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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Back in 2012 Mayoral hopeful, Stephen Greenhalgh did something astonishing....he apologised for something he claims not to have done.
The 'something he did not do' was to touch a young City Hall worker's bottom in a crowded lift.

Sensible people might wonder why he needed to apologise for 'something he did not do'.

More confusing still was his wish to 'apologise for unreservedly for anything that could be or may have been construed as inappropriate on my part'.

Stevie is responsible for Met policing so, being 'the long arm of the law', his hands may have found the lift cabin too constraining thus causing inadvertent contact with the lady's anatomy.

It's all most odd. 
If he didn't touch the lady's bottom why did he not come out and say so?

This sweaty and overweight small time local politician is not suitable material as London's Mayor: senior Met officers think him a joke and the joke is on us Londoners if we elect him. 


​Andrew Barshall and Ian Henderson who both ran as independents in the local council elections earlier this year have now been invited to the Houses of Parliament. 
They were there on behalf of the Save the Sutton Estate campaign to meet an all party group of Peers and members of Parliament. 
The group discussed the social housing situation in London, and specifically Affinity Sutton's plans to sell off half of the historic Sutton Estate in Chelsea.​
If the sale to the private sector is allowed to go ahead Affinity Sutton, the supposed "charity", will end up with a potential surplus of £250 million!
L-R Barshall, TomWatson MP, Henderson

"We were very appreciative to have the backing of so many Peers and MPs for the Save the Sutton Estate campaign, and  by the level of support from MPs and Peers from all parties for social housing in London. 
Peers and MPs from across the political spectrum expressed a deep discomfort and anger with the selling off of social housing to buy-to-leave investors from overseas. They also expressed deep concern about the transformation of our housing trusts and charities into commercial businesses putting profits, or surpluses, before the people they were set up to serve." 

Monday, 15 December 2014


Dear Aunt Dame

You asked me to look at TMO complaints....

Here we have it: complaints to the TMO nearly doubled in the last quarter, they went up by 79.16%. 

Complaints in the current quarter are also looking on the high side.

The figures flatter to deceive....far more people complained than the figures suggest. 
Unless the matter complained of is about "customer service failure" the TMO does not treat the matter as a complaint. 
It it's a cunning ruse for keeping complaints off the books.

Yours ever



Friends of Holland Park and the Kensington Society will be pleased to know £650,000 of the £5 million taxpayer's gift to Michael "The Fox" Volpe may pay for a nice, shiny new permanent 'structure'. 

Let's just hope that 'man of culture', Danny Boys Moylan, is not put in charge of deciding the design:if he is, it will be a real blot on the landscape.

In the formal proposal for discussion in February there is no talk of rent for the land, or buildings currently used for free (ticket and admin office next to the main facilities).
And the thorny questions of salaries, pensions and rent and rates for the site are discreetly left 'off agenda'.

Sunday, 14 December 2014



Information has been provided to the Dame, by one of her 'deep throats',suggesting the number of complaints received by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation has possibly DOUBLED  in the last quarter. 
The Dame is so alarmed about the TMO shenanigans she has instructed her nephew, Ludo, to see who at the TMO is trying hush things up.
You would think the number of complaints would be logged by the TMO so as to be instantly accessible: it seems not. 
It appears that as part of its job creation ethos the TMO has a specially appointed jobsworth who is there to delay FOI responses. 
So the Dame's 'deep throat' has been told he will have to wait the statutory twenty days before getting a response to this simple request for basic numbers....

Saturday, 13 December 2014


The Dame could not agree more with the writer....what a dreadful out of context building. 
In fact, the only context the building would happily feel at home in is some dreadful inner city Birmingham development. 
Maybe Daniel Moylan felt it sensible to try to complement the hideous mud coloured piles of brick on the right.
Moylan has had a 'taste by pass operation'.....

Dear Dame
These buildings were passed by the council after Daniel Moylan wittered on at the planning committee, persuading them that we couldn't do without them: against massive resident objection.
The monstrosity dominates Holland Park dwarfing the Commonwealth Institute. 
Not quite the "Perfect Cube" the man predicted! 
All on ground stolen from the park in the 1960s.
These ugly boring Corporate blocks of flats are what you will first see when you enter Holland Park.

Yours sadly

A Resident

Friday, 12 December 2014


There is an Alice and Wonderland feel to how this Council allocates( or doesn't) resources.

Pooter Cockell, when leader, sanctioned the spending of £200,000 on a horrible old bit of Gormley metal because he loved the idea of being a patron of the arts using our Money
Those knowing this ex fag salesman and faux Medici know he hasn't a cultured bone in his tubby little body! 

For young children, books are a vital part of their growing up: books allow them to escape from a grey and threatening world. 
So when the Dame read this report in the Standard she was fuming.

We are the world's richest borough: we have close to £300 million in reserves-through over taxation, yet have no money for precious books.

We can waste hundreds of thousands of pounds co-sponsoring the NOUR Festival with the repressive dictatorship, Qatar, but need to call on charities to fill the empty book shelves of the Kensington Aldridge Academy....a school educating children in the most deprived part of the Royal Borough.

It's about time this council decided what is important....nebulous art projects-or our most precious natural asset-our children.

And before the idiot Palmer accuses the blog of being a Labour blog the Dame just happens to be one of those relics of the past....a Tory who believes in fair play.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Mrs Yasmin Alam is a name that has come to the attention of the Dame from several different directions.

Graceless and pushy( a polite way of describing her manner)the woman is purportedly a sort of TMO Neighbourhood Officer: in other words she is supposed to have an ambassadorial role, helping tenants and residents to overcome problems.

The feedback the Dame has of this lady is troubling. 
Alam evidently gives the impression to tenants of being hugely important and influential in the higher echelons of the TMO....odd for someone performing a lowly admin role.

The Dame invites tenants and residents to write confidentially to her at damesathome@yahoo.co.uk
and report their own experiences of this woman.
Or you could comment here.
The Dame will ensure your identity is protected so you won't be blacklisted or bullied by the TMO.

The TMO has enough image problems without employing someone who seems to rub everybody up the wrong way.

The Dame has form for avoiding naming officers at mid/junior level, but Mrs Alam forces the exception to her rule.