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Wednesday, 23 September 2020


Dear Dame

As you seem to have not much to fill your pages you may like this little joke.

Loyal Reader

Boris Johnson walks into a bank to cash a cheque. As he approaches the cashier he says, "Good morning Miss, could you please cash this cheque for me?"

Cashier: "It would be my pleasure. Could you please show me your ID?"

Johnson: "Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn't think there was any need to. I am Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister.

Cashier: "Yes, I know who you are, but with all the regulations and monitoring of the banks because of impostors and forgers and requirements of the legislation, etc I must insist on seeing ID."

Johnson: “Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am."

Cashier: "I am sorry, Mr Johnson, but these are the bank rules and I must follow them."

Johnson, "Come on please, I am begging you, please cash this cheque."

Cashier: "Look sir, here is an example of what we can do. One day, Tiger Woods came into the bank without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putter and made a beautiful shot across the bank into a cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods and cashed his cheque."

"Another time, Andre Agassi came in without ID. He pulled out his tennis racket and made a fabulous shot where the tennis ball landed in my cup. With that shot we cashed his cheque. So, Sir, what can you do to prove that it is you and only you?"

Johnson stands there thinking and thinking and finally says, "Honestly, my mind is a total blank...there is nothing that comes to my mind. I can't think of a single thing. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I don't have a clue."

Cashier: "Will that be large or small notes , Mr Johnson. ?....

Tuesday, 22 September 2020



When one of the duo of London's foremost restaurateurs speaks out about London we would be foolish not to listen. 

King and Corbyn have been associated with this great city for decades. King once said about running quality restaurants, "you have to know a little about everything". 

That same dictum applies to running London so why is that the best London can do is dredge up a couple of no-hopers like Khan and Bailey?

The other day, Jeremy King wrote a damning piece about the inaction on the part of Government and the Mayor in the face of the looming crisis for London. WISE WORDS

A pity it was not published by the Times rather than a freesheet.

Everyone who cares about the future of our city should read King's wise words and then ask why our choice is between a couple of nonentities like Bailey and Khan. 

Sunday, 20 September 2020


With not enough to do the H&C councillors have found new ways of interfering in the home lives of staff. 

If the Council is worried about the health of staff perhaps the porcine leader (above) can set an example by losing a few stones of fat.

Cowan? Time to hit the treadmill!

Perhaps the council will demand staff fit out their homes with video cameras so they can be spied on by their voyeuristic council leader.

Friday, 18 September 2020



Dear residents and friends of Brompton and Hans Town, 

There has been so much going on recently we thought a summary email would be helpful. 

South Kensington Tube station 

Native land and TFL submitted their applications for this development over the summer, one for listed building and one for planning permission PP/20/03216 and LB/20/03217 .
You can still comment, here is the council planning link:

Local residents, supported by councillors, our GLA member and the MP have mounted a formidable campaign against the development - SOS :


CARS - despite covid restrictions the so-called supercars were still menacing our streets in late spring and large crowds were turning out to watch. Following a Councillor led meeting with the police team the new sergeant Ganeshwaram Rasaratnam agreed to mount regular weekend patrols.  This has been very successful and residents have really noticed a difference. 

A big thank you to the ward police team for so much weekend and evening work. We have by no means solved the problem but we do at least feel we are making progress.

ACOUSTIC CAMERAS - in order to support the police presence and to provide a deterrent when the police are not there, we’ve been pursuing acoustic cameras. This is front line technology for the UK and we will be the first Council to have these cameras, which is very exciting. And news hot off the press - 2 go live NEXT WEEK! 

SCHOOL STREETS - The Council have been supporting schools to create a School Street -to help keep streets around schools safe, and to discourage parents driving on the school run and instead scoot, walk or cycle. It’s great for local air quality and health.

  • Knightsbridge School, where Pont Street will close between 7.45-9.15am and 3.15-4.45pm
  • Holy Trinity CofE Primary, where Cadogan Gardens will close between 8.45-9.15am and 3-3.40pm
  • Hill House School, where Hans Street will close between 8-9am and 4-6pm


Following a traffic monitoring survey, we have had meetings with residents to discuss possible solutions to the issues affecting the Ovingtons and the Egertons, and arranged for the police to meet with residents to discuss specific concerns in Egerton Gardens. Before any works take place a full consultation will be undertaken. 


Cadent Gas works have started their final phase of pipework on Knightsbridge, unfortunately, part of Sloane street needs to be be closed and traffic will be displaced. The good news is this is the last stretch in RBKC.

There is gridlock in much of Chelsea - due to TFL closing so many nearby bridges, and all the traffic is pushed onto Albert and Chelsea Bridge. 

In order to mitigate some of this chaos RBKC Council has decided to implement a road works embargo on new works in the Chelsea area.

OUTSIDE DINING - you may have noticed some pay&display bays taken up by local restaurants, and even a cafe on Sloane Square! We're doing all we can to support local businesses after such a challenging year, and we are always seeking to balance this with residents amenity. Some of the parking bay schemes will stop end of October. 

And please do let us know your views on how you think the temporary closure of Bute Street has been?


EMAIL UPDATES please sign up for Council information, (see email footer) which has all the latest Covid news and figures affecting us locally. 

And finally a big Thank you to Local RAs and Societies - many of you are already part of a local Residents Association, or either the Chelsea Society, the Kensington Society or the Knightsbridge Association, they do excellent work on lobbying on residents behalf and keeping us all informed of local issues, I have just read the recent newsletters and always learn something new, thank you. And if you are reading this and not part of one, do check them out.

We hope to see you soon, but until then, please do keep in touch. 

Thursday, 17 September 2020



Dear Dame,

May I remind those roaring on about the Government's negotiating position with the EU may I remind readers what President de Gaulle had to say about treaties.

“Les traités sont comme les roses et les jeunes filles:  ça dure que ça dure.”

(“Treaties are like young girls and roses:  they last as long as they last.”)

Throughout history, nations such as France, Germany, Russia, Britain and the United States have broken or abrogated treaties when their leaders and/or parliaments have judged that it was imperative for their national interest to do so.  

So let’s have no fainting fits, or virtue-signalling hypocrisy, on this important matter.

Yours ever,

'one who knows'

Wednesday, 9 September 2020


 Dear Resident


Just as you thought we had won the argument - the two towers and 9 storey slab block are back on the agenda.


Although the Mayor’s approval of the outrageous plans to more than double the volume of the site of the Cromwell Road Holiday Inn was quashed by judicial review, the application has reappeared and will be decided at a new mayoral hearing in City Hall on the 22nd October.


This time the hearing will be determined by the deputy mayor Jules Pipe.  Will that make any difference to the result?  We doubt it!


Last time round we raised 900 written objections to the proposals.  Once again we are calling for your support.  Please write by 11th September 2020 to:


While you can of course repeat your comments of last time round, we would like to suggest that you consider the following:

·         Oppressive bulk & mass:  the increased height of the slab block on which the two towers will sit, from seven to nine storeys (most surrounding buildings are generally four to five storeys) with a children’s playground sitting at roof level on top of the ninth floor, crushing the surrounding buildings and dominating the site and distant views.

·         Affordable housing: this increase is to accommodate 62 affordable housing units – an increase from the original 46.  RBKC has since approved plans for 600 new homes on council owned land. At least 300 are planned to be at social rent and 97 of which are to start this year.   This site is inappropriate and the playground provision inadequate and wholly unsuitable.

·         Unnecessary additional hotel rooms:  according to the GLA’s own forecast the borough’s total need for extra hotel rooms was to be 150 by 2041.  A recently approved site in Notting Hill Gate is for 175; the Harrington Hall hotel, currently undergoing refurbishment, will have 200 rooms.  There will be more than enough hotel accommodation without the net increase of 183 proposed in this development.

·         London Plan and Local Plan:  This development contravened large key parts of the London Plan and the Local Plan.  Recent revisions to these two plans have not in any way increased this development’s viability.

·         Economic activity: the projections for increased employment, servicing the proposed development are vague and possibly unrealistic given anecdotal evidence.

·         Historic England’s Advice Note 4: Tall Buildings issued in May this year states that the redevelopment of such sites should take the opportunity to produce a less harmful development.  

This proposal is  certainly not that.  

The taller of the two towers, at 102m will be 12 metres taller than the existing tower.  

The second tower at 76m would be 3m less than the current one.

·         Changes in the economic climate in 2020 have had a dramatic effect world wide  - will large event facilities for hundreds of delegates with a luxury spa, gym etc ever be really necessary again?

·         Huge increase in density:  this is one of the most densely populated corners of the capital  -  do we really need over 300 more ‘serviced apartments’ making use of our already overstretched utilities?


Objections need to relate primarily to the revisions to the original failed application but that does not preclude you from commenting on the scheme as a whole. The economic environment has dramatically changed in 2020 which renders the rationale for a huge increase in floor space impotent.


If you need any further information or help in writing do please contact us.

Thank you if you have already written in response to this new call-in.


With very best wishes


Friederike Maeda, Chairman ACGRA

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


The Dame's attention was drawn to part of the letter below in red and is mystified....

There have been 137 objections to the Avon House development and just 12 in support. Chintzy designer, Chelsea based designer, Nina Campbell put in 2  of those which mysteriously have been counted 3 x times.

So, what's in it for Miss Campbell? Are the rumours correct that her friendship with Bimbo's raffish father got her the Avon House contract? If that's the case her arrogance in the face of a very clear conflict of interest sums up the general attitude of Bimbo and his supporters. Tell us the truth, Miss Campbell. Is money what's driving your support?

Dear Dame,

You will recall the saga around the planning application for Avon House in Allen Street. Switzerland-based Bimbo Hart, son of Thatcher’s fixer Charlie Hart and property investor extraordinaire. For years, Bimbo, has tried to redevelop the derelict care home by building an overmassed atrocity double the size. 
Despite 137 objections from residents, the local MP and the Kensington Society 'our' RBKC planners continue to be extremely eager to please Bimbo. Why?

We now have a new actor who feels she needs to lend Bimbo a hand. Socialite interior designer Nina Campbell has lodged three statements of support for the proposed development. 
That should not come as a surprise as not only is she set to make a lot of money by providing the interior design but helping the Sloane Square set can be beneficial for other such projects.

RBKC planning officers seem to have been so impressed by her support statements that they uploaded the exact same one twice and count it twice. 
It seems utterly inappropriate that Ms Campbell who does not live anywhere close and is clearly conflicted should take it upon herself to send in her support, and that twice which was actually counted three times! As some residents also picked up there were 12 very similar statements of support all submitted within a 2 hour window. How very interesting that residents decide to support the project all 10 minutes apart from each other one Friday morning. 

In the meantime RBKC’s Director for Planning and Place continues eager to support the project by reversing and ignoring conditions RBKC had stipulated of the developers previously. 
Can the close to £500,000 in contributions from the developers to “local infrastructure” improvements have anything to do with this eagerness? 

Let’s see if Committee Chair Councillor Husband and the other Committee members will finally do the right thing and throw this application out; that should have happened a long time ago as the Kensington Society has already said. Councillors, over to you....


Left: Baptista

Dear Dame

Last month you mentioned in passing (3rd July, "The Dame Has Erred”) that Sue Harris was “…..the idiot who gave the green light for the Carrabino piano legal fiasco”.

If Sue Harris was “the idiot” she was not the only one, and this was no ordinary legal dispute.

The piano fiasco story goes beyond Ms Harris’s pay grade and includes councillor involvement, officer impropriety, hiding of evidence, cronyism, favours for friends etc. RBKC continues to strenuously hide the truth and to protect the councillors and officers involved. Cllr Elizabeth Campbell’s promises of transparency are hollow.

254 email accounts were involved in the dispute, but only one name on that list has been disclosed - former councillor Tim Ahern. Cllr Ahern wrote (in the one unredacted email disclosed in response to a FOI request) that he had his “fingers crossed” RBKC would triumph in the High Court appeal proceedings, an appeal intended to ensure that the Carrabino children’s right to play the piano at home would be severely curtailed, and that Mr and Mrs Carrabino would be subjected to potentially ruinous legal costs to defend the original court judgment. It seems a strange position to take for a councillor who is elected by residents to serve residents, not the council, and whose duty it is to be impartial in neighbour disputes.

But Cllr Ahern was not alone - other councillors, names redacted, were also involved. Their names and the other names of the remaining 253 email accounts are vigorously being kept secret by RBKC. It seems almost certain that these 253 email accounts extend beyond RBKC and that RBKC is protecting somebody, or several people. The complainant in the dispute, Mr Baptista, was on the Board of Trustees of the V&A Museum at the time of the dispute, with former Cllr Coleridge’s brother, Nicholas Coleridge, holding the Chair. The enthusiasm with which RBKC leadership embraced Mr Baptista’s side in the dispute looks very much like mobilisation of “the old boys’ network”. Even rumours that swirl around the borough of Tory councillors’ membership of the secretive Freemasons don’t seem so far-fetched when looking at the zeal with which RBKC involved itself in this dispute on the well-connected Mr Baptista’s behalf. And just as quickly they dropped it following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Meanwhile, lower down the RBKC totem pole the "piano fiasco" also exposed a stench of something rotten within the environmental health department.

It is a well-known fact that environmental health officers destroyed acoustic recordings they had taken of the piano playing. What has only recently been disclosed is that senior officers also ignored and then hid other evidence that would have undermined their case in the litigation proceedings. This evidence from other RBKC noise nuisance officers was kept secret until March this year. It is now known that these other officers said explicitly the piano playing was not a nuisance. So why did Tim Davis and his team ignore, and then hide, this evidence? Why did they want so badly to prosecute this unwinnable case?

Or were these senior officers under some pressure from above?

And RBKC did not want to stop after they lost in the Magistrates’ Court. The senior noise nuisance officer, Keith Mehaffy, was so devoted to the cause alongside Mr and Mrs Baptista, he paid them a private undocumented visit at the time RBKC appointed a high-priced QC to lead an appeal to the High Court on the Baptistas’ behalf, at taxpayer expense. RBKC has no official record or logs of Mr Mehaffy’s visit, but Mr Mehaffy was witnessed and recorded by a resident and so when he was asked about this visit he acknowledged it took place. His explanation was that he had been collecting acoustic recording evidence for the High Court appeal, although a FOI request disclosed that none of the RBKC acoustic recording devices was logged as being in the Baptistas’ home at the time. (Also, the appeal was by way of case stated, ie. on points of law only so new evidence would not have been relevant).

And it has only recently been disclosed that Cllr Tim Ahern had his fingers crossed for RBKC acting as agent for the Baptistas!

It remains a mystery what lay behind the three-year-long dispute on one resident’s behalf, what mobilised RBKC at its highest levels and possibly beyond and their willingness to squander a reported £250,000 on one unyielding resident’s behalf. Idiocy alone does not explain the full story. Information requests continue to be vigorously fought, none more intriguing at the moment than the request for information about the remaining 253 email accounts involved in the dispute.

Other elected officials were involved in this and RBKC’s refusal to disclose their names is untenable.

Disgusted Resident

Sunday, 30 August 2020



South Kensington Station Development
TfL and Native Land have submitted applications (planning and listed building) for the redevelopment of the surrounding buildings at the South Kensington Station. The overall assessment is the proposal is over-development and harmful to the character of the area all of which outweighs supposed benefits especially without fully step free access.
We ask that you join us and the other resident’s associations in objecting.
The key issues:
  • The application claims to “complete delivery of step-free access to the District and Circle Line. This is untrue and misleading. The developers main selling point was to address the safety issues relating to the station capacity and the provision of step free access. This is false. Though the plans show the upgrade of ticket hall, enlargement of the District/Circle Line platform and the lifts to the platforms from the ticket hall, TfL has now withdrawn from their commitment to this part of the development. All this harm and we shall still NOT have step-free and enlarged capacity. 
  • Oppose the demolition of the Bullnose with a replacement of an excessively bulky, tall building out of proportion and harmful to the scale of the Grade II listed station arcade, the Ox-blood Piccadilly Line building and the surrounding area. 
  •  Impact on streetscape, townscape:
  • The proposal for the Bullnose is a 5-storey building 14.5m (48 ft) taller. The Bullnose should not be a tall building; the result will be the loss the distinctive feature of the open space of this site. Currently it complements to the surrounding area. We value the special character of the space and do not see any justification for what the developers call a “landmark” building. It will be an eyesore.
  • The oversized and aggressively modern mansard to the Thurloe Street building and
  • 4 and 5-storey development of the entire length of Pelham Street enclosing the openness of the street, over dominating the south terraces, and creating a canyon effect. 
  • Impact on both listed buildings: The station arcade and the Ox-blood building will be dwarfed by the scale of the proposed 5 storey building Pelham Street, failing to respect the scale and character of these buildings and the conservation area. 
  • Impact on setting and views of the South Kensington Museums: Failure to respect the setting of these Grade 1 listed buildings.
Please write to oppose this damaging proposal. Development may have to happen, but it must not be what is proposed here in this harmful form.
Object here to the planning application

Amanda Frame
The Kensington Society

Wednesday, 26 August 2020



We are blessed to have three of the world's finest hospitals sitting in our midst so the Dame is surprised that when one...The Royal under threat from developers there is not one comment.
The Dame has just sampled the Royal Marsden and has been quite overwhelmed by its excellence.
The absence of comments seems to suggest a resignation to the fate of the Brompton and if the case it's a tragedy.
The Council, on a cross-party basis, is fighting the closure but it needs residents to come behind it.
Looking to the future, what might happen if developers cast their greedy eyes over the Royal Marsden?

Thursday, 20 August 2020


There will be a full council meeting on 23rd September discussing the Royal Brompton Hospital proposed closure.

Let us hope that there will be all-party consensus in opposing the closure. 

Kim Taylor-Smith, RBKC Deputy Leader of the Council,

Wed 19th Aug 2020

“As one of the councillors for Stanley Ward, I am acutely aware of the importance of having a world-class hospital at the heart of our community and I oppose the closure and relocation of the Royal Brompton.


The sale and potential redevelopment of the site would rob our residents of easy access to vital healthcare and would have a hugely negative impact on the local economy through lost jobs and services.


The Brompton should not be for sale and I will not stand by and watch this prestigious institution removed from our borough”.

Rev. Dr Brian Leathard, Rector, St.Luke's Church,

Thurs, 6th August 2020:

“In the Parish of Chelsea we hugely value the presence of The Royal Brompton Hospital. It brings world-class medicine, outstanding care, jobs, visitors and abundant life into a vibrant neighbourhood. We need the Brompton's life not more luxury apartments. The proximity of St Luke's as neighbour, sharing Sydney Street brings huge mutual benefit. The Brompton Hospital belongs in Chelsea, it is part of Chelsea's DNA”

Sunday, 16 August 2020


 It took resident energy and determination to fight off Affinity Sutton and its pretension to being a property developer rather than the housing association it was set up to be.

We now have the NHS England playing the same game with one of the world's great centres of clinical excellence, the Royal Brompton....and again it's all about making money.

Fortunately, there is a groundswell of opposition and Private Eye encapsulates NHS England's sneaky stratagem.



Monday, 10 August 2020


When residents get in touch with the Dame to pay tribute to the Safer  Neighbourhood Team you know that something good is happening.

Step up Sergeant Ganesh Rasaratnam and get an accolade from the Dame on behalf of residents.

One commented that the sergeant is "super hardworking and just gets on with the job"

Also, credit was paid to PC Rocky Bance.

No one is saying that the Team has halted the supercars in their tracks but it does seem that it is the beginning of the end of this nightmare and the team have played an important role supported by councillorsThalassites and McVeigh.

Well done, all.

Saturday, 8 August 2020


Kasim Ali is not afraid to parade his love of fascist, hard-line Islamist leaders. Just recently he boasted of joining President Erdogan for Juma Prayer. 

Here he is with his face covered. An improvement would be if the mask was soundproofed.

Erdogan is a corrupt political thug. 

Opponents are incarcerated without any form of judicial far 45,000 freethinkers have been thrown into jail.

It seems odd that Ali is proud of being close to this tyrant and odder still his puppeteer, Emma Dent Coad, upvoted his pride at being close to this fascistic thug.

The  Dame bets Cllr Atkinson now regrets his over-hasty endorsement of newbie Cllr Ali as the Labour Party’s nominee on the managing board of the moderate and highly reputable Al Manaar Centre in North Kensington.

For a man who has been a Labour Party Member for less than three years Cllr Ali is certainly making himself a dimwitted waste of space with a judgment bypass



Wednesday, 5 August 2020


You might think sensible and senior Conservatives would relish a divided opposition but that is not the case according to Cllr Johnny Thalassites.

Thalassites, though young, seems to be doing a rather good job. 
He believes, like all of us, that it is unhealthy for democracy when an opposition party is not holding any ruling group, whatever their politics, to account.

Of course, he is 100% correct.
It's refreshing to hear the new generation of council leaders sufficiently confident in what they are doing welcoming sensible and reasonable scrutiny.
So, will the divided Labour Group heed Thalassites' fears?
We will have to wait and see but don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020


Guidance Opportunity: Allocation of Community Infrastructure Levy The Council recently put out a “call for projects” to fund from moneys that they have been collecting from developers since 2015 under the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) scheme. There is some quite serious money available, and bids must be in by 19 August. If you have any ideas, please send them to the Council ASAP. The CIL scheme was introduced by central Government to allow local authorities to charge a levy on new developments in their area, to finance infrastructure to “support” the new development. Infrastructure is broadly defined. It can include for instance improving local streets; the creation of open spaces; the installation of CCTV cameras for community safety; extra policing resources; better facilities for cycling; and measures to improve air quality. The bulk of the funds will go on big projects. But the Council must set aside 15% for projects in the neighbourhood of the development from which the CIL was collected – called “Neighbourhood CIL” or NCIL. The total available for neighbourhood projects currently stands at £2,621,121 – not negligible. It is up to the Council to decide how to distribute the NCIL money geographically – although there must be some connection with the area from which the money was raised. The Council decided, without any consultation, that the funds should be allocated on a ward basis. As some wards (generally the richer ones or those with big building projects) have far more development projects than others, there are big disparities between wards as regards how much each gets. In Kensington, the breakdown is as follows: Abingdon £287,018 Campden £ 57,853 Colville £ 40,991 Courtfield £ 49,404 Dalgarno £ 42,368 (of which £7,078 is to be spent within the St Quintin’s Neighbourhood plan area) Earl’s Court £ 48,528 Golborne £ 46,968 Holland £668,035 Norland £ 92,651 (of which £57, 462 is to be spent within the Norland Neighbourhood Plan area) Notting Dale £44,635 (to be spent outside Norland Neighbourhood Plan area) Pembridge £123,571 Queen’s Gate £ 46,001 St Helens £ 58,111 (of which £22,922 to be spent within the St Quintin’s Neighbourhood Plan area) The Council consulted earlier on what local communities saw as their main priorities. The top borough-wide priorities identified by the (very few) people who responded were: Air quality Policing resources and emergency services Parks and open spaces Streetscape Community safety These various priorities have now been adopted by the Council. However, it has been agreed that, while ward councillors (who will be responsible for choosing projects) should be guided by the community priorities identified for their wards, this does not preclude them from spending on NCIL projects that fall within other priorities. Applications for funds can be made online at It is also possible to apply by email or post. Address: Call for Projects, NCIL funding, RBKC Town Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX The funds are in addition to the existing “City Living Local Life” money that the Council has for some years allocated to each ward mainly for small one-off local projects – now to be increased to £30k for wards with for three councillors and £21k for two councillor wards. As projects must be approved by local councillors, it may help if you could discuss any proposals with your ward councillors. If there is a community project that you feel would improve/benefit your area, please go onto the website, or write, and send in your comments. This money is for your area and you should exercise your right to direct the funds. Amanda Frame Chairman The Kensington Society

Friday, 31 July 2020


Those of the Dame's vintage will remember Harold Wilson's Lavender List prepared by his secretary/mistress, (Lady)Marcia Falkender...
The List, printed on lavender coloured paper, featured a roster of dodgy characters who had paid money to the Labour Party.

Sleazy Boris Johnson has nominated his brother for a peerage as well as the mysterious Lebedev boy who provides Prime Ministerial vacations. (If the Dame had known BJ could be bought with a holiday she would have invited him to cruise on SS Hornet)

'Boy' Lebedev cemented his peerage by making George Osborne editor of his dreary freesheet but questions are still being asked about how the 'Boy' is refinancing his freesheet with mysterious Saudi money.

One person fulminating about the peerage given to Danny 'Boys' Moylan is his former boss, the very dim and greedy Sir Merrick 'Pooter' Cockell.
The Dame put in a call to Sir Pooter to get his reaction. 

The words used by Sir Pooter left even the unshockable Dame trembling and shaking


Every other day a Mr Price-Thompson, head of the million a year Council Communications dept excitedly rings the leader...."Leader, we have another exciting new 'initiative' to patronise residents and waste more of their money"

This time it's a patronising and infantile publication called 
packed with condescending advice to residents and one particularly annoying one from the Leader about 'keeping safe'.
The point of this dimwitted publication is to try to show the Council as 'caring': instead, it comes across for what it is: a cynical attempt to exploit fears....and why is the Leader wearing a rusty it a piece of civic regalia or a warning that we may soon be chained up to stop us going out?

Thursday, 30 July 2020


Cllr Ian Henderson is a battler and we need more of his sort in local government. 
Fresh from saving Sutton Estate from the rapacious Affinity Sutton Ian turned his attention to the provision of disabled parking access for those visiting Chelsea & Westminster, the Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton Hospitals.
Ian's hard work means RBKC has now agreed to expand free disabled parking in the Borough from one to four hours.

The result of this is that disabled patients will be able to park in streets close to our splendid hospitals....
Good work, Ian


Olayan is a massively rich Saudi company currently engaged in a major development on Knightsbridge.
To further enhance the profitability of its scheme Mrs Olayan persuaded the Council's planning team a section of Basil Street between Sloane Street and Pavilion Road was so little used closing it off would have no adverse impact. 

The Council's planners then used data harvested during the lockdown period to back up the Saudi plan.

What the Council failed to tell residents was that:

1. The traffic flow 'research' was undertaken when London was a ghost town

2. The 'research' was funded by the men in Jeddah keen to get their own way.

The Council was at gross fault in not disclosing this 'research' was flawed, useless and driven purely to support the greed of yet another Middle Eastern investor.

Monday, 27 July 2020


A boy and a girl were quietly enjoying a coffee in South Kensington when they were violently attacked by a couple of bicycle riding thugs. 
The girl was left with a broken clavicle and cheekbone. 
The Facebook extract gives graphic detail as to what happened. 
Chief Inspector Booker is our local police boss. 
He says there is little crime in the area so that's ok then!
He's also the guy who has shown such little interest in the supercar crime. 
He prefers to deploy policemen in Hyde Park harassing harmless breachers of social distancing. 
Rather than incarcerate thugs like this in soft UK prisons we need to come to an arrangement with East European governments. 
The deal would be that we pay for our violent prisoners to serve their sentences in Bulgarian and Romanian prisons. 
Everybody benefits...UK violent crime subsides; our Eastern European neighbours get a new source of income. 
Our violent thugs would learn a new language under the tutelage of a friendly East European prison warder aided by his steel capped boots and baton.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020


There is much concern over how  Cllr  'The Doc' Marwan Elnaghi might acquit himself tonight.
As Labour head of Adult Health and Social Care, he will be responding to questions on the Brompton. 

'The Doc' has rather a reputation for skating on thin edge when it comes to briefing himself up so there is much breath being held....


The Dame may have an acid tongue but nothing like the punishment meted out by her  fellow  blogger the hard-hitting
'Our Borough' evidently goes out to around 90,000 homes. When business is being crushed by business rates and rents it would seem sensible for the Communications Department to have at its fingertips the production and distribution costs of this massive propaganda exercise.
Not to be able to answer a journalist's question on costs smacks of arrogance born of very deep pockets.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020


Dear Dame,
In the light of the Housing Scrutiny Committee meeting- chaired for the first time by novice Chair Cllr. Kasim Ali, Tory councillors are scrambling to check the rules to find out if a Chair can be removed for not knowing what scrutiny involves. 
The meeting was dominated by a lecture from an academic chum of Chairman Ali - to the extent that there was no time for the items that Tory members of the committee actually wanted to scrutinise. 
Knows nothing about housing

It was over an hour before the speaker even touched on anything that could generously be described as relevant to the Royal Borough.
THINK has some interesting thoughts on this sorry bunch!

Having speakers intended to glorify the academic connections of the Chair threatens to become a habit for the new Labour Chairs and follows the precedent set by Cllr. 'Doctor' Marwan 
Elnaghi who got a chum from Brunel University to irrelevantly wile away the hours during his first committee as Chair of the Adult Services and Health Committee. (And is now rumoured to be on the look out for another speaker of the same ilk for the next meeting) . 
After all, there is currently so little else to discuss in the areas of Social Services and Health is there?

But one must not blame the ingenue Chairs for their ignorance and inexperience. 
Responsibility for this farce lies solely with the current Labour Group leadership who have determined to organise the group solely on the grounds of loyalty to  Dent Coad/Lari, and who have bought the loyalty of the younger members by flattery and stuffing their mouths with gold from the public purse. 
And who cares that they are clueless about scrutiny? 
Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, the ‘old guard.... experienced and competent members sit on the backbenches with nothing to do but plot and despair. 

Yours truly

'one who knows'