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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


"Tired Tory Councillor said...   I hear Tot Brill has been given the go-ahead to spend £1m of Council taxpayers' hard-earned cash on 'performance pieces' for tourists at Exhibition Road this summer. How much is the Council spending on Olympic themed sports events for children in the rest of the borough over the summer? 
Oh yes, nothing.
No wonder so many of the residents don't give a damn about the Olympics. It's seen as a nuisance."
Tot's Spending Plans

The Dame loves a bit of light entertainment so she was intrigued to read the comment from Tired Tory Councillor. What could Tot be planning? With the aid of Google the Dame explored Tot's career background and qualifications: after all she must be hugely well qualified for Mr Myers to have appointed her his Deputy Chief Executive on a wedge not far short of his own £270k a year, plus perks and huge pension.

£170k pa Tot; our Dep Chief Exec. Time she got on her bike

So the Dame looked and was most disappointed. It seems Tot has scant, or nil qualifications for the job. As she herself says, “After attending art school in London I worked in the private and voluntary sectors as an artist, performer, designer and puppet maker. In 1992 I joined York City Council's leisure services department as operations manager, responsible for arts, sports, children's services, grants and community development as well as the department's operational transition through reorganisation”
So now with the £1 million of our money Tot is going to be bring more mechanical elephants and clowns to Exhibitionist Road.
Tot and Mr Myers
Well, she has certainly made clowns of Mr Myers, Pooter and all us hard pressed residents. Just think how many services could be preserved with this huge sum of money. Someone needs to get a grip!
As the Dame's man, disgraced ex mayor Phelps would say, " Dame, you could not make it up"


  1. Good GOD! How about scrubbing Exhibitionist Road

  2. I thought that Tot Brill had been made redundant!! And she carries on with £270k per year!!!

    This is another one who defies gravity in the Pooter fashion. Are they both Masons? We should be told

  3. Fresh from framing a whole load of nonsense about the future of Holland Park Opera, shrill Brill is now charged with another load of nonsense in Exhibition Road.

    But this is no joke. It is £1,000,000 of hard earned council tax. Cockell and his Council have absolutely no business splurging public money in this fashion. They are a public evil

  4. Who approved this expenditure. Was it a Cabinet decision? Who was the Sponsor?

    Dame, we should be told

  5. Why has there been no protest from Labour? Or the pathetic Liberals.

    Wakey, wakey Cllr Blakeman. Your Borough needs you. Maybe its time for Cllr Foreman to get a grip on the Royal Labour Party of Kensington and Chelsea

  6. Lord Kensington27 June 2012 at 10:53

    This cannot be true

  7. Labour is silent on everything.

    It is believed that Ms Brill is due to leave us in some months time. It is also said that she does not like meeting and conversing with the peasantry. They get in the way.

  8. Retired Chief Executive27 June 2012 at 14:23

    Working out her notice then.

    In my organisation excess baggage was sent off on gardening leave. Much less scope for damage.

  9. One thing that has become clear from the Dame's fearless campaigning is that the vast majority of residents do not the first clue about what is going on and how their money is being spent.

    The first line of defense, the Ward Councillors, has failed the Borough. They are not a conduit of information and opinion. They merely toe the line. It is time for the second line of defense to be activated: the Resident Associations and their members.

    There are about 190 Associations in the Borough. Each with a Chairman, Committee, paid up members and mailing lists. These Chairman could do democracy a huge favour by urging their members to read and blog on the Hornet. A quiet word with the Dame would no doubt convince her to include membership lists in her growing distribution.


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