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Sunday, 8 July 2012


Sevres style Hot Phone

Sunday morning is The Dame's 'Me Time.' It is when she relaxes with her fan mail-free of Rotten Borough worries.
So she was surprised when her 'hot line' from her old buddy Sir Cllr Pooter Cockell trilled.
Picking up the elegant faux Louis Quinze 'Sevres style creation' she heard an agitated, squeaky voice, “Dame, I need your urgent help”. 
It was Pooter, the great local government, £150k a year, 'entrepreneur'......
It appears the Hornet Street Dolt, aka Cllr Palmer, has been engaged in more sleuthing to trap the Hornet
According to a furious Pooter, the useless Palmer had sent out an email urging councillors who had never heard of the Hornet to go and take a look.....the very thing Pooter had been trying to avoid!!!!!
To make matters worse a deputation of councillors had demanded Pooter find the useless Palmer something to do.They said they are embarrassed by his weird and obsessional emails. One even suggested Palmer was secretly in love with The Dame and wanted a date!!
According to Pooter, there was no suitable job for Palmer in his council.
Rejecting Pooter's request the Dame pointed out that it was bad enough having one dolt working for her: she could not cope with two!


  1. Palmer in love with the Dame! I love it! But what would Mrs Palmer say?

  2. Never met her, but my guess is that she might be very relieved to have him spend less time at home.

  3. Considering his ability to take photographs of potential 'cracks' in Pooters control. Could this talent not be diverted to monitoring the cracking of the started with the Hammersmith Flyover now junctions around Heathrow.

    Before we know it he would reach Wales, fresh air, greenery, mountains and an unusual language might be just what's needed.

  4. Everyone knows that Councillor Palmer has an obsession about the Dame.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The Dame has asked 'Doc' Tannock, our local 'shrink', shale gas entrepreneur....oh and MEP to take a look at Cllr Palmer.
    His obsession with the Dame is now a cause of acute embarrassment and requires the services of the good Doc to stabilise Cllr P's condition

  7. I see that Palmer's clever ploy to help the Dame meet more fans has worked judging by the uplift in Hornet views

  8. Tired Tory Councillor9 July 2012 at 10:15

    I heard Palmer was found another sleuthing job to do, it kept him occupied for quite some time.

    The response came back loud and clear however, sit down this may be a shock to some: THE POPE IS INDEED CATHOLIC.


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