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Friday, 20 July 2012


 You could not make it up, as 'boy image' emailer and ex Mayor, disgraced Barry Phelps was prone to say.
It seems Cllr Sir 'Pooter' Cockell has thrown a tantrum and is not on 'speakers' with Mr Myers, our £260,000 a year Chief Executive. 
What has caused the rift?
Those following the Dame may remember Pooter-against the wishes of his saner colleagues-forced through the purchase of a personal number plated £110,000, 1200 HP Bentley limo, RBKC 1.
Fortunately, they stopped him having it finished in metallic gold....vulgar little chap!
Thanks to the Dame, Pooter was forbidden use of the car by bossman Myers....something he was prone to do-until stopped.
 With the Olympics looming, Pooter was anxious to be driven around to various VIP functions using the gas guzzling behemoth: in particular he was keen to sample the exclusive delights of the 'Zil Lanes'.  When he asked permission of Mr Myers to use the motor during the Olympics he was told, “get on the tube”.
Well done, Mr Myers, but let's hope Pooter doesn't get spiteful on the subject of your upcoming pay rise......


  1. K&C residents are facing the grave risk of more "troughing" by Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell, Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The dreadful man was determined to hang on for another year of Leadership (14 years is excessive and it has become a Dictatorship) so that he could ponce around for the Jubilee/ Olympic year. The great temptation, of course, is the Mayor's Bentley which the reptile loves being driven around in. All residents should be on the lookout and make sure to report unauthorized use to the Town Hall. The Leader of the council is not entitled to use the Bentley to puff up his ego - not even to save taxi fares

  2. The Dame is right to alert residents to the risk of more expenses abuse by Pooter Porter Cockell

  3. Would bloggers please stop confusing readers and refer to the Leader of K&C by his correct name. It is Mubarak

  4. Tired Tory Councillor20 July 2012 at 13:21

    Even Myers - who I have very mixed feelings about - travels between his various roles on a bicycle.

    Despite my reservations, this is quite stylish of him.

  5. In that case it would too much to ask Myers to do us all a favour and ask Pooter to 'get on his bike'?

  6. It is a little known fact that Pooter suffers from an affliction that makes it impossible for him to balance on a bike. If he tries, both fall over

  7. For the moment, Buffy Buckmaster (the Mayor of K&C this year) is a fan of the Hornet. Buffy is a person of extreme vanity and takes himself more seriously than he should do. He invited hundreds of friends and family to a party in the Town Hall (champagne, salmon, other treats and handsome young waiters) all at tax payers expense to celebrate his SECOND freebie as Mayor of K&C. The thought of anyone (even Mubarak) taking over the Bentley drives our boy into a fit of fury. So for the moment, scrutiny from the Dame is most welcome.

    Buffy of course is past his sell by date (a person comfortably into his 70's) but this will not save him from the expose that the Dame is working on. Watch this space

  8. Actually Sleuth not Buckmaster's family but the family and friends of his Mayoress and, embarrassingly, most of them came from Fulham!

  9. Dame. It is interesting that this attracts immediate comment but the article on the future health of West London attracts only modest comment and most of it on the merits of private healthcare. People are just so parochial.

  10. 'Prime Minister David Cameron is clearly keen to spread the message that he’ll be enjoying the Games along with everyone else and intends to travel to the Open Ceremony on the London Underground. He was quoted in the Telegraph as saying: "I will be using public transport and that is how I recommend (everyone) should travel. I now use the Tube, I drive my protection team mad in London by saying why on earth are we in the car, the Tube is quicker.'

  11. I think 9:22 to compare the Prime Minister with Pooter is misleading.
    Pooter is far better paid than the Prime Minister and with his deep knowledge of African affairs is amply qualified to lead our great country.
    It was cruel of The Dame to insist Mr Myers prohibit Pooter from using the Bentley

  12. Stand Up for Britain21 July 2012 at 10:22

    16.41, you seem surprised about the absence of comment about NHS changes. If you read the blurb you will see that it is not possible for the man in the street to understand what the bastards are recommending - the only thing that is clear is that it is a smokescreen to mask a further reduction of service.

    A typical example of the failure of the political class to communicate in clear terms. Instead they hide behind the mumbo jumbo of Officials.

    We vote these people in to look after our interests and to tell us how it is. They need to be the experts and make the right choice. If they feel the need to consult they should not hide behind black magic that nobody understands and then say "we consulted". It is a pox on democracy

    The consultation message is clear. "We cannot afford three hospitals and need to close one. We have selected Charring Cross. If you don't like it, then we can keep it open and increase council tax by 30% instead. What do you want?"

  13. Stand Up For Britain makes a fair point. But increasing council tax should be the last resort after all efficiencies and profligate spending have been abolished. £30 million for Exhibition Rd could build a new school or keep a hospital open.

    Think about it.

    And if the Leader of K&C stopped entertaining friends in New York on the tax payer, this would send out a signal from Cockell that local Government coffers in K&C are for funding public services and nothing else

    Think about that too.

  14. So if Charing Cross Hospital closes or effectively closes what happens to the money raised by this years Mayor's Charity that goes to Charing Cross Hospital?

  15. Buffy will find a home for it. He will love the opportunity to creep around and offer "a few quid that is going spare"

  16. No wonder why this country has such a deficit; rather than even think of closing any hospitals I would start with a complete reorganisation of the local government and slash the enormous number of people running it. It is so unnecessary, to be honest this day and age. I am coming to the conclusion that at least one tier of government could be axed completely. What with councillors, City Hall, MP's, Euro MP's and so it goes on and most of these people are totally ineffective and spend their time creating work and are of course on a good wedge. I would start by axing the councillors in RBK&C, yes the whole darn lot of them. I am sure Mr Myers could do a far better job without them; he is paid enough, well isn't he? As for the savings, no daft ideas such as extravagant street parties in Exhibition Road, no "free" propaganda council publications such as the Borer, no Bentleys and so it goes on; I am sure there would be hefty council tax rebate for everybody!


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