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Monday, 21 May 2018


Idling engines are killing Londoners, yet the useless 'Khan't do anything right'  who has ultimate control of the black cab trade does nothing.
An idling engine runs at minimal efficiency and throws out a spectrum of highly toxic fumes.

The London cab trade likes to tell us that they are ‘there for Londoners’.
What a load of bovine excreta!

Black cabs are the major contributors to the poisonous cloud that threatens the health of us all-especially, the very young and the old.

All of us have seen queues of black cabs waiting for fares with engines running belching out toxic muck.
When you ask them to cut their engine you get a load of abuse and non-compliance.
Even when they are running about town their poor maintained engines are polluting the streets.
It’s against the law for a vehicle to be stationary with its engine running yet CEO’s are not permitted to tell them they are breaking the law.

It’s time to banish black cabs from our streets: they are no friend of us Londoners; their fares are a rip off and they  slowly and surely poison us. 
The good news is that the new MOT will put a lot of these anti-social idiots off the road.


Friday, 18 May 2018


Dear Dame,
Your tirades against the Council have often spurred it into action but sometimes we resident/leaseholders have to question whether we give the impression of being a bit over-entitled and bolshy for the sake of being bolshy.
For example, I attended a leaseholder meeting last night at Hornton St.
Doug Goldring
A new hope for leaseholders

The audience was confrontational, sceptical and in some instances unnecessarily  petty.... 
What a lot of grumpy moaners we seemed even though the Council had wheeled out some its big guns who bent over backwards to show that the Council had discarded 'it's react/don't proact' strategy and was promoting a complete system overhaul for repair work.
Kim Taylor-Smith seemed genuinely keen to turn a new page and the new Director of Housing, Doug Goldring, who left an impressive legacy at Islington,  spoke with credibility and commitment. 

Yes, the Council has let us down in the past but now might be the time to lay down our swords and work with a leadership keen to work with us.

A Leaseholder

Wednesday, 16 May 2018



Breath of Fresh Air?

My Dear Dame,

What have you against the admirable Cllr Julie Mills? 

Ceaselessly, you write horrid and denigrating stuff about her.
In the view of many of my fellow residents, she is a breath of fresh air. 

Stop knocking a good councillor.

Had Julie not kicked out most of the old guard we might be under Labour control.

It was her dynamic new young councillors that kept the useless Campbell and sidekicks in power.

Time to give Cllr Mills the chance to lead and bring about much-needed change.

A loyal reader

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


One of the Dame's brilliant ideas was to force council officers and councillors to spend three months working in the private sector. 
Officers are protected from the harsh realities of commerce and its rare for councillors to know much about business

Here's an example of how little understanding the council has of the pressure facing local business

A Chelsea shopkeeper was struggling to pay his business rates.
Instead of recognising yet another business was about to fold our very macho council sent in bailiffs replete with stab-proof vests and a video camera!


This is nothing more than gross and unnecessary intimidation of a small businessman struggling to stay afloat.

There is hope though.... new Courtfield Councillor Janet Evans (owner of Janets Bar) says she will champion our local tradespeople already struggling from  skyrocketing rent and business rates.
One of the Government's more absurd ideas was to allow councils to spend business rates to stimulate their local economy. They would probably just give it to Holland Park Opera or build another Exhibitionist Rd.

With many shops now boarded up and remaining empty- especially on the King's Road, is it not in the council's interest to support our local businesses rather treat them as cash cows?
This is what the Dame wrote last year about how business rates were decimating small community business   LINK

Monday, 14 May 2018


So Dizzie Lizzie is claiming that under her leadership the Conservatives 'stormed to victory'!
Never has a council been found quite so wanting.
What a senselessly idiotic observation to make! 
Many of the present day problems can be traced back to the disastrous fourteen-year reign of greedy Sir Pooter Cockell.
Pooter refuses to allow anyone of any quality to flower; his insecurity was palpable. This is why we have such a lacklustre leadership team; all 'Pooter's Children"!

There was never a question mark over the result: not because of the dimwit's political prescience or skill but because it would take a political earthquake of cataclysmic proportions to bring about a power change. It would be as imbecilic as believing Tower Hamlets might go blue!


K&C residents voted on the basis of the devil you know....hardly a ringing endorsement and when the Grenfell Inquiry results are published the Cabinet members involved in the decision to use cheap cladding will be called to account.

Sunday, 13 May 2018


Dear Dame,

Super rich, super entitled and over here....
This morning, on crowded Brompton Road, an ultra-powered BMW was racing an equally high powered white Porsche. 
Their speeds must have been in excess of 90 MPH. 
Our pavements were crowded with parents and children waiting to enter museums. Had one of the drivers lost control there would have been a massacre.

The extraordinary thing was that the Porsche had KSA plates whilst the BMW was Qatari registered so perhaps they were playing out their desert battles on our streets.

For too long we have allowed these unwelcome visitors to treat us with utter contempt.
Late into the night and the early hours of the morning their ridiculous supercars shatter the peace and threaten our safety.
Beauchamp Place and Brompton Rd have been transformed into Shisha Pipe Land with waiters wandering the pavements bearing dangerously flaming charcoal. 
No issue with H&S if you are a rich Middle Easterner.....

The police and council are impotent in the face of these discourteous and insolent visitors.

Of course, they can drive as they like; unlike residents, their number plates are illegible and unrecordable.
Evidently, the council have talked to the various embassies but have been told to take a hike....and the Council and police have done just that.
Now we will have a barrage of comments accusing residents of racism. 

Please don''s just so boring.

This new council needs to stop talking and get a grip. 

Each and every one of these cars need to have temporary UK plates and certificates of roadworthiness before being allowed on our streets.It's time the Council pressured C. Government into taking action.
A fed up resident

Saturday, 12 May 2018


A reader asked the Dame if this lot below were the post-election leadership team.

Can any reader help out? The belief has always been that post an election the majority group took a fresh look at the old leadership.

  • Cllr Elizabeth Campbell – Leader
  • Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith – Deputy Leader with responsibility for Grenfell response and housing
  • Cllr Will Pascall – Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Environmental Health, Leisure and Resident Services
  • Cllr Charles Williams – Adult Social Care and Health
  • Cllr Mary Weale – Communities.
  • Cllr David Lindsay – Finance and Corporate Services
  • Cllr Emma Will – Family Services and Education
  • Cllr Gerard Hargreaves – Planning and Transport

The Dame has always understood that there might be an internal power struggle as Cllr Mills sought to flex her muscles using her brood of new young councillors.
Maybe Julie has been seduced with some sinecure....

Two very obviously hopeless 'leaders' are lazy Weale and the very slow Willy Pascall.
Goodness knows what some of the smarter officers think of those supposed to lead them; for most councillors the only thing they have ever led is their dog
Pascall and Weale are notorious for indolence and unwillingness to serve residents; they should be kicked out.

Thursday, 10 May 2018


The days when local papers dominated communities are over.
Today, it's the local blog which wields influence. 
In fact, local papers depended so much on council advertising editorial independence was always somewhat impugned.....

"This is North Kensington" or THINK LINK is one such and the Dame understands that Norland now has a dedicated blog.

THINK has a very funny piece on Cllr Spalding which made her and elderly friends giggle.....