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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


 The Dame has just been sent this odd email from someone at Harrods. Craig does not exist. Craig(?) is clearly concerned that the Al Thani family are worried about the Middle East media. In Qatar there is one rule for the Al Thani family and another for everybody else. Tell us who you really are Craig and look at the latest Hornet!

Craig Winter

12:58 (6 hours ago)

to dameathome

I saw your blog of 4th July about the Harrods licence application.
In the interests of fairplay you ought to scrutinise the application a little more carefully instead of making assumptions.
Harrods already has a licence until 11.00 pm. !!!!!
They are NOT seeking to extend their hours at all.
If you read the application carefully you will see that all they are trying to do is to rearrange the internal layouts for their premises.
Stirring up needless and unhelpful objections with inaccurate information gives residents a bad name and will make them look stupid when their objections are received by the Council.

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  1. Sounds like Craig is a Harrods employee


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