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Monday, 16 July 2012


More Olympian Chaos from the Great Architect! Come on Danny 'Boys' we are paying you £130k a year....get it right!

Moylan gets egg on his face

Post-Olympic housing should be good enough to win the Stirling Prize, according to London Legacy Development Corporation chair Daniel Moylan
Speaking at the opening of David Kohn’s £550,000 White Building arts centre on the Olympic fringe in Hackney Wick, the recently appointed chair said that winning the £20,000 award for the Queen Elizabeth Park housing projects was ‘just as important’ as any if the major venues landing the prize.
Sidestepping a question about the blunder, he said: ‘It would be great if the Aquatics Centre or Velodrome or Olympic Stadium won the prize. We would also like to see the housing developments win the Stirling Prize, this is just as important.’
Explaining his vision for the area’s regeneration, he said: ‘This is a question I am looking for an answer on. We have one or two modes of regeneration we know we don’t want here. We also have a very wide range of opinion.’
He added: ‘There are issues about the extent to which the Queen Elizabeth II Park is public space or managed space. Finding something intellectually and conceptually that can bring people together is the most you can hope for.’
Moylan said a decision on the chosen developer for the park’s first legacy neighbourhood – Chobham Manor – could be made at a board meeting on Tuesday next week.
Moylan also said a planning application to transform the Olympic Stadium after the Games would be submitted ‘quite soon’. The project is being designed by the stadium’s original architect, Populous


  1. Cllr Moylan is focused on doing battle with No 10 and the Prime Minister over a new airport for London. There is very little PR mileage for the bus driver's son with his £130 k London Legacy job - and until he sees an angle to build notoriety and get noticed he will make silly blunders like this.

    A second class person to the core

  2. As well as his personal failings, Moylan is an incompetent amateur aping the expertise of professionals in a series of specialist areas. It would matter less if his ambition had been stifled by his lack of knowledge. Unfortunately for the population of London, he has managed to bully his way into high profile positions.


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