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Wednesday, 8 July 2020


The Dame was recently at that pinnacle of global excellence, The Royal Marsden.

Talking to one of the brilliant young nurses she heard a heartbreaking story-one clearly unexceptional.

This highly skilled cancer nurse had to travel from her home in Finchley to Marsden Sutton on a daily basis.
How can anyone doing such physically and emotionally draining work manage a gruelling daily journey like this?

When Cllr Ian Henderson beat off Affinity Sutton he knew that Sutton Estate was perfect for accommodating key and critical medical staff.
Yet, he had to fight tooth and nail to maintain it as accommodation for those like the Dame's nurse friend.

We really need to focus on the important things....


A significant and opinion former and campaigner in North Kensington had this to say about Cllr Anne Cyron.
" I like her....she's bright, likeable and has worked well with campaign groups in  North Kensington-fact, the only lead member to do so."

That same opinion former seemed to obliquely suggest that Anne had a sufficiently strong base to be much more assertive....

Let's hope Cllr Cyron with her impressive business background, takes a long and hard look at the Community/Resident Engagement team who some say let her down badly. 
Well done, Cllr Cyron....keep up the excellent work.
Residents of Allen St? 
Cyron should be your 'go to' ward councillor. 

Monday, 6 July 2020


The Dame is a shameless old hussy with no compunction in stealing stuff from THINK LINK

What she has 'lifted' will be of particular interest to residents of Allen Street as they fight "The Doc" Quirk's planning recruits from Newham, Hackney and Lewisham.

This is what This is North Kensington has to say about 'the terrible trio;

"These days we have more suits  (senior staff) than ever before and also less accountability and transparency than ever before.
The RBKC  Leadership Team  (Cabinet) do keep telling us that there will be no regeneration – so why are they hiring so many suits who have cut their cloth in regeneration in other London urban areas then? Let’s look at three from Lambeth….
These suits do not come cheap: Sue Foster – now our Director of Planning and Place received a £90K “golden goodbye” from Lambeth before arriving here and Rachel Sharpe   – received £84K.  
Before she danced off to Lambeth, Rachel was  Head of Strategy and Regeneration at Southwark. 
But Rachel has itchy feet  and has recently walked off to  sunny Brighton"
You can read the full story HERE

Sunday, 5 July 2020


Doc Quirk, our bombastic CEO, is a man who likes his own way. When a neighbour tried to extend his Newham property the Doc and his wife, Katherine Kerswell,, ex CE of Newham Council, prescribed some nastily expensive legal medicine and got it stopped. HERE
It seems the Doc and his wife still have connections in Newham. 
Barry has appointed yet another East Ender to shake us all up. This time is Amanda Reid, ex Newham Planning head. 
There's no constancy under the reign of the Doc.
Doc and Mrs Quirk

Amanda from Newham!


Sue Foster, the new planning boss, clearly has contempt for residents-or at least for those in Lambeth/Hackney.
She might find that pushing residents of RBKC around is a different ball game.
Her bullying style has so infuriated residents that the Dame senses difficult days ahead..
The residents she is trying to kick around are a very different kettle of fish!
The Dame has plucked out this comment by someone who knows all about Sue's little tricks.
Sue? We are watching you! 
The residents around Allen St have the measure of you and your games......

"About Sue Foster while at borough same old tricks

Sue Foster’s Hackney Mafia forcing the eviction of Lambeth residents

Sue Foster, ‘place shaper’ extraordinaire, steamed through Hackney pushing out the locals and making space for the developers. 

At the moment she’s in Lambeth and it’s a re-run of her Hackney gentrification process.

She’s recently brought in Simon Matthews, ex-Hackney councillor and dodgy hatchet man. 

Try and negotiate to buy your home and you have to deal with Foster & Matthews concocting inflated prices out of thin air: the borough valuers don’t get a look in. 
The situation is mind-bogglingly filthy.

Lambeth’s councillors are generally too gutless to stand up against this onslaught, and if they do try and make a stand then they get deselected… witness Helen O’Malley’s disgusting treatment at the hands of the Clapham Town Labour Party.

They seem to want to keep Lambeth residents in check; ghettoise the low waged, free up street properties for developers, landlords and speculators....and they want everyone to toe some invisible line.

Lib Peck, pull yourself together.

What is Sue Foster’s agenda? 

What was she asked to do? Who asked her to do it?

What line does Clapham Town Labour Party, toe?

Bottom line… where is the money going?

Say goodbye to democracy, or protest against the betrayal of ordinary Lambeth residents by a Lambeth council that’s slavishly enthralled to some ‘behind-the-scenes’ corporate interests."

Saturday, 4 July 2020


Is it just the Dame?
Every time Johnson or one of his hopeless sidekicks-Jenrick/Shapps/Hancock-open their mouths it's to tell us to behave or we will be sent back into isolation.

Treating us like children

Conservatives are supposed to be the party that encourages individual responsibility. 
Having these clowns threateningly tell us to behave is really quite humiliating. 

Treating the British people as if they are infants is not a good look.



The Dame often feels she needs a 'social alchemist' in her little Hermes 'toolbox'.
Having your own personal 'social alchemist' is now all the rage.
In fact, Bimbo Hart in his efforts with RBKC's planners has let loose his own 'social alchemist' on them.
Cascade PR are retained by Hart to bluff residents into believing that the new development plan has support by cynically using the support for the previous and acceptable plan. 
Is this the sort of dishonest duplicity that Cascade's Petronella considers socially responsible? 
The Dame thinks it's 'socially reprehensible'.

Friday, 3 July 2020


The Dame does make mistakes and when she does she is abject in her apologies. Sue Harris is head suit for Environment and Communities-not planning. 
This Sue was the idiot who gave the green light for the Carrabino piano legal fiasco. You can read about that waste HERE

To the left in every way in every way is Sue Foster who now runs RBKC planning. 

Sue has done well out of local government picking a close to £100k payoff funded by the poor bloody ratepayers of Lambeth.

We K&C folk must hope we don't get turned over!

Sue must be a bit overwhelmed having to deal with highly educated and articulate Kensington folk.
Sue, coming from Hackney and Lambeth is probably used to getting her own way: she might find life not so easy doing battle with residents living near Avon House.

Foster seems to think she can just ignore residents and steamroller the planning committee into granting permission for mysteriously rich Swiss-based 'Bimbo' Hart's disgusting redevelopment of Avon House in Allen St. 
To catch up readers to need to read THIS
But then why would Sue care? 
Like Bimbo she doesn't live in the Borough. Here' s what a resident had to say about Foster's ludicrous statement supporting Bimbo.

Dear Dame,

I am writing to you as a resident of Kensington who lives adjacent to Avon House, Allen Street. I read with great interest your 'expose' on Harry Bimbo Hart, a connected financial investor who is behind the redevelopment into an “ultra-luxury” care home. 

The Director of Planning has just released an addendum to their original report recommending the planning committee approve the proposal. Some of the statements in the report, however, are so very clearly biased that I feel the Director of Planning should be ashamed of herself. For reasons known only to herself she is deliberately misleading elected councillors.

For instance, 16 Allen Street have had their own surveyor assess the light impact which results in reduction in daylight distribution of 54.1% (down from 55.9% before the amendment of this current design). This is very significant and much more than the 20% BRE target value. 
Yet  her report then says “ Despite this conclusion from the neighbour's consultant, it is clear that the revised scheme has helped to reduce the impact upon 16 Allen Street in terms of loss of light. Nonetheless this impact would not so significant as to result in a harmful impact upon the living conditions of the occupiers of this property.”

It is wholly irrelevant if the revised scheme has “helped reduce the impact” when that impact is a very tiny improvement from 55.9% light reduction to 54.1%. 
How can a light reduction of this magnitude not be harmful? More than half the light in that room is gone. 
This is truly disingenuous...actually, it is a lie from a highly paid Council officer.

RBKC gave permission for a double basement for purposes of a neurological care centre. 
Yet now we read “The proposal includes two levels of basement accommodation, as established by an extant 2016 permission and in order for the care home to function successfully” 
So do care homes without a second basement not function successfully? 
Sue Foster must think the Planning Committee are idiotic to accept such a dimwitted claim!
This exception was for a specific medical purpose yet this purpose no longer exists. 

How RBKC can endorse this development when there are 127 objections to date with 20 support statements is truly astonishing especially when this care home will be an “ultra-luxury” care home. 

We all want the site to be used to good purpose and a thoughtfully designed care home to be operational. Yet an “ultra-luxury” care home developed by financial investor Melford Capital will not likely generate the benefit to our community which we all seek. I would strongly encourage RBKC planning to revisit their endorsement, consider their statement that a 50%+ daylight reduction is not harmful and respond to residents' emails. 
In other words, RBKC planning officers should do the job taxpayers pay them to do.

As per your previous article on this matter I now truly wonder what “pull” Harry “Bimbo” Hart has in RBKC and their planning department.



Click to Enlarge

This chart shows the extraordinary rapid build-up of senior-level council officers. It doesn't even touch upon the mid-ranking officers. 
This has all happened under Doc Quirk's watch. The Doc needs to take one of his scalpels to it! 
Oh, but I forget, he's not a real doc!
No wonder the council will soon come running to residents cap in hand for more dosh!
And, remember, our council is one of the UK's mini ones.....
Councillors, if on the side of residents, should never have allowed this outgrowth of non jobs at a time when the economy is in stall mode.

Sunday, 28 June 2020


In the absence of any worthwhile local paper there are just two ways residents can find out what goes on behind their backs.
There is the Dame's blog and there is This Is North Kensington. LINK
Both serve different audience: both are on the side of the angels!

With all this self-isolation Dame has been a bit slack of late but, despite that, her unique readership is now a daily 1000 plus and climbing.
Her ambition is to drive readership to a daily 2000 and beyond.

Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Saturday, 27 June 2020


Dear Dame, 

This THINK blog post on our council's  housing and homelessness  strategy is doing the rounds on social media.
You can read it HERE

Residents have until Sunday June the 28th to fill in the survey.

Please share this so other local residents can fill it in and ask why our council is not fully committed to ensuring that local residents get priority for council housing in the borough. 
The council is still dumping residents who have been here for years in Dagenham and Peterborough. 

A. Resident


The preferred John Simpson design
The Dame was about to do something on a planning team member with a very close relationship to Peter Bingle. 
Bingle is a friend of ex Cllr 'Danny Boys' Moylan and specialises in getting planning approvals on behalf of developer friends. 

The Dame decided to drop that for the moment and turn her attention to a couple of shadowy Swiss-based entrepreneurs. 
One goes by the name of Harry 'Bimbo' Hart and is the offspring of David Hart. 
Hart, liked to think he was some sort of James Bond and was enmeshed with the Tory Party of Margaret Thatcher's day. 
He was also a good friend of ex Kensington MP, Michael Portillo...
Hart Junior and his partner run over eighty companies from their Swiss eyrie and one of their assets, Avon House in Allen St is causing great distress amongst Kensington folk. 
Bizarre when you think Bimbo was once a Church Commissioner.

Like his papa, Bimbo likes to play around with Deep State about it HERE

This planning application has been a tortured process with the site changing hands and now part of Bimbo's Melford Capital LLP.  
Melford has now created KYN- an "ultra-luxury" care home provider with, so far, no one to care for! 

The building was given permission in 2016 for a double basement contrary to RBKC policy as it was meant to include a neurological care centre. While the developers dropped this plan they still want to build this double basement despite this being a conservation area

Nearby residents have been misled on so many fronts by Bimbo and his friends and have very little confidence in the planning process and the committee. 
The planning officer, Sarah Gentry, seems well out of her depth.
The developers' PR company ran a public consultation based on a design by John Simpson Architects which gained good support. 
The design was then changed completely, adding significant mass with a new architect whilst claiming support from the consultation. 
The impact on light was assessed by their surveyors yet includes no overshadowing analysis. 
Any planning officer would have picked up on this and many residents will now have significant light reduction.
The revised proposal is for a massive monstrosity of a building quite unsuited to the area.

There are multiple issues with this scheme yet RBKC seems over-willing to help the Bimbo Hart and his partner: we have to ask why?
Residents have no objection to the redevelopment of the site into a care home with a single basement (unless there is a good reason for double basement) and in keeping with the environment. 
But an ultra-luxury care home for the profit of a politically connected and mysterious Swiss-based financial investor which will negatively affect many residents and stakeholders is not acceptable.

Friday, 26 June 2020


Cllr Elnaghi will be Charing the new Adult Health and Social Care Committee on July 2nd .
Councillor Elnagi has never been to an Adult Health and Social Care Committee!

Should be an interesting watch ......


Cllr Ian Henderson is perceived by all councillors as level headed and effective. 
This is especially true on matters relating to housing so it came as a surprise to all that he and Cllr Press had been relegated to the backbenches and kicked off the Housing and Planning committees
What extraordinary folly at a time when all focus should have been on a Labour response to RBKC Housing SPD-the most important housing document since Grenfell.
When the chair of the Housing Committee, Cllr Kasmin Ali was asked by a resident about the document he replied, "I will get my committee to look at it". 
He must have been embarrassed when told by the questioner that it was now statute in RBKC

Ali, one-time adviser to a Somalian president, waffled on in his election address,“housing is the top of everything, housing fit for human habitation.” 

What a bullshitter!

There was a similar lack of reaction from Cllr Bahktiar, Labour spokesman on planning( though in his case there were extenuating circumstances) or indeed from any other members of the planning committee...Emma Dent Coad, Sina Lari or Kasmin Ali



A PM & a soft porn publisher

Here's our PM with the one time publisher of soft porn Asian Babes, Richard Desmond. 'Dirty Dick' is currently involved in an email relationship with Boris's other friend and Cabinet colleague, the seedy-looking and hapless, Robert Jenrick- and it's all about money. With people like Jenrick, it always is.
Mr & Mrs Jenrick

Jenrick is a 'person of interest' for residents of Notting Hill. 
He has just shattered their dream of defeating the developers of the monstrous Newcombe House.
You can read the bad news HERE

The Jenricks had their own little planning issue but unlike the residents of Notting Hill got it sorted to their great advantage HERE

Going way back to the Darius Guppy saga it's very clear our PM loves the company of very dodgy friends.

Thursday, 25 June 2020


Hawkins Brown and Studio Egret West have won an international competition to replace Farrells as master planners of the vast Earls Court redevelopment project.
The 25-acre (10ha) site changed hands in December last year and the project was taken back to the drawing board.
New owners Delancey and Dutch pension fund manager APG said they want to almost double the size of the site to 40 acres.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020


A Chelsea 'Front Room'

The Council's gruesome efforts to appear 'edgy' and 'street' so as to appeal to the North of the Borough just make it look one is taken in for a moment.

It's as an unattractive as the 90 year old Dame wearing leather 'hotpants'

We have had Dizzy Lizzie looking terribly serious as she pontificates on Black Lives Matter.....

Now we have 'Cultural Supremo' Cllr Emma Will using taxpayer's dough to bring Notting Hill Carnival(sans the knifings etc) into our 'front rooms' as she quaintly calls them!

It's all the fault of Doc Quirk and his PR chappie who are both very Sarf East London and don't 'get' our grand ways!

RBKC’s culture supremo, Cllr Emma Will, said: “Kensington and Chelsea Council is committed in(sic?) giving logistical and financial support to turn alternative plans for carnival this year into reality. There is no reason why we cannot all bring the true spirit of Carnival into our own front rooms.”
Cllr Will in her Chelsea 'Front Room'

The Dame being an old parvenu snob cannot believe Emma has a 'front room'
The Dame is sure her old friend, Emma Dent Coad doesn't have one of these 'front rooms'!

What on earth could it be? We should be told.
The council’s director of public health, Houda Al Shariff, added: “Many events around the UK have found a digital or ‘own home’ alternative – it won’t be the same of course, but a Carnival in our own living rooms is something I would support.”
And what on earth has this to do with you, Mr Al Shariff? 
Get on with your work.


The Dame was looking for an accounts chappie to run her complicated financial affairs when up on Linked In popped Cllr David Lindsay.

Talk about using the Council to blow one's own dented and tarnished trumpet! 
According to Cllr Lindsay, the supposed cultural sea change post the Grenfell tragedy was more or less down to him!
One resident in the north countered his self promoting garbage by saying, " worse chairman ever; barked at and upset traumatised residents at last summer's admin meeting.
Oh, and what cultural change exactly do you claim responsibility for?"

The Dame decided not to shortlist this blowhard for the £350k a year position.

Click to be amazed!

Monday, 22 June 2020


click to enlarge

An Irritated and overtaxed resident has sent the Dame a letter from a Mr Stephen Brown who describes himself as Director for Public Protection. 
Mr xxxxxx always thought that it was the police who provided public protection: it seems the Council has usurped the role!
When will local government learn to stop inventing non jobs.
They moan about not having enough council tax revenue yet always seem to find money for pointless jobs of which this is one.


The Royal Borough has had some colourful and dodgy leaders but none so rogueish as Nicholas Freeman- a name memorialised by his sycophantic followers with a civic award and the Freeman Suite at the Town Hall.


Freeman was an oddball in many ways.
In today's more censorious climate he would probably be the subject of police interest....but the past is schmarst .....


Our Town Hall owes its hideous genesis to Freeman’s criminal act in wrecking the beautiful Victorian Italianate old Town Hall just days before it was to be listed.

Today, he would have been detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for such vandalism.
The site blood money allowed him to commission Sir Basil Spence to build that blot on the landscape....the Town Hall!
The brutalist windswept Town Hall sits inelegantly in the midst of historic and elegant Kensington. 
Ironically today’s Planning Department would have politely rejected it as ‘contextually inappropriate’ or, in layman’s language, ‘sticking out like a sore thumb’.

What has been noticeable in the days of the pandemic is how successfully the Council staff have coped with home working.
That begs the question as to whether we actually now need this waste of space.?
The Town Hall sits on a site of around four acres so in value terms...multi-billion pound
Let’s do a Nicholas Freeman and send in the wrecking ball and flatten this monument to the rotter’s ego and let the land be developed to provide much-needed housing – low cost and social. 
One of the Dame's good friends suggest a new utilitarian Town Hall.

How about near Grenfell Tower as a permanent reminder of what happens when petty little councillors get too big for their boots and forget who empowers them.

Sunday, 21 June 2020


It was a proud moment for The Dame when she heard her ruthless campaign against the one time leader of K&C had cost him a much lusted after peerage. 
When the Dame found out about Sir 'Pooter' Cockell's extraordinarily greedy expense claiming she used every cunning artifice to ensure the gentlemen of the press exposed him. The net result was that Pooter got a K  and no chance of perching his fat behind on the red leather benches of 'not the other place' with its £370 a day tax free. 
Pooter was one of local government's true 'entrepreneurs' gathering as many profitable sinecures as he could...not bad for a man with no education but a great streak of opportunism.
One of Pooter's great mates is the spherical Bob Neill, MP. They used to work together: the Dame is too indolent to find out if they still do. 
She hopes Pooter will be lending moral support to Bob as the Parliamentary Watchdog looks at some of Bob's very Kentish extramural activities...
"A former Conservative planning minister is under investigation by the Parliamentary watchdog for failing to declare his links to companies behind a luxury hotel development in his constituency, the Telegraph can reveal.
Sir Bob Neill did not disclose he was a paid consultant for a company involved in the planning application in a letter urging the council to approve it.
The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards launched the investigation in May after receiving a complaint about Sir Bob’s role in securing permission for the Royal Bell hotel redevelopment in Bromley, Kent."

Thursday, 18 June 2020


It seems that the Council has come to its senses....
But why are outsiders giving advice on what is good for Chelsea?
Most odd....

The Chelsea Society

RBKC has now decided to appoint a nominee of The Chelsea Society and a nominee of The Kensington Society to the Quality Review Panel to provide advice on new buildings and major alterations in the Borough.
This is a welcome development, which resulted from expressions of surprise and concern by both Societies at the lack of transparency and consultation by the Council in making appointments to the Panel.
RBKC responded by requesting a meeting on Zoom with The Chelsea Society, which was held on 11th June. It was attended by 41 people including the Leader of the Council, Cllr. Elizabeth Campbell,  the Lead-member for Planning, Cllr. Thalassites, and four other Councillors.
The Chelsea Society’s position is that a Panel established to advise the Council on architecture will, of course, have regard to the well-established principles of architecture applicable anywhere, but Chelsea is a special place, and we considered that the membership of the Panel was too heavily weighted toward architects.  We have had occasion more than once to express the view that a design proposed by an architect which might be an adornment to some other place, is quite wrong in Chelsea.
New buildings and major alterations will have a visual impact on Chelsea for many decades, and we are still living with some bad examples which the Council has permitted over the years. The greatest care is, therefore, necessary to ensure that their appearance is right not only for Chelsea but for the particular place in Chelsea where they are located.  This requires a “feel” for Chelsea which people who do not live in Chelsea cannot be expected to have, and it was for the very purpose of assisting the local authority on these matters that The Chelsea Society was established 93 years ago.
We were very concerned about the complete lack of any local representation on the panel. While it seemed to contain a good mix of skills, it is noteworthy that none of the members was based in the Royal Borough – they seem concentrated in Camden or Boroughs south of the river.
We noted that on the Hammersmith and Fulham Panel there are not only a number of local architects both large and small but also representatives of the Hammersmith and Fulham Societies.
The Chelsea Society considered that it should have been invited to nominate a member of the Panel when it was established, but we were not even consulted.  This implied a lack of respect for the Society and the thousand residents of Chelsea whom it represents. We did not think that the Coronavirus could be accepted as a reason for this, for if there was time to consider establishing the Panel at all, there was time to consult with the Society.

We did not find it acceptable that the matter might have been considered in a review of the Panel in September, whether or not the Panel had applications to consider in the meantime.

We gained the impression during the Zoom conference that Cllr. Thalassites thinks of the two great Amenity Societies of the Borough as just residents’ associations.........