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Thursday, 26 July 2012


The other day the Dame was asked what could possibly precipitate her retirement from the stress and strain of reporting on the sheer awfulness of the Rotten Borough and Pooter and pals.
With a sigh the Dame said, "when the excellent Cllr Coleridge becomes Leader, supported by Mr Holgate, as Chief Executive, I will retire to my little home in Portofino."
So come on Cllr Coleridge...we know you want the job as much as we want you to do it. You are perfectly capable of making a difference!



  1. This is of course typical of the wisdom of the Dame.
    Holgate is one of those very clever people who wear their cerebral abilities lightly. He is well respected-and even better...liked on all sides of the Council. Tim Coleridge is much better than he thinks he is. He could be just the emollient leader this council needs. He has the guts and is liked. His intentions are good and he is agent..unlike the awful social climbing Pooter

  2. What a great duo this would make, honest, intelligent, reliable, dedicated, hard working and above all care about this Borough and its residents. Come on Tim The Royal Borough needs you.

  3. If Tim Coleridge does not make his move a lot of people will become impatient with him. Come on Tim 20:59 is right

  4. £2m pissed away by the TMO - Who is responsible for the TMO

  5. K&C Leadership needs courage to reverse years of bad habits, abuse, and profligacy. This is a job for a "Cromwell". Cllrs Ahern and Coleridge have bottled out so many times from putting their names forward to challenge the Dictator, terrified no doubt by threats from the dreadful Mubarak, that they are properly labelled as dead sheep

  6. Cockell's self important attempt to hijack the Olympic Torch event in Holland Park speaks volumes about the decline of the Hornton Street regime. Anything, even Coleridge, would be a relief

  7. K&C is fortunate to have the services of Mr Holgate. Sound chap and a safe pair of hands. In a couple of years he will come into his own after the Tri Borough is abandoned as it inevitably will be. There is already a precedent in Yorkshire.......

  8. Coleridge? Probably the best that is currently available. But does he have the support of his colleagues? My straw poll says that not many are enthusiastic

  9. Stand Up For Britain27 July 2012 at 07:34

    You do not need to be an Einstein to Lead a local authority. Just quiet dignity, no Empire Building, and a competent Chief Executive

    Coleridge and Holgate could be the dream team

  10. This could be a dream team. What is certain is that without Coleridge the situation on the Lancaster West Estate would be far, far worse than it is.

  11. I is easy to being up TMO, but if there is one cllr with the courage to go against the corrupt grain of the Rotten Borough it is Tim Coleridge. He genuinely cares about the less fortunate and will help the Council regain respect.
    He compares very well against the two Oirishmen...'Boys'Moylan and Tim(Bertie) Ahern.

  12. The two Irish men are a disgrace to their nation, they should resign now along with Cockell. Three very very rotten apples.


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