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Saturday, 23 July 2016


Like it or not, Sloane Street is a global destination shopping street.
It attracts shoppers from around the world. 
Equally, it's a residential area so there has to be a balancing of interests.

Cadogan has put forward plans to revamp the street and the first impression is a good one. 
Cadogan is gaining the reputation as a company that actually listens to residents so we have no excuse if we don't comment and make suggestions on these exciting proposals.

From what the Dame hears Cadogan and the Council are anxious to hear all views so click HERE to see the full details and comment.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


It seems Cllr Faulks 's hubby, Lord Faulks threw a hissy fit upon hearing Liz Truss had been made Lord Chancellor.
In fact, he was so piqued he stormed off and resigned his job in the Lords.
No Britches
He says Truss lacks the clout to stand up to the PM when judges are attacked.
Faulks made his career at the Criminal Bar where most of the rubbish Family Court judges are drawn from.
Many feel junior and mid-ranking contemporary judges, especially Family Court judges, are pretty third rate. 
But, of course, firing these incompetents is the devil's own job.
The ludicrous ex-Judge Hogg is a case in point. 
She, like so many others, should have been kicked off the bench ages ago.

It would be outrageous to suggest Lord Faulks's bad temper had anything to do with not getting the chance to wear some fancy costume and knee britches.

Friday, 15 July 2016


650 residents have, in the last few days, viewed the stories on the abject hopelessness of the beleaguered  TMO and its hapless, under qualified CE, Robert Black. 

Time for the Council take action rather wait for the TMO stakeholders to initiate a vote of no confidence

Thursday, 14 July 2016


A Hammersnith & Fulham internal communication pressaging the end of the unlamented Tri-Borough balls up. 
"Things are changing in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and with that in mind I want to provide clarification on our approach to the current shared service arrangements with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council.
It is a fact that more than half of all council services that are currently delivered to Hammersmith and Fulham's residents are delivered by or from a shared service.
Some of our shared services arrangements with RBKC and WCC have delivered savings and other real benefits.
However, some, such as the SEN Transport Service for disabled children or the BT Agresso managed services programme, have cost us money and have caused significant, and in some cases, on-going problems.
(Take note Cllr E. Campbell. This is a direct attack upon you)
This borough has therefore taken a pragmatic approach that prioritises what works and what best delivers value. LBHF firmly rejects the notion of 'Tri-borough' as an entity, a place or a combination of authorities or the development of a single organisation under combined leadership.
Hammersmith & Fulham Council will not pursue any further integration of services with RBKC and WCC. We are actively seeking opportunities to share services and collaborate with other councils and other organisations.
These are austere times with 66 per cent of government funding having been removed from LBHF's budget since 2010. That means LBHF will always see value in seeking more effective ways of delivering services. This more pragmatic approach will allow us to reform and modernise services with much greater imagination and agility.
LBHF is committed to its staff and recognises its duty of care to both its own employees and to those working in RBKC and WCC to deliver shared services to our residents.
Hammersmith & Fulham Council aspires to be the best council. Our councillors and senior managers recognise that can only happen if the people who work for us are given every possible support and that is something that we will prioritise.
That means we will train and develop our staff, we will improve our work environment and we will seek to deliver ambitious outcomes, that has value and service quality at the core, and will make our residents proud."

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


There is nothing Cllr Moylan likes more than the chance to rest his head against the Dame's very ample bosoms and blub about the vicisitudes of life.

Sent to lie for his country
Most don't know that before the City beckoned Danny Boy was a member of the Corps Diplomatique. His first posting was the African sub continent but, for some reason, his career as a diplomat never really blossomed.
Anyway, to cut a long and interesting story short,  Danny is keen to bend the ear of Boris, the new Foreign Secretary, and remind him of his days as a junior diplomat.
Those who know Danny find the idea of him being diplomatic hilarious, but Cllr Moylan feels that he is owed a favour and a posting as 'Our man in Thailand' would go down a treat.....

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Two visitors from one of the Middle East dictatorships where freedom is virtually non-existent had this to say about life in one of the world's most liberal democracies.
Mohammed Al Madid, 30, a visitor from terrorist supporting, Qatar said: “This part of London is famous for luxury and we come here with our luxury cars in order to spend money, and yet we are treated like criminals.”
Another, a Mr Al Manah, said: “I have been stopped twice just this weekend purely because my car was too loud,( so that ok then?) not because I was driving dangerously.
Supercar driver and his best 'mate'
Stop snivelling like some puerile brat, Al Maneh, and go and get a job. You are a plague and think your money gives you the right to disrupt the lives of others. The calm oasis that was once Knightsbridge has been trashed by the Middle Eastern louts. 
You can read more HERE

Anyway, at long last, the police and council are getting a grip The Dame congratulates them for bearing down on these vulgar, unwanted visitors. 
What Sloane Street needs is a makeover so it no longer exists as a racetrack for owners of supercars.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


We are happy to share what we have learned about Keepmoat with all those in RBKC and the wider community.  We are sure you will share our grave concerns about Keepmoat.  We do not want them in our buildings.
Despite the depth of contemporaneous newspaper articles, reviews and blogs exposing dangers posed by Keepmoat, RBKC have instructed them at the following properties.  Everything we have told KCTMO has been ignored and no consultation has taken place.
Cyclical Repairs and Redecoration South 2016-17
TMO buildings where it is planned that renovation works will completed by Keepmoat in the financial year 2016/2017
Properties where section 20 consultation is underway:
60 Slaidburn Street Slaidburn Street (60) London SW10 0JW 
Milman's House, Ann Lane Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BU 
Gillray House, Ann Lane, Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BT 
Lacland House, Ann Lane, Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BP 
Riley House, Ann Lane, Cremorne Estate London SW10 0BS Holland Road London W14 8AS
Holland Road London W14 8BA
Curran House, Lucan Place, Lucan Estate London SW3 3PG
Keppel House, Fulham Road, Lucan Estate London SW3 6RA
Ixworth Place, Lucan Estate, London SW3 3PX
Cadogan House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BL Chelsea Manor Court, Chelsea Manor Street, London SW3 5SD
Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BL
Chelsea Manor Court, Chelsea Manor Street, London SW3 5SH
Chelsea Manor Court, Chelsea Manor Street ,London SW3 5SB
Chelsea Manor , Chelsea Manor Street, London SW3 5SA
Kingsley House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BD Burleigh House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BE Dacre House,Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BH Winchester House, Beaufort Street, Sir Thomas More Estate London SW3 5BJ Holland Road London W14 8HJ
Holland Road London W14 8HL
Properties where estimates have been provided
Lots Road London SW10 0QD
Edith Grove: London SW10 0LB
Lots Road London SW10 0QF
The Sandhills Limerston Street London SW10 0BG 
Russell Gdns Mews: London W14 8EU
Hornton Place London W8 4LZ
Tadema Road London SW10 0PZ
Christchurch St, London SW3 4AB
St Lukes Street, London SW3 3RP
St Lukes Street London SW3 3RP
Hornton Place, London W8 4LZ
Fawcett Street, London SW10 9HN
Burnaby Street , London SW10 0PJ
Elm Park Gdns, London SW10 9PD
Elm Park Gdns, London SW10 9PF
Cecil Court, Fawcett Street, Cecil Court London SW10 9HP Fulham Road, London SW10 9TY
Fernshaw Road, London SW10 0TN Corbett House, London SW10 9LF 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


What the hell is the matter with the accident prone TMO?
When you consider a contractor the basic, primary step is due diligence. You do NOT consider 'cowboy builders like Keepmoat

So how did Keepmoat, a company with an appalling reputation 'fix it'?
No one accuses anyone of a trade in brown envelopes, or worse, but it does beg a question or two.

Come on, Holgate, stop being a lazy hound and kick Mr White's ample bottom!

Dear Dame 

You may be interested to know that the KCTMO have entered into a framework agreement for major works with contractor, Keepmoat.  
Please see reviews below showing Keepmoat to be dangerous, over charging, not fit for purpose contractor.  
KCTMO have clearly not done any due diligence or care to work in our best interest.  We are all very concerned at what lies ahead.
A casual internet search throws up these horror stories.

Yours sincerely 

Concerned residents of 60 Slaidburn Street

Extensive Internet links reviewing Keepmoat Property Services show consistently substandard work, incompetence, dishonesty and even death