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Saturday, 21 July 2012


Not long ago financial genius, Warwick Lighfoot wrote a little read tome called "We Have No Money Left." 
Clearly, this mantra does not apply to the Rotten Borough. 
In RBK&C our money is frittered away with gay abandon by Warwick Lightweight and his friend and former business partner, Danny'Boys' Moylan. Those in real need are told 'there is no money left.'
A case in point is this silly 30 page, full colour booklet. It has been sent out to every household in the Borough. The cost would have been enormous and disproportionate to any information value it might have. 
Replete with pictures of Pooter and Lightweight, it is a waste of our money. But we don't expect a cigarette salesman like Pooter, or someone economic with commonsense, like Warwick Lightweight, to have much idea about making/saving money. 
But they could have come up with a logical and TIMELY solution to telling us about the Olympics...though most of us are bored stiff with it.
Currently, the Council wastes something like £400,000 a year on the Royal Borer newspaper, so would it not have been intelligent for the 'dynamic duo' to have coincided an edition of the Royal Borer with the Olympics? It would have saved £70, that could have been deployed to threatened children's services.
No wonder Pooter and Lightweight were far from being successful in their business careers....what a blatant waste of time and our money!


  1. So it has take the Dame to suss out this ludicrous waste of money. I would love to meet the Dame. She is really a force for good in this Borough. May she go from strength to strength

  2. These two little chumps are desperate for attention. The Olympics is a made in Heaven opportunity for the ego driven local Government types like Cockell to splurge money and shout "look at me". £1 million for Tot Brill to arrange silly shows in Exhibition Road, £70k for Pooter to send out a boring little book about all the K&C splurging on the Olympics (equals more road jams and litter) like the 150 strong choir for Holland Park Opera to sing for the Torch when it passes!!

    What on earth has any of this to do with the games? They belong in Stratford where athletes from all nations will compete. That's what the games are about.

    But of course the silly prats like Pooter will jump on any bandwagon and go wild with the council tax funded piggy bank of K&C. Current balance £150 million

    Residents should take up arms

  3. Angry Resident21 July 2012 at 12:59

    There is a recession going on. This waste of money should not be authorised. It is gross irresponsibility

  4. The conduct of the Conservative Administration in K&C is abominable when it comes to wasting tax payers money. Every single Conservative Councillor should be deeply ashamed

  5. Shame is neither here nor there for these cretins. They should be shot

  6. Even Cockell (he of no qualifications and low intellect) has had long enough to figure out that this is not the time to be wasting money on fripperies. One wonders if he is illiterate because there has been no shortage of press comment about the dire straits of the economy. Even the television mentions daily about the crisis. Why is the failed businessman not taking it all in?

  7. Council Tax Payer21 July 2012 at 13:08

    I am sick and tired of all these printed papers, books and circulars coming through my letter box from the Council. And all the email puff about Council Arts programmes and other superfluous spending.

    Time for our Council to get back to basics and stick to the knitting

  8. The Hornet has been campaigning for many months about the squandering of tax payer's money by the Cockell Administration. Local Councils should stick to clearing the dustbins and sweeping the parks. This kind of irrelevance is way over the top.

    What do we have to do to persuade Conservative Councillors to get rid of this clown?

  9. This is an outrage

  10. This must be the most useless piece of junk mail I have had through my letterbox for some time. It tells me nothing whatever that I need to know about the Olympics - for example, what is the Council doing for CHILDREN during the Olympic siege.

    Oh, I see. That's because they are doing precisely nothing.

    1. 16:01
      You can visit: for a list of Council activities for children and young people over the Olympics period.

  11. "The Games In The Royal Borough"

    What balls. Who on earth thought this up? Did tax payers pay some expensive PR consultant for this rubbish? Who on earth does the miserable and status seeking Cockell consider himself to be?

  12. Cockell should take himself off to the LGA and give K&C tax payers a break

  13. Lord Kensington21 July 2012 at 18:11

    Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell is entering into the spirit of things with a programme that is worthy of the Royal Borough. His peer group expects this of him

  14. The residents of Kensington and Chelsea have the opportunity to celebrate the 2012 Olympics on home turf. And the cost is spread across all the active council tax payers - so the benefits residents in North Kensington can have some free fun too

  15. I am sure that the Dame cracks open a bottle or two at Christmas and joins in Christian festivities. Why not K&C too?

  16. Sharpen your pencil 18.15. The Dame opens a case or two at Christmas. The difference is that she pays for it with her own money. She does not raid a tax paid piggy bank - and even if she had access to tax payer funds she would never dream of abusing the privelege

  17. 18:18
    Well put....
    One of the exhausting aspects of being La Dame is having to explain to the likes of 18:14 and 18:15 simple facts...but she will try!
    The money that the useless Pooter spends on these sorts of fripperies is money entrusted to him by taxpayers to pay for the efficient running of the Borough. When that money is diverted to fund inconsequential and childish projects residents are right to think that their taxes are being fraudulently converted.These councillors have never had had to create wealth, but are expert at spending other peoples's money in a profligate, irresponsible and dishonest manner.
    It may not have escaped readers' attention that the Dame has never received a writ from any of those she has accused of dishonest-one wonders why?

  18. 'accused of dishonesty'
    Interestingly, Pooter's friends never comment on the finacial good housekeeping of using the Royal Borer to bore on about the Olympics...The Dame wonders why

  19. Dame. Only third rate people succeed at Hornton Street.

  20. 19.49 you need to sharpen your pencil too. Third rate is not the name of the game. It is Poodles who are interested in securing high SRA's and have become slaves to dictator Mubarak who demands a high price for his favours.

    Its a corrupt system that feeds third rate egos, squanders tax payers money,and on occasion abuses expenses (vida Cockell's entertainment of friends at swanky New York restaurants and the approval of bogus expense claims) all covered by hard earned tax payers council tax

  21. Get a grip Kensington. Cockell was unable to keep his family from the income he got from selling cigarettes in Africa:thus he decided to become a local government entrepreneur. From this he has done terribly well. The poor chap is quite unemployable outside council work. He should consider himself very fortunate to be given anything by taxpayers...the fellow is utterly useless. One can see you have never had to work usefully from the tenor of your comment!

  22. 'The Games in the Borough' is a perfect title for the insanity and Olympian waste that happens in the Hornton Street, all with taxpayers money.

  23. If only The Dame would deign to stand for the Council. I hear she said she prefers not to be in the company of low life types

  24. Tired Tory Councillor22 July 2012 at 18:00

    If all this cash, or indeed even a small portion of it, had gone to improving and expanding sports facilities for children in the borough we would have a valid legacy. NOTE Moylan, LEGACY, not a bunch of over designed and poorly functioning buildings ... And by the way Mr F or Ms B pointing us to the summer in the city bilge for children on the council website, tell me what is there for a sporty 12 year old?

    Precisely. Story time for babies in various libraries.

    Not good enough.

  25. Strangely enough living in Draycott Avenue at the Draycott Place I have not had any of these tomes delivered to the my door. Although, I saw one discarded on the pavement in Draycott Place and another one in the Antelope in Eaton Terrace which had obviously been on the pub's floor. I would question firstly the added value that these RBK&C publications offer the residents, secondly, the distribution appears to be erratic and finally in my opinion it is a time to cut back on the number of "free" publications produced by the Council. I also think that the design of these brochures boring and unattractive; they are all rather similar (mainly blue and white) and have been so for about the past ten years.

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