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Local News Sources


Friday, 27 February 2015


Click here KENSINGTON-A GLOBAL ARTS & ANTIQUES CENTRE to read what art and antique dealers are saying.
Are they important? Of course, this is an industry(?) vital to the economy of the constituency.


Palmer-local debile
Cllr Palmer has forced the Dame to exclude all comments on forthcoming candidates-positive or negative.
Cllr Palmer has been posting a series of defamatory comments which leave the poor old Dame vulnerable to actions for defamation.

Thursday, 26 February 2015


The veiled and refined old lady could have been any one of those elegant ladies who potter around  Kensington Gardens with their companions.
Little did the Conservative bigwigs know the Dame herself had infitrated their meeting. 
She brings you this report.....

.....An open selection for Kensington's next Member of Parliament will take place on the evening of Friday 13th March when a short list of three candidates will pitch for the job at a meeting of Kensington Tories. 
More than 500 of the Association's 1700 membership are expected to attend and vote.
So far so good. 
But, between now and then a Borgia type process to produce the short list of three candidates will take place.
The local Conservative Association is on the back foot with power concentrated in Conservative HQ. 
It has its "approved" Candidates List and hopefuls will be decided from this list. About 200 of the "listed" are expected to apply and Central Office (Grant Shapps and the Chairman of The List) will produce a short list of six. 
It is only at this stage the Kensington Association will have the first chance to take part in the process by choosing the final short list of three candidates. 
The Kensington Association has let it be known that it hopes to be given six candidates-all with a local connection. Estimates are that approximately forty people on the list fit this bill.

This is a bonkers process and has no relationship to the empty word "localism" so often on the lips of David Cameron. When will our political Leaders "get it" and start to understand voters are sick and tired of being used as cannon fodder to shelter favourites? 
Kensington wants its own home grown MP. 
Not someone from Surrey. Or even Fulham. 
We have had outside celebrities forced on us in the last thirty or years and enough is enough.

The new Association Chairman, Cllr Mills, has a fight on her hands. 
She needs to take a high profile in the world of affairs and articulate the Kensington View: "A local MP for Kensington". 
Nothing more, nothing less. 
And the Association has its own internal muddle to sort out. Its 1700 members include Chelsea and Fulham, who have their own Member of Parliament. 
Greg Hands's lot should have nothing to do with the election of a Kensington MP. 
And Kensington is currently crawling with Fulham types who are just not welcome. 
They are just not couth and lower the tone.

Atypical was hideous, triple chinned Stephen Greenhalgh. Steve is the one whose fat little fingers didn't touch a ladies bottom-even if he apologised that they may have.....
They were all over the place at the Association AGM.
God knows what My Lord Cumudgeon thought of it all....

Locals who have declared are....

Jonathan Read
Victoria Borwick
Rock Feilding Mellen
Mary Weale
Daniel Moylan
Greg Smith.....not really local
Warwick Lightfoot
Quentin Marshall

plus sundry others from neigbouring constituencies


This resident, involved in the charitable sector, accurately gauges the character of Victoria Borwick. 
This is why the Dame has made it prominent.
It simply tells us why VB would serve us well. 
She may not to talk the hind legs off a donkey but what she does say is simple, clear and honest.

"Kensington has had a chequered history of Parliamentary Representation. 

Residents do not need the dreadful Moylan, everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of destruction, he kills everything that is good about this Borough and gives a damn about no one but himself. His track record speaks loudly for itself on Exhibition Road. 

We are in a time that is delicately balanced in terms of all of our financial and social wellbeing and its time to be serious for everyones sake. 

The only candidate suitable for this job is Victoria Borwick, she doesn't brag, she is highly thought of by local residents, is fearless in her commitment to them and has something that is clearly missing from politics today....integrity. 

Victoria stood strongly behind the families during the Tri Borough Special Needs School Transport debacle, has worked tirelessly for residents on local issues and still managed to work for our larger London Community during the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee both of which made us all proud to be Londoners. 

But its not just the very public agendas that Victoria has worked with and for, she has also championed issues that are not so headline grabbing but which matter to people living working and raising children in London. These have included Access to Childcare, Children in Care, Mental Ill Health, Disability Hate Crime. Dementia and FGM. She has addressed issues such as Transport, Congestion, Reducing Fuel Poverty, London Ambulance Service and Policing. All things that matter to people from whatever backgrounds they come from. 

There is not one politician that has so far been mooted for this very important position that has this wealth and breath of expertise as well as in-depth local knowledge and who most importantly cares about our community. 

If the selection committee does not select Victoria Borwick, they would yet again be making a dreadful mistake. 


Clare's carpet bag

There is an exquisite piece of nonsense in the Telegraph which you should read by clicking HERE

The thrust of the piece is that the voters of Kensington should accept a friend of Cameron's responsible for some of his more bizarre speeches.
And because she once drove a ice cream van she can spin she is working class!
But it's the impudence of Cameron that stuns.
He knows Kensington has been neglected by successive MP's, yet tries to foist another 'drop in' on us.
We need an MP who can hit the road running...one who know the constituency inside out...and that is not this 'poet', Clare Foges

The comments on the Telegraph should be read: they are hilarious!


A resident has written to the Dame asking whether she knew English Heritage, the useless quango charged with looking after our dwindling heritage had walked smack bang into a blatant conflict of interest in employing CapCo's architect, Richard Coleman.
EH retained Coleman to review Earls Court's heritage links.....
EH have granted a Certificate of Immunity allowing the South African's to smash Earls Court to the ground.
Before he took up the review Coleman had CapCo and planning specialists, DP9 as clients......

Still on Capco....it seems CapCo and Boris and Peter Hendy's TfL have a discreet little JV in that other sunny place for shady people, tax resistant Jersey....
Their joint venture is based at 22 Seale St, St Helier.
It's good to know that Boris is saving us taxpayer's tax by basing the biz in Jersey.


Here is some stuff about the Gumball 3000 founder whose company will be replacing Sarah Turvey's socially valuable stables.
Mr Cooper changed his name to Maximillion to reflect his love of money....

Maximillion Cooper net worth: Maximillion Cooper AKA Maximillion Fife Alexander Cooper is an entrepreneur, skateboarder and race car driver who has a net worth of $50 million. Maximillion Cooper is probably most famous for being the founder of the Gumball 3000 car race. 

Born in Stone, Staffordshire, England, Cooper launched his first company in 1999 after earning a Degree in Law from Sussex University. The Gumball 3000 is a popular international racing company that also puts on concerts and has a clothing line. The race is a 3000 mile international rally across public roads. The route is different every year and racers must finish the course in just seven days. Participants typically use exotic super cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis to complete the race. Cooper has four children with his ex-wife Julie Brangstrup, with whom he also co-founded the Gumball. Max has been the rapper Eve since 2010. Eve and Cooper actually met when she participated in the rally for clothing brand Puma, a few years back.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Daniel Moylan tells all willing to listen that the selection committee would be mad not to pick him.

Wiser residents know it would be mad if they did.
Moylan has always demonstrated utter contempt for the views of residents.
His last few years have been passed triple jobbing at City Hall-much to the relief of fellow councillors who took much pleasure in NOT electing him as Leader!

The triple jobbing has been immensely profitable providing Moylan with an income of close to £140,000 a year.

On Cllr Moylan's record can voters expect a kindly shoulder to cry on?
His record suggests not.... 
Moylan regards the rest of the world as stupid, but if such a brainbox how come Boris had to remove him as chairman of Olympic Legacy? 
Could it have been at the instigation of the rest of the Board?
And, as Aviation adviser, how did he manage to piss off so many MP's they all swung behind Heathrow?

Closer to home there are blatant examples of the man's disdain for those of us who live in the Borough.
His £27 million project to pave Exhibition Rd with pink granite shipped from China (and mined by political prisoners) was yet another example of sheer hubris.
His plan to wreck Sloane Square was fought tooth and nail by residents who had to endure his sneering and bullying.
Fortunately, James and Margaret Thompson put paid to this oafish idea.
And which councillor stood side by side with residents? 
None other than Victoria Borwick.
Daniel Moylan is a true Irishman.... great with the oratorical gifts. 
But we need someone who will fight for us and that person is not he.