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Tuesday, 10 July 2012



Economists like to talk balls whilst they waste your money....
Diminutive, bewigged Warwick Lightfoot is no exception. He wants to 'celebrate' wasting £1million of our hard earned tax on a frivolity. Silly little fellow! 

Mark Blunden The Standard

Charities for blind people and residents today attacked council bosses for staging a £1 million festival to attract Olympic visitors to Kensington’s “shared space” road.
They claim that Tory-run Kensington and Chelsea council’s plans for its “art, music, science, literature and acrobatic” event in Exhibition Road, home to the Science Museum, is a waste of money.
Blind campaigners said it should have been spent on safety measures for the road, which has no kerbs or traditional road markings after a £29 million refurbishment.( The world's most expensive road)
Jill Allen-King, who designed “tactile” blistered paving for blind people, said: “It’s disgraceful, the council won’t even install a pedestrian crossing.
The council has also admitted that the “road will be closed for extensive periods” during the nine-day festival which begins on July 28 and will feature music, a “pop-up ballroom”, bars, science shows and parades.
A residents association claims the roadshow will cause “massive noise and nuisance”.
Warwick Lightfoot, the council’s cabinet member for finance, said the event offered “value for money”.( a bit like the road eh,Warwick?)
We’ve got one of the greatest concentrations of scientific scholarship. We wanted to celebrate the Olympics and show people this part of London( what the hell has this to do with wasting our money)


  1. Cllr Lightfoot did a short stint at the Treasury as a political adviser for the Tories and was considered "unsound" by Officials. He does not seem to have worked since then and therefore has the time to "dabble" in Hornton Street. To the huge cost of K&C residents.

    A report is expected in November this year about the future funding arrangements of Holland Park Opera. Lets see what birdbrain Lightfoot makes of that.....

    Chelsea Care 2 is on the cards.

  2. There is very little sunshine in Warwick's life other than a cat in North Kensington. Therefore he loses control when fripperies like "magic stages" are promised in Exhibition Road. Cost is not an issue since there are so many £ millions of overtaxing in the Bank of K&C. And Warwick wants his moment of fame in Jubilee Year. His mate "Buffy" got the Mayor's robes (and a free trip on the Pageant procession) so peer group pressure is putting huge stress on our boy

  3. Buffy got a ride on one of the Pageant boats and got all puffed up in his silk and lace. But he regretted it as soon as he stepped aboard - wind and rain he had gritted his teeth for but the staff were not smart and handsome at all and then there was the sea sickness!


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