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Monday, 2 July 2012


 The Dame was rudely disturbed the other day by her none too bright nephew, Ludo.
He quoted clever old Bertrand  Russell.....
Russell could well have been talking about Pooter and pals!
"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts."


  1. that must include the Labour group whereas the liberals are full of doubts

  2. No, just the Group that wield the power so profligately and so crassly

  3. now now now, you cannot be that selective or are you a fanatic

  4. It seems a pretty good way of describing the fanatically thick bunch that are trying to run things!

  5. Should we pity those that are oblivious to the seething resentment of the folk left behind by the orgy of greed that exemplifies the Rotten Borough? Not at all. They have been warned many times.

    The recent BBC 2 programme on Portland Road is Notting Hill in microcosm. There's not even a place for ordinary folk to buy a loaf of bread. Economic apartheid already disgraces most of the Borough. The Council doesn't give the less affluent a thought, except to force them out.

    A price will eventually be paid by the Town Hall clique.

  6. why are you still trying to keep the Labour party out of this quote? Go and look at them in other councils are they any better or worse than the Labour group in the royal borough?

  7. You cannot be that dumb! Has it not occurred to you that the Labour Group have no power over our lives? If they had and behaved like the Ruling Group doubtless the Dame, in her great wisdom, would go after them. Now concentrate

  8. Now i will not let you get away with that. How do the Labour groups in other boroughs compare to the K&C crowd? Newham, Barking, Ealing etc etc

  9. Let me intervene....the behaviour of the councils you mention is a disgrace to democracy. But the Dame is not a resident of those Boroughs. Were she to be so you can be damned certain she would be dealing with them as roughly as she does this lot. Doubtless if the Labour Group were running RBKC year in, year out, they would fall prey to the same sins as the Ruling Con Group. The fact is they are not. I hope that clears it up for you...

  10. Tired Tory Councillor3 July 2012 at 06:33

    21.43, 22.48, 22.49, 23.10, you might as well use your name Palmer, your pathetic attempts to distract the real focus of the post and your 'idiosyncratic' grammar are a giveaway.

    Cockell and Fitzpatrick - he's at it again! Do stop the silly man before he embarrasses the party yet again.

  11. The Portland Road programme also gave a hint of what is yet to come - which is that the more affluent parts of the Borough will gradually be taken over by rich foreign investors, who will buy property but not live in it, turning the place into a ghost town, with the poor crammed ever closer together at an ever greater density in the less desirable parts of the Borough. The rich of Portland Road and other neighbourhoods will sell up at a vast profit and escape to the country. Is this really what we want?

  12. Choux Fly's comment reflects the intention of the Town Hall. The rich, whether resident or foreign, have no need for council services. So there's more of our money available to spend on vandalising Exhibition Road and celebrating filthy canal water.

    To encourage this process, the Council systematically removes as many poor people as possible from the borough.


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