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Wednesday, 27 September 2017


No Fly?

My Dear Dame,

We know that you don't like to criticise either Mrs. Borwick or Mrs. Dent Coad....but....

Has EDC left her senses?
I received a telephone call from my cousin in America to say that their newspapers are full of attacks on the Royal Family by the MP for Kensington. He wanted to know what is going on. I asked my secretary to do a media search and found many articles such as the Mirror piece below

Now we know that the Royals are a bunch of freeloaders. None more so than the young Princes living in our own Kensington Palace. All of them should be bundled off to Windsor and take a low profile. But it is not on for the Member of Parliament of the Royal Borough to criticise the Royal family in public. These things must be done privately.

Power has clearly gone to Ms Coade’s head and she needs to be reined in. We do not want the whole tone of Kensington brought down by a fish wife shouting what we privately think. She must understand the need for decorum and restraint. Please have a quiet word with the MP use your  best efforts to restore our community to some semblance of respectability.

With all good wishes

Your loyal reader

(name withheld)

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Sometimes the Dame has a need to apologise.
The original letter was transcribed so Fay's letter was not full of spelling and other errors. Apologies to Fay Edwards.

This comment sums it up...

Astounded of Chelsea26 September 2017 at 21:20
The Chairman of the TMO, Fay Edwards, BEM (which is, for those who do not know, the Bullshit Every Minute Medal) has surpassed herself. In a letter to Company Members, she has the audacity to say that the winding up of the TMO will be a "disappointment" to some. Take it from me,darling, the many not the few are ecstatic about the folding of the TMO. I am looking forward to paying the £1 required of every member of the Company on its winding up.

The only people who will be "disappointed" by the TMO folding are those drawing fat salaries for sitting on their arses and achieving nothing comparable to their counterparts on similar salaries in the commercial sector. And lest we forget, those scroungers on the TMO Board claiming means-tested benefits and deceiving Social Security into believing that these payments are out of pocket expenses. None of these scroungers, who are walking away with over £ 100 a month for calling themselves "Directors," have their Social Security or Housing Benefit reduced. 
To think, I pay tax to help keep TMO Board members in a life of luxury; the same people who oversaw the management of Grenfell Tower. This expenses deception started back in the day of Gordon Perry and was enjoyed by the good friends of the TMO who became Resident Directors. 
These same people, who were scrounging, saw off the many decent people who were unfortunate enough to live in a RBK&C Council flat.

It used to be a joke that expenses allowances paid for the fags of one long standing Board member.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


The Dame upsets the leader

The Dame was having cocktails at the Duchess of W********-P*******g rather run down duplex in Ennismore Gardens when she espied Cllr Dizzy Lizzy Campbell.

When the Dame asked Dizzy was up to she looked very solemn and said, " I want to see a deep rooted change of syle, culture and approach".

The Dame was terribly impressed and that clearly got Dizzy really going. She went on to lecture the Dame with her vision  of a council, 'caring, capable and connected to residents.'

When the Dame asked how that bold ambition tallied with her record of dealing with the transport of vulnerable children and the closure of Thamesbrook Care Home the leader tuned on her heel and stalked off....


Barry Quirke tells the Dame that he and the Council are working with the KCTMO to move to new structures for managing the Council’s residential properties, starting with the Lancaster West estate.

However, he won't go into the detail.

For example, he tells her, "All parties are agreed on the desirability of an orderly transition to new arrangements.
Residents will be consulted about the nature of the new arrangements, which may vary for different groups of properties."

What will these 'new arrangements' be?
We all know that in K&C 'consultation' has as much meaning as democracy in North Korea.

Friday, 22 September 2017


My Dearest Dame,

Moylan is busily trying to pretend he was never part of the K&C power core: he's a liar. 

He was deputy leader for years and had much power and influence.
Danny Boys is still under the delusion that he will be leader of the council so it's time to expose the ‘cosy”
relationship between Daniel Moylan and Terrapin Communications

Cheers, Danny Boy...welcome to the Terrapin
Click to enlarge

Peter Bingle of TerrapinCommunications represent 
Minerva, the owners of the Kensington Odeon site
now mostly demolished despite a campaign with half the adult population of the Royal Borough signing a petition to
save the building. 
There are  A LOT of irregularities in the behaviour of the council / Historic England in this case including a falsified conditions report.
Terrapin was supposed to have consulted the local community during the planning process (they barely paid lip
service to this). 
Peter Bingle (the owner of Terrapin) tweets about his “good friend”  Daniel Moylan 

Daniel Moylan’s hospitality declaration shows he was regularly entertained by Bingle / Terrapin
Moylan loves to use his entertaining declaration to show off to other cllrs how busy and self-important he is. 
Silly show off!
Despite the community demanding to save the Odeon, along with almost every relevant amenity society and a list of celebrities as long as your arm, the Council refused to list it. 
Twice the Friends fought to have the building
listed as an asset of community value.
Moylan went on national television to call the cinema
“a flea pit” and that it “should be demolished”

He had  further hospitality from Bingle on 26th June 2016

Moylan is hugely influential in the Council planning department. 
Surely this relationship with Bingle / Terrapin is more than a conflict of interest?

He has been quoted as saying that he knows what is best for the community ( that he is supposed to represent ) 

Terrapin Communications have been in trouble for  influencing’ councilors in other boroughs:

Mr Bingle features here......Link

Moylan is also friend of Sir Edward Lister ( former deputy mayor of London under Boris Johnson ). Also listed on Moylan’s hospitality sheet

Lister / Moylan were part of Johnson’s inner circle

Also, see attached leaked email between Minerva’s Chief Executive Paul Goswell and Sir Edward Lister about a property deal. Lister, referring to his staff ( all public servants ) says “I will ensure everyone understands that the meeting has to be completely confidential”

RBKC councillors behaviour stinks but I think it even goes higher up to the fish head.
The best hope for the residents would be if commissioners ran RBKC until the elections in 2018 but central government seems to have forgotten our illustrious council

I am not sure if you have seen this newsletter from Grenfell Action Group ( interesting stuff there ) :

Keep up the good work, Dame. You are an inspiration to us, youngsters.....


A reader