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Saturday, 27 February 2021


Forgive the Dame for going off topic.....

Being ghastly, she rarely gets invited for weekends.

Recently, a misguided couple from Warwickshire regretted inviting her for a long weekend at their charming 'barn conversion'.

Over a 'county dinner party' she heard a story that made Sir Pooter Cockell seem quite frugal.

It seems her host's friends Mr. and Mrs. Seccombe are the talk of 'Tout Warwickshire'. 

Why? Well, it seems the lucky duo are paid a bit above £130,000 a year courtesy of taxpayers....and there's a pension in there too....

Izzi 'leads' Warwickshire County Council and grabs £40,000 a year; her hubby, Phil pulls in nearly £90,000 as a fairly hopeless Police and Crime Commissioner for the county.

When the country is on its uppers, it's good to see a Conservative duo conserving wealth for themselves. 

Come back, Pooter, all is forgiven!

Friday, 26 February 2021


The new generation of Conservative councillors are proving to be rather good: so good the Dame often feels her days are over. 

But there are headwinds that cannot be ignored....

The Leader, Cllr Campbell, commissioned an ‘independent’ report from American-owned Kroll at huge cost.

The Dame suggests readers read the report looking into four specific property transactions and the Leader’s opinion that it acknowledged no wrongdoing. 


However, Campbell said things were not as they should have been pre 2017. 

That admission leads the Dame to an awkward question and a suggestion.


Two members of what in those pre 2017 days was grandiosely described as the Cabinet still run the Council.


They are the leader, Cllr Campbell and Cllr Weale.


The Council is not a publicly quoted company. 

Were it the directors would be forced to step aside until exonerated from any involvement in decisions leading to a catastrophe on the scale of Grenfell.


The Dame cannot believe the Leader and Cllr Weale have not given serious thought to their positions.


There is a groundswell of opinion that Campbell and Weale represent the ‘Old Order’.

Though sacrificing their substantial allowances might be painful they should step down pro tem and let the deputy leader, Kim Taylor-Smith, and another councillor untainted by the past take over. 

People moot Cllrs Will or Cyron as having the qualities to deputise for Taylor-Smith during the interregnum but that is not a decision for the Dame.


Too often North Ken residents feel treated as second-class citizens.

A situation unimproved when their interests are represented by third raters like Cllrs Kasim Ali and Elnaghi. 

The Dame only ever hears about Elnaghi attending meetings without a clue as to what he is talking about. 

As for Ali...the less said the better: not that there is much to say.

Labour has good hardworking councillors who represent voters responsibly: Henderson is an example. 

On the Lib Dem side, Linda Wade gets stuck in.

So why should residents tolerate duds like Elnaghi and Ali who take their allowances without putting in the legwork? 

When challenged they pathetically go around saying they are victims of race and hate! 

The real victims are those foolish enough to have elected these two clowns.

Sunday, 21 February 2021


Without Kate Bingham, we would be in the same vaccine mess as the EU.

Nadhim Zahawi appointed by Boris as Vaccine Tsar cleverly insinuated he somehow managed the vaccine rollout. 

No great surprise: he's a friend and protege of that virtuous, self-publicist, Milord Archer. 

When he claimed,  "I stand on the shoulders of giants" it was a slick way of trying to pretend most of the credit was due to him when it was down to Bingham and the military.

What this odious man should have said is we all stand on the shoulders of that giant, Kate Bingham: that would have been the truth. 

It was Bingham's  procurement foresightedness that ensured the vaccine programme will be complete by July

The political class has screwed up pandemic management at every stage. 

We have all been saved by a clever private equity specialist with a First Class degree in biochemistry from Oxford.


Saturday, 20 February 2021


Hysterical weepy Horneteers have been gathering at the entrance of the Dame's palatial Art Deco style penthouse waiting for the Dame's Armstrong Siddeley to whisk her off to Belmarsh where she will serve her ten-year sentence for 'councillor hating'.

Some wondered how many of the Dame's voluminous frocks will be transported to Belmarsh so she doesn't 'let the side down'. 

To satisfy public demand the Hermes valises below will accompany the Dame on the journey.


When 'This Is North Kensington' praises a Conservative councillor it is praise indeed. PRAISE

Despite Johnny Thalassites getting a bit of stick by certain residents over the parking permit kerfuffle, he's noted as a councillor who listens to residents and strives for balance.

The Dame had her initial doubts about this younger councillor but he is rapidly growing in stature and is a leader in waiting.

Friday, 19 February 2021


The good Dame will soon be spending time at 'Her Majesty's Pleasure'  and that won't be very pleasurable for an elderly and refined lady like the Dame.

Having failed to get the men in wigs to sue her for defamation Being Beastly Cllrs Elnaghi and Ali took advice that they had been 'hated' and reported her to the Special Central Hate Crime Unit/Subsection 1984 at Kensington Police Station.

If found guilty of 'hating' the two gentlemen the Dame can choose between a spell at Belmarsh or attending a Hate Awareness Course. 

Or.... she can send over a huge Fortnum's hamper to these two blubbing dimwits!

Man up, you idiotic drips!



There's nothing like blatant flattery to win over the winsome old Dame so thank you to this loyal reader for alerting us to a mysterious, machinating Czech shareholder. 

And, no, the Dame has people who stand in line for her.....

Royal Mail's billionaire shareholder is holding management's feet to the fire to supercharge profits. So far he has forced management to close down branch after branch. Now he has told them to get customers used to a branchless Royal Mail using the pandemic as an excuse to reduce customer service to the purely nominal

Dear Dame,

Whilst waiting in a queue outside Kings Road Post office for 40 minutes yesterday I spotted this Notice -  which tells us that in order to protect Staff & Customers from Covid the Post Office is reducing its opening hours.

Whilst standing in the cold I had plenty of time to try to work out how any reduction in opening hours is going to protect anyone – but unfortunately, my lockdown-addled brain failed to follow the logic.   Although you personally will never have had to stand in line we do know that you are a woman of great acuity. Perhaps you can explain?

When I finally made it to the Post Office counter and asked the staff if they understood the reasoning they were unable to enlighten me. 

But they did point out that all the other remaining Post Offices in the area are actually going to close at 2pm – “in order to protect & serve their customers better”. 

Which at least explained why the queue at Kings Road literally stretched around the corner

Hey, Ho what interesting times we live in.......

An Anonymous  but  Devoted Admirer

Wednesday, 17 February 2021



 The Marks planned new £7 million home monstrosity

A prominent member of our parish is Lady Marks, wife of Lib Dem peer, Lord Marks QC. 

Lady Marks travels at great velocity between her gorgeous Kensington house and an Oxfordshire 10 bedder mansion.

In court, the other day Lady Marks got a bollocking for an appalling speeding record but got off a ban thanks to the oratorical wizardry of up-and-coming barrister, Julian Hunt.

Hunt is rapidly taking over from Nick Freeman aka Mr Loophole.

Hunt's defence had the Dame weeping. 


Hunt claimed the Marks had only 'a few thousands in savings'  and she needed her over sized BMW to keep, as Hunt claimed,"all the plates spinning'. 

Without the Beamer "all the plates would fall to the floor.

Her Ladyship also claimed His Lordship-a £1million a year, 4 Pump Court QC, suffered from 'pulmonary issues', had no staff, and was 'isolated'(?)

If that's the case the Dame advises His Lordship to stay away from the courtroom and all those heavyweight trials.

The Dame did her research and came up with this which rather puts paid to the defence of no dough LOADS OF MONEY and just a few thousands in savings.....

Typical Lib Dem hypocrisy....


Sunday, 14 February 2021




This huge rise in parking my 16-year-old car is anti-working folk. 

You, Dame, can take the increase without batting an eyelid. 

We struggling working people cannot.

The rise is anti-working class. To do this when the pandemic threatens our livelihoods is disgustingly cynical.

From April Fools Day the Council has increased the cost of parking my car from £122 to £261 when I and thousands are struggling to make ends meet. 

That’s a 100% increase!!!!

This Council promised to consult and understand the needs of ordinary people like me. 

Well, they fooled me.....ONCE!

To add insult to financial injury some council idiot tells me if I have £30k to burn they will let me park my electric car for nothing. 

Town Hall Tories don’t understand how ordinary people live. 

It's Grenfell all over again.

To add insult to injury the ULEZ charge of £15 a day comes on top for the likes of me who have cars made pre 2005 or diesels post 2015. 

And I just changed my 26-year-old car for a 16-year-old car to comply with the threshold.

Cllr Thalassites says that the aim of the tax is to reduce pollution



Residents’ cars are less than 1% of RBKC pollution.

We are a transit Borough: pollution comes from buses, taxis, vans, trucks, and cars passing through from the M4, M40, and other trunk roads to and from central London. 

Transit vehicles are moving on our streets all of the time. 

Residents' vehicles are used infrequently (I use my car once a week, and travel around London on the tube or bus)

Resident traffic is tiny compared to what transits the Borough.

This is an opportunist tax.

There has been no Impact Analysis Study. It is an abuse of power to raise taxes from financially hard-pressed residents by parading under a “save the world” banner.


Resident Parking Permits should be treated exactly as they say...parking for residents who pay Council Tax. 

And charged at cost. 

Which is about £11 per permit, including administration. 

Transport policy should not, and cannot, be the responsibility of piecemeal Borough Councils.


This rise is a calculated attack upon poorer residents under the pretext, “we are helping to save the planet". 






Common Purpose. org is the most powerful behaviour changing organisation you know little about. 

Despite that, it exerts a baleful influence in every area of our lives.

It aims to supplant our style of democracy with the 'nod to democracy' style practiced by CP's role model, the elitist EU organisation. 

The UK's leaving was a bitter blow to CP's ambitions,

There is no segment of society untargeted and un-infiltrated by Common Purpose:its power and influence are frightening and formidable. 

This is a MUST READ

So what has all this to do with Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick?

Dick has been a leading light of CP for many years. As a result hundred of mid-ranking and senior coppers have been sent on its courses.

Despite her role in the appalling VIP Abuse scandal, she will keep her job. 

Common Purpose looks after its own....


Friday, 12 February 2021



Here we have a much bemedalled Commissioner Dick. 
Dick is getting scant support from the equally useless All Mouth and No Trousers Patel so it looks like the skids are under Dick over the ultra-bodged VIP Sex Abuse scandal. 

Dick is a very senior member of the shadowy Common Purpose org. 

Common Purpose sends rather dull coppers on Oxford courses so they can boast of their time amongst the dreaming spires. One supposes it impresses junior officers.

Anyway, Dick's medals remind the old Dame of an old friend, The Lord High Chancellor, FE Smith. 

Hard drinking FE after a substantial lunch at his club spied an admiral covered in medals earned for desk work. 

He wandered over to the nervous looking admiral commenting, "what a lot of medals you have, Admiral?"

The nervous-looking admiral replied, "yes, Lord Chancellor, if I get any more I won't know where to put them"

'Put them on your backside where you earned them", replied FE.

Thursday, 11 February 2021


A few months back the Dame gave a good kicking to Cllr Elnaghi READ HERE for taking meetings without a clue as to what he was talking about. 

Cllr Kasim Ali got similar treatment for being out of sight and boasting about attending JUMA with fascistic thug, President Erdogan READ HERE

The Dame hears this so offended the two councilors they sought legal advice as to whether they had grounds for suing the old Dame. 

When advised that no such grounds existed they decided to accuse the old thing of a HATE CRIME!

The last councillor to try to 'legal' the Dame was the late Cllr Phelps for exposing his interest in young boys. 

Soon after he was kicked off the Council

So Cllrs Ali and Elnaghi get on with the job of representing your residents. 

The Dame has her beady eye on you both........


                                                                     Helen Harper

This lady is described as the Police  Commander for K&C, Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster, and the Royal Parks. Her speciality is sending out a stream of patronising and infantalising messages about Covid-19. 
99.9% of Londoners are well aware of the rules and adhere to them.

Someone needs to tell her that the first thing she should do is to use the Government mandated description COVID-19

She also seems to think she is some sort of civic leader! 

The area she has responsibility for is seeing some of the most frightening examples of violent street crime yet this lady prefers to dwell on what she described as 'this deadly disease'.

The vast majority of us are far more concerned about our safety on the streets. 

It might be a useful distraction to bang on about one disease she needs to focus on the far more frightening disease of murderous violence on our streets.

Helen Harper, the police commander for Central West which covers Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea and The Royal Parks, has called on every single person in the community to play their part in driving down Covid rates by following the rules and minimising contact with others, as officers move more quickly to enforcement and work with partners to keep the public safe.

Chief Superintendent Helen Harper said: “It is hard to imagine that anyone has escaped an understanding of the critical situation London, and especially the NHS is under, due to the high levels of Covid in our communities. “We’ve seen doctors and nurses run ragged by the number of people they are caring for, read about the rising death rates and heard about delays to ambulances attending calls.

Wednesday, 10 February 2021


Lying little spiv

               We British are a stalwart race. 

We allow a man risibly described as the 'Right Honourable' to dictate to us when and where we can holiday. 

A few years back the 'business' activities of this little spiv, should have been a matter of police interest yet here we are with this little horror ordering us about. 

Shapps might like to find this defamatory but the Dame doubts Shapps would wish to hear a judge's opinion on the matter 

Shapps didn't take the Daily Mail to court when the Dame's friend, Mr Pierce EXPOSED  him so it must all be true.

It's astonishing how the likes of Charles Tannock ex MEP threaten the Dame but never dare carry the threat through.

We now also have a Jeffrey Archer protege running the vaccination programe.

Boris certainly likes to have a 'colourful' and scruple-free Cabinet.....

Saturday, 6 February 2021


 Dear Members

We apologise that the first email was sent incomplete.  Please disregard and read this alert.

This next week several important deadlines loom which you may want to comment.

344-350 Old Brompton Road (PP/21/00272)
  • The comments are due this week for the application for nine-storey block of flats proposed by the new Earl’s Court Partnership, which will wrap around the corner of Old Brompton Road and Eardley Crescent facing the lovely peaceful Royal Park of Brompton Cemetery.  See image by the developer above.
  • We support more housing though this will be solely for the rental market.  We are opposed the height and scale, lack of meaningful outdoor space, the impact on the Brompton Cemetery Conservation Area and what must be considered as setting the pattern for the beginning of a massive increase in height for the rest of the future Earl’s Court development.
  • Though the formal “public consultation” ends soon, your comments must be accepted up until  decision is made.  Write now and tell your friends to write. 
 Your comments are needed: HERE

South Kensington Station development (PP/20/03216)
  • Over 1,800 objections have been received opposing plans for the redevelopment of the station and the land surrounding the tracks. But your help is still needed. 
  • There is a promise by Native Land that if they are allowed to build along the entire length of Pelham Street and rebuild the Thurloe Street building behind a “retained” fa├žade, they will not start the remaining development until the station upgrade, including step-free access from Thurloe Street to the underground platforms is completed. However, there is no means to guarantee that after having built the lucrative parts on Thurloe Street and Pelham Street that they will ever even want to complete the scheme, and therefore there no means of forcing the construction of the step-free access.
  • With a sleight of hand, we could end up with a massive development and still a station which is not step-free.
  • We ask that you write opposing the application and demanding that no works are undertaken at all until step-free access and the station upgrade is completed.
Yours sincerely
Amanda Frame


There was a moment when the Conservative Party could have found a paragon of political virtue to expel 'Khan't do anything right' from ruining our great global city. 

It could have been a retired but influential business leader....instead, they choose a dimwit whose only claim to fame is this charade of being a  streetwise 'ghetto boy'.

So, what is it about Shaun Bailey that has so enthralled the Conservative Party? 

It cannot be his intelligence for its absence has been long proved by inane ideas thrown out like confetti.

Is it because he's black? 

If so it's an insult to intelligent black voters who will resent being patronised in this way.

His selection will remain a great mystery of our times and as the Steeples Times reports the bookies have this man down as a back of the pack LOSER