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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Another piece of Chelsea history is under severe threat. As usual it's us, the residents, who have to  fight tooth and nail to protect something we love and cherish as an old friend. 
The Dame has great affection for this well known local institution. How well she remembers those balmy, happy hours of her youth sipping her Dubonnet and Soda at the bar of Cross Keys....
Fortunately, the Council is behind residents over the threat by the ubiquitous Mr Bourne and family ..... However, is Cllr Ahern really putting his back into a stiff defence against these predatory developers? 
The Dame hears NOT! It would appear that an in-house planning officer will be pitting her wits against a formidable and powerful team being fielded by the developer. We know she is good, but it will be a tough call.
Doubtless Bourne and co have retained top planning 'silks' to get their way. In other words, our council is going in front of the Inspector with it's hands tied behind it's back. Come on, Cllr Ahern...Start to play  hardball and get a top planning 'silk' to defend the Cross Keys

The Dame congratulates campaigners for their powerful lobby to save the Cross Keys. She implores readers to go to the link and make your voices heard by signing the online petition. We cannot afford to lose this wonderful part of Chelsea life. Please click on the link Cross Keys Petition and tell these greedy developers to go jump in the Thames.....


  1. Congratulate Councillor Dez O'Neil who has been leading the way on this issue - pity the Labour group do not like him and are trying to get rid of him

  2. I can just imagine the Dame in the early '50's with her D&S and Players Tipped being the life and soul of the Cross Keys

  3. I agree it would be a huge shame if this were to go but if no-one can make a financial go of it as a pub, what other option is there ?

  4. But it can be made viable. Look at other local pubs.The Surprise is thriving. They just need entrepreneurial management

  5. Beware entrepreneurial pub management. Neighbours need to be able to sleep at night and the Council is used to turning a blind eye to this necessity of life

    Pubs in residential areas of K&C are a mixed blessing. Patrons snorting coke at midnight off the bonnets of Range Rovers, after a heavy night's drinking, is surprisingly common

    And pavement tables and chairs, plus the smokers driven outside by the smoking laws, can be a huge pain when the Chelsea set (the H Henries) get together and party - often after 11.00pm when it can take the low life at least half an hour to say their goodbyes and good nights and "Olly you look a $ million tonight"


  6. WASP obviously had another bad night

  7. what is the difference with the H Henries behaving badly in Chelsea and the residents behaving badly in North Kensington - not a lot

  8. It seems like the managers at RBKC are maliciously attempting to sabotage the great history of RBKC - of London - what has Boris got to say about this destruction of our culture and history, bloody disgraceful PUBLIC service from evil council leader who should be ejected forthwith, immediately is too late

  9. I think that this will be an excellent test of how the councillors respond to the wishes of the Residents. Over the years many public house and restaurants have disappeared to make way for commercial redevelopment which is why we should resist any more developments of this nature. The Cross Keys is no ordinary pub and deserves to be saved.

  10. Close the doors, I say.....

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. I am not surprised to know this

  13. Sorry error I meant to say there have been no complaints.
    This has always been a very well run and quiet pub. I can understand your frustration with other sorts

  14. I am surprised that there has not been more comments about the number of public houses which have closed in recent years. I can name a number, The Australian, Shuckburgh, Markham Arms and the Moore Arms along with a number of others. The Moore Arms had a pretty healthy local trade as I remember. The closure of the Chelsea Kitchen had serious consequences as it was a special place and was a hub where young and old met and enjoyed exchanging views. On the plus side, against the trend the Surprise re-opening is very welcome and I am pleased to say is doing well. I also understand that there are questions marks over the future of the Queens Head. I suspect, like the current fad of basement media room extensions, these applications are being made by people who are not established in Chelsea and see things purely in black and white. The Counsel needs to put a break on the closure of established businesses for short term gain.

  15. With property values, rents and rates moving upwards constantly, residents face two options for the failed Cross Keys business:

    (i) convert the pub to residential accommodation (there will be a good return)


    (ii) relaunch the pub to a high spending sector of the pub market. This means food, music, late night drunks, street fights and coke sniffing from the H Henries. Residents already had a taste of this from PUBLIC (£1,000 bottles of champagne and friends of Prince Harry). Residents had to close it down with the help of Hornton Street. And ugly owner Guy (Willy) Pelly went off in a huff muttering about public school haters and anti Royalists

  16. well done squatters


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