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Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Happy Residents
Chelsea Charm

When Capco won their application to knock down Earls Court Alison Flight, a senior RBKC planner, could not disguise her delight.
The Dame, being an old prude, was shocked to see 'Flighty' throwing herself at the DP9 team like an excited schoolgirl.
It was not an edifying sight! LINK

It seems that 'Flighty' will be working together with the same DP9 as they try to demolish the much-loved Sydney Street Farmers Market and build masses of super high priced flats for dodgy people from the 'Stans' and other corrupt states.

'Flighty' and her boss, Mr. Stallwood, have directed the committee to grant consent for this vandalism.
What will the Committee do? 

Cleverly, DP9 have managed to organise things so the decision to demolish will be taken on June 1st when thousands of Chelsea residents will be away. 
Cleverer still was organising the meeting at such short notice objectors would not be able to get their act together.

Monday, 22 May 2017


We need to know what local councillors' thinking is on these controversial plans....

"The representatives from the Kensington Society, the Norland Conservation Society and the Clarendon Cross RA met last week with the massive team from the new owners of the Academy sites (there are 2, the pub and the builder’s yard).

They presented a set of architectural proposals which exploit the development value of the sites at the expense of the pub.  
We have expressed our strong criticism. 
It is obvious that they want to maximise the saleability of the site for flats, without any resident parking rights and care little about the pub and how to make the pub operational, viable and successful. 
They have worked on the assumption it's possible to extend into the garage area owned by Octavia Trust in the old builder’s yard for a extension of the pub via a disabled WC and through the structural wall into an isolated space, eliminate Princedale Road extension which was once the beer garden and was most recently the conservatory, dig massive basements under the pub (head height and space not as presented) and along the Princedale Road side and make the 1st and 2nd floors into separate flats thus grabbing from a pub downstairs - which would of course be totally contrary to the ACV, which NCS and the council went to court for and won.

Please go to the “consultation” and let us have your observations when you have seen the plans on the 24th.  If you cannot go, have a look at the plans and tell them what you think.  They may have over paid for the sites but that does not mean we need to accept what most likely will be the final loss of our pub or, at best, an unworkable one no one wants to go to.  Send you comments to us and we will forward them to RBKC or email directly to the planning line on:


Dear Dame

Like so many other Londoners I am shocked Jeremy Corbyn has just, in the last few hours, condemned the IRA's bombing campaign in London.
I vividly remember the time the Provo's planted a bomb in South Kensington Underground Station, clearly with the express intention of killing innocent civilians from parts of the world totally unrelated to British action in Ireland.

"The second explosion occurred at South Kensington Tube station five-and-a-half hours later. Two telephone warnings from a man with an Irish accent were received giving London Underground minutes to clear the area."

How can anyone possibly admire/vote for a man who supports an organisation targeting innocent victims: those who could have been our family or friends.

I have voted Labour in the past but will never vote for a party led by Mr. Corbyn. 
His hands may not be soaked in blood but they as near as dammit.

Yours sincerely

Name Withheld 


The Dame freely admits that she has fairly masculine features: some might even suggest she was less than feminine so she joins the Lib Dems Trans members furious about the below.

The dear old Lib Dems always seem to make such utter morons of themselves. 
Can we really imagine these ninnies running this country of ours? 
Some of the tweets that Lib Dem members have put out are just hilarious, though of course being members of the party that takes itself sooooo seriously they are not meant to be funny.....
Have a click and see what you think. LINK
'Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make Liberal Democrats!'

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Dear Dame

Well, Tim Farron's manifesto launch went off like a saturated squib, didn't it?
The content was so unimaginative that most political journalists yawned and gave it just a few lines. 
The keystones of Lib Dem policy seem to be legalising prostitution(Tim, for all intents and purposes it is); stopping gender stereotyping in schools(?) and protection of bees and hens....oh, and give the vote to 16 year olds. 
All good nation changing stuff!

As for Tim himself....what can one say? When Farage described Van Rumpuy as having all the charisma of a bank manager he might have been describing poor old Tim. 

Imagine Tim negotiating with the EU? 
He wouldn't have a clue and would jump when told by Herr Juncker to do so.

What actually has Tim done with his life? 
It seems to have been entirely spent in low-grade government service.

And that's really the problem facing the Lib Dems: they just seem unable to attract winners and are so lacklustre.
Even when they have an occasional run of luck it's short lived and never glittering!

We have seen that in K&C. 
Their few days of success were based on the same old, tired formula of running around promising the earth; badmouthing opponents and failing to deliver.

Voters aren't dumb: that's why they decimated the Lib Dem councillor contingent last time around.

Sadly, Miss Mullin from Lambeth is trying the same trick but with a different spin,

She and her little gang of amateurs are running around bad mouthing Victoria Borwick and Emma Dent Coad. 
You may not like their politics but Victoria and Emma have substantial track records fighting for residents. 

What exactly have the Lib Dems done for Kensington & Chelsea? 
Zilch! Just like Tim and his daft manifesto.... damp squibs.
Remember that when ex-copper, Miss Mullin from Lambeth, comes knocking on your door.....

Yours respectfully from 'Up North' of the Borough


It may seem unfair to single out black cabs as the main toxifiers of our London streets but the fact is that they are under the control of TfL. 
TfL needs to start taking firm action against irresponsible cab drivers who don't consider Londoners who have to endure the high levels of pollutants that bedevil our streets.
This images show one cab in Cromwell Rd belching out clouds of ugly, black smoke.

The Dame has reported the offender to TfL and suggests that others who see cabs with an emission problem do the same.

Here is the email address

If we sit back and do nothing we have only ourselves to blame for death by diesel.


The Dame remembers ohow Pooter Cockell explained his role at the council. He claimed to be the 'Prime Minister' of the Royal Borough!
So, extending the parallel, the Dame is pleased to announce that the 'Chancellor of the Exchequer' The Rt Honourable 
Sir Warwick Lightfoot will be available to answer your questions on how he's spending our money. 

You are free to ask the Chancellor questions but do not annoy him and under no circumstances offer him 'sharpeners' in the pre-meeting 'Drinks'.
The last time he indulged in the Mayor's Parlour this happened LINK 

Mind you, better Sir Warwick than that other old failure, the dancing bore, Sir Vincent Cable.
Please send questions to the Dame for vetting.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Dear Hornets
The Dame's favourite charity is the Family Holiday Association.
During the holiday season, her thoughts turn to the thousands of families who may never afford a simple British seaside holiday. You can read the grim facts here LINK and also the wonderful stories about how a simple Butlins or caravan holiday changes how a hard-pressed family looks at the world.
His first holiday in Skegness
Since 1975, FHA has helped more than 38,000 families affected by bereavement, disability, severe and sudden illness, mental health issues and abuse.

FHA receives no government funding, so none of this would have been possible without the generosity of the donors and fundraisers who support it.

On the 29th April tragedy struck. 
Two of the charity's caravans were damaged by fire and are beyond repair.
Getting the insurance claim will take time so the FHA is desperately seeking funding to make sure no family goes without their planned break.
These families are in desperate need of their simple, life-changing break.
Please join the Dame by donating as much as you can afford. 
Just click HERE  or drop an email to the Dame herself for more information