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Sunday, 10 June 2012


An interview with Eric Pickles is proudly claimed as an 'Exclusive' in today's Independent on Sunday. 

Very much larger than life, Pickles, achieved his over promotion because Dave and George felt the Cabinet needed a bit of North Country, working class straight talking. Instead what they got was an overweight wind bag, who everybody ignores.
We have examples in our very own Borough........
Pickles has been whining for ages that Council Chief Executives should reduce salaries to below the level of the Prime Minister's. So what reaction does it evoke from our very own, £250k a year Mr Myers? Basically.....'sod off Fatso and mind your own business.' 
Myers made quite clear that his salary was no business of the Secretary of State.

Next, Pickles had a go at those living off the taxpayer, such as our very own Pooter. 
Through double jobbing, Pooter grabs something near £140k a year. His arch enemy, Danny 'Boys' Moylan, a similar 'wedge'
Pickles made quite clear that he strongly objected to those 'double jobbing' and their fat SRA's.
Did our two local hero's listen? Of course not. And why would they? Pooter has school fees to pay and 'Boys' his house in Thailand to maintain.
So expect nothing to come out of Windbag Pickle's latest 'initiative': no one takes him seriously! HOT AIR


  1. Pickles says that there will be a "tougher approach to families who are fluent in social work" and cost the nation £9 billion every year.

    What about a tougher approach to council Leaders who are a threat to democracy?

  2. Pickles has lost all credibility. He does not deserve the attention of the Dame

    Same class as the dead sheep Ahern and Coleridge

  3. Dame

    In fact Myers effectively spends most of time in Hammersmith and Fulham. K&C just pays Hammersmith and Fulham half of his salary and on-costs. Another example of how Tri-Borough benefits H&F to the detriment of K&C residents.

  4. The tri borough is and will continue to be a complete and utter failure. The cards will come toppling down quite soon but who will take responsibility for wasting taxpayers money dismantling services for vulnerable people, and getting rid of experienced staff on something the electorate were given no say in.

  5. Senior social work managers from K and C (who under the tri-Borough agreement are now responsible for supervising cases of social workers from H and F) are unable to access the files of vulnerable children.
    K and C and H and F use incompatible computer frameworks to store information.
    A utter shambles that is placing service users at increased risk. Why was this fundamental flaw not considered by those with authority previously?

  6. Eric Pickles should start acting on senior RBK&C council (and LGA) remuneration what is clear misuse of public funds rather than just talking about it. In truth for what he actually achieves he might as well relinquish his own position.


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