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Monday, 30 April 2018


In the Dame's day, before English county names were tampered with, councils were pretty much de-politicised.
In fact, Independents often held the balance of power and a good job they did of it.

In K&C there are some excellent Conservative candidates just as there on the Labour side. 
However, there are utterly useless ones on both sides.

On the Conservative side, William Pascal and Mary Weale are councillors with appalling records when it comes to representing their wards. 
Interestingly two councillors who were first rate were Nick Paget-Brown and Tim Coleridge.
They always reacted quickly when contacted.
Weale and Pascal both draw £45,000 year allowances but offer very poor value.
In fact, Councillor Mrs. Pascal is also 'on the payroll'!

This, below, from a Stanley Ward resident....
Good Ward Cllr

Phantom Cllr

Dearest Dame,
I have e-mailed the Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor William Pascal, in the past two months and, despite his full time salary and support from civil servants, he has failed to respond or even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of my e-mails.  

The Stanley Ward deserves better than someone who takes all of the benefits and gives nothing back.  The Labour Candidate Richard Chute has been working in the Ward to persuade voters to give him and the other Labour Candidates their vote this week.  I would be most thankful if you would get the word out that the good voters of the Stanley Ward should punish and expose Councillor Pascal for what he is: someone who is morally guilty of theft for not fulfilling his contractual obligations as a Councillor.

Richard Chute’s local campaigning has been sufficiently effective to persuade Councillor Taylor-Smith to cut his hair to look like a professional.  A Labour victory in Stanley might make the Conservatives buck up their ideas and realise that there is no such thing as a safe seat for the idle and complacent for the next four years.

Yours sincerely,
The Saint of Stanley.  

Friday, 20 April 2018


Dearest Dame

Hope you are well and enjoying the weather, the sort of weather that gives a lady like you the excuse for a very large G&T!

I am writing regarding Earls Court Conservative electoral material that came through our door back in February 2018. It has been promoted [signed off] by Andrew Foster Chairman of Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservatives. 

The material claims that “During the [Earls Court] demolition phase, we worked hard to obtain independent analysis on the dust to reassure many who were concerned about whether it could affect residents’ health." 

This does not actually say they got independent analysis on the dust just that they "...worked hard to obtain independent analysis" but also does not state if the dust is hazardous to residents health.

As you know the HSE suppressed their report on Earls Court and never released it;  in the interest of full disclosure Andrew Foster and Malcolm Spalding either need to release their report on the dust in Earls Court before the local election or state categorically that they do not have a report on the dust.

There are concerns Earls Court Conservatives have been less than honest on their electoral material especially as in 4 years Cllrs Spalding and Aoaune did nothing to assist residents when Keltbray worked 6 days a week including Saturday mornings and nights, with no let up for residents. 
The dust is still present in residents' homes, gardens and cars but residents have not heard or seen of this report they have speak of.

All the best

A Put Upon EC Resident

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Those of us who were around Chelsea in the '60's will remember the special place it was.
Over the decades the heart and soul of the area have been ripped out.
King's Road is now desolate and dreary.

One of the few pieces of old Chelsea left are the Chelsea Houseboats....but for how long?
The new owner, a nasty ex-City boy, called Andrew Moffat and his social climbing wife, Charlotte are using every stratagem to evict the boats and redevelop the area.

Here's a pic of Charlotte
Charmless Charlotte: wants to kick out boat owners

He and his mysterious investors need stopping.... You can read about it LINK

This Saturday, between 1.00 and 2.00 pm the gorgeous Felicity Kendal will be welcoming protesters on Dovehouse Green.


The Dame will be dropping in and wants to see as many of her friends and supporters there as possible.

Moffat MUST be stopped in his greedy tracks.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Mr. Stallwood's planning department was well aware that once people saw the gross and abhorrent nature of these monstrosities there would be uproar: that's why the planners decided not to include an image in the application link.
An outrageous abuse, Mr. Stallwood!

PLEASE follow the link and make your comment. 

A Monster On Her Streets
       Dear Dame
The residents of Slaidburn Street kindly request your urgent help to challenge the InLink Planning Application, BT have lodged with RBKC.

BT propose to install a huge 3 meter tall free wifi, telephone charging unit on Kings Road at the end of Slaidburn Street.  This huge unit is proposed on a tiny bit of Worlds End pavement in-between two betting shops.  Local residents have suffered from every kind of antisocial behaviour over many years thanks to the betting shop "Book Ends" at the entrance of Slaidburn Street, attracting every kind of problem imaginable.  We can only think this free wifi will be a magnet to exacerbate the existing problems.

Anyone Hornet readers inclined to view the planning application and make comments would be most appreciated.  We will endeavour to keep Worlds End free of InLink advertising


Thank you.

Worlds End Residents

Monday, 16 April 2018


Hi Dame 

You rarely seem to beat up Labour so how about informing your readers of what the Times is saying about Labour and the election?

Here's the link to the damning article. 

Makes me sick to think that a political party is exploiting human misery in this way.
If Labour or Lib Dems were in charge the situation would have been no better managed.


A supporter of yours

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Everything rotten about our Honours System is reflected in the knighthood given to Sir John Timpson.
Timpson, builder of the eponymous chain found time with his late wife to foster over ninety children. 
More than that Sir John gives many hours of his time visiting schools showing teachers how love for a child can be the springboard for its success.

A great man

So, the interesting question is this....

Why did a man blessed with so many talents end up with a meagre knighthood rather than a place in the Lords: after all, in Sir John we have a man who has practical experience in helping children from damaged backgrounds understand that everything is possible.

Sir John could have been the voice in the Lords for unheard children everywhere.

An example of the rottenness of the system. 
The Government has appointed a nonentity leader of Wiltshire CC to advise our Council on how to manage Grenfell.
A Dimwit
The Dame hears from various sources that Baroness Scott(call me Jane) is a total dimwit and her contribution to the Council has been to regale councillors with her management style. 
Evidently, she is very proud that cleaners at County Hall refer to her as democratic she is!
Just think, unless the Dame had put a stop to it, the silly Pooter Cockell would be in the Lords grabbing his tax free £300 a day.

You can read about Scott's troughing here TROUGHER