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Thursday, 28 June 2012


  The Dame gets very concerned about Pooter Cockell's mental state. We know he would lose a debate with a doorknob, but clearly two jobbing is taking it's toll.

Pooter wondering where the money has gone
In the Telegraph  merrick cockell  today, Pooter, wearing his £54,000 a year LGA hat, warns that Councils will have no money left for essential services by 2020.
One has to make allowances for the fact that Pooter is not financially fluent. He forgets, in his tenure as £70,000 a year leader of the Rotten Borough, it has become a byword for profligate and wasteful spending.
How can Pooter pontificate in this way? He has been responsible for such extravagant follies as.....
  • £100 million Holland Park School now £75 million over Government cost guidelines and with not one extra place added
  • £30 million on Exhibitionist Rd with annual running costs of nearly £500,000 a year
  • £1.5 million blown on Chelsea Care
  • £1million on Tot Brill's Exhibitionist Rd comic turns
  • £1.5 million on Councillor and Special Irresponsibility Allowances
  • £1million wasted on PR and the ludicrous Royal Borer

Doubtless readers will come up with more ways he blows our money. How he has the gall to lecture government about running out of money when he is addicted to blowing ours is one of life's great mysteries.


  1. The man is a calamity. He was spouting off on Radio 4 yesterday as well.

  2. He's an embarrassment to Kensington, a blusterer at best, though he's the lesser of two evils if you put Myers in this 'spot the obvious mistakes' picture

  3. This Council is an embarrassment. From its apparent recent zenith, it's rapidly becoming a laughing stock. History swept away the Persians and Rome. It will away Cockell and Moylan.


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