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Thursday, 8 December 2016


Sometimes a good local cause springs out at you......

The Kensington Borough Football Club was started in 2012.
It gives young a people in the Borough a chance to learn teamwork and become ambitious to achieve good life goals.
The Dame has pledged part of her Winter Fuel allowance to help the team hit their target of £14,000. Having reached £10,225 it's highly achievable.
So, if you love the old Dame please join with her and 'take the Pledge'!

We have over 26 players aged from 17 to 25 years old. We have raised £10,225 to date and we need more people to pledge, please do send the link to your friends and colleagues 
We have until December 16th 2016 to raise over £14,000 to pledge to this project, visit our Spacehive project page:
The latest crowdfunding project has arrived in Kensington and Chelsea with the opportunity to enable a community run football team to compete in a semi-professional league and to hold a community football tournament for young people in the borough.
Established in 2012, Kensington Boroughs FC was set up to engage and support young people in Kensington and Chelsea into sports, helping them to develop teamwork, discipline, build aspiration and focus them away from crime and anti-social behaviour.
The Green Army have excelled through the seasons and are now playing in the Semi Professional Division 1 of the South Midlands Spartans Football League.

In order to help them to continue their participation, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover costs of pitch hire, league entry and travel costs so the team can continue to compete.  A celebratory football tournament at the end of the season, to scout new players and involve in the entire community has also been lined up.
Making Communities Work and Grow (MCWG), a long-established community organisation in North Kensington have been at the helm of this football club, recognising the many obstacles young people face in their community.  The project lead and coordinator of Kensington Borough FC, Ahmed Bhairien of MCWG said: ‘We set up Kensington Borough to open doors for disadvantaged young people from a variety of backgrounds.  This community led football team needs your support to continue to give them focus and aspiration.  Your support will help recognise their achievements and enable the club to carry on inspiring young people through sport’.

Sunday, 4 December 2016


Both sides in the Remain/Leave debate have lied atrociously. Now it's time hot shot 'man in a wig', Dominic Chambers QC came clean over his relationship with Deir Dos Santos.
One reader seemed unable to understand the relevance. So here it is...
"Dominic Chambers QC, appearing for Mr Santos, told the court that the sovereignty of Parliament was at stake.
Mr Chambers said: "Under the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, no person or body is recognised by the law as having the right to override or set aside the legislation of Parliament.
"What Parliament has enacted only Parliament can take away."
The Dame cannot make it clearer!
Bloomberg suggests that Dos Santos was a client of the rapaciously expensive Lincoln's Inn firm of Edwin Coe. 
Coe clients are vastly wealthy landed families. 
That begs the question as to why they would take on a thirty seven year old hairdresser earning no more than £40,000 a year?
And looking at Mr Chambers's head it doesn't seem as if he needs much of Mr Dos Santos's crimping(unlike the Dame) so he cannot have been a salon client.....

It really is time Edwin Coe stop playing around and told us just a little more about how they persuaded Chambers to represent Dos Santos.....

Name: Deir Dos Santos
Age: 37
Law Firm: Edwin Coe
Deir Dos Santos works as a hairdresser and "is just an ordinary guy," according to his lawyer, Dominic Chambers. “If his rights are going to be taken away, he wants it done in a proper and lawful manner." He was born in Brazil and is a British citizen.

Friday, 2 December 2016


With the 'Festive Season' fast approaching the Dame popped down to see Mr Dos Santos at his Belgravian salon.
Mr Dos Santos has been 'curating' the Dame's voluminous hair for some time so he and she love to share juicy tittle-tattle.
The Dame lost no time in pressing dear Deir on how he managed to get involved in the High Court Brexit action.
Giggling, Dos Santos said, "Oh Dame, you naughty old thing, I can't possibly tell you".
The Dame, being a nosey old thing, pressed the point. 'Deir, but your solicitor said you were just an 'ordinary chap' who had voted leave, so why the change of heart?"

"Deir, your secret is safe with me: is Mr Dominic Chambers, QC, the prime mover behind the High Court action, one of your clients, or are you just VERY,VERY good friends?"


Friday, 25 November 2016


Whenever the Dame hears of the Council 'consulting' she emits a long sigh.
So, what's happening at Kensington Memorial Park and why is Cllr 'Oirish' Ahern sounding as if he has been kissing the Blarney Stone.......

No, nothing to do with the ex Mrs. Ahern and her monumental tax problems.
This time it's about unwanted 'improvement' plans for the much loved Kensington Memorial Park..... and the abortive consultation. 
Reading the stuff from the Council (below) it seems that the 'reputable company with over 20 years experience' cocked up.

Users of the park come from well over a mile away so why was the distribution radius a mere quarter of a mile?
Leaflets distribution is as cheap as chips. 
To get a good opinion sample leaflet distribution should have been extended to at least seven thousand homes and that would have cost no more than £800.

And, because of the distribution cock up the cut off should have been extended to mid-December and not the end of November.
A panel of residents should also be appointed to check the feedback. 

How often have we seen blatant misinterpretation of feedback to fit with the Council's plans?

The consultation exercise has not been outsourced, but delivery of the information about how to access the consultation was undertaken by a reputable company with over 20 years experience in London.  Delivery of postcards was undertaken originally within a 400m consultation zone.  The postcards were delivered to all premises within that area, rather than households alone.  This is because the leaflet distribution company does not distinguish between residential premises and other addresses, and because the council is keen to include the views of all park users, including people who may work locally. 
This method has proved to be a cost effective way of distributing consultation materials in the past. The information regarding the number of premises within the consultation zone has been taken from the National Land and Property Gazetteer which every council maintains. 
It was disappointing to learn that some people did not receive the information, and where officers were given contact details a link to the survey or a hard copy was sent out.  The 400m consultation area was selected because this equates to an approximate 5-minute walk from the park.  Although the first round of consultation was publicised via social media, posters within the park, at the Sports Booking office at Holland Park, the two local libraries, via local councillors, and on the Council website, there were fewer than 300 responses. 

Monday, 21 November 2016


The Dame had a call from old buddy, disgraced ex Mayor, Barry Phelps. 'Old Beardie' wanted to take the Dame through the complexities of being an investor in Eclipse 35, a ploy for getting huge chunks of tax relief via investment in films. 

"Old Beardie"
Yes, it does sound very glamorous: sadly HMRC takes a far from glamorous view and wants to impose gut wrenching penalties on many a high roller.
These could amount to many multiples of the sums invested.
Anyway, let's hope that none of our locals are going to be hit.

It seems that Cllr Marshall's old employer, Messrs Coutts, pushed these film schemes hard and  is now likely to be on the receiving end of big claims from the hapless investors.

One victim, though doubtless unadvised by Quent, is Pippa Rose, the headhunting ex-wife of Cllr Ahern. 

Pippa, the social alpinist daughter of a Yorkshire copper is likely to be hit for many millions. 
Let's hope Tim will be standing by, cheque book in hand.......

Sunday, 20 November 2016


THREE things YOU can do to help STOP the proposed Newcombe House Tower development with its 72m 18 storey tower -50% taller than the existing 47m 12 storey

Number 1:  JOIN the Hillgate Village Residents’ Association/HVRA TODAY and support our work on this and other issues of concern to our community.
Send your name, address, email and phone number, with a cheque made out to the “HVRA” for the annual membership fee of £15 to The Treasurer, HVRA, 8 Peel Street, London, W8 7PD or email your contact details to and we will send you our bank details to make a direct transfer.  Please indicate whether you can attend the AGM and Christmas party on 13th December (see below).
Number 2:  COME  to our first AGM and Christmas Party, 7-9pm, Tuesday 13th December, 2016 at St George’s Church Hall, Aubrey Walk, W8 7JG
AGM from 7pm, seasonal drinks & nibbles from 7.30pm.  ALL ARE WELCOME, members and non-members – £5 pp on the door to help cover costs and raise money for our fighting fund and you can also join the HVRA on the night.  You can turn up on the night but if you can let us know you’ll be coming by emailing us at so we can plan numbers that would be appreciated.

Number 3:  ATTEND as much of the Appeal Hearing as you can, 10am-4pm daily, 14th-17thFebruary, 2017, The Council Chamber, RBKC Town Hall, Hornton Street. 
The proposed Newcombe House Tower planning application was rejected by the RBKC Planning Committee in March but the developers are Appealing.  The Appeal Hearing will be 10am-4pm daily with a break for lunch.  Members of the public are free to attend as little or as much of the Hearing as they can.  
If opposition to the proposed Tower is confirmed by residents attending the Appeal, it could help subconsciously swing a wavering Inspector in our favour – it’s important to show the Inspector that we care especially if he/she is on the fence!

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Can any kind reader point out any other charitable organisation where the board pays itself over £1.7 million and rising to near £2million next year.
The Dame's useless nephew. Ludo, is looking for a job in this lucrative sector and wants some intro's. 


Ludo is lazy and incompetent but that doesn't seem to be a hindrance to getting a fat wedge with a charity like Affinity Sutton.


A startled Dame received an irate telephone call from Keithy Boy Exford.

" You old bag. How dare you tell people I only get £260,000 a year. I get a helluva' lot more than that, you old crone. I could buy and sell you ten time over".


A much chastened Dame apologised and asked how much 'bunce' he actually got.

"I get £325,000  a year, or £1400 every day I get to the office and I got meself a top of the range Beamer too"

The Dame is happy to apologise....maybe he will take the old thing for a drive in the Beamer; whatever that might be....