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Friday, 8 June 2012


More Earthquakes in Courtfield Ward
Last year the Dame brought news of a spectacular personality clash between the Chairman of Courtfield Ward, James Fairey, and the odious Cllr Sir Anthony Coates Bt. BSc. MD, FRC Path, FRCP etc etc etc.
It got to the point where Fairey could no longer sit in the same room as the rude, ugly and obnoxious Coates so he resigned as Ward Chairman. Horrified Committee members also resigned in support and solidarity with Fairey. 
Man in the Middle
 Ranking Ward Councillor, confirmed bachelor, Cllr Tony Holt, did his best to smooth feathers. He persuaded Fairey to stay on as Chairman until a replacement could be found. Fairey, genuflected to Holt and reluctantly stayed on, arranging one or two more Ward events, including a £130 a head event for socially avaricious residents with his close friend, disgraced but famous Lord Archer.
In a new twist to the Courtfield soap opera, James Fairey has now resigned his membership of the Conservative Party in protest at "Dave" Cameron's support for gay marriage. This is unsurprising. Like Daniel 'Boys' Moylan, Fairey is a cradle Catholic(St Richards, Downside) so he follows Church dictates on the matter.
This has put ranking Councillor Holt on the spot. His own settled affairs with his long term partner makes it inconvenient for him to argue with Fairey in a second attempt to "bring him round" while odious Coates gloats in quiet satisfaction. But in a perfect Conservative moment, the Party has rallied around. An ambitious young Westminster seeker, Ms Ali, has made herself available as interim Chairperson of Courtfield Ward. For the time being no one knows what anyone is thinking, but the party goes on......


  1. Coutfield Resident8 June 2012 at 14:10

    The audience with Lord Archer, in his magnificent Thames Penthouse, cost £100, not £130. And a donation was made to charity. Lord Archer was a very gracious host

  2. Cllr Holt is livid that the private affairs of his Ward are again being splashed around by the Hornet. The venerable Councillor is of the opinion that the Dame is a pox on the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

  3. Fly On The Wall8 June 2012 at 14:24

    Conservative activists in Courfield do not know where to look, let alone think. Charismatic Fairey had huge appeal to the aging ladies and gentlemen who stuff envelopes for the Party in COurtfield. Under the Leadership of Cllr Cockell they are allowed to do little else. Ex Army Major Fairley gave a sense of urgency and relevance and his Mews Garage in S Kensington became a social center for the "Courtfield set" with regular appearances by disgraced and famous Lord Archer. Nevertheless, "the set" were thrilled every time Fairey wheeled out his mate.

    The odious Cllr Coates (Bt etc), inflicted on Courtfield muppets as a Ward Councillor, took an intense dislike to Fairey for reasons that are not yet clear. Without effort he made his distaste known by rudeness at meetings.

    Faced with a social crisis, the hapless Cllr Holt did his best with some amateur diplomacy (flattery, basically) and managed to paper over the cracks. But then Dave and his manic marriage ideas blew the whole thing apart again. This time, Holt was powerless by inclination.

    Now we have an ambitious Ms holding the ring. Holt has taken cover with his partner and odious Coates has yet to re emerge

  4. it would seem the Dame has stirred up a right old Hornets Nest

  5. What a wonderful little soap opera. What will the next episode expose?

  6. Cllr Holt would be wise to remember the famous Wilkes quote..."That, sir depends on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress"

  7. Coates has form. A truly odious scrutiny chairman, but decided to spend 'more time with his family'. What an odious lot are the K&C Councillors.

  8. Can anyone imagine having to work alongside a colleague like Cllr Coates?

    Dreadful thought


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