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Sunday, 25 February 2018


This comment was received by the Dame and caused her great offence. 
How dare Matthew Palmer infer she is not as grand as she thinks she is. 
Anyway, you might wonder how the Dame knows the author is none other than Cllr P.
Well, it's pretty unintelligible for a start and the spelling and grammar have all the hallmarks of the buffoon.
Cllr Palmer, please see the Dame for a whacking and some extra homework!

Grammar and Spelling...Palmer

This blog is descending into horrible personal comments verging on hate crimes (in the NK vernacular). What on earth is NK?

I thought trolls like the nasty-minded of yesterday were now despised. 

Please try to elevate your content and the political tone to ideas and concepts and interesting pragmatic policies worthy of intelligent debate.

The Dame has exposed herself as a caricature out of East-Enders and has nothing but herself and her editorial sensibilties to blame (Cameron self-publicist). 

Please try harder. At least be decent and intellectually rigouous and show some integity....


The Dame's genuine Louis Quinze telephone has been tinkling away with news of Cllr Moylan's change of heart. Daniel has decided that he will stand again. His reasoning is that the new intake of Conservative councillors will be so callow, inexperienced and malleable that they will rush to elect him leader. 

He thinks that being leader will add lustre to his new job as chairman of a major educational chain...oh, and the additional £70,000 a year won't come amiss.

Saturday, 24 February 2018


Dear Dame,

I have been tolerant of abuse heaped upon me, over the years, by 'little people' jealous of my accomplishments.

You have heard I do not intend to stand at the election in May. My reason for not doing so will soon become clear.

But what I find quite insulting is your use of the 'before' images.

"before'I was busy at City Hall, forced to lunch and dine with the great and the good.  
'after' is what I describe as the 'reductionist' part of my life having lost all my sinecures as well as the lunching and dining opportunities.
Contrary to rumours I have not gone 'under the knife'.
The Gorging Years
The Leaner Years
I would be grateful if you could correct the record,

Yours faithfully

Cllr Daniel Moylan RIBA 


The Dame hears Grenfell survivors-and those affected-are angry the tragedy is being exploited by a lot of mentally unstable members of the Revolutionary Communist Group.

The sad part is that it is the established political groups...Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems and Advance who have been actively working with survivors: the RCG have done nothing except use the tragedy to further a tired, divisive and old-fashioned political agenda.

One resident involved with helping survivors commented,

"Some of them came to the last Council meeting and submitted a petition demanding various actions, including immediate arrests. Given what has happened recently with the trials that are being abandoned as insufficient evidence is brought forward, this seems a little self-defeating to me. After the petition had been presented they apparently asked for it back. 

They also heckled Emma Dent Coad MP for being “a collaborator” at a recent demonstration outside the Town Hall."


A reader writes to the Dame....


I once met London Assembly member, Shaun Bailey

What an ordeal!
For an hour he never drew breath.
Not once did he ask an opinion of his listeners and seemed incapable of getting over his brief role telling the impressionable David Cameron how to manage inner-city issues.

Engaging in debate is not this guy’s forte!

There’s something of  the mytho/egomaniac  about Bailey.
He revels in playing the 'boy made good' from a sink estate: those who know the backstory suggest the reality is rather different.
He’s paid nearly £1000 a week to work on behalf of Londoners-a salary he would never achieve outside local government.
Anyway, he’s not very good at paying attention to those he is supposed to represent. 

I have has sent Bailey three emails without the courtesy of a reply. 
The emails concerned toxic air pollution-a particular issue in N. Kensington where he hails from.
You can telephone other London Assembly members; not Mr Bailey.
He prefers to be undisturbed.

Others have complained about his private communication skills.

Mr. Bailey has climbed far up the greasy political pole by dwelling on the fact that he is black.
He needs to look to the examples of Bim Afolami and Kwasi Kwarteng.
Both are black and both would never dream of using the colour of their skin to garner votes.

Do your job, Mr Bailey and deal with those you represent.

On the same subject of lack of contact with voters, Cllrs Weale and Pascall also have a reputation for not bothering to reply to residents.
Don't vote for them in May.

Friday, 23 February 2018


Judging from Tax Free's report on the Consultation on Clarion's plans for Sutton Estate the planning officer to brief himself.
Mr. Stallwood needs to pull this officer up sharp....unbriefed and unknowing is not what we expect from taxpayer funded planning staff.

We attended the "Consultation" meeting at St Lukes this evening. 

An interesting and concerned gentleman from Earls Court who considers the original Sutton Estate to be an excellent model of affordable housing told us NOT to engage with any Clarion representatives, reason being they notch it up as number, fulfilling their consultation process.

The Planner in attendance (a resident of Wimbledon) who had been representing Clarion for 10 years in their planning matters with RBKC, when asked:

1. Had no idea who the CEO of Clarion was "I don't know about things like that" he replied.

2. Had no idea how many private properties Clarion planned to put on the market replacing affordable housing on the Sutton Estate "I can't remember, plans have changed" he replied.

3. Had no idea what the annual turn over and profit of Clarion was "I don't know about things like that, Clarion have Charity status", he replied.

4. Had no idea of the total value of the private properties which were planned to replace Sutton Estate "I don't know, its probably in the projection somewhere" he replied.

5. When asked why the bathrooms and kitchens had been smashed up to vacate part of Sutton Estate by the management company, the planner said "I saw something about that on social media, but I don't know".

6. When told about the development view and throw away comment "most of the tenants will all be dead by the time the work is done". His reply was "yes sadly one of the residents speaking in favour of the regeneration plans died recently".

In conclusion its the same old, same old - RBKC money over lives and death to social cohesion

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Andrew Moffat is a puffed up, greasy ex-fund manager.
He and his harridan of a wife, Charlotte, now develop properties. 
Fortunately their last is proving a real disaster LINK and the Islamic bank lender is now breathing down Moffat's brass neck.


Moffat's other sideline is pissing off the boat owners at Cadogan and Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company Moorings.
The Dame hears that he has employed the vile Mishcon de Reya to serve notices to terminate on the boat owners of Chelsea Yacht and Boat Company moorings. 

For years boat owners at CYBC have been guided by their insurer's requirement for drydocking which involved inspections at ten-year intervals.
In the weeks before Christmas Moffat decided to play a nasty little trick on the boat owners. 
He discovered he could insist on three-yearly inspections!

Knowing it would be impossible to organise over Christmas and the New Year he gave boat owners thirty days' notice to drydock or be served with termination notices.

When the boat owners’ lawyers complained to CYBC about threats of eviction, it got the curt reply that termination is not the same as eviction.  
On 6th February, CYBC served eviction notices, telling boatowners it wants them gone by 10th March.  Those boat owners have each owned their boats for an average of 21 years.

As the ink was still drying on the eviction notices, the PLA allowed CYBC to tie its own dry dock to a barge in the middle of the river.

No one quite knows why the PLA colluded in this way but the dry dock sank and now lies on the riverbed posing a serious health and safety hazard to passing boats.


The Dame often gets calls from Sir Pooter Cockell and usually, he's in a filthy mood.

Today was no exception: Dame, "have you heard the news?" the great man expostulated.

It seems that his old sparring partner, Cllr Danny Boys Moylan, has landed a plum job paying the thick end of £500,000 a year!
So who would pay this aggressive and unpleasant piece of work half a million a year? After all, no job lasts long.

Please email the Dame if you know more than her.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


The Dame at work on her Macbook

Dear Demsoc and CfPS,

Being abroad I was unable to attend your workshop.
I have been a resident of RBKC for more than 50 years and in the last 10 years or so have been a vocal critic of the failure of the ruling Party to connect up with residents. This is in spite of an elaborate expenditure on processes and procedures intended to “consult”.

All too often these procedures are abused in order to broadcast decisions instead of to consult. And opportunities to listen to residents are frequently suppressed or bypassed. For example, the three minutes given to objectors to make their case at Planning Meetings.

The ruling Party (I am a Conservative by the way) also suffers from a weak opposition and the perils of monopoly, which has existed for more than 50 years. All too often resident opinion is ignored and the Leadership deludes itself with hubris and Opinion Polls that show high resident satisfaction ratings. Much of this delusion was brought tumbling down by the Grenfell Tower disaster which laid bare the gulf between Hornton Street and the people.

There is a high degree of voter disillusion with the Council and democracy in Kensington and Chelsea. I hope that your work will not result in another self serving study. There have been too many.

We are now in the internet age and local blogs are a rich source of data mining regarding “issues” and “opinion”. I do not know how expert MCS10 is in analysing such information and extracting relevant input and perspectives. But I would recommend one such blog to you-now in its eighth year

(the blog is published in the Royal Borough - the address above merely reflects that this is where I currently am)

We established TheHornetsNest blog to expose “The everyday workings of RBKC and those who claim to represent it”. The initiative resulted from resident frustration and anger over certain planning decisions and developed into the exposure of corrupt and improper behaviour in the Council.

The blog was set up after a meeting with the Tax Payers Alliance  to brainstorm our frustrations.

Their Chairman suggested the initiative.  To date, we have had more than 2.4 million unique visitors.

I am quite certain in my mind that the blog has had a profound impact on the climate of opinion in Hornton Street and has produced a number of important changes. We know that it is widely read by the majority of Councillors and is frequently referred to in Council debates.

I hope you find these comments helpful.

Yours faithfully

Donald Cameron