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Saturday, 7 July 2012


The Dame was going through a pile of fan letters over a cup of Lapsang Souchong when her highly ornate ormolu telephone( a present from her old friend, the wicked old Shah of Iran) tinkled. It was another old friend Cllr Sir Pooter Cockell....."Dame, I am steaming with anger," the great man confided....... 
The conversation has to remain would seem his office boy, Mr Frazer-Howells is in for a severe kicking. Pooter screamed that J F-H is getting everything wrong. His missive to Association members misspelt Abbas's name accusing him of being a 'hoarder' and then claimed the Conservative share of vote rose-rather than fell. Pooter even took the trouble to send the Dame his corrections below!
There is little love lost between Pooter and Mr Frazer-Howells and Pooter is always looking for ways to fire Jonathan: let's hope he survives unscathed. As Ludo wisely said, "Dame, it's a pity they don't fire Sir Pooter".
Congratulations to Abbas Barkhordar who was elected to The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea last Thursday to represent Brompton Ward. Our share of the vote rose by 1.41%(Jonathan,the Labour vote rose!) with Labour and the Lib Dems losing slightly to the independent.(He was a UKIP candidate!) Abbas ran a very energetic campaign focusing on the key issues for the residents of the ward. A number of people put a lot of time and effort into helping Abbas secure victory for which he and the association are extremely grateful. If there is one thing we can be sure of it is that the new Councillor Barkhoarder(He is not a Hoarder!) will channel this same energy and vigour into his new position. We know that he will do a remarkable job.
With Brompton done we now have Andrew Brown's capaign(concentrate please!) in Town ward in Fulham to focus on.....


  1. Psephologist 7 July 2012

    'Swing' is the change in one party's share plus change in another party's share divided by two.

    Tory share declined by 9.3, Labour was up .2, so 9.5 divided by two is a swing of 4.8% from Conservative to Labour compared with the 2011 by-election.

  2. More reading between the lines ... 'a number of people' (what number was it? Two?). Not to mention the amount of 'energy and vigour' (it was a small amount consisting of attending some garden parties) put into the campaign.

    Labour showed JFH up completely by running a resident-based campaign. The local Conservative party, AND their Councillors, must do better.

  3. I 100% agree with Mosquito...we Conservatives made a very poor showing. No effort to get close to residents and an unimpressive turnout. It shows how detached,even a strong Conservative ward like Brompton has become from the Party

  4. Does Kensington and Chelsea have a Conservative party? At recent local by elections, there has been a notable lack of Conservative volunteers. In Pembridge for instance, dear old Cllr Miss Weatherhead was the "wheels" of the entire operation. Almost the only "party workers" were "whipped" - therefore disgruntled councillors.

  5. The same Cllr Miss Weatherhead who seemed to be the only Conservative attendee at the Brompton count there of her own free will. Commendable of course for Cllr Weatherhead but the lack of engagement from the rest speaks volumes.


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