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Saturday, 29 June 2013


On his recent trip to Qatar Johnson seemed to have a jolly fun time on our Pooter Cockell liked to do.
In a disparaging way, Johnson wrote in the D.Telegraph, about how camel racing child jockeys were now, as he laconically puts it,"banned five years ago after some human rights outcry".

Note the disparaging 'some human rights outcry'

In his grovelling to the ruling Al Thani tribe he ignores the real reasons why child jockeys were banned. This is why the Al Thani family bowed..... unwillingly to pressure....

The Dame dislikes our maladroit mayor. To have written, as he did, with not a mention of these poor infants, says all we need to know of this man. If he ever becomes Prime Minister the Dame will be off....a silly, dangerous man.

  • In Qatar 275 child jockeys between 5 and 9, illegally trafficked from India, were treated for racing injuries; 17 were left with serious and permanent injuries.... 3 died.
  • A local journalist wrote that, on a given day, half a dozen children are injured and some look forward to injury to escape the terror of the track.
  • The Indian journalist tried to find out what happened to the trafficked children, after the ban.She found none were re-homed or rehabilitated and the trainers could not have cared less about their future or their welfare.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


The Al Thani tribe.... from the deserts of Arabia, have continued the ruination of Harrods started by Al the sadness of all those with nostalgic memories of this once great store.
And it's not just Harrods they have ruined. 

Residents now have to endure the spoilt and vulgar Al Thani offsprings roaring around K'bridge, in their supercars, until the early hours of the morning, stopping residents getting a decent night's sleep.
But we must not complain too much.....
Our Mayor, Mr Johnson, has become Al Thani's new best friend so we have to grin and bear the antics of this vulgar, show off family.
Well done the Met! They show that though we may be financial slaves of the Al Thani clan, they need to respect our laws.

How the once mighty have fallen.... We are now in thrall to this desert tribe whose view of human rights is risible.

The £350,000 supercar(below) was impounded by police in Knightsbridge, after its owner - believed to be 24-year-old Nasser Al-Thani, a member of Qatar's ruling family - failed to produce a licence or correct insurance documents. It's time the new ruler showed us respect by ordering his family to behave....just as we would be expected to behave if we were,(heaven forbid) in Doha.


Some months ago the useless Eric Pickles insisted councils protect essential and front line services using reserves garnered through overtaxing a captive audience-the local taxpayer. But no one listens to Eric. When he suggested council chief executives should be paid no more than the Prime Minister Mr Myers, our fat cat chief exec personified, told poor old Eric to mind his own business!


So turning to reserves....At the last count, through gross over taxation, RBK&C had something in the region of £170 million sitting idly in the bank account. 

In fact: so much we were able to lend £90 million to a company part owned by two of Britains' richest ducal families....but then Pooter Cockell is an insatiable social climber so was thrilled to be able to help out.

This money belongs to the taxpayers of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. To use it to fund Native Land, whilst ignoring deprivation in the borough, is amoral. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


When poor old Pooter stood for the LGA his only opponent was the ex leader of Leicestershire CC, David Parsons, now being investigated over misuse of expenses and abuse of council cars(some resonance here)
So hardly a strong field for the £55,000 a year, 3 day  a week quango. 
Pooter sold himself on the basis that he was London based  and would in the media 'day and night' putting the local government case.
The results of his 'media activity' do not look good...
  • 33% cuts to local government cf
  • 12% to national government
  • and a further 10% to come
This morning the Dame happened to hear our hapless ex leader stuttering and stammering on Radio 4 and failing to answer the basic test:
'Give me two examples of where there is serious damage', asked the interviewer. 
Not a difficult question, but it completely flummoxed our poor knight.'!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


The Dame suggested that our well respected tree specialist officer, Mr Morrison was also engaged in monitoring the Hornet output.

How wrong she was. Hanging her head in shame she takes it all back.
Mr Morrison is entirely innocent of the allegation and the Dame apologises to Mr Morrison for suggesting he was so engaged.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Another councillor entrepreneur bites the dust of defeat! Sadly, Councillor Palmer's attempt at money making fails.....
The question is, will Pooter make more of a success of

Saturday, 22 June 2013


The Dame's offshore accounts adviser, disgraced ex Mayor, Barry Phelps, tells the Dame his analysis of Rock's company accounts do not make compelling reading. 
His advice to the Dame when she asked should she invest a couple of mill was..... 'avoid'!


Ludo, the Dame's ignorant nephew has managed to obtain this odd letter from the odious chairman of planning, Cllr's a strange letter and begs a few questions.... 
Ludo demands answers.....
According to Ludo the letter from the ghastly Warrick is a 'warning shot'. Ludo then goes on to ponder whether the Dominic Lawson referred to in Exhibit 2 is the same Dominic Lawson who works with Rock and whose biog appears in Exhibit 3
Ludo is puffed up with pride over his 'discovery'....but, doubtless he has got all a**** over t**
Click on each image to enlarge...if you have the same poor eyesight as the dear old Dame....

EX. 1. Letter from Warrick

EX.2. Extract from Masterpiece letter

Rocky's Socially Conscious mate?


 Rocky's Socially Conscious mate?

Friday, 21 June 2013


The late and most unpleasant Lord Beaverbrook was asked why the Daily Express horoscope only forecast good things for readers. His reply? "Express readers only ever have good fortune". 

It seems Mr Fitzpatrick of PR has the same view. In his weekly press digest he totally ignores the lambasting in the national press for RBK&C spending on cars. He even ignores the major piece 
in the local paper on council waste. His preference is to distract councillors by focusing on the grassless garden and the £1million a year Opera Holland Park!
The opening of the new children's sand pit in Holland Park will give him somewhere else to bury his head

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Our £400,000 a year comical PR department never let us down! 
Explaining away the new Bentley, Mr Fitzpatrick implied that without it civic life in RBK&C would be impoverished and diminished....and grind to a halt.....
What a load of embarrassing claptrap.
The Bentley was favoured-rather than a Jaguar at half the price-because Cockell forced it through. 
At the time the Conservative Group were 100% against it....until they were bribed into backing down with an allowance raise.....

Like a small child Pooter loved the idea of being ferried around in a Bentley....until the Dame put the kybosh on that little perk.
If a Jag is good enough for the Prime Minister it is good enough for a bunch of jumped up local councillors.


In this borough we have residents with fine business brains: men and women who have build up large and successful international concerns. 
One of the Dames' readers is a senior City figure. He has written to the Dame expressing bewilderment at a comment made by extremely silly Cllr E. Campbell.

Nick Paget-Brown should forbid this silly councillor from commenting on serious matters. 
She makes a fool of herself and brings ridicule upon the council

"I was pleased to read Camilla's piece but can "The Dame" point out to  economic illiterate Elizabeth Campbell that "selling an asset" is a still a "cost" to taxpayers.What's more, far from "raising £105 million", to date the Council have only received 10% of the sale price of the Southern site so RBKC has been funding the balance of the cost of the school namely some £90million... such funding coming from the Councils' reserves. 
Let's hope Native Land the developer of the Southern site will be good for the balance due of £90million when the time comes for them to deliver."


There is another side to the Al Thani family, owners of Harrods, The Shard, Chelsea Barracks and sundry other UK landmarks. 

The Ruler of Qatar, Mr Al Thani snr, has not just welcomed the Taliban to Doha, but provided spacious and luxurious offices!
Sensibly, this has not resonated well with the Afghan Government who object to the sign outside the Taliban head office labelled, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
Analysts said the name was reminder of the horrors inflicted when the Taliban controlled the country.
“The opening of this office has made the Taliban look strong, the Americans desperate and President Karzai angry,” the Afghanistan Analysts Network said in a briefing note.

Maybe the Ruler's new best friend, Mayor Johnson, can have a word with Mr Al Thani suggesting it is undiplomatic to befriend medieval monsters who have caused the death and serious injury of hundreds of our soldiers.

It won't be long before the Al Thani's allow the Taliban to set up an outpost in Harrods.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The Dame often wondered about the furtive looking, trilby wearing individual, lurking beyond the gates of her monstrous Holland Park mansion.
Thanks to a tip off she has been enlightened. It seems the harmless old thing is under surveillance!

The tipper off tells her, "I understand that there is a full time council officer monitoring the Hornet and briefing members and senior officers about every posting."

The Dame has her own ideas as to who the operative might be...step forward Angus are exposed!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Last night the Channel 4 Dispatches team took the lid off the waste and profligacy in Local Government spending, which has now reached £144 billion (more than is spent on the NHS, schools or defence). The Secretary of State for Local Government, Eric Pickles, showed anger for the abuse and made it clear that it was up to resident pressure groups to make sure that Town Halls clean up their act.
Dispatches spent two years making FOI probes into the inner workings of Town Halls and exposed abuses such as the tax payer funded champagne lifestyle of disgraced ex Leader of Essex Lord Hanningfiled, and Mayoral Cars and chauffeurs used to collect and deliver personal laundry.
As the Dame found out long ago, the Audit Commission (Board Member Merrick Cockell) was a toothless monster when asked to investigate expense abuse. 
Pickles said on camera that the Audit Commission was so 'far gone' that he decided to shut it down. 
He said he has little faith in self regulation and repeated that it is resident groups who need to keep Town Halls on their toes.
So Mr Pickles not just endorses the Dame, but is a Hornet fan! That's official.

Monday, 17 June 2013


 These questions have just been sent, anonymously, to The Dame
  • Who gets the money if the sale of the Knightsbridge  Fire Station goes ahead?  
  • What was Boris up to in Qatar?  
  • Did we pay for his trip
  • Who owns Carraig Investments SA Luxembourg
  • Do they pay UK tax
A fire in Harrods would be a disaster of epic proportions so you assume the Al Thani family would lobby like crazy to keep the station so it does beg the question as to why they are indifferent....
To a lesser degree the same applies to the Dubai owned Jumeirah Hotel group with two vast hotels minutes away from the station. 

Knightsbridge Fire Station is at the epicentre of the busiest and most densely populated parts of London. 
With over thirty six embassies; two huge department stores; three major museums and five major hotels (totalling thousands of bedrooms) it beggars belief anyone with any intelligence could consider closing it.
In 2012 K&C had the greatest number of fires...nearly eighteen hundred.
To close down this vital station would compromise the safety of hundreds of thousands of Londoners and visitors. 
It's sheer madness to even contemplate the idea....unless of course some very rich Gulf buyer has his eye on this hugely valuable site.....
Come on Boris....what's going on?


Tonight Channel 4 will featuring Pooter on Despatches at 8.00pm.
It should be fascinating to see how councils justify their gross and self indulgent extravagances, whilst, at the same time, pleading poverty.
And we should never forget it was Pooter who forced colleagues into agreeing to buy the £115,000 depreciated to £50,000 or much for hard times!


You have to hand it to Pooter! In no time at all he has been on at his chum, Mr Pickles, about a job to replace his rapidly diminishing income stream. 

Mr Pickles asked him what sort of job he wanted and Pooter replied, "How about me becoming Minister for England?"

To humour the demented Pooter Mr Pickles said, "Well, run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it." 

Hopefully Mr Pickles will have a quiet word with Mr Cameron.......just in case the idea gets legs....

English people need a minister
Sir Merrick Cockell, the chairman of the Local Government Association, has suggested that people living in England should have their own Government minister to argue their case in Whitehall because they are faring worse than Scotland and Wales in spending decisions. Sir Merrick said: "Once a year I meet my opposite numbers in the outlying parts. They tell us their story and we sit there in amazement, really, at how it can work out. They are not having to endure the savings that we have to.(conveniently forgetting £180 million prised from us poor taxpayers) 
The Daily Telegraph, Page: 10-11

Sunday, 16 June 2013


The previous post dealt with the Despatches programme on council waste. So how weird it was to read a Telegraph report in which £53,000 per annum, two day a week  LGA chairman, Pooter Cockell, threatened us with no street lighting to pay for social care for the elderly. 

You can read it here

"Social care is one of the things that you lie awake at night worrying about,
” said Sir Merrick Cockell, the Conservative leader of Kensington and Chelsea council in London, who is chairman of the LGA.

Under Pooter's leadership K&C spent over £600,0000 a year on limo's and their hire! Through overtaxing residents there is £189 million of OUR MONEY sitting in reserves. 
Use that!
Let's not forget about his £28 million Exhibition Rd project or the £1million a year on Opera Holland Park, or the million he lost on Chelsea Care. Or the £90 million Holland Park School.
We are well rid of the idiot!

Most of us always recognised Pooter Cockell for the prize arse he is, but the quote here solidifies that view.
The idea about this fat little fellow lying awake thinking about anything but himself is the stuff of dreams. 

He added: “If Government doesn’t give us what we hope on sharing and integration at national and local budget level, the services like libraries, like leisure centres, like the way that parks are kept or indeed street lights being on all through the night, councils will have to look at saving money on those things.”
the less C.Government gives to wastrels like you the better!


Someone commmented the other day about the purpose of PR. This was in the context of the famous and well trumpeted 'Grassless Garden'.
The purpose of public relations is to head off media criticism: something our £450,000 a year council PR lads/lasses are incapable of doing. 
If it's not Pooter Cockell with his lavish expenses, or ex Cllr Lamont with his stash of child pornography, or disgusting Barry Phelps with his email images of young boys, the PR boys seem incapable of arresting the unceasing flow of lousy national press coverage.

And in the Mail on Sunday today we learn...

"The deprived area of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council racked up a £644,000 bill on chauffeur-driven cars, and runs a BMW 7 series, a BMW 5 series and a Volvo S80.
While posh Kensington and Chelsea Council, in London, spent £602,000 on chauffeur-driven cars, which include a Bentley Continental and a Jaguar Sovereign.
The investigation comes as town halls face fewer controls than ever before on how cash is spent.
Councils in Britain are responsible for £114billion of taxpayers' money - more than the entire NHS budget, and twice the defence budget"

You can read all about it here....lavish council spending

There is even a picture of a K&C motor!

Nick Paget-Brown cannot be blamed for this spending, though it did take place under his watch, as deputy leader. This is the moment for Nick to prove his steel and show the world that the days of living 'on the hog' are well and truly over. 
Time for the Bentley to be hired out for weddings,high days & holidays and the occasional batmizvah.

Friday, 14 June 2013


It was gratifying to see one of our K&C councillors, Victoria Borwick, in today's Standard. 
Borwick is one of our hardest working councillors-and a credit to K&C. 
It seems a lot of arm twisting was required before Pippa Crerar corraled her into doing an interview. 
Cllr Borwick seems to have been persona non grata in the days of Pooter Cockell-such a shame that he blocked the career path of this very talented and well liked councillor. Let's hope that the new, enlightened and sensible regime will use this councillor to better effect.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Keeping Mr Fitzpatrick and his nine strong PR team occupied is a full time job.
When they are not sending out fatuous press releases about new lavatory openings or frogs in Holland Park, they focus all their energies on the £300,000 a year Royal Borer.
The Dame, out of the kindness of her heart, employs disgraced ex Mayor Phelps as her factotum. 
Him,being an ex journalist, she asked his professional opinion of the Royal Borer. 
In that orotund manner of speaking-so beloved of this piece of pomposity- Phelps opined, " Madame Dame, it comes in very handy for firelighting duties in the servants’ area."

So what have Mr Fitzpatrick and his half a million pound a year crew been up to recently.....
Yes, it's the grassless garden
This You Tube type video is likely to get no more than a dozen views and one hesitates to speculate about the production cost in staff time and materials.

As for the cost of the garden itself...did we pay for it? It's a charming idea, but we do live in straitened times. 
This sort of indulgence should be paid for in the following ways:

  • By scrapping the huge amounts of money Moylan set aside for his horrid 'public art'....painted girders, etc.
  • Or by persuading companies to sponsor it

The Dame might be quite may have cost us zilch.....but we should be told.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


The Dame has received  a copy of a letter sent recently to that scourge of glossy, architect driven schools, The Rt Hon Michael Gove. 

The Dame has been promised a reply soon. It is fallacious to suggest that Mr Gove intends to send his brood to the school.....

Saturday, 8 June 2013



JD Decaux, the French based advertising billboard love to boast they 'own and dominate' Cromwell Rd. 

This is how they describe their urban despoilation programme.....

"JCDecaux UK will be celebrating the World Communication Design Day, by dedicating its most iconic London display, the Cromwell Road Digital Gateway, to demonstrate its commitment to working with new and innovative design talents and encourage creativity"

Their latest 'creative effort' to colonise the road has been thwarted by a newly dynamised Planning Committee. 
The committee took on board the well thought through objection  produced by Michael Bach of the Kensington Society. Such a shame Michael could not be co-opted on to the Committee: he certainly knows his stuff.
JD Decaux are so arrogant they even made Danny Boys Moylan treat their oddly named Monsieur Jean Jean to a slap up breakfast!
The mystery is who was the 'third man' at the breakfast. Incidentally, this sort of expensing is against council rules and should never have been agreed by Myers.



The Dame is getting slightly jealous of Miss Horrox. She may be livening up the staid old K&C Chronicle, but there is no need for her to stray into the dear old Dame's territory. 

Yes, Miss Horrox may be younger, prettier and smarter than the Dame, but it is the Dame's job to right wrongs in the Rotten Borough.

Still, let's hope the Dame and Miss Horrox can work together...Miss Horrox has certainly made the Chronicle a 'must read'-just like the Hornet- and the Dame loves some competition.....


£80million Holland Park School swimming pool STILL shut to community

Posted by Camilla Horrox on Jun 5, 13 12:17 PM in News

THE council have been accused of abusing the consultation process as a swimming pool promised to the community remains closed to residents.
Kensington and Chelsea's flagship yet controversial £80million Holland Park School was opened last November after a consultation period which informed the community that the school's new pool would be open to the public outside of school hours.
A planning condition was negotiated between the Council and the Campden Hill Residents' Association which guaranteed that the new swimming pool would be made available for use by residents.
The residents' association is now accusing the council of failing to enforce this undertaking in spite of repeated reminders. The Chairman of Campden Hill Residents' Association reported at a recent AGM meeting that the school is effectively saying that the obligation is inconvenient and will not be delivered.
David White Chairman of the residents' association said: "The failure to date of the council to implement the explicit condition contained in the planning approval for 'Community Use' of the school's sports facilities, not least the swimming pool, is causing considerable concern and disappointment within the local community. Whilst assurances have been given not least by Sir Merrick Cockell that the 'matter will be sorted out' he totally failed to deliver on this promise. Let's hope that the new leadership of Councillor Nick Paget-Brown and his team can and will do better. The school is a magnificent building and all its sports and educational facilities should be available for use by the whole community as well as the students."
Campaigner Donald Cameron said: "Many residents feel that the consultation process has been abused and used to announce the result of Council decisions rather than to consult. Likewise, many of us feel that the planning process in the borough is being abused and there is too much expediency and box ticking. We have a new Leadership in the Borough now and traditionally this is an opportunity to sweep away cobwebs and refresh the system."
Council Leader Nick Paget-Brown said: "I am aware of the issue and understand that officers in both Leisure and Education are seeking to make some progress, particularly on use of the swimming pool.
"I note the points on planning and we will be seeking to address the concerns raised by the Kensington Society."
A Council spokesman said: "The school is still fine tuning itself operationally, and discussions are taking place between Council departments and the school to develop a workable plan for use of the pool outside of normal school hours. As such the school is working closely with the Council and a local swimming club on an agreement for pool usage, which it hopes to finalise shortly".

Friday, 7 June 2013


All the talk about whether parents should pull strings to get their offsprings internships caused Ludo, the Dame's errant nephew, to call asking for advice. 
It seems the poor dimwitted fellow had seen some of the salaries available in RBK&C & H&F and thought, having tried all else, he should get himself into local government. 
As he said, "Aunt, once you get a top local government job you never get booted out-not like some of my friends in the City. Could you use your huge goodwill and swing an internship?"
Ludo was quite right...looking at some of the salaries these jobsworths were commanding it sounds like local government is the way to go!



The Dame's memory was jolted by this comment....

Perhaps those attending this could remember the residents of Thamesbrook Home for Older People which sits behind the Green? They are all frail old borough residents who are about to be turfed out of their home by the ******** Stella Baillie and greedy members who want to save the money the home costs to further their ego projects. It's a disgrace.

Those of you with long memories will know the Dame had previously published a letter about plans to kick out the residents and flog off the valuable site to avaricious  property spivs( Pooter loved being feted by these awful people)
However, with the election of Nick Paget-Brown we look forward to the 'winds of change' blowing away the stench of the previous regime.

The Dame wants to know more so please, those 'in the know' make sure you comment.

A Resident writes...

Dear Dame,

I enjoy your comments and willingness to hold some of the council members to account for their gross mismanagment of the borough. The cuts in social services over the years have not been the worst while money has been wasted elsewhere however, I believe that is about to change though nothing has yet been made public.
The council owns and operates Thamesbrook, a nursing home for older people in Dovehouse Street, SW3. For many years it was the most highly regarded facility and places were much sought after by the most frail residents of the borough. Under the leadership of an excellent manager, the home had an excellent reputation which I know as my own mother was there, was totally deserved. 

For whatever reason, that manager left almost four years ago, perhaps he was fed up with the rotten politics as he was certainly no fool. Since then there has been one hopeless manager appointed after another, none of who have showed any committment or resolve and the home has lost its good reputation. Instead of tackling this properly and seeking out an appropriate manager the solution, though not yet publicised has become to close the home. A manager has been appointed now who has a track record of exactly that and she was the person who closed the only other home the council operated, Edenham in Elkstone Road some years ago. The excuse at that time was that it did not meet current standards, it did but the publicity was that it did not. There can be no similar excuse about Thamesbrook, it exceeds all current standards by a significant margin and has done for many years. Without the excuse of the building meeting standards, it seems an obvious ploy that the only other thing that could fail would be the care and the appointment of numerous people at manager level and above who are not competant to do the job would suggest that this is a ploy by the awful Stella Baillie. If she wanted the home to succeed, there must be someone out there who could manage it, after all, there are many good nursing homes around. I object to the use of consultants by the council but if they haven't, perhaps they should ask the former manager to be involved in the recruitment process, I doubt they have. The other excuse is that it costs a lot of money to run, if it does, so be it. While the councillors have money to waste on daft projects there should be no further cuts in social services particularly for the most vulnerable people. It should not happen in a civilised society. 
My point behind all this is that the frailest people the council provides a service for live at Thamesbrook, they don't have loud voices and indeed many are bed bound so they aren't going to be able to campaign in their own right. 

Would you be able to draw attention to their plight please?

Best wishes,

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Left: The vile on image to see more of the bully.

The real question is why was he allowed to stay so long in the Conservative Party and how on earth did Mayor Johnson see fit to appoint him head of the London Fire Authority.
Like our own late Prime Minister, Pooter Cockell, Coleman's entire £120k plus a year income was funded by the taxpayer.
An utter disgrace to the Party!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Royal Borough residents and businesses have until Monday 17 June to have their say on the future of the London Fire Brigade and that a public meeting about the plans will be held in the Small Hall at Kensington Town Hall this Monday (10 June) between 7pm and 9pm.

For full details of the planned proposals and to take part in an online consultation go to Alternatively, if you would like a copy of the plan and consultation document call the LFEPA on 0800 9888 569.


An event is taking place next Thursday (13 June) on Dovehouse Green on the Kings Road for residents to come and meet local charities and voluntary organisations, find out about volunteering opportunities and how to get involved in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea’s City Living Local Life initiative. The event will take place from 3pm until 6pm and will compliment the Dovehouse Parade Summer Garden Party across the road from 6pm-9pm, where a number of local shops are offering discounts and offers.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Oh dearie seems the dear old Dame has stirred up a real Hornet's Nest up in the Midlands.
Pooter Cockell- now scurrying around looking for a job, has left a real old maelstrom behind in sleepy old Peterborough, run by 'The Don' Mario Cereste.
The Chief Executive of Peterboro' Borough Council has been accused of lying by the Conservative MP, Stewart Jackson and she is in tears over it all....
The ridiculous Miss Beasley costs the citizens of PCC nearly £190,000 a year...I hope Mr Myers has not been giving her ideas above her station!
And it's all because of the answers in FOI's submitted by Julian Bray.
Anyway, the local paper has gone to town over Mr Myers and his mysterious trips to Peterboro'.
You can read all about it here

The lesson to be learnt by these provincials dim wits is that you need a very long spoon to sup with our Mr Myers.....


The Dame is taking a well earned break on her antique steam yacht, the SS Hornet. She hopes, one day, Mr Myers would defray some of the Hornet's hefty running costs with a little charter. She will even offer a small discount.
She can imagine Mrs & Mrs Myers and their friends, the Pooters, having a rather jolly time aboard....after all, they can all well afford it on what we pay them.

Anyway, back to business...
The Dame was looking at the benefits Mr Myers thought would accrue from a tie up between our ever so grand Royal Borough and Cllr Mario Cereste's very common Peterboro. Some of the proposed benefits are below...
The Dame was especially interested in the liturgical one and had a 'ship to shore' with her old friend, the Provost of Brompton Oratory, Fr Julian Large. Was it true, the Dame asked, the Oratory would be advising local Peterboro' Catholic churches on how to go 'up market.'
Father Julian seemed far from keen on the idea.....

Were we to have had a committee system this mad scheme would never have seen the light of day. Let's hope it is dead in the water.

"These benefits included cultural exchanges between schools, sharing the tri–borough safeguarding work with Peterborough City Council, sharing Peterborough City Councils environmental work and potential energy benefits, and finally liturgical, festival and museum links."

Monday, 3 June 2013


We all know of someone affected by domestic violence. Women living with alcoholics are a prime target for violent abuse and it's always a great surprise to the Dame that they stay in these dangerous relationships. 
But often the answer is that they and the children have nowhere to go, or think one day it will stop, or that they can 'cure' the abuser. Sadly, it rarely does stop. Abusers-alcoholic, or otherwise, carry on until the very worst happens.

The Dame is delighted to see that a local group is doing something to aleviate and highlight the real and growing problem.
Please do give them your support by attending the Summer Party on June 20

Friends throw a party to carry on the fight for local women

The flower-filled garden of the Lighthouse centre in Ladbroke Grove will be the venue for  the launch of the Woman’s Trust ‘ Double our Friends’ scheme on 20 June.

The charity, which provides unique support for women experiencing domestic violence already has 300 ‘Friends of Woman’s Trust’ – women and men who support the charity’s work, raising money, attending events and helping raise awareness of the lethal dangers of domestic violence. Now they want to reach the next 300 – and anyone with an interest in supporting their work is welcome to come and find out more.

The Woman’s Trust annual summer party will happen at the Lighthouse on Lancaster Road from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Speakers will include Jeanette Arnold, Chair of the London Assembly and Caprice Bourret, businesswoman and Friend of Woman’s Trust.

Heidi Reidel, the charity's Director said,

“ Woman’s Trust thrives because of the hard work of its staff, volunteers and our 300 amazing Friends. As the need grows, we want to double the number of Friends to help raise awareness and support the work we do with women across London.

Our summer party is our chance to say thanks to our Friends – we’d very much like to welcome anyone who’d like to know more.’

In the last year alone, Woman’s Trust has helped hundreds of women and their children by providing one-to-one counselling and support for women living with domestic violence or recovering from its effects on their lives.

020 7034 0303/0304