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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Nobody is more expert on 'remuneration' than Danny 'Boys'. He and Pooter Cockell are two of UK's most lavishly rewarded councillors. Both are collecting close to £250,000 a year- thanks to the generosity of us taxpayers. Pooter has never had a job of any substance: we won't discuss Danny 'Boys' qualifications here-suffice to say his ability to squeeze money out of the Mayor has been noticed-hence his appointment to the Remuneration Committee.
£150k a year Moylan

The Chairs and Vice Chairs of TfL's committees and panels are:
  • Finance and Policy Committee - Peter Anderson (Chair); Daniel Moylan (Vice Chair)
  • Remuneration Committee - Baroness Grey-Thompson (Chair); Daniel Moylan (Vice Chair)
  • Audit and Assurance Committee - Keith Williams (Chair); Patrick O'Keefe (Vice Chair)
  • Projects and Planning Panel - Isabel Dedring (Chair); 
    Daniel Moylan (Vice Chair)
  • Rail and Underground Panel - Christopher Garnett (Chair); Steve Wright (Vice Chair)
  • Safety and Sustainability Panel - Charles Belcher (Chair); Patrick O'Keefe (Vice Chair)
  • Surface Transport Panel - Baroness Grey-Thompson (Chair); Charles Belcher (Vice Chair)


  1. rubbing salt into the wound appointment this leech on the the taxpayer

  2. The likes of Sir Merrick and Daniel Moylan are the worst examples of the corrupt world of local government (no better or worse than the most greedy banker). This is again another area of government which should be under scrutiny (Mr Clegg, please concentrate on local government rather than the House of Lords as this is where the real corruption is). In truth both Sir Merrick and Daniel Moylan have managed to manipulate themselves into positions of power and are not accountable to anyone other than themselves and their friends in the circle hence they pay themselves and their pals an enormous amount of tax payers money. Both Sir Merrick and Daniel Moylan earn around £250,000 each; it is unbelievable that the taxpayer cannot do something about this. Eric Pickles is woeful and powerless at his job and should be replaced with some one with more passion. I for one, a traditional Tory am fed up to the high teeth of the lack of responsibility at both central and local government level which could well result in fewer and fewer people voting in future. I did not vote for Boris and certainly will not vote for Sir Merrick and his cronies. My advice to David Cameron is to wake up to the real issues facing this country and tackle corruption within government.

  3. In addition to the above, the amount of money which is paid out to Sir Merrick and Daniel Moylan is completely out of all proportion for the skills and experience that both these individuals bring to the job. Rather like Gary Lineker and Alan Hanson earning 2m and 1.5 million pounds (sterling) respectively. Old chums looking after each other, excluding others who would be delighted to the job for the love of football and be paid a reasonable amount of money for doing it. These two examples are why the public sector needs proper reform because it is a real drain on the rest of us financially, morally and thoroughly disillusioning. After all David Cameron does say "we are all in this together".

  4. Upon reflection, the appointment of Daniel Moylan, a man who I understand earns a staggering figure of around £250,000 out of the public purse seems to me ironic. I would have thought that he is about the last person to be on the remuneration panel. Another example of Boris's half witted managerial skills I am afraid. Surely, out of the other, is it now 369 people who earn over £100,000 at City Hall, Boris could find someone more suitable. My view though is that the remuneration committee should be entirely independent and at arms length with no connection whatsoever with any employee of tfl or City Hall to ensure better value for money for the taxpayer.


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