your office as a Law Office if you are neither is a bit misleading..... or perhaps you are non UK qualified in some legal sphere.
Whatever the case the Dame demands answers.

She is also anxious that you put up on the Council website your various appointments with myriad Italian restaurant enterprises.

Paul Warrick's business activities

And come on to Nicholas Holgate, our Town Clerk.....time to check out Cllr Warrick's creds!
Don't leave it all to the hard worked Dame.


Dear Save Earl’s Court Supporter

We have an URGENT request for you to help us by signing a NEW petition which calls for the immediate halt of the implementation of the Reserved Matters for the demolition of the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. It is addressed to Nick Paget-Brown, leader of Kensington and Chelsea council 

Why is this important? The Earl’s Court Area Action Group explains…

The Reserved Matter conditions to demolish the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in the first quarter of 2015 have been published and are to be decided by the borough of Kensington and Chelsea by 27 August 2014 – so time is of the essence!
The original planning applications required the consent from the two London boroughs and were jointly approved in November 2012. In May 2014 the Labour Party overthrew the Conservative majority in Hammersmith and Fulham. This was a game changer… 
• Since such time Hammersmith and Fulham have commissioned a review of all agreements and transactions associated with the proposed development and have announced a ‘pause’ to all dealings with the developer.
• The District Valuer’s Report, determining the value of the planning gain is being questioned, with the potential for a re-valuation of the entire site.
• TfL’s feasibility study on the relocation of the Lillie Bridge Engineering Depot is inconclusive as to its future and further investment has been made at this Depot.
• Tesco’s amended application for 100 West Cromwell Road
• The developers do not own all the land in Application 1

It is rumoured that the developers in light of the ‘pause’ in Hammersmith and Fulham will concentrate on the RBKC Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road as a standalone development. This is against RBKC core policy and the impact assessment studies supporting the original applications will become redundant—this should be resisted. If demolished this could be another Battersea Power Station—a ruin for years and a loss to the local, national and international economy.

Call for a halt to the process, sign the NEW petition above today and help save Earls Court Exhibition Centre!

Thank you for your support,
Earl's Court Area Action Group
Please click on the link below to sign......

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


The Dame has come into a little money and has her eye on one of the penthouse apartments at No 1 Knightsbridge.
Not knowing who ask to do the conveyance she had a brain wave....why not 'keep it in the family' so to speak and ask her local councillor, Mr Warrick if he would 'do the necessary'....him being a solicitor and all that....

As the Dame was boasting about her new £100 million purchase and her bright new go getting solicitor someone mentioned that perhaps the Dame, in a befuddled moment, had misheard and that Cllr Warrick was not a solicitor.
Could someone help out the dear old thing: after all he describes his office as a law office.


A few weeks ago Mr Downes wrote to Mr Bradley about his nice little earner teaching Tri Borough social workers how to be 'compassionate'! 
Downes copied the Council in on the Bradley letter.
Whilst Compassion Teacher Bradley lacked compassion to reply the Council did. This link tells you more about how our money is being frittered away NO COMPASSION FOR TAXPAYERS!

According to K&C Framework4Change has no professional connection with the sinister Brahma Kumaris cult or its cohort, The Janki Foundation....
To quote, far as we can tell, F4C do not have a professional relationship with these organisations. Nor do they promote the purpose (as described in the links) of these organisations in their work. There is nothing cultish or sinister about the content of the F4C courses....  

Now read this email the boss, Andy Bradley wrote. Yes, it's pretty vomit making, but makes quite clear that his social worker clients are bought well into the ambit of the sinister and mysterious  Brahma Kumaris cult....
The Dame has procured an email from Andy to a's pretty torrid stuff, but demolishes the Council's statement that there is no professional connection between BK and F4C.
Over to you Andy.....

Thanks for call Roger - really good to hear your voice and to connect.

Hope you have a wonderful breakfast conversation.

Feeling inspired and energies here post retreat for 60 social workers at
Global Retreat Centre - the Brahma Kumaris are a humble and powerful
- I have been privileged to ask to speak at tow retreats now in a
deeply spiritual place. The diamond merchant who had visions for a peaceful
world in the 1930's invited women to lead (relying on nurturing 'of
service' qualities and wanting to avoid gurus - the output is astonishing
with 1000 centres in 120 countries without charging a penny.

I wonder who the host leaders for the compassion movement should be?

The flow here is strong with an emerging vision for locating compassion.


Dear Mr Bradley

I write as a resident and taxpayer of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

I understand that your company, Frameworks4Change, has been commissioned by the Tri-Borough to teach certain officer levels/disciplines, 'compassion training'. 
My understanding has always been that compassion was innate within us and hardly teachable....but I leave to others, more qualified than I, to argue about that!
However, it does seem counter-intuitive that those in the caring professions need to be taught how to be compassionate.....

But my concerns revolve around the following....

1. That your company's appointment involved an officer who subsequently left  Tri-Borough employ and then, for a time, worked as a consultant to your company. 
2. That the appointment of your company was not subject to any tendering process

But, of much greater concern to me is the suggestion that you, personally, have strong links to Brahma Kumaris and the Janki Foundation.
My understanding is that there is an interrelationship between the two entities.

I hope that you will be able to write to reassure me that you have never had any professional relationship with either Brahma Kumaris or the Janki Foundation.
You might be inclined to go further and assure me that you disdain the bizarre
beliefs of the Brahma Kumaris 'cult'.

I draw your attention to the blog upon which this email is based.


Justin Downes

Monday, 4 August 2014


The Dame hears the poor old taxpayer is now paying for extraordinary New Age style "Compassion" training care courses for Tri Borough health and social care professionals.
Framework4Change, who run the courses, is operated by one Andy Bradley.
Andy claims that he has no connection to a mysterious and oppressive pseudo religious, Armageddon organisation called  Brahma Kumaris, yet has used their retreat centre for one of his 'Self Love' workshops. 

He has also regularly made reference to being connected to them on social media sites regularly addressing people by their calling card "Om Shanti".

The Dame has also been informed that Andy has a 'Compassion Shed' at the bottom of his garden.
She hopes he has received the appropriate planning consent.

The Dame suggests her dear readers go to their website....

'Weiiiiird stuff, man' her idiot nephew Ludo says after smoking a spliff or two, listening to Bob M and reading about Andy's chums.
And no, the Dame has never partaken....

Evidently one attendee told a shaken and shocked Dame that the courses are a cross between "feel the love" sessions and Billy Graham and Rev Jim Jones rallies.
The funding for this nonsense was nodded through by Hammersmith and Fulham CCG and involves all the CCGs in the Tri Borough area. 

A Tri Borough "Compassionate Leader" four day course held in July for Social Care managers gave them a Graduation badge;presumably to prove their Compassion credentials.   

To pay the company the Tri Borough plundered the NHS England Winter Pressures funds! 
So though we may not now be able to get the treatment we require in A&E at we are turned away.... it will be with 'compassion'. 

Now here is the odd bit....not dissimilar to the award of the SEN contract....
None of this went out to tender and appears to have been commissioned by an officer who has since left. 
The ex officer, Julia Patton claims in her LinkedIn entry to have been a consultant to 'Compassion Purveyor', (after leaving council employ)Framework4Change, but is still close to Andy.....
Helen Banham, Tri Borough Safeguarding Lead is also a speaker at one of their workshops.
One who knows says she and others have looked into the supplier company and are highly concerned to see it has connections to a known religious cult(Andy denies the connection even though the company has used its facilities)

It seems people involved in health and social care have deep concerns about the ethical and safeguarding issues. 
It would appear no due diligence was done on any of it. 

The Dame hears rumours that the national press are about to pounce on the story..... 
As one resident told the Dame,  "I am particularly keen highlight the specific issues locally, where we face cutbacks to our hospitals and other services yet it is deemed appropriate to dole out contracts on the nod to unaccredited, unevidenced...err...Ab Fab silliness."

Andy, if you wish to sue the old Dame you can serve a writ at her address in Monte Carlo.....go on, the Dame dares you!

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