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Sunday, 15 July 2012


Borough Commander Jason Gwillim and Sergeant David Bourne are putting up with no nonsense. The under 30's,  from the Middle East, who race their £500,000 plus super cars around Knightsbridge streets are facing a very effective police crack down 
Drivers, who have no idea how to behave in another country, are being sent a message that our laws cannot be flouted and that residents are fed to the back teeth with young Arab drivers racing-at deadly speed-around our streets. Were we to behave in the same way in their countries we would be locked up in an instant!
Interestingly, it is the long established Arab residents who are the angriest about their compatriots' behaviour!
The police are being very tough. If you don't have insurance, or a driving permit, your car will be immediately impounded. Last year the Met impounded cars to the value of £8 million! 
This tough action needs to continue...the surprise is that the embassies don't proact and assist. This arrogant disregard for residents
shows the contempt we are now held in.


  1. I saw the Police stopping cars in Basil St which is good news

  2. "flouted" Dame, please - not "flaunted".

  3. Stand Up For Britain15 July 2012 at 16:49

    Excellent news. The new Met Police Chief has a zero tolerance attitude to crime and we should be able ti rely on him to reverse some of the pathetic attitudes in Town Halls like K&C which have allowed horrible declines like "Horrids" and Edgware Road to happen.

    A clip around the ear for some of the ghastly Holland Park School pupils would not be a bad thing either.

  4. The Ward Councillors of Brompton Ward should be deeply ashamed of themselves. "Polo" Marshall has much to answer for and Cllr Mosley has been around long enough for us to expect an impact. The new boy, Cllr Assad, promised in his election literature to tackle the car lout problem and we are waiting to see some action.

    All of these Councillors should be interviewed by the Channel 4 TV programme about "Horrids". They, and the hopeless Cockell, need to be named and shamed

  5. The ghastly Cockell loves to shout about Exhibition Road - but not a word from him about the disgrace of Harrods and the absolute pit that the Council has allowed to develop around the site. So much for Town Planning, localism and democracy in K&C

    Off with his trousers......

  6. Kensington Resident15 July 2012 at 16:58

    UKIP needs to pay more attention to K&C. It is high time that the utterly useless MP Rifkin is sent off

  7. Well done to the Police for taking their cars from them, the more the better, they are a bunch of spoilt, arrogant brats.

  8. 16:16 is many decades since the Dame left her Swiss finishing school.
    The Dame's Assistant

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