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Monday, 9 July 2012


The Dame is scrupulous at allowing a right of reply so here is Cllr Palmer's very odd response to Justin Downes' letter....what is the mysterious Room 151? We should be told....
The Dame thinks it was most mis-advised of Cllr Palmer to use the RBK&C email system in this way. The last time it happened The Dame forced Cllr Phelps to resign over his disgusting images of young boys.
She will be calling Cllr Cockell to see if Palmer is acting 'under orders', or whether he is freelancing via 

11:50 (1 hour ago)

to jd

Dear Mr Downes,

I have a dated exchange of emails from you and me where you deny any links, and I took you on your word as a man of honour – unfortunately more evidence later showed to me otherwise.

What you do as a resident against the council in a free and democratic society is entirely up to you.  
I do not believe you when you say that the site has had “huge interest” who with? the population of London or the occupants of room 151 in the town hall.

As for who writes under the name of Hornet etc – Why does it matter, all the evidence is that it is a pro Labour blog and you have lost your way since  your short tenure as a Somerset Councillor.

Past events about the use of the Hornets email address needs to be explained and until that mystery is cleared – I would try not to get involved, if I was you!

Cllr Palmer

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
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  1. So Palmer is sitting in the Members' Room using Members' air, Members' chairs and a Member's computer and email (not to mention the biscuits), following his sad little obsession with the Dame.

    We must be informed as to whether he is working under orders, or what. Either way 'something is rotten in the Rotten Borough'.

    Can anyone PLEASE put a stop to this silly man wasting Council taxpayers' money in this way?

    Surely he's broken the Code of Conduct at the very least?

  2. What a sad little person Cllr Palmer sounds.Just like his antics at main Council Meetings where his rantings and petulance are there for all to see.

    He seems to spend too much time on sneaky little exercises trying to keep track of the Dame and briefing against fellow Councillors. Some say on the orders of the dreadful Cockell.

    Come on Palmer - if you have something to say, lets hear it in your own words. Just blog on the Hornet like everyone else.

    Stupid Bunter.....

  3. Not surprising that someone whacked this idiot in the mouth

  4. What a twot....The Hornet has had nearly 103,000 unique visitors.
    It is one of the great media successes of the Borough

  5. Palmer has become such an embarrassment to local Conservative Party

  6. Cllr Palmer's deeply inappropriate response to Mr Downes highlights The Dame's success in getting under the skin and inside the alleged minds of our councillors. None of them act on their own. Palmer must have been instructed by the Leadership.


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