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Friday, 15 December 2017


Cllr Robert Atkinson is a staunch Catholic but has clearly forgotten the message of Jesus....especially at this time.

Shane Carter writes

"I have total sympathy for the Grenfell survivors and for anyone who has lost family or friends or been in any way affected by the fire. 
I fully appreciate that things are impossible when it comes to dealing with the Council and the TMO. 
It is well known that I have no time for the TMO and regard it as a miserable, incompetent and deficient housing management contractor.

I am not a Christian but am pleased to hear Bishop Tomlin say that no one was excluded from the service. I was very disappointed to hear Councillor Robert Atkinson say on BBC Radio London that Elizabeth Campbell had been asked not to attend and he thought that she had made the right decision; adding "she has work to do." 

I was particularly struck by a point that the Bishop made during his address to those gathered at the service - we should all try to love each other- a truly Christian sentiment that we should all aspire to regardless of religious beliefs.

When I listened to the media comment about Elizabeth Campbell not being welcome at the service, I came to the conclusion that she was "unwelcome" just because she is the Tory Leader of RBKC. 

Declaring her unwelcome at an interfaith service says more about those who want her excluded than it does about anything she has or has not done. 

I have twenty years ' experience working in social housing in London mainly for Labour Councils. 
I can assure anyone who is dissatisfied with the RBK&C response to this situation that the London Labour Councils in which I have worked would have done no better in the aftermath of Grenfell Tower.

Housing Organisations and Councils are only as good as the people who work in them. 
I can assure you that the calibre of Councillors and staff at RBK&C and the calibre of TMO workers is not all that different to any other local authority in London."

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


The Dame rarely censors comments....she's a bit of a libertarian.

Today, she was furious to see a comment on Moylan which was not only untrue but defamatory.

Can people please remember that it's easy to be defamatory when posting anonymously.
Just don't do it or the Dame will get her techie team to block the offender/s


This reader clearly does not have much love for Mr Moylan, but then it's doubtful that there will be much groaning and gnashing of teeth.
Moylan and Cockell were very bad news for K&C. 
Mrs. Mills does need to start introducing the revivalist candidates. 
Let's hope that they are as good as she claims.

Dear Dame,

I intended to be hypocritically English in writing about the departure of Mr. Moylan.
I planned to talk of his Churchillian oratory and his kindness to little old ladies like you, dear Dame; I am, however, unequal to the task.

No Loss
He's going and this is the real reason. 
He needs money....and loads of it.
As the possibility of becoming leader became ever more remote Moylan decided to do a 'Pooter' Cockell and garner a raft of consultancies to keep himself afloat.

The going of Moylan, Warrick and others of their ilk might mark a watershed in the fortunes of the Conservative Party in K&C.

The tragedy of Grenfell Tower has been ruthlessly exploited by the extreme left in a way that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. 
Labour councils throughout the UK have used similar cladding to that of Grenfell. 
Had a similar tragedy occurred in Labour territory it's doubtful that they would have been subject to the same slings and arrows this council has.
But politicians across the spectrum have never been noted for their moral 'tone'

Cllr Julie Mills has used a wrecking ball in clearing out the old guard: it's now time for her to show her hand and her candidates. 
Let's hope that they are of the quality needed to fight the existential and fascistic menace of Momentum.

With the kindest regards, my dear Dame

A man in the street.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


The Dame is very grateful for Bishop Tomlin for contacting her and correcting the misrepresentation of the facts surrounding the Memorial Service,

Here is his letter to the Dame....some journalists are just driven to write click bait and ignore the truth.
This was an example of False News and the Hornet is glad to have the truth.
The Dame has highlighted his key points: not the Bishop.

Dear Dame,

I'm afraid this story has been misrepresented by a journalist. No decision was taken to exclude anyone, and there certainly is no veto on Conservative Councillors. As you'll notice when the journalist quotes me directly, in discussions with the local community it became clear that many from within that community were uncomfortable with the presence of representatives from RBKC, from whatever party, due to ongoing tensions with the Council. This situation was explained to senior members of RBKC (both Labour and Conservative) who voluntarily said they would choose not to attend, to respect the feelings of the local community. Exactly the same message was given to Conservative and Labour councillors regarding the negative community sentiment that had been expressed towards RBKC's attendance as a whole - irrespective of party. Councillors, both Conservative and Labour, were specifically told that no one was excluded and it was left with those councillors to make their own decisions regarding their attendance. If some have chosen to stay away and some have chosen to attend that service that is their decision not mine or anyone within the church. 

I do hope you will feel able to correct any false impressions on your blog.

With very best wishes,


The Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin

Monday, 11 December 2017


Guy Oliver is a world-renowned interior designer celebrated for his inspired work. 
He was one of the campaigners fighting to save the Odeon, High Street Kensington, from greedy vandals. 
You can read more about Guy HERE
Mr. Moylan would do well to learn about good taste from a master!


Dear Dame,

I have thought long and hard about this and I do not think that the site should be sold. 

Likewise, I don't think that the borough should be split up, despite its mismanagement in recent years ( but more about that later..... ) 

Firstly, the library and underground parking should be retained ( the latter supporting the former ). 

Second, the council should retain a freehold ( say 120 years ) and then work up a scheme for a 50:50 private/ social ( key worker ) mix in an appropriate architectural language 
(complimenting and not fighting with the buildings opposite) and built ON TOP of the car park.

I calculate there could be 240 units on the site planned  around a central square / green space and creating a truly mixed community.

The existing council buildings are a monument to Nicholas Freeman's arrogance after he demolished the 19th C Town Hall overnight knowing that it would be listed.

These are brutal and hideously ugly buildings with Orwellian interiors and should be cleared away. 

The council chamber, in particular, is like something out of 1984 or Animal Farm, with the names of previous councillors in jumbo text with a jumbo scale council coat of arms!
One of the supporting animals is, appropriately, a pig - (well a wild boar - but you get the sentiment! ) 

Vandalised by Ritblat

Let's clear away all of that negative energy.

The council should acquire the cinema site ( where the façade and marble staircases are still intact ) and build a new mixed use arts facility with cinemas, a large auditorium and a studio theatre which would double up as a conference hall and a council chamber.
This could also house Opera Holland Park. 

It would form an amazing ARTS HUB with the new design museum and become a big economic driver for our flagging High Street.

Finally, we could give over a lease so a developer could fully and sympathetically restore Holland House and use it as a boutique hotel at the centre of our glorious park.
I could get the investors and support to do that - sound like a good set of ideas ??? 

Let's improve our borough for everyone, not sell it off for yet more empty luxury flats

I want something better for ALL of our community and for OUR Borough and will work to make that happen.....

Let's do something positive with what we have instead of selling the family silver ( again ) dearest Dame.

Yours sincerely ( Very ) 

Guy Oliver

Sunday, 10 December 2017


Nothing the old Dame likes more than curling up close to a blazing log fire with the Mail on Sunday, carefully ironed by her faithfully retainer, Phelps, the disgraced ex-mayor of K&C.
The Labour Party never stops banging on about ethics but it seems to be a case of 'the more they talk of honesty the faster I count my spoons'
Are politicians genetically modified to be bent?

Rip off Merchant 1
The other day we read that Milord Bassam, a close mate of Comrades McDonnell and Corbyn, had been ripping off the taxpayer to the tune of close to £300,000...obviously a man of the people!

Rip off Merchant 2
Then, today, we read that this smug little bugger, Abdul 'Shuks' Khalisadar, claims to be a gatekeeper for Tower Hamlets Labour councillors and able to swing planning consents: in other words.. a conduit for bribes. 

The whole shocking story is HERE

You thought K&C was bad?....ungifted amateurs compared to these two shockers!

The Sunday Times did a double page spread on this latest episode of Tower Hamlets corruption.
Thank goodness we have a powerful free press feared of no one otherwise we plebs would know nothing.
Clearly, there is much 'corruption Momentum' in Tower Hamlets.

Saturday, 9 December 2017


Sometimes the Dame gets rather over-familiar missives from some of the more quirky and common readers.

This is an example.....

Hi Dame

I hope you are in a festive mood and ready to migrate to warmer climes.

I want to share this idea with other Hornet readers

How about that hiving off Dalgarno, St Helen's, Golborne, Colville, Notting Dale, Pembridge, Norland and Notting Dale to Hammersmith and Fulham?
Then moving the remaining wards to Westminster?
In other words, get rid of K&C altogether.
There is a method in my madness....
If we re-organise in this way then the northern wards will sit comfortably with a Labour administration and the southern with a Conservative one.

But here's the real kicker:the entire Town Hall  site in Hornton St becomes redundant. 
It can then be razed to the ground and the ten-acre site sold off for mixed residential development.
It's got to be worth a billion or two.
What do you think, Dame?


Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Today, just over 1300 unique visitors popped along to find out what's going on in our Royal  Borough...some Labour; some Conservative; some Lib Dem and some Advance but mostly just interested in their community.
One thing the old Dame is certain of is.... their hearts overflow with compassion, irrespective of their politics.

Reading about 4/5/6 years old's coming to school hungry and with rumbling tummies makes the Dame weep.
It's no good saying, "oh, it's the fault of their parents". 
The fact remains they are going hungry and it's a tragedy.
The recent C.4 programme showed four-year-olds as they are...without guile and gentle with each other. 
We have much to re-learn from them.

The Dame's new best friend is Kristina Spindler and she is spearheading the Felix Project. 
A mate of the Dame
You can read about the project below. 
It's just one of those brilliant 'I wish I had thought of that idea'
And, it's not just about giving out relief food: it's as much about educating parents into how they can feed their children in a healthy and economical way.

Old folk like the Dame get a Winter Fuel Allowance. 
Does she need it? Of course not. 
So, if you are loaded like the Dame why not give all or even part of it to this wonderful project. 
And if you aren't an oldie like the Dame, or just unloaded, please still give.

Giving is easy and if you have ideas to help please drop Kristina an email

a standing start in March 2016, The Felix Project has emerged as a force in the food rescue sector. The charity now has 10 staff, 150+ volunteers serve 90+ charities and collect from 80+ food suppliers. Ten tonnes of food that would otherwise go to waste passes through their operation each week, worth a market value of around £60,000, and they are providing over 18,000 meals to those in need on a weekly basis. This year they will serve a million meals.

This year funds raised by the Evening StandardThe Independent and London Live Christmas Appeal will go to The Felix Project to aid a new programme in primary schools - to help channel food directly to those young children and their families who are in the greatest need. This will ensure that no child in any primary school supported by The Felix Project ever goes to bed hungry. At the end of the school day, children and their families will be guided to a welcoming Felix ‘market stall’ and be able to fill a Felix bag with a healthy and delicious selection of fruit and veg and other items to take home.

The programme will be established in 120 of London’s most deprived schools over the next 2 years, benefitting more than 50,000 children and their families. Every £1 donated to the appeal will ensure a primary school child and their family has the food needed for a nutritious meal otherwise deprived to them. Please follow the Dame and click HERE and give as generously as you can. #HelpAHungryChild

Saturday, 2 December 2017


The Dame had one of her famous salons the other evening and a gossipy, bitchy time was had by all.

The Dame was told that leader in waiting, Cllr Julie Mills, called that sinister looking friend of developers, Cllr Paul Warrick, into her penthouse office and told him he was terminated.
A sobbing Warrick begged for mercy saying ex members of the Bar should stick together... Julie was having none of it.

It seems Julie has been submitting self-lauding comments to the Hornet using an alias! This is not on....

The Dame's dear friend, Lady Brompton-Grylls, said she spotted about to be ex cllr Tim 'Paddy'Ahern having a chinwag with the late and unlamented Pooter Cockell. What could they be discussing?

And, finally, what's all this about Rocky Feilding Mellen working for young Ritblat?


Despite its weasel words this government couldn't give a damn about smaller business. 
For years Amazon has been creating vast profits whilst paying the bare minimum of tax to the  Exchequer.
Giant online retailers are flush with cash and always find devious ways to evade paying tax to elephantine and lumbering governments. 

Not so the small independent retailers of Kensington and Chelsea. Getting money out of them is like shooting ducks on the ice.

Squeezing the living daylights out of them is easy. 
Every time the landlord raises the rent the Government rubs its hands in glee knowing that it will be able to extract even more money in business rates.
A small shopkeeper paying £40,000 a year has to find nearly £20,000 to pay business rates on top....and that’s before they finance stock and pay staff. 

You have to be very brave to set up shop these days and don't expect help from this government.
One of the more idiotic proposals in its review of Business Rates is the repatriation of the tax to local councils who will use it to revitalise the local economy!

Local business doesn’t need councillors and officers advising them how to be entrepreneurial; councils know how to spend money.... but they haven't a clue about making or saving it.

It’s time for Small Business to fight back against Big Government.

An example of the damage this government is doing to the economy...

A good friend of the Dame owns several small businesses in Kensington and Chelsea. 
His appeals to the Valuations Office have still not been agreed seven years on! 
That’s over £100,000 he cannot plough back into the business.

But, for more damaging to the overall UK economy is this.

He tells the Dame that the only way he can maintain sufficient margins to pay business rates and rent is by buying in China. 
He says, “ what’s the point of that? I want to be able to source in the UK which I could if I didn’t have a government strangling my business”