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Monday, 9 July 2012

Justin Downes Tells Palmer To 'Move On'!

The Dame has been asked by Justin Downes to publish a letter he sent to
Cllr Matthew Palmer. It appears that in his determination to 'out' The Dame he has alighted on Mr Downes!
Anyway, The Dame is delighted to accede to Mr Downes' request. She hopes it will finally allow Cllr Palmer to concentrate on his proper job helping those who pay his allowance.  Back to work Palmer!

Dear Mr Palmer
I have just returned from abroad.

I understand in my absence you have been keen to discern what my relationship with Hornet's Nest might be. I am very happy to help you understand-if it relieves you of the need to waste any more of your valuable time searching.

A couple of years ago I decided that there was a need for a local online information source.
It's purpose was to provide residents- and others who might be interested, with the opportunity to gain as complete a picture as possible of the way the Council operates. Judging from the huge interest and following it was a need that required to be satisfied.

I am frankly surprised you did not know of my role-just about everybody else seems to! I am sure, as a democrat, you too can share my aspiration to ensure transparency....

As for the identity of the Dame....she is one and she is many! Various people adopt her persona when uploading material so it is not possible to be definitive as to her identity.

I hope this information is of some help. Of course, don't hesitate to ply me with any further questions if your curiosity is still in need of satisfaction


Justin Downes


  1. Silly Palmer, everyone knew this ages ago.

    Stop your sleuthing, you are an embarrassment.

  2. Oh JD always in the thick of controversy!! You should just stick to eating Sushi :)


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