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Saturday, 16 June 2012


 Cllr Nick 'The Medici' Paget-Brown

You could not make it up' ex Cllr Phelps was wont to say. The Dame, forbids 'toilet talk' in her elegant 'internet drawing room' but she has heard an astonishing story.....
Louise and Fritha(see below) are working on another little project to get money off Nick....well us!
They have plans to take samples of a 'medical nature' from all RBKC councillors. The entire 'Hirst Pharmacy' like display will then become a 'participatory' exhibition at The Town Hall.
The gals will be 'curating' it  and plan to ti
tle it
      "TAKING THE PISS"   entrance fee: one old P.
                     Could that be what the mischievous girls are doing?

"Artists Louise Ashcroft and Fritha Jenkins will re-activate the lost River Westbourne by staging a sculptural procession between Paddington Basin (meet by the blue ‘helix’ bridge near Merchant Square, W2) and the River Thames. Samples of water found at sites en route will be added to a large, boat-like vessel and carried along the river’s former course. The collected waters will mix together, echoing the mysterious Westbourne which now runs deep below the streets in an underground pipe. The journey will culminate in Chelsea, where the contents will be poured over the beach into the Thames........"
Having read this bizarre stuff the Dame put in an emergency call to her old friend K&C MEP, 'Doc' Tannock.....
The Doc, when not on expenses paid global EU travel business, is a psychiatrist. Some might remember he featured in an embarrassing Sunday Times Insight expose on his involvement with a IoM based shale gas exploration company. It got the Doc so mad the Dame thought he might sue her-not the Sunday Times, who wrote the story(stop showing off Dame-we know you put the ST up to it Ed)
Anyway, back to the main story...
The Dame remembered the Doc had once been a fellow councillor of Nick 'The Medici' Paget-Brown so maybe he might give some free treatment to his old chum??
Wily 'artists' can twist wannabe patrons around their little fingers and it seems our local RBKC Medici has been 'got at' by these two very entrepreneurial 'performance artists'. The young ladies have used their obvious charms to seduce Nick into funding their little piece of nonsense.
The Dame is hoping  Doc Tannock will use his professional skills to 'release' Nick P-B from their dastardly grip.
Nick has little to do on the Council thus is easy prey for opportunistic 'artists' with agendas....
Anyway, it's much more fun that using our money sensibly on things that actually benefit residents.
What a deplorable waste of our money and officer's time.


  1. This has to be joke. Is Paget-Brown insane? Has the fact we are in the gravest economic crisis in living memory passed him by? Grow up Nick

  2. More appalling misjudgement from K and C.
    They really are becoming a laughing stock.
    Why cant this money be used for something essential like to help fund double glazing for the blighted residents of Lancaster West Estate?

  3. Does anyone know how much these Thames Water nymphs have been paid to do this?

    On the other hand maybe they could add dust to their project by visiting all the boroughs new builds including KALC to gather the dust and put that in a tube too!?

    They're all MAD.

  4. The two gals must be having a good old larf at Nick.Next thing they will be asking for urine samples from all our councillors so they can hold a
    'happening' called 'Taking The Piss'

  5. Please Dame, tell me this is a joke, one of your best! I nearly wet myself laughing ... but decided to film it as a performance piece and .. no, no I can't keep it up.

    This gave me a violent attack of the giggles. However if true IT ISN'T FUNNY!

    Nick 'Medici' PB has seriously lost it this time.

  6. I think this is an excellent idea and the Dame should support it. The councillors could be filmed donating in the new loos that Medici Paget-Brown opened up in Portobello.
    I think that cllrs who refuse to take part should have their allowances taken off them

  7. Entrance fee: one old p.

    There are some real cards out there!

  8. Nick has no interest in ladies so the Dame is wrong to speculate that he has been seduced by two lady artists

    Quite a ridiculous idea. Even more ridiculous than the water sampling art.

  9. The recession passed K&C by. The Town Hall is still splurging on all manner of fripperies. N Ken residents don't notice a thing because they are all on benefits anyway, and have been so for the last 50 years. The South is now so full of wealthy foreigners and bankers that it is only a silent minority who struggle to find money for the weekly shopping.

    Cockell has judged his patch perfectly. As long as he clears the dustbins on time he and his sycophants can spend, spend, spend on whatever takes their fancy. Its a poodle Paradise

    Only the Dame is providing a safety net and trying to rebuild democracy in K&C. She deserves three loud cheers for her persistence. I was personally sorry to see that she was not recognised in the Birthday Honours

  10. Rather than speculation, here are the facts about "The West London Story" which this event is part of (and funded by!) Enjoy.

  11. Oh it had to be a dumb London Council's idea approved during fathead
    Pooter's reign!

  12. Too many Councillors with too much money to spend and not enough to do

  13. What on earth is a Tory council doing spending council tax on this kind of stupidity?

    A million miles away from clearing the dustbins and sweeping the Parks which is what local Govt is supposed to be about

  14. I suppose this is a project to taunt us residents, we know they have p..d our money down the drains on their various vanity projects..

    But now they will recycle it and still we continue to pay.

    Enough is Enough, remove Cockup, Peeing Brown et al.

  15. Person Familiar with The Situation17 June 2012 at 19:07

    Cllr Terence Buxton has told friends that he cannot understand why his name is not in the frame for a Cabinet position and why he is not considered as a future Leader of the Borough.

    Even though tainted by his fascination and close relationship with disgraced ex Cllr Phelps, this Councillor for the Earls Court Ward lists his interests in no less than fourteen societies and organisations which he is presumably active in ( Bow Group, Anti Slavery Society, Royal Opera House, Earls Court Society, Chelsea Physic Gdn etc). Obviously a confused person or someone still in his adolescence.

    There is also a bit of a muddle and possible conflict of interest between his Chairmanship of the Borough's Planning Committee and his employment by a property company, ownership of another property company, and owner of four properties in the Borough.

    Sounds like a can of worms

  16. Cllr E Dent Coad17 June 2012 at 19:58

    'N Ken residents don't notice a thing because they are all on benefits anyway, and have been so for the last 50 years'

    Dear WASP, this is cruel and untrue. The statistics tell a very different story. When I have time I will write a v short report for the Dame with verified facts.

  17. Cllr Dent Coad is no doubt correct. WASP was indulging in political rhetoric and eats humble pie

  18. Political rhetoric should be left to Cllr Cockell

    aka "I have never used the Mayors Bentley"

    Porky, porky!

  19. Cllr Nick Paget-Brown has a generous soul; particularly towards Cllr Dez O'Neil's public art "charity." Some years ago Nick suggested by-passing the usual tendering process in order to funnel £240k in the DO'N's direction. Our money was to be spent decorating an old railway bridge, shortly before its demolition. In the event, locals violently objected and the project was withdrawn.

  20. Cockell's other classic was 'I have only been on one trip (read holiday) paid for by council taxpayers'.

    Why is he still there?

  21. Just for the record, five first class trips to America (3 to New York, one to Boston and one to San Francisco) have so far been discovered using Freedom Of Information probes

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