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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The Dame was astonished to be invited this very private soiree organised, once again, at the expense of taxpayers, by the ludicrously overpaid and pitifully underemployed Tot Brill.  
But how crazy of her to embarrass the Council by getting into bed with a powerful family property company. South Kensington Estates own substantial property in the area of Exhibition Rd. To use their facilities in this way is very stupid: the Council should be at arms lengths from local property developers.

Tot must be the first puppet maker to make Assistant Chief Executive! What does Mr Myers see in the lady...ah well...'chacun a son gout,' as Ludo tends to say when attempting to appear sophisticated.
Anyway, the Dame will be declining:it all sounds rather louche and too lively for a elderly widower!

Dear Dame and Councillors

Exhibition Road Show invites you to Road House, the private member’s club for Exhibition Road Show.
From 28 July to 5 August the exclusive Road Show private members club Road House will provide a creative space to entertain your guests and visitors to Exhibition Road Show.
Located at 4 Cromwell Place London SW7 2JE the Road House is close to Road Show, but just far enough away to give a little privacy.
The club’s bar will be run by Soul Shakers, and will feature the signature Road Show cocktail, along with other superior alcohols, non alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee. (Dame, is this 'superior alcohol' code for your favourite Pol Roger '66? Ed)
Membership of the club gives you and three guests entrance to the club and access to its facilities.  Remember this is a pop up festival club in a building that has been kindly loaned to Road Show by South Kensington Estates.  Amenities will be basic, but it will be fun. 
If you want to take up this offer of membership please visit the club between 14.00 and 18.00 on the 28 and 29 July for your photo ID Membership Card and give your name to the door security.
Only guests accompanied by a member have access to the club.
Opening hours:
28 July  - 5 August 5th but NOT 31 July
Midday – 23.00 at weekends (bar open from 16.00)
18.00 – 23.00 Monday 30 July - Thursday 2 August (except 31July)
Tot Brill
Assistant Chief Executive
2012 and Special Projects
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Kensington Town Hall
Hornton Street
W8 7NX
Please don't print this message
Find out about London's Olympic Games in the Royal Borough at
Exhibition Road Show: London's most elegant festival on London's most elegant road


  1. Typical....cosying up to the Anstruthers.
    The Council should have paid for the use of the facilty, but there are loads of places they could have used-if they actually need to set up such a puerile 'pop up'. I wish Tot would 'pop off' to retirement!

  2. Tired Tory Councillor25 July 2012 at 16:24

    I would dearly love to know who has been invited to this 'by invitation only' bash at the expense of Council Taxpayers.

    A private club? At Council Taxpayers' expense? Disgraceful!

  3. Under worked and overpaid Councillors need stress relief. Cllrs Moylan, Holt and Lightfoot (and of course Buffy) would also appreciate a Thai massage

  4. Cockell never learn t the wisdom of stopping digging in his own hole. Having decided to pay Brill £150k to splurge £1,000,000 on Olympic follies in Exhibition Road he now endorses private frolics for his poodles AND their guests

    Rome burning? The Titanic sinking? If the pathetic Tory Councillors had more intelligence they would surely demand a higher price for their obedience?

  5. I wonder what Hammersmith and Westminster are spending on Olympic parties and entertainments? They of course do not have a folly like Exhibition Road to screw around in. Bit like Lady Docker's gold plated Daimler. Just the sort of vulgar woman that Cockell would have loved in his Cabinet

  6. Thank goodness for the Dame and her oceans of common sense and good breeding

  7. Lord Kensington25 July 2012 at 17:46

    I am honoured to be a gusts at the Anstruther party. It is a time for celebration and jollity.

  8. I am honoured to be a gusts at the Anstruther party. It is a time for celebration and jollity.

    Lets hope Kensington, you are not blown away in a gust. That would be even more 'dis-gusting' than being a gust of the dis-gusting Anstruther family!

  9. I think we should ensure that our favourite hard-working residents turn up at the appointed time to get their photo ID. They deserve it! Circulate this as far and wide as possible.

  10. Can a Gust be a creep? Dame can you ask him to let Totie have his address. So he can pick up the bill for the celebrations.

  11. Tot has been a waste of space since she arrived in K & C. She's going, but not nearly soon enough.

    Another day, another example of the Council's disrespect for residents and their money.

  12. Stand Up for Britain26 July 2012 at 09:08

    This photograph looks like Cllr Holt. It should be removed immediately. It does not reflect well on the Councillors tailor - one of our few well dressed representatives, it is a travesty to Savile Row

  13. Why worry? Cockell has turned the Royal Borough into a right royal laughing stock.

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