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Monday, 27 February 2017


My Dear Dame 
They say that the House of Lords is a retirement home for the political incontinent but it seems that our Royal Borough Cabinet is becoming home for political incompetents! 
How so, you might ask, dear Dame....As a resident of Hobury Street, I can report some bizarre gossip.It seems that Cllr Paul Warrick and his wife, Lorna are hitting hard times.
Their little home based 'legal practice' is very 'profit lite' and desperate times require desperate remedies.What to do? A quick phone call to the leader and the Cabinet members got into a huddle and came up with a new post for the unliked, developer friendly Warrick.
He thus joins the equally useless, Mary Weale, also a supplicant for income replacement.It seems that this hopeless failure is to be made responsible for "procurement policy, including the monitoring and oversight of the letting of Council contracts". 
This new post gives him a financial fillip. As the developer friendly chairman of planning, the much despised Paul grabbed nearly £40k a year. The new post gives him close to £50k a year.We neighbours of Paul are wondering what experience a sole trader, operating out of a 'home office', can know about the nitty gritty and rough and tumble of local government procurement.Still, maybe the mean sod will buy us all a celebratory jar! It's good to know that Paul has 'procured' a nice little earner and that still all about who you know.....
I remain, my dear Dame, your most respectful servant,


Saturday, 25 February 2017


Do readers remember the time your Dame 'called out' senior RBKC Planning officer, Alison Flight, for fervently kissing a member of the CAPCO team? 
Dear readers, unshocked by public shows of what should be private passion, may jog their memories HERE
It was a shocking display of immodesty by this young planning 'gal'.

Jonathan Bore, the then overpaid head of planning(all local government planning officers are overpaid: outside the confines of local government they are unemployable) claimed Alison 'Flighty' Flight did not get up to shenanigans with the Capco team-but with DP9, the brains behind the successful planning application. He was also angry with the Dame for naming officers....silly man. 
Officers are paid servants of residents. If they misbehave in public office they will be named and shamed....and let that be a warning to young Mr Stallwood!
Anyway, cutting to the chase and fast forwarding.....
How CAPCO must now wish there had been no need for Flighty to make free with her kisses: after all, it seems that RBKC's cozy relationship with the boys from Jo'burg could be the kiss of death!

By granting planning permission for Earls Court the Council has created an enormous white elephant....and possibly the demise of CAPCO.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


The Dame's City Slicker reports some bad news for Earls Court rapists, Capco. 
Could this be the end of the road for boss, Gary Yardley?
The boys from Jo'burg don't forgive failure....
Yesterday, Capco announced their y/e 31st December to the Stock Exchange. They made a loss last year of £119m compared to a profit of £431m the year before
says Judith Evans in the Financial Times. LINK and according to Bloomberg say LINK the value of the Earls Court Masterplan will need to be written down by 20%. 


What replaces the Knightsbridge Barracks is a decision for Londoner's....not some greedy offshore developer plotting to build yet more mega towers to house the ill-gotten gains of dodgy despots and the hideous oligarch class. We have had enough of that.
Property Spiv
And we don't trust planning officers. Most no longer live in London. That, in itself, is ironic. By allowing the rampant building of luxury 'buy to leave's' ordinary salaried people can't afford C. London.

Anyway, the interests of residents and planners are no longer aligned.

Reading the Evening Standard today you can smell LINK the raw greed of the awful Cluttons and their property spiv friends. 
They relish the idea of destroying London's most beautiful vista to make multi-millions.

The sole consolation is that the excellent Simon Birkett is making it his business to do what is right for London and Londoners. 

There is no greater campaigner than Birkett. 
Imagine the power of an alliance between Birkett and Amanda Frame?

Predictably, nothing from the Knightsbridge Association, but at least we have the redoubtable Kensington Society run by the fierce, fiery and very bright Amanda Frame. 

Sometimes, one wonders what the point of the Knightsbridge Association is.
They have stood by and watched the Arabisation of Brompton Rd and  growth of the seedy and hideous Shisha pipe smoking cafes.
Frame and her KS should be a model for all other resident associations and Birkett? He deserves a K for his indefatigable service to Londoners.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


A little flattery 

Dearest and most wonderful Dame,

Please find enclosed a screenshot of an interesting conversation, currently taking place on a site for the residents of Eardley Crescent, in which "right/wrong residents" and recourse to "private security" are being discussed.

Unfortunately, you cannot have direct access to the site itself, as you have to be invited, and be a resident of Eardley Crescent or Earl's Court. 
You could always obtain updated feeds from wonderful Clr Linda Wade, who is on the site......



Business rates are payable on the value of commercial buildings. 
In RBKC foreign speculators have forced commercial property prices through the roof. So small shopkeepers renting hugely valuable property are not only forced to pay high rents, but massive business rates as well. 
Yet high property values do not result in higher income for small business owners. 
On the contrary, K & C's uber-gentrification has resulted in fewer residents spending only in the most fashionable, high-end stores.
On average small local businesses across RBKC must now pay another 25% business rates on already high rent bills and on top of other rising costs. 

At the same time, there is ever more unfair competition from online retail paying little or nothing in business rates or other expenses.
Across the Royal Borough, this hike in business rates will cause hundreds of small businesses to close. 
From Portobello Road to Knightsbridge our remaining small, specialist, privately owned shops and restaurants will disappear. 
Innovation will be gone, replaced by yet more chains.
Hundreds of small landlords will lose their income: while being forced to pay the business rates on their empty shops.

Please sign this PETITION to a Government which talks the talk but won't walk the walk when it comes to encouraging small business.
No wonder some of our high streets look like war zones.
Also, vent your anger by writing to the following:

For Philip Hammond: <> and <>

For the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan: <>

For Theresa May: <>

For Victoria Borwick MP: <>

There’s also a Parliamentary petition:


Some jealous types just don't like nepotism but from where the Dame sits there nothing wrong with giving a helping hand to one's family: in fact, her ghastly, criminal nephew, young Ludo, has had multiple life starts, thanks to Auntie's little black book.
The Evening Standard's London Night Market will be a bustling outdoor experience in an unnamed  London park inspired by a street food scene featuring 50 restaurants, food trucks, bars and live music. 

The exact location is meant to be a secret to be announced in April. 
However, the old Dame, with her unrivaled contacts amongst highest echelons of European royalty can let her lower class readers into a's going to be Perks Field!

The Dame has discovered that the Creative Director of this giant festival is Tom Parker-Bowles whose mother is the Duchess of Cornwall, step mother to Harry and Will, who live in Kensington Palace. The Dame has also discovered that Kensington Palace has applied to the Royal Borough for a licence to run a food event in Perks Field (the Palace landing field for helicopters), seven days a week with live music, for 15,000 people every day. Because it is a Royal application, the public and residents are not allowed to object.
Kensington Palace is a publicly funded 'grace and favour' residence and Kensington Gardens is a publicly funded haven of peace for hard pressed and stressed Londoners. Perks Field is a natural extension of the Park, sealed off from the public for security reasons. This profit making event will generate huge profit and create mayhem in a public park. Currently, no contribution to Park Funding is proposed but the Palace will pocket a wad of notes.
The other by-product will be that Lebedev Junior, owner of the Standard, will be able to thrill himself by hobnobbing with
What a funny old place London is when the very weird son of an ex-KGB spy is able to press the flesh of our royalty.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


There is a French passion about the love affair between those makers of street garbage, Decaux, and our Council. The Dame has a memory as long as her old teeth. 
From her Louis 'something or other' escritoire she dug out a copy of a bill for around £80 which Cllr Danny Moylan spent entertaining a Monsieur Jean Jean of Decaux in 2008. 
Well, to be entirely accurate, which you paid as Danny expense'd it
 Anyway, that was way back. 
In the intervening years, Decaux has our council by the short and curlies. The Royal Borough is now littered with these vile 'solus' sites in prime areas: in fact, one has been stuck up bang next door to the Natural History Museum-a Conservation Area! As for replacing bus shelters? Forget it...far too expensive and with the solus sites generating a £100k for a few months why would they bother?

The Council has now entered a new contract with Decaux for some/all of the 80 bus shelters that they own. 

In return for a new shelter,they will be allowed to place a digital advertising panel next to it – not an integral part of the shelter. 
JCDecaux's power and influence is so great that they have even jumped the gun, in some cases erecting these panels before advertisement consent has been granted for the panels- and, even when granted, have removed the existing shelter well in advance of erecting new shelters. 
Where is our brave enforcement team to be seen? Precisely nowhere!

The Council has received a considerable volume of complaints from residents about the lack of seating and has responded by installing park benches!
The shelters promised in January have still not arrived. 
JCDecaux has been getting advertising revenue for several months and the Council, income, but the poor old general public has had to forgo the benefit of bus shelters and brave all weathers.