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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


The Council has been skilled at hiding the scandalous waste of taxpayers' money relating to works at this children's centre. Frittering our money away is one thing: risking the health of the young of this Borough is quite another.

Expect the Dame, over the next week or so, to disclose the details of this stupendous cock up. She will not tolerate feeble attempts to hide facts from us, which OUR council has a duty to disclose to us.

Fortunately, certain officers do not wish to be part of these ill conceived cover ups.

Watch this space for more on this dangerous and expensive mess


  1. The Dame should harness the discontent there is among officers in Hornton Street. The Tri borough has handed power to Hammersmith thereby creating widespread discontent, the public face of the Tri borough is very rosy but behind the scenes there is chaos. Dame you have got to give Hornton street staff a secure and untraceable method of communication. May I suggest an email form on your site that does not require identification and will accept attachments. You then with your contacts may be able to circulate the availability of this form to the beleaguered officers in Hornton street.

  2. An excellent idea.... we will see how we can protect officers from the spiteful attentions of this vindictive fellow.

  3. What is this about! It is quite shocking that officers are being treated this way. Horton street belongs to local residents as does all that hapoens there. We therefore have an absolute right to know what is happening within it and how if affects residents, including whatever is happening at st quintins. The families who use the site also have a right to know what's happening there as they all have very vulnerable children who attend the service.

    The tribe rough is an utter disaster officers know this as do councillors it is beginning to affect services and stability of support for vulnerable groups. And is costing us a fortune at a time of supposed austerity. Ultimately residents have not voted for this nor were we consulted.

    There will soon be no one in Horton street who actually know what's happening....the mantra coming from Horton Street is "We don't know how the tribe rough will pan out" in fact they spend most of their time travelling!

  4. Vindictiveness towards those who disobey their 'masters' is not confined to officers. Councillors and residents are regularly punished by our local North Korean style Thought Police.

    The Dame's readers admire all those with the courage to speak the truth.

  5. Will someone get this information to the Dame stop these bullies before there is a Kensington spring.

  6. As your previous post about st q had such little response it appears that a 'lockdown' has happened relating to any information being passed to you. And if any is released it may be traceable.

    This is extremely worrying as to what exactly is happening there and how it will affect children who attend the service.

  7. There will have to be a Kensington Spring.

  8. Apparently the borough is currently saving money by cutting back facilities for children. Nursery schools who offer full time education for 3-5 years old are having to only offer part time places unless you qualify for free school meals then full time ed would apply. SO should you be a hard working family with both parents working, often on small wages, 15 hours is enough!!! All children should have the right to benefit from this facilty. It seems Schools Forum and the new overworked Tri Borough team are making or have made decisions. This is not equal opportunity. One nursery school (outstanding Ofsted but under threat from closure) in particular come September will be without a Head teacher. But will be run with a 2 day Executive head and a consultant 1 day a week. It seems the borough feels early education is not really an important factor. Better not to give children a good start but spend a bit more on Referral Units. This is a long story and needs the right publicity


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