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Friday, 1 June 2012


If a picture is worth a thousand words then these below say it all. This is how Exhibitionist Road looks on the eve of the Jubilee. One of the Borough's major roads now brings shame on the Borough.
Upholstered with pink granite from that bastion of human rights, China, at a cost of £26 million or so, this life threatening road is a disgrace to it's promoters, Moylan and Cockell.
The Dame has reported that the annual cleaning bill is nearly £4,000 a week, but even the cleaning is not working.

Take a look and feel angry. It is your money that these two egotistical idiots have squandered!
But in the Olympics Year imagine what visitors think?
It Was Pink Granite!

Even The Pigeons are Disgusted!

Squalor On Exhibitionist Road



  2. Interesting to remark upon the hypocrisy of this the rather muted green cabinets of BT don't fit in, yet they can allow this mess on a Exhibition Rd. Talk about double standards!

  3. Lofty Councillors in K&C are too rarefied to know that pigeons shit, humans create garbage, cars deposit oil, and the air deposits grime.

    They don't tell you this in fairy stories

    But greedy architects give prizes to prats like Cllr Moylan who create new markets for under employed architects with his "streetscapes"

  4. Too many Councillors with not enough to do and too much money to spend

  5. The Dame's first picture of a stainless steel rubbish bin, is a pot that cost £4,500.

    It sailed through all the checks and balances in Hornton Street

  6. Just think how much dirtier it would be if they had to attempt to clean what Moylan had planned for Sloane Square as well!

  7. The relationship between the pro bono work done by architects for the Council and the subsequent awarding of large contracts to these firms needs to be investigated.

  8. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
    Who is the corruptest of them all

  9. Is he tall,gay and a.....


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