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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


The Dame has been told to 'get with it' and make her little blog more exciting. Someone has suggested a competition so the Dame has entered into the spirit of things. Readers are asked to guess the exact cost of Tot Brill's £1million leaving party taking place on Exhibitionist Road at the end of the month.
Whoever gets closest will be given a pair of ticket to this exclusive celebrity style party for the great, the good, the not so good and the downright corrupt of the Rotten Borough. This is a chance to enjoy the finest wine and canapes all paid for by taxpayers at a cost of thousands!
The winners will be collected in the Leader's  £120,000 Bentley and you will have a chance to press the flesh of the Dame and her foolish nephew, Ludo.
So get out those calculators!
First invite to the VIP section. 
Here you will be in a specially roped off area and able to mingle with distinguished VIP cllrs, such as Cllr Sir 'Pooter' Cockell, Cllr 'Boys' Moylan, disgraced ex Mayor Barry Phelps. Child porn expert and ex cllr and convict, Andrew Lamont. Glamorous Dep Chief Executive, Tott Brill will be on hand to explain the meaning of some of the RBK&C 'art'

Invitation to Exhibitionists VIP viewing
Is this email not displaying correctly?View it in your browser.

Join us to experience this work on

Sunday 29 July
3pm – 5:30pm
Meeting Point 
4 Cromwell Place, SW7 2JE at 3pm
Refreshments to follow

For the Exhibitionists: Artistic Director Sue Broadway, Choreographers Ella Guilfoyle and Tony Adigun, Aerial Choreographer Lindsey Butcher, Aerial and Acrobatics Trainer Simon Fee, Costume Designer Libby Todd.

Exhibition ROAD SHOW is a celebration of the cultural heartland of London, a landscape of wonder unfolding throughout the first nine days of the Olympic Games.

ROAD SHOW and the Exhibitionists are produced for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea by DREAM.

SECOND PRIZE....a 'Peasant' invite

On 26 July 2012   5:00 – 7:00pmOn Exhibition RoadReception from 6:30 – 9:00pm at:4 Cromwell PlaceLondon SW7 2JE Exhibition ROAD SHOW is a celebration of the cultural heartland of London, a landscape of wonder unfolding throughout the first nine days of the Olympic Games. ROAD SHOW and the art commissions are produced for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea by DREAM. Please RSVP to and bring a copy of this invitation. 



  1. Dame

    I have been told in confidence that it is £200 million.

    I know that this is the right answer. Please send my tickets via Dave Cameron. I am too busy just at the moment to collect them myself. Hope that will not be a problem. Will I have to travel in the Bentley with the Leader? Do hope that is not a requirement.



  2. Tired Tory Councillor17 July 2012 at 13:45

    Dear Dame, is that wretched woman really having a party at our expense? This is simply disgraceful! Please do not send me ticket I do not wish to be connected with this shocking waste of Council taxpayers' money.

    Whatever will they think of next?

  3. I don't suppose it is now as Mr Myers has forbidden Pooter from using the car on his own

  4. Such a pity that a few malcontents and puritans are trying to sabotage a chance for us all to have a good time. Yes, possibly the few thousand pounds it will cost could have been spent on the poor of the parish or old folk, but imagine the pleasure it will give them knowing that their councillors, who work so hard for them, are having a jolly time. I can tell you that the Dame and Ludo can't wait to have some of the delicious wine from the Town hall cellars.
    Let the moaners moan but this Dame is not for turning down a chance for a knees up with the Leader and our Deputy Chief Exec Totty Brill.

  5. The Dame has removed one or two bits to prevent identification of this competitor.

    Madam the Dame!

    I’m a HUGE fan of your work and I’d love to enter your competition; I guess that the Party will cost £2 million – at least! But if I win (which I doubt anyway!) could I ask that you don’t announce my name online? I’m active in the Conservatives locally and I'm sure you are completely familiar with “off the record” briefings as a purveyor of news to us all!

    I have to say your blog has become absolutely COMPULSIVE reading- a xxxxxxxxx and I were discussing you the other day, and saying how we (independently) found you and how much we enjoyed reading your updates.

    Keep up the good work!

    With best wishes,


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