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Sunday, 1 July 2012


A strong stomach is required to get through this ghastly, pretentious drivel from a rag called Kensington & Chelsea Toady.
In it's short, scintillation free life, the Dame's dreary rival has made not one criticism of the Rotten Borough!
It is just marginally less cloying than the Royal Borer. In fact, the K&C Today could be a sister publication!
The Dame will be supplying this to her friends at Private more example, 'of those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad'(seeing as the below is all Greek pretension)
This is a further scheme to keep workshy councillors looking busy: it's a disgrace!
 FOI's are required to see how much taxpayers are paying for Future City and Bop Consultings' 'expertise' at a time when vital front line services are being destroyed. Here is this embarrassing stuff! The Dame was struck by this quote..Aristotle stated that for a citizen to be happy, he must live in accordance with virtue. In his 'Politics', he describes how politics should organise the citizens into living a virtuous life. I wonder what Aristotle would have to say about Pooter's unvirtuous  use of expenses, the Bentley, or the use by Phelpsie of the server system to send out images of young boys....or the child porn issues of Cllr Lamont!!! Not such good examples...


RBK&C dramatically announced major proposals forThe Royal Borough announces major proposals for the development of Culture and Creative Industries development throughout the Borough. The Council seeks to integrate culture into the Borough`s economic development and Culture and the Creative Industries will be at the heart of all the plans. The Philosophy is innovative and seeks to create a suitable environment where people can work, play, flourish and consequently, be happy. Residents’ views will actively influence the Council`s decisions.
These place-making proposals are being developed in partnership with Futurecity and Bop Consulting, and they will develop a new Creative District Profiler. This is a tool to identify the strengths that any neighbourhood can draw on to become a Creative District with an exciting cultural life attracting visitors and investors.
It was refreshing to hear John Sorrell(who he Dame? Ed) refer to Aristotle`s views on city life. The venue was so modern and forthcoming Borough plans so futuristic that Aristotle hardly came to mind. Yet, pause a minute, consider that our Borough, with its diverse population, is a microcosm of the great city of London and the reflections of the Philosopher, Aristotle , who lived in Athens, remain relevant today when considering city life. In `Nicomachean Ethics `, Aristotle stated that for a citizen to be happy, he must live in accordance with virtue. In his ` Politics `, he describes how politics should organise the citizens into living a virtuous life. Furthermore, he explains why communities fail to reach the ideal of happiness.  Aristotle considered Politics and Ethics to be closely linked, and that politics should mould the character of citizens encouraging them to perform good actions. He thought happiness could only come to citizens who lived in well-constructed political communities.


  1. This has to be a wicked leg pull by the Dame....

  2. Yes a truly madcap scheme dreamed up over one too many free bevvies. Not only is it bonkers and irrelevant, it is against the principles of the Core Strategy, that has been consulted upon and agreed by RBKC electorate and the Council.

    Where is the mandate for such idiocy?

  3. Cllr Paget-Brown was late for a meeting the other day. He explained that on his way to the Town Hall, a well-dressed man had stopped him and explained that he had just been mugged and was on his way to a job interview, he needed £20 to get a cab there or he'd miss it. Of course NPB kindly obliged.

    As he continued his walk, he was stopped by a friendly student who was really really worried about pandas. Pandas are very cute, you see, they have big eyes and sweet babies. Could he spare just £15/month to save pandas? Of course NPB kindly obliged with all his bank details.

    As he quickened his pace he was attracted by an excited group of people standing around a man who was doing a card trick. NPB could see immediately how it was done, and a nice-looking woman who bet £20 and managed to 'Find the Lady' walked off with £40 looking very pleased with herself. Easy-peasy, he thought, laying down a score. But the Lady wasn't where he thought. Silly me, he said to himself, I can't have been paying attention. So he had another go, and another, until he'd run out of cash and time and rushed off dejectedly.

    So he was a bit late, but the nice people from Future City didn't seem to mind one bit, and cheerfully laughed along with him as he explained his delay.

  4. Oh Hot Desk, please say it's true!

    The man is a total idiot, that's for sure. Can no one else see it?

  5. The previous commenters might like to note that, while it may be amusing to hear about Cllr PB losing his own money out of utter foolishness, it's another matter altogether at the Town Hall where he is spending OUR money.

    The man is a total liability. Are there no checks and balances to stop this fool throwing our money away?

  6. So, we have 'The Royal Borer', and now it seems its sister paper 'Kensington and Chelsea Toady'.

    A very very expensive yaawwwnnn ...

  7. Too many Councillors, not enough to do and too much money to spend

  8. A clear example of a Borough that has lost its way and one that is Leaderless.

    Even a moron understands that there is a recession on and this kind of nonsense is out of place.

    Any Tory knows that this kind of spending has nothing to do with Conservatism

    Any economist knows that this kind of activity is the preserve of philanthropists and the private sector - in the hands of Local Government it is waste

  9. The great sadness is that backbench Conservative Councillors are too thick and they cannot distinguish the wood from the trees

  10. In relation to what 10.19 has said I hope everyone knows that they have a way to try and influence how many Councillors represent us in the future

    The Boundary Commission has just opened a consultation which will definitely result in the number of wards/Councillors dropping. We have until August 6th to make represenations. The Borough's response can be found on the Homepage of the Council's website-along with i'm sure details on how residents can respond.

    The Council is making the case for a reduction of 1 ward/3 Councillors. A completely wasted exercise if that happens. We should have wards with roughly the same size of electorate as Hammersmith and Fulham. It has 46 Councillors-and I think has a slightly higher electorate than RBKC-although these changes will be decided on estimated electorate sizes in 2017...I feel we should lose 3 or 4 wards...but that's my view.

    Others may think we should lose 18 Councillors by cutting down to 2 a ward... But nows your chance to have a say

  11. Re: 11:21.

    Sadly the electoral commission can't fix what's wrong with the Council.

    Reducing the number of Councillors to 2 would save money but it would not change the fact that in most wards the remaining Councillors will continue to do little or nothing for their residents.

    Reducing the number of wards would only serve to increase the work load of the few Councillors who actually serve their constituents.

    And both would punish the residents of those wards well served by their Councillors - and given the demographic concerned are most likely to need them - for the sins of the "idle political class" concentrated in the south.

    Only the political parties themselves (and one party in particular: the majority party) can "fix" the problem - by insisting its Councillors actually work for their allowances and serve the electorate.

    Sadly the majority party shows very little inclination to do so given who appears to be in favour and who is not.

  12. In my experience it is often the councillors that Cockell does not like that work the hardest for their residents. When you think about it the reason is obvious, they are the councillors who really care and take an interest in what is going on.

  13. A job description for a councillor would be helpful?

  14. In a ward towards the north of the Rotten Borough two of the three councillors have no interest in residents. Just sherry in Hornton Street and feathering their own nests. All the real work is loaded on the single remaining councillor.

    Most RBKC councillors are sheep. The Leadership controls their every move. Shameful.


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