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Friday, 1 June 2012

An Officer Slams Cockell

The observant will have noticed  The Dame has a new personal and highly confidential email address. Any choice titbits will be welcomed and treated in the discreetest possible way. The Dame would love to hear from you(not you ex cllr Phelps with your vile emails!)
Anyway the first incisive contribution comes from someone describing himself as, 'Soon To Retire Officer'
Pooter and Myers should read it!
Reading the recent blogs it is quite clear just how serious the problems in Kensington & Chelsea are. Everyone reads the Hornet and we all have a good laugh at the exploits of the Dame and her hopeless nephew. But behind the irony there is the reality that things are going very badly wrong in the Borough. The fiasco of the BT high speed Broadband is just the tip of the iceberg. There is now no leadership and the services for residents are being taken over by Hammersmith & Fulham that is emerging as a much stronger force than Kensington & Chelsea in what is effectively a struggle for hegemony.

A Demotivated Officer
Councillor Cockell has never been a manager. He never ran anything another than a tiny and very unsuccessful ‘import-export’ business. Just himself and a dog in a basement belonging to the local Conservative Association and rented at a soft rent. . What management there was at the Council came from Derek Myers. We hardly see him now. The ideas came from Councillor Moylan, many of them idiotic, but ideas none the less. Now even if Councillor Cockell did have any management ability he no longer has the time or the inclination to manage anything. Most of his time is spent at the LGA and what time he does have at Hornton Street is spent in ensuring that he is surrounded by people who will not challenge his position as Leader. This group have no conception of just how bad things are. If they want something all the stops are pulled out. But for everyone else, service and response is dropping fast. He can’t afford to lose his position as Leader as he needs the money! Now there is no management and no ideas and Tri-Borough marches on with the standards falling to the low level of H&F.
I know that the Conservative councillors are all hoping he will go to the House of Lords. Two problems. First who would take over from him? The old guard are all two tainted with having been his gofers and helping to prop up his position, in return for what? The younger ones have no management or political skills. This is really why he is still there. The second problem is that the Conservatives, with or without their coalition partners stand not a snow ball’s chance in Hell of winning the next election. Unless he goes quickly (and there seems to be no sign of this) he will be there until he is in his wheelchair.

So what does this mean for residents and officers? Falling standards for residents, poor working environment for officers. 'I’m all right, Jack' for the Leader.


  1. Wow...this is an angry, well informed officer. If one feels like this then the others must equally be demotivated

  2. I was visiting Canary Wharf today and considered the whole Docklands regeneration scheme inspired by two political giants, Mrs Thatcher and Mr Heseltine. I then thought of the two pigmies in K&C, Cockell and Moylan, and their grand regeneration project, Exhibition Rd

    What a contrast. And then I thought of the bible quoting imitator of Thatcher, the dreadful Cllr E Campbell. What an inferior bunch they are

  3. Its an Administration in decay. Some day it will be turned around. But when?

  4. I don't think he is angry, just very sad about a life's work destroyed by someone who cares only about himself.

  5. "The old guard are all two tainted with having been his gofers". Retiring or sacked for illiteracy?

    He is right about tri-borough though. LBHF total takover. It won't end well.

  6. The old guard are all two tainted with having been his gofers". Retiring or sacked for illiteracy?

    He is right about tri-borough though. LBHF total takover. It won't end well.

    Careful there 10:44...what is a Takover...what's that

  7. A "takover" 10:44 is a term used in is not appropriate here....

  8. Victoria Borwick, nice woman, head screwed on right, has seen it all

  9. Borwick is perfectly equipped to become Leader-if only the sheep could organise it....faint hope

  10. The officer is right on all levels, there is no direction, no plans, it is literally fire fighting. Officers don't know what they are doing from one day to the next and the standards are slipping fast.

    They are letting all their properties to private companies and private schools The gentrification of north Kensington has started. The voluntary organisations who actually run the services in this borough don't know if any of them have funding. And they will soon start the ghettoisation of the Borough by sending people whose rents in the private sector are too high to receive benefits hundreds of miles away. For evidence of the great north south divide look at the coffee shops on St Helens Gardens.

    H&F have a history of spending lots of money with no evidence of what its been used for and their services for elderly are of a lower standard with no stability for the community.

    This is what is creeping over the borders, its done without voters consent or even consultation.

    Where is the Sovereignty they all spouted to keep people quiet?

    Bring back Victoria Borwick to get things back on track, she is the only person capable of turning this complete mess around and shame on all of you councillors who sat and watched this happen...spineless.

  11. Dame - my comment about the difficulty Officers have accessing and commenting on this blog seems to have disappeared - WHY?

  12. I think that maybe beacuse the Dame as she has cut it instead of copying it so that it is now on the blog under Pooter censoring She is not very competent in matters tech!
    It will go back again

  13. "Increasingly, Officers trying to access comments posted on this blog are blocked by the Council's web-nanny software. I say increasingly as there are, almost daily, new criteria for its censorship. For example, the piece called "Barkhordar-A Champion of Democracy?" is blocked because it apparently contains "adult material". At least the IT department are in work. No redundancies there for the foreseeable. A frightened regime - but residents AND Councillors must do something to oust Pooter - a lot of talk here but what is actually happening?"

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