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Monday, 29 June 2015


Residents lazily expecting others to protect Kensington & Chelsea from greedy developers, aided and abetted by equally lazy councillors, have no reason to complain when architectural gems like Marlborough Primary School are razed to the ground.
The school will now be the site of multi million pound flats for crooks from countries you don't want your gap year children sending postcards from. 
Fortunately, those in the north of the Borough are made of sterner stuff. 

They are putting up a strong fight against the moronic Angela McConville and her boring plans to sanitise one of the few characterful parts of the Borough.
The Dame is delighted to report and support this initiative by Westway23. You can find out more about Westway23 HERE

She may be old fashioned but she hates this bullying of communities by wannabe developers like the tiresome McConville

"On Sunday 5th July Westway23 are hosting a creative demonstration of community in various areas along the 23 acres under the Westway - A40(M) in LADBROKE GROVE - an enormous area left to the local community 44 years ago as compensation for the destruction of  homes and the ongoing harm from the highest pollution levels in the UK.

After years of wasted resources and the loss of countless community groups and spaces, this is our opportunity to ensure that local people have real control and access over our space, as a bloated and disconnected Trust moves toward its aim of 'Destination Westway.' STAND WITH US AGAINST UNCHECKED GENTRIFICATION, SOCIAL CLEANSING AND PREVENTION OF REAL COMMUNITY ACCESS, CULTURE AND POWER.

There will be activities, entertainments and information to join in with and share so that the entire community can enjoy a demonstration of creativity and a day of creative demonstration! THE PROCESSION WILL BEGIN AT THE WESTWAY STABLES AT 2pm.  

SUNDAY 5th JULY 12 - 4pm." MEET AT THE WESTWAY STABLES......just west of Latimer Road underground station or join the demo along the route....

Sunday, 28 June 2015


In a clumsy attempt to curry favour with locals the National Trust was encouraged to waste thousands of pounds on creating a rather odd looking 'beach' under the Westway.

This weekend bemused locals looked on as a few children played in desultory way in the sand....what a utter waste of time and money.
The National Trust should stop wasting our money on ill organised and poorly attended pr gimmicks. 

As for Westway Trust....using children in this cynical way is just contemptible.
Having destroyed the wonderful stables so loved by children they pretend they have their interests at heart. Hypocrites!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015




The Dame was surprised to see that RBK&C are still lagging behind Kim Jong of North Korea. Kim Jong is ahead on approval ratings

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


If Cllr Coleridge thought promoting the destruction of this beautiful piece of Victorian civic architecture would enhance his personal prestige he is much mistaken.

He will now be remembered as a vandal.
Tim Coleridge was the man who bravely stood alone against the plans to demolish Sloane Square. 

But he will now be seen as the wrecker of this other wonderful Chelsea landmark.

Sol Campbell succintly sums it up.

The only beneficiary will be a bloated billionaire.....
Think again RBK&C....this is a mistake of major proportion.....
One Thousand people have now signed the petition protesting the destruction


Monday, 22 June 2015


The Dame got a bit muddled over the proposed Nine Elms-Pimlico Bridge so an activist wrote in and very gently corrected the old thing.
It seems, according to one newspaper, both Westminster's Labour and Conservative groups are dead against the bridge-as are Pimlico residents. 
You can read the WCC reaction HERE claiming it would destroy one of the few green spaces left on the riverside.
Heather Acton, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Parking, commented Our officers have, and continue to express strongly the council’s opposition to the proposed bridge on the grounds of its visual and environmental impact, including the impact that a new bridge would have at a landing site in Westminster, on traffic flows, pedestrian movement and on residential amenity.”

A Pimlico Activist wrote to the Dame....

Dear Dame, how great to see news of this bridge on From the Hornet’s Nest - but it’s not exactly correct! The bridge is being pushed through by Wandsworth Council, plus the huge developers of the luxury developments on the Vauxhall site, and probably the American Embassy! It will be a cycle and/or pedestrian bridge which they intend to bring down into Pimlico Gardens/St. George’s Square - and therein lies the story!
Pimlico Alliance is adamantly opposed to the destruction of our only public green space, used by residents, schools, mums’ organisations and the general public.
Why can’t they attach this bridge to one of the two existing bridges, both within easy walking distance of the Embassy, luxury developments, shops etc. Why are they bringing it down in the only public green space in Pimlico? How can Wandsworth impose this on Westminster - when Westminster has opposed it? What or who lies behind Wandsworth’s power? Do we need a £45million bridge? Wouldn’t this better serve the people of East London??? A PR company, Colander Associates, are fronting for Wandsworth, with maximum obfuscation.
Pimlico Alliance will be setting up an online petition and we will keep you posted - meanwhile, the more publicity the better. Thank you!

Saturday, 20 June 2015


The Dame likes to think of her little 'media enterprise' as being in the best tradition of 'US citizen journalism': a place residents can find an audience for their views and-vent their anger and frustration.....
The reader below praises Cadogan for the open and transparent way it explains plans for the Curzon and Trafalgar.
Rightly, she asks why Minerva cannot be as forthcoming.
Obviously they have something to hide.....
Secretive Mack, the
Minerva Boss

Could the fact that the US owners of Minerva are the secretive Area Management, exploiters of distressed assets, have something to do with it? 
If so, little wonder Minerva produced a blockbuster 40 documents to bamboozle objecters with!

Dear Dame
I read with great interest your story about Cadogan's exhibition and consultation. How very different from the way Minerva and the council are disrespecting residents.
In January Minerva's application to develop the Odeon and Post Office sites on Kensington High St was given a resounding thumbs down by the planning applications committee. Minervathe developer of the 77 luxury flats in the massive reconstruction at 75-89 Lancaster Gate,have now submitted a new application (PP/15/02618).  

Minerva has presented to just a few of the local associations and the Councillors. There has been NO public consultation. There were more than 400 objections to the last application and over 100 people attended the committee meeting.  
Doesn’t that show the public interest and concerns?

The application has over 40 documents many are huge 5 to 10MB files which are difficult to download and lack any proper description. If you are lucky enough to have the time and a powerful computer, you can see that the entrance to the cinema will be through the former doors but into a very small landing leading confusingly through more doors to stairs down 2 to 3 levels to the cinemas.  
The former Post Office will become the luxury secondary entrance to the 37 flats above – the main entrance is through the private, evening gated entrance in the courtyard.
Have a look at the DeVere Gardens luxury entrance and envision that on the High Street?   
Minerva maintains there is no loss of retail, but all the retail will be on Earl’s Court Road with most the space in the basements.  Buried in the documents is a new crossing at the corner of Kensington High Street.  
Though the plans show tables and chairs in the forecourt, the cafĂ© is to be jointly used as the ticket counter inside the cinema with no visible controls and only operating when the cinema is open.  
The forecourt will die.  
The only small victory is that the trees will remain.

Why cannot Minerva take the lead from the Cadogan Estate and have a public presentation.  
Why can’t they present to us their vision and convince us that they will not damage our High Street?  
What do they fear?

Yours faithfully

A long time resident


The Dame has heard the oddest of stories....

It seems plans are afoot to build a private river bridge from Pimlico to Battersea. 
Its sole purpose is to provide access for Embassy staff and visitors.
Private funding is being sought and strict confidentiality agreements enforced.
The VIP bridge will enable the ambassador to avoid jams on the other bridges and avoid assassins and curious stares.

Friday, 19 June 2015


Gillespie Robertson addresses Seriously Narked Residents and other anonymous posters.....

.......It would be appreciated if you would either publish some sort of evidence which would give the slightest credence to any claims of duplicity on our part, or else realise that such claims are entirely wrong. They are in fact wrong both in the motives  attributed to our campaign and in the publication and repetition of unfounded rumour and incorrect hearsay.  When you do realise this, we would be genuinely delighted if you would join us, and if you would kindly accept that our motives and actions are honest and honourable.

Any of those of us on stage on June 2nd. (and, to the best of our knowledge, most and probably all of our group’s supporters) who might in the past have expressed any kind of support for a station “further west than the Fire Station site” did so in the honest belief that many residents further west both needed and wanted better public transport.  Residents living near the Fire Station are within a short walk of both South Kensington and Sloane Square tube stations and are very well served already by multiple bus routes as well. Over the past year or two we have gradually, through Freedom of Information requests and through TfL’s own published material, appreciated how massive and intrusive and generally damaging a Crossrail mass-transit station, and all that this implies in terms of surrounding development, would be, anywhere in Chelsea. That fuller understanding of the implications is surely now shared by residents in both “east” and “west” Chelsea. The latter have our absolute sympathy, especially residents concerned about their homes being torn down.

We never have promoted and certainly would not now promote any site at all further west in Chelsea than the Fire Station site, let alone one involving demolition of existing homes. It was RBK&C, not residents,  who initially floated the concept of a site further west, and then said clearly this was their preference. It was TfL at RBK&C’s suggestion and with RBK&C’s support who indicated they were considering a site on or near Cremorne Estate, NOT ourselves.  We protested at RBK&C’s last-minute change of preference NOT because we were promoting a station anywhere at all, but because of the effect which RBKC’s change of position had on the responses to their own consultation. It was, as the LWN article stated,RBKC’s consultation which we criticised as fundamentally flawed. Their consultation in turn resulted in the results of the TfL consultation being effectively flawed too , in the sense that they gave a very misleading impression of residents’ true views. Anyone reading the full report on the TfL consultation on their website can clearly see the pattern of “tactical” voting, driven fundamentally, we believe, by fear both in SW10 and in SW3 of the negative effects of having a Crossrail station on one or the other of the  flip-flopping Council’s “preferred” sites.

We are NOT talking to our MP, nor to anyone else,  about other sites in ChelseaWe have however supported the idea that a site in Battersea, not in Chelsea, would save massive amounts of public money compared with diversion of the Crossrail2 line through Chelsea, and could also provide a much-needed public transport boost to all the new development around the Battersea Power Station.