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Friday, 6 July 2012


According to Cllr Marshall the application to sell alcohol could be acceptable if access to the store was via one door....what arrant nonsense! Residents want firm resistance from councillors-not this  kowtowing to the rich and powerful. Stop being a 'chicken' Cllr Marshall-Man Up and do your job. You have done nothing about the other issues around something about this.

His Excellency, The Ambassador

 H.E. Mr. Khalid Rashid Salem Al-Homoudi Al- Mansouri    
Qatar Embassy
1 South Audley Street
London W1K 1NB

5th July 2012

Your Excellency,

This local community website, circulating in Kensington & Chelsea, has greatly alarmed residents.Harrods Hell They are already very upset by the chaos caused by Harrods. This further development, if implemented, would be highly damaging to residents and adversely affect the good name of the Royal Family and the Government of Qatar. 

The store management has applied for an extended alcohol licence, together with a relaxation of other restrictions. If granted, the implications for the area would be very serious indeed.
I am sure you must share my surprise that Harrods' management would encourage late night drinking: it surely must run totally counter to the religious convictions of the Royal Family.

Your Excellency, we residents hope that you can persuade Harrods management to withdraw this application. They cannot possibly have thought through the damage such an application would have for the reputation of the Royal Family.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely

Dame Hornet on behalf  of local residents


  1. well done Dame

  2. Cllr Marshall is of course a very young man who is inexperienced in the ways of the world. There are times when "compromise" and the "balanced approach" are not appropriate. When low life tries it on they need a short sharp response. This is such a case. The Harrods proprietors need to taught that Brompton has standards that need to be upheld.

    So take the gloves off Quentin

  3. Residents are unfortunately pissing in the wind if they think that Marshall, Mosley and probably the new face on the block (Abbas) will be any use taking on the bazaar folk from Harrods

  4. Surely Cllr Abbas has a good sense about the Qatari mentality? Should he not be advising his colleagues about the best strategy to solve this problem?

  5. They would never allow this in Qatar so why should they inflict it upon us poor buggers

  6. If Cllr Abba has his wits about him, he should drop the Dame a line and give her the heads up on more ways to surround the reptiles. The Dame has already written a stern letter to the Qatari Ambassador and he should take note that his folk are bringing the Kingdom into disrepute

  7. Angry Resident6 July 2012 at 10:20

    Typical that the Polo player is suggesting a "one door" policy. Wake up Quintin - you are not dealing with gentlemen

  8. I would like to point out that Abbas H said he was going to tackle the super car issue....yeah yeah.
    Many of the complaints about the Harrods Effect are from Arab residents who are fed to the back teeth.

  9. The Ward Councillors have a big challenge on their hands. This is not a Pakistani Newspaper shop that we are talking about. Harrods is spread over two blocks in one direction and three blocks in the other. It is a supertanker that is out of control. And this has been allowed to happen by a complacent K&C council.

    The shop should be bench-marked against other London department stores. eg Peter Jones, John Lewis, Harvey Nics. There is no question that Harrods is a bad joke and needs to be reigned back.

    The unacceptable face of store keeping

  10. > I have just received the Licensing Applications your letter dated 29/05/2012, Case Ref. DPS/DC S/PP/12/01682, for EXTENDED HOURS FOR THE SALE OF ALCOHOL at the 2nd and 4th floor restaurants
    > Sir,this the umpteenth time Harrods has tried to apply for increasing the late opening hours of Harrods and in consequence the consumption of Alcohol at Harrods. There is no Department store in the country known to have opening hours till 11.oo and we are sure to hear from Harrods to extend that at a later application to follow.
    > As you are already aware Harrods Laduree Cafe has already destroyed the life of the residents because of the Council granting Harrods such License until 9 p.m. Beggars, Taxis, prostitutes, drug dealers, rickshaws,pickpockets, middle eastern fast cars, middle eastern men standing outside our doors and gardens smoking and eating with no respect to the neighbourhood . etc. etc. and now Harrods wants to extend the misery of the residents further on until 11p.m. this cannot be fair to the residents who pay their share in taxes to the Council plus the fact this is also a residential and a conservation area and not HarrodsBorough.
    > Your experiment in giving license to Harvy Nichols has only made a russian brothel out of their top floor bar and restaurant and certainly that is what is going to happen at Harrods.
    > The whole application raises eyebrows when the Qatari Royal family FORBIDS alcohol in their country and yet the first thing they do with Harrods is to try and change it to the TROCADERO of Knightsbridge. WHAT hypocrisy! Many residents have already written to the Qatari Ambassador requesting an explanation.
    > Should permission be granted, we feel this could lead to yet an increase in both crime and anti-social behaviour which it would not be appropriate, within a residential area. The area is already suffering from the permission given to set up Laduree and not mention Cafe Rouge (which they have never stuck to their Closing hour licence) on the corner of Hans Road and Basil Street.
    > We kindly ask you to refuse such a permission and continue to support your residents and stop Harrods attempts to degrade Knightsbridge.

    Farih Tabbah
    1 Walton Place,
    Residents First

  11. Good stuff Farih

  12. As far as I am concerned the people who represent the residents should be experienced and have a genuine interest in the problems which people face every day. It is clear to me that in a responsible borough the mere notion of a department store having a license until 11.00 would not have been considered. Late night shopping is bad enough but to encourage people to drink more than maybe they would otherwise do certainly not to be encouraged. I hear or read the name Harrods and the word bling comes to mind. I am also astounded with the irresponsible and selfish attitude of the Harrods management; so different to Peter Jones. Harrods used to be without doubt the finest department store in the country and a name linked with good English taste; now it is not even the best department store in the Royal Borough. I think that the owners should step in and set an example to others who put profit before the community. As for the councillors it all stems from the fact that too many of them are inexperienced, do not have the heart in the role and therefore have little or nothing to offer the Residents of the Royal Borough. I expect the councillor to do nothing but I believe that the Quatari owners will do the right thing and agree and go along with the wishes of the local residents.

  13. This action by Harrods would certainly impact the whole neighboring area negatively. The increased night activity would negatively affect the residential value enormously and certainly increase the crime, pollution and refuse problems. Knightsbridge was an elegant, sought after area but that is fast changing. Isn't there any political figure or group ready to stand up to Harrods?? Bonnie Cacavas, Basil Street

  14. It takes the Dame to prevent Harrods behaving anarchically. If we all remember last time they were up to tricks she stopped it. She is much more use than the silly little Brompton cllrs...boys trying to do a Dame's job. Long live the Dame!
    Hans Crescent Resident

  15. No surprise that the Brompton Councillors are playing the tune of Harrods and not their constituents. Same problem as them battling Boujis nightclub and anti-social behaviour there - they and/or their drinking buddies are patrons.

    Anyway Brompton, don't you know? You are a shopping centre and tourist attraction not a neighbourhood, silly little people.

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