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Friday, 20 July 2018


One Londoner has total control over the 95% of vehicles which create some of the highest levels of pollution by leaving their engines idling whilst stationary. 

Overnight, the feckless Mayor of this city could take a massive step to slash this pollution.

So, how could 'Khan't do anything right' deal with problem?

Simple: he is responsible for the licencing of the 95% of offenders....taxis and private hire vehicles so has access to the address of every owner. 
He can even withdraw their licences.

Has the dimwit ever thought to write to each owner taxi and private hire car reminding them the Highway Code forbids the running of an engine when the vehicle is stationary "you must not leave a vehicle's engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road."

Has he laid down the law to drivers and owners?
Of course not. 
He just hasn't a clue.
It's shameful that the world's greatest city is run by a little nincompoop 

Thursday, 19 July 2018


The other day the Dame was driving the Armstrong Siddeley and went 34 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.
She had to attend a speed awareness course.

Being elderly, she gets confused and the main area of confusion is this.

On a daily basis, high-performance cars tear down Sloane Street, Pont Street and Brompton Road at speeds in excess of 80 MPH; some boast of hitting 100 MPH!
Are the police ever there to enforce these blatant examples of dangerous driving?
Why not? Because most of these high-performance cars have indecipherable Arabic number plates....or maybe they don't want to upset the rich visitors.

One of the most useless of Borough Commanders was the late and unlamented Ellie O' Connor, now retired at 55 on a vast, publically funded, pension.

In her place is the exotically named Detective Superintendent Raffaele D'Orsi.
Now, the Dame recognises that D'Orsi was exceptionally courageous in tackling a criminal with dire physical consequences to himself. 
However, he needs to get his officers to deal with the blatant dangerous driving that makes ordinary residents feel that there is one law for them and no law for rich Middle Easterners.

"I demonstrate exceptional leadership, organisational ability and intellectual capability. I bring an exceptional record of thriving in the most sensitive and high pressure environments, able to drive performance, inspire confidence and engage across diverse partnership settings. I consistently deliver the highest level of integrity, professionalism and personal responsibility."

Can he please deploy his 'intellectual capability' to stop our roads being race tracks for rich supercar drivers and stop publishing 'newspeak' nonsense like the above.


The Chinese billionaires behind the hated proposed development of the Forum hotel opened their fortune cookie and gave a huge sigh of relief. 
Mr. Yeung loves
Mr. Elliot
It seems that the RBKC planning officer who gave them highly supportive pre-planning advice is to be their case officer!
Step forward, Phillip Elliot who has told the Chinese that he is all in favour of increasing the height of the new Tower by 20 meters and increasing massing by 50%.

Mr. Elliot lives far away from this proposed warzone on Cromwell Rd so it's a question of 'I'm alright, Jack'.

If planning officers were forced to live in the areas they plan to blight outcomes would be very different.

What is clearly wrong is this. 
Mr. Elliot has become very close to the developers during the pre-planning stage. It stands to reason he should not be the case officer making recommendations to the Planning Committee.....all far too cozy.

Cllr. Campbell, the council leader, tells us things have changed and residents will be not just heard but listened to.

Residents will be watching to see whether she is lying.


Councillor Matthew Palmer will be appearing before the Audit & Transparency Committee this Thursday 19th July on the charge of violating the Council’s Code of Conduct through his behaviour at a recent council meeting. The papers can now be accessed on the website.

Oafish Palmer

Cllr Palmer, following his normal oafish ways, is reported as telling a resident:  

"that if she didn’t like the noise from the terrace at BP House she should make ‘other arrangements’ when they held their parties and BBQ’s."

In the opinion of the investigator Cllr Palmer is guilty, however, it now falls upon the committee to make a judgment after the evaluation of the evidence presented. 
The public are welcome are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018



If you live behind the Forum Hotel in Cromwell Road and plan to move do it now!
If not, expect to face several years when your property will be blighted and unsaleable....all thanks to a Chinese gentleman called Mr. Yeung and an Irishman, Mr. Mulryan
These two intend to make tens of millions redeveloping the hotel and no one is going to get in their way.

Once again, the residents of Kensington & Chelsea face years of disruption to their lives for the benefit of offshore investors.

Financing the development are the HK based Yeung family whilst the construction will be in the hands of Irish property developer, Donal Mulryan, owner of Rockwell, who had a few issues back in 2009.

And once again, we see foreign investors seeking to make short-term profits to the detriment of the long-term welfare of residents.

The proposed scheme will be an intensive redevelopment of a high-density residential area. 

Expect years of noise, pollution and traffic chaos: in other words, a long-term blight on homes with a considerable financial loss in already difficult times.

Any development should be restricted to the current area footprint, but that won't provide sort of greedy returns these offshore investors demand.

So tax paying residents will suffer so an already super rich HK family get even richer.
No doubt, sophisticated tax planning will ensure they pay minimal development tax.

The developers will try to 'turn' residents by using crafty and amoral public relations operators. 

Fight back...your interests and those of Queensgate Investments/Rockwell are massively misaligned. 

These gamblers don't give a damn about you or the health-financial, or otherwise of your family.

Residents need to understand the Queensgate Investments/Rockwell propaganda machine will spin every sort of lie to get what they need to fight back.

Thursday, 12 July 2018


Amigo Loans is so awful that even the capitalistic Daily Mail described the founder as a 'billionaire loan shark'. See LINK

You would think that the founder, James Benamor, being the son of Tunisian immigrants, would feel empathy for the struggles of the newly arrived who can't get loans. 

Not a bit of it!
The kind soul is ready with his 49% APR loans and woe betide you if you fall behind.
So, what does this have to do with our Royal Borough? 
Well, two of its advisers, JP Morgan Cazenove and some PR outfit, Hawthorn, run by the Duchess of Cornwall's nephew, Ben Elliot, are busy polishing this excreta of a company: both live in the Borough and many in the North of the Borough are in hock to this vile firm.
The chap in charge of turning this unpleasant money lender into a billionaire is RBK&C resident, Edward Gibson-Watt, an executive director of JP Morgan Cazenove.
It's an irony that the City can raise multi-millions for what the Daily Mail described as a loan shark company, yet cannot help decent companies raise money.

In the old days Cazenove would never have allowed a filthy company through its times change.

Sunday, 8 July 2018



When the Dame's dear friend, French thinker, Monsieur Sartre, said hell was other people he clearly had not been to Harrods recently.

The area has become an extension of Edgware Rd. 
Brompton Road is now a squalid replication of some Middle Eastern city. Prostitutes, pickpockets, and cardsharps have entirely taken over the area.
Beauchamp Place-a once charming backwater, is dominated by shisha cafes with waiters bustling around the pavements bearing red hot buckets of charcoal. Health & Safe has gone out of the window just because the Council does not wish to upset the Middle Eastern visitors.

Sloane Street is now a racetrack for their monstrous supercars as they race each other, with aircraft like noise, at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. 
Do the police care? Seemingly not.

On the same subject of noise....
It seems the Council has at last taken heed of the thousands of complaints about busking and are considering a Borough-wide ban. 


But why has it taken pressure from residents to halt the nuisance? LINK

Write to the Leader of the Council, Cllr Campbell and tell her you want an immediate ban on all buskers and the police to come down hard on racing supercars.


Thursday, 5 July 2018


You thought commercial vehicles needed to apply for parking suspension notices? 
Think again......

RBK&C's parking team who work from Hammersmith & Fulham Council's offices has changed the rules (yes, very strange that this has been outsourced)

Now, if you are a removals firm, you will not be penalised if you decide not to bother with the fuss of obtaining and paying for a suspension permit.
One resident reported an incident of two vast Hedley Humper removal vehicles not just occupying 5 resident bays but parking alongside each other narrowing the road width and causing serious congestion.

2 Monsters blocking busy road

During the entire day, not one CEO bothered to investigate the matter.
Why would they?
After all, far more lucrative for CEO's to wander around ticketing overstays causing no congestion but adding huge revenues to council coffers!

When the resident reported the matter, Team Leader, Mr Nick Day weakly justified things by saying, “We do try to encourage removal vans to book suspensions prior to any removal work”

Mr. Day, your job is not to somewhat sweetly ‘encourage’; your job is to enforce the rules as they apply to every commercial operator.

Your sweet encouragement will quickly be interpreted by every company as, “ we can get away with it”