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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Does Jonathan Frazer-Howells/The Candidate work at JP Morgan? We should be told

The Dame is angry....
In good faith she provided numbers of both candidates. Through slipshod proofing Mr Frazer-Howells allowed this leaflet to be printed using a JP Morgan number.
Voters have been inconvenienced struggling to get through......and the candidate is not covered in glory either....
The Dame has been even handed. If the candidate and his agent supply incorrect information she is hardly to blame.
Come on you two...buck your ideas up!
Here is the leaflet with incorrect no.


  1. Why change anything in the Ory party most of them are uncontactable, even if they are sitting in front of you!

  2. The correct number is on the campaign leaflet you posted previously. Looks like the 2 and 5 got switched in this one.

  3. So hundreds of residents have been given the wrong information? And someone had the cheek to blame the beloved Dame......

  4. I hardly think the Dame should be expected to check that candidates have posted their correct details. One is reminded of the story of Charles Clore asking the Ducke of Marlborough whether he could bring his loader to breakfast. Marlborough asked,"We know you need him to teach you to to shoot, but do you also need him to teach you how to eat?"

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  7. A little Cockell cock up this time. It is usually on a grander scale. Landing a gay porn star come Trolly doll to represent the hard pressed tax payers of Brompton is still Pooter's Gold Standard

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  9. I am saddened that so many of these comments reflect class snobbery, homophobia and racism. Come on Dame, buck your ideas up!

  10. This is a by election...certain comments posted so far are not making the Dame happy. She cannot sit around all day deleting those of an offensive nature. Please keep comments relevant to the topic.
    The questions relate to major issues: they should not be diminished by sniping at one particular individual.

  11. ex-Election Agent25 June 2012 at 14:49

    Someone should send that leaflet to the Chief Executive of JPM if indeed it is a JPM number.

    I wonder if they know they are supporting a political candidate and I expect they would need to declare their political support publicly.

    I expect also that JPM will provide to the candidate the cost so that he can include it on his election expenses.

    You can use this link to see who you should be sending it to:

    Oh dear.

  12. Excellent stuff 14.49.

    This is the kind of shit that Frazer-Howells gets up to. Nice to see the tables turned. Good one, mate

  13. Silly Blow Fly

  14. 14.49 raises a very serious matter.

    I hope that the Labour Candidate will write to the authorities and demand an investigation of the expenses of Mr Abbas. On the surface it would appear that there are grounds to disqualify the Conservative Candidate

  15. Nice try, Legal Eagle, but I don't think so.

  16. I entered into a business deal with Mr Frazer-Howells and his partner in 2011 and as yet have not been fully paid for what he bought from me. His mobile goes dead every time I call him and I wonder if anyone can tell me if this is normal practice for such people??

    1. Can you provide more details of the transaction?
      The Dame's Hotshoe


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