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Monday, 30 July 2012

When The Dame's Away....The History Studios begin to play with our pavements

Attempts by cafe owners to accelerate the ruin of Brompton Road continue apace. The Dame, from her 'luxury' villa above Portofino, has been alerted to one particularly devious attempt to take advantage 'vacationing' residents
The Dame's Portofino Retreat
The History Studios at 164/166 Brompton Rd, that ghastly, tacky place next to Area Cafe, on the raised pavement of the Brompton Road-has applied for 10 tables and 20 chairs to be placed on the pavement outside. The pavement is already so congested that one can hardly squeeze by, but now the owners have seized the moment to try and colonise the pavement. 
The table and chairs will be a permanent feature from Monday through to Sunday, from 10.00am to 10.30pm....that is unless we all object in the strongest possible terms. Unless we do Brompton Rd could end up looking like Edgware Rd
Brompton Rd 10 years on

We have just until the 6th August to make our objections felt so please email


  1. I think the email address should be

  2. Thanks: now changed

  3. Stand Up For Britain31 July 2012 at 10:05

    This rot must be stopped. K&C is creating another Edgware Road in the Royal Borough on Cockell's watch

  4. Residents should target one of the Brompton Ward Councillors and hold him to account. My vote is for Cllr Bark to be put on the spot and asked to give progress reports to residents every three months

  5. Would the Dame please insert a picture of Cllr Bark so that residents can recognise him more easily?


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