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Thursday, 10 November 2016


This excellent comment from a Sutton Dwelllings resident caught the eye of the Dame.

"My family lived in Sutton Dwellings Chelsea from when they were built in the early 1900's until last year when my mother died in her flat.  
Since her death the flat has remained empty - like lots of others - clearly a deliberate ploy to run the estate down. 
Most residents do not want a rebuild as the buildings are extremely solidly constructed and only need modest refurbishment.  
Further, they are clearly going to become unaffordable to the vast majority.  Modernisation or a rebuild, however is not a bad thing per se but it is morally wrong to make so many available for private sale. 
When Charles Sutton bequeathed funds to build estates in London they were expressly for the 'honest poor of London' and were to be available to such at modest rents. 
Since the arrival of Affinity, the wishes of the founder have been unceremoniously dumped and Affinity clearly see the location of these flats as a potential cash-cow for their projects elsewhere. 
Like many objectors, I genuinely worry for the declining culture of Chelsea, as the long term residents find themselves pushed out and the borough becomes a mere portfolio investment for the super rich"


  1. Well done mate . Lots of others are too scared to speak out for fear of being singled out by Affinity Sutton.

  2. Next Tuesday "Boy" Marshall is Chairman of the Planning Committee that will decide the future of the Sutton Estate.

    Enough said. Residents should start to pack their bags.

  3. When organisations like Affinity Sutton are operating in Kensington and Chelsea, the Council needs attack dogs to protect the interests of residents. The Leader, Cllr Paget-Brown, needs to staff his Departments and Committees with worthy souls.

    Piggy has inflicted a terrible revenge on residents (who, according to opinion, he hates) by appointing Cllr "Boy" Marshall to be Chairman of the Planning Committee in place of the equally vapid and useless friend of developers, Cllr Warrick (he who likes to drive in Chelsea in Bermuda Shorts, docksides, open BMW and Laura Ashley wife).

    "Boy" Marshall is the polo playing, Ferrari driving scooter enthusiast who has distinguished himself as the ultimate flip flop and wet.

    Why on earth did Piggy not promote the able Deputy Chairman of Planning, Cllr Sam Mackover, to be Chairman of Planning? Cllr Mackover has developed into a concerned, energetic, motivated, fair and resident friendly member of the Planning Committee. Including, when necessary, putting on his boots and getting out his tape measure to visit sites and demonstrate to Officers when illegal basements are being built.

    Cllr Mackover is respected by residnets, feared by Officers and sets an example for the other Councillors on the Planning Committee.

    What on earth does Piggy think he is doing?

  4. Cllr Coleridge has been curiously silent during the whole Sutton saga. Big disturbances require the Cabinet Member for Planning to show residents that he cares and has a point of view.

  5. This is a long running saga that comes to a head at the Planning Committee in the Town Hall next Tuesday. 6.30pm, Small Hall.

    I hope that residents are prepared for a full show of force and that speakers are ready and primed.

    Will the Chelsea Society be taking a position?

    The usual crass 3 minute rule will be applied to all speakers opposing - the democratic gesture from Hornton Street to allow amateurs to object to years of planning, plotting and brown envelopes from developers. Of course the decision is decided before objectors make their futile arguments and the herd go along with the abuse. But the more we protest, the more the media expose the corruption, the close we will come to "doing a Donald"

    Will be interesting to see how Cllr "Boy" Marshall continues the tradition of shafting the residents.

  6. Officers have disassociated themselves from this proposal.

    Did the brown envelopes get to the Councillors?

    Cant wait to see.......

  7. Investigative Journalists are waiting in the wings monitoring the outcome of the decision .

  8. Does anyone read this junk on Hornet?

    1. Yes, as do the Dixons of Dock Green!

    2. Cllr Palmer...hope this answers your question
      Pageviews last month
      Pageviews all time history

  9. There is clearly a problem of democracy in the Royal Borough. Councillors and Officers are acting against the wishes of residents on an industrial scale. The power to do this comes from elected Councillors, voted into power by a minority turnout (30%) ticking their ballot boxes on autopilot. Well off, aging Tories happen to be the demographic in Kensington and Chelsea. And we therefore have a Tory ruling party that has become remote and disconnected.

    Time for a change?

    My analysis of the recent American election is that in spite of the formidable Democratic election machine (fact based demographic analysis and data driven campaigns) they failed to produce a candidate who could inspire sufficient individual voters and articulate a strategy that connected up with the concerns of ordinary people.

    The new media (twitter, Facebook, TV) provided the opportunity for a complete outsider (a businessman who had never met the President or visited the White House) to make a direct appeal to voters. He managed to inspire and connect up.

    The polls got it wrong for two reasons. An important group of voters were ashamed to admit that they intended to vote for Trump. And second, Trump persuaded a disaffected group of citizens who had never voted before to turn out.

    Please think about all of this. There is a 70% group of disaffected voters in Kensington and Chelsea. The new media (including the Hornet) is a fact of life. Are there any Councillors in Hornton Street (Labour or Tory) who are connected up with residents and have the qualities to work the new media?

    1. Interesting comment by Drain The Swamp.

      We just had a similar experience too. It is called Nigel Farage and Brexit.

    2. When Teresa May at a Tory Party conference said on television that "we are known as the Nasty Party" - she connected up with voters in a way that no British politician had done since Clem Atlee. This kind of empathy is worth more than millions of miles of spinning from spin doctors.

      Not a surprise that the lady is now Prime Minister

    3. Stupid comment. Atlee never said anything

  10. Borough concerns are house prices, basements and the Carnival

  11. From my point of view, finding honest and reliable domestic staff is an important problem


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