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Saturday, 21 July 2012


 Your Council has just spent close to £1 million on a few days of jollification in Exhibition Road. This silly and frivolous event will be of no benefit to local residents. There will be no commercial spin off for local business: the only conceivable beneficiaries will be tourists.
In the meantime our council is busy plotting ways to save money by cutting back on essential services for impoverished taxpayers in northern parts of the Borough. The Dame has always said how fortunate we are to have a man of the integrity of Nicholas Holgate at RBKC...we wonder how the poor chap must feel at being forced to sign off on these vulgar displays.
Morally, there is no justification for this extravagantly ostentatious nonsense. This is not, however, a matter of goes beyond the trivia of politics. The Dame knows that some Conservative councillors feel horribly embarrassed and wonder about the moral values of the leadership. We have a council bereft of common decency...but then, with a leader such as Merrick Cockell, there can be no great surprise. 
In New York Cockell happily spent £400 of our money, on a dinner for two, with the convicted fraudster, Ian why would he baulk at wasting £1million or so on some stupid street party?
Readers should call their councillor and demand to know where they stand on the amoral profligacy of the Exhibition Rd 'street party.'
The Dame looks forward to some interesting feedback.


  1. £100k a day!!! Unbelievable....all those consultants must have felt all their Christmas's had come at once

  2. It is amasing that our representatives do not voice our concerns in the council chamber. Why do they not comment publicly to express their views either for or against such flagrant waste of money?

  3. The Labour Group have been commenting on this for some time as you would know if you attended Council or read the papers!

    1. Thanks. What was the outcome?

  4. As the Titanic went down the orchestra played......

  5. The unfortunate fact is that the Cockell Administration is rotten to the core and the voters are too busy with their own lives to get up to speed and kick the rotter out.

    The way of all Dictatorships is that they believe that they are untouchable and one day go too far. Like disgraced ex Cllr Phelps and disgraced ex Cllr Lamont. The drift is already well developed for Cockell - First Class trips to New york, stretch limos, and dinners for friends on Saturday night charged up to tax payers. It is inevitable that one day soon he will take a step too far and there will be media outcry of G4 proportions. As Bob Diamond found, it comes when it comes. And even the untouchable gets knocked over

  6. Why is the Chairman of the Conservatives in Kensington and Chelsea, Mathew Carrington, staying silent about the Cockell abuse of tax payer funds?

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  8. Buckmaster was chairman before. He said nothing either. Hear no evil ........!

  9. I normally associate money being frittered down the drain with New Labour. There was a time when Conservative run boroughs such as RBK&C had an excellent reputation for being prudent and efficiently run. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea would not know how to spell prudent never mind know what prudent means. This lousy Council would much prefer to waste money on glamorous schemes such as the Exhibition Road party rather than spend the money on worthwhile projects to help the needy in the Royal Borough. One of the reasons why the Council is out of touch with the residents is because of the inexperience of the some of the councillors. This means that daft ideas (such as the Exhibition Road party) tend to be pushed through "on the nod" without proper and rigorous argument as the less established councillors do not wish to rock the boat as they know that will be frowned upon by the inner sanctum, the Council Cabinet. The Royal Borough, i.e. Sir Merrick has a reputation of recruiting young, very inexperienced people to become councillors rather than people who really care about the community. These young councillors tend to be only interested because they think that it will look good on their CV rather than possessing any sense of service to the community. In truth the recruitment process for new councillors is an absolute sham and the process is definitely not democratic. Over the years there have been a number of councillors who have hardly stepped foot in Hornton Street once they have been elected. Sir Merrick really should be ashamed of himself on so many counts.

  10. Draycott
    You have totally summed up the malaise that Merrick Cockell has inflicted upon us. Well said

  11. Cllr Buckmaster cannot be compared or mentioned in the same breath as Mathew Carrington. One is a self important person of vanity and a liking for "dressing up". The other is a person of integrity, values and quiet achievement

  12. Draycott is spot on.
    Tory Councillors fritter our money away yet ignore the needs of vulnerable residents.
    The appalling ill treatment of residents on Lancaster West Estate is a good current case in point.
    How do they sleep at night?


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