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Monday, 30 July 2012

Another Time Extension: Please Object

Not to be outdone by their next door neighbour-The History Studios, the Area Cafe have also decided to extend the time they can place tables and chairs on the Brompton Rd pavement.
Historically, the cafe has been allowed to place tables and chairs from 7.30am to 10.30pm, Monday to Sunday. They have now applied to extend that time until 11.00pm. As far as residents are concerned it is the beginning of a slippery slope. 
Once this precedent is set it won't be long before  other cafes and restaurants try to extend hours.
Anyone visiting Edgware Rd can see what could happen to Brompton Rd.
It would be unfair to impute bad motives for putting in these sorts of contentious applications during holiday periods, but one has to wonder..... 
You have until the 15th August to write to  Council objecting to the is the lady you should email.
If we don't object Brompton Rd cafes will all end up like this...



  1. Stand Up For Britain31 July 2012 at 08:36

    This Council (K&C) lacks a balanced approach to preserving the quality of life in our Borough. Mubarak & Co are quick to fork out £30 million to "do up" Exhibition Road, splurging tax payers money, but they are not interested at all in the long hard effort required to maintian our streets to the standards which we expect.

    Edgware Road is a terrible example of what happens to a good British street when all manner of nonsense is allowed to take place.

    It seems that Brompton Road is about to follow this terrifying example. What are the Ward Councillors doing to stop this? What is the Cabinet Member for Planning doing to prevent this? What is the Cabinet Member for Civil Society doing to prevent this?

    Cllrs Marshall, Mosley, Bark, Ahern and Fielding-Mellen, pull your fingers out!

  2. As usual, the Dame has put K&C residents on notice of another terrible slide that has started in our quality of life. We need to "save Brompton Road".

    Are out Councillors up for it? Residents need to know......

  3. Save Brompton Road from the infidels

  4. This nonsense is taking place under the nose of Pooter and his useless poodles. They all need a firecracker up their backsides

  5. Cllr Holt is a well dressed twilight gent. Is it possible that residents could rely on him to stoke up a few fires and stop this decline in our Borough?

  6. Holy shit. The picture of the nerd smoking dope says it all. Are K&C Councillors and officers prepared to allow this to happen in the Royal Borough?


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